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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A Comparison of Kinetic and Kinematic Variables During the Pull From the Knee and Hang Pull, Across Loads. HP, MF, MP, MSV, PF, PFK, PP, PSV
2020 Accentuated Eccentric Loading and Cluster Set Configurations in the Bench Press. AEL, AELC, TRAD
2020 Assessing differential responders and mean changes in muscle size, strength, and the crossover effect to 2 distinct resistance training protocols. ---
2020 Beneficial Molecular Adaptations In BRCA-Mutation Carriers By Combined HIT/HIRT Intervention: Results From A Pilot Study. BrCa, CG, HIT
2020 Comparison of 1-Repetition-Maximum Performance Across 3 Weightlifting Overhead Pressing Exercises and Sport Groups. CIs, ICCs
2020 Does Post-Activation Performance Enhancement Occur During the Bench Press Exercise under Blood Flow Restriction? BFR, BP, MP, MV, PAPE, PP, PV
2020 Effect of high-intensity training on peak oxygen uptake and muscular strength after lung transplantation: A randomized controlled trial. HIIT, HRQoL
2020 Effects of Different Resistance Training Loads on the Muscle Quality Index in Older Women. MQI, RT
2020 High-Intensity Functional Training Improves Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Neuromuscular Performance Without Inflammation or Muscle Damage. CK, CRP, HIFT
10  2020 How One Feels During Resistance Exercises: A Repetition-by-Repetition Analysis Across Exercises and Loads. FS
11  2020 Hunger is suppressed after resistance exercise with moderate-load compared to high-load resistance exercise: the potential influence of metabolic and autonomic parameters. RE
12  2020 Influence of Maximal Strength on In-Water and Dry-Land Performance in Young Water Polo Players. CMJ, SJ
13  2020 Level of pain, muscle strength and posture: effects of PBM on an exercise program in women with knee osteoarthritis - a randomized controlled trial. OA, PBM, WOMAC
14  2020 Low-Velocity Loss Induces Similar Strength Gains to Moderate-Velocity Loss During Resistance Training. CMJ, VBT, VL
15  2020 Magnitude and Reliability of Velocity and Power Variables During Deadlifts Performed With and Without Lifting Straps. CV, ICC, MP, MV, PP, PV
16  2020 Maximal muscle strength and body composition are associated with bone mineral density in chinese adult males. BMD, FM, LM, MMS
17  2020 Methodological Considerations for the Determination of the Critical Load for the Deadlift. CL, RS, SD, TG, Wlim
18  2020 Muscle fiber composition, jumping performance, and rate of force development adaptations induced by different power training volumes in females. CMJs, CSA, RFD
19  2020 Order of same-day concurrent training influences some indices of power development, but not strength, lean mass, or aerobic fitness in healthy, moderately-active men after 9 weeks of training. CMJ
20  2020 Relationship Between Bench Press Strength and Punch Performance in Male Professional Boxers. BP, LA, RA
21  2020 Strength-Training Periodization: No Effect on Swimming Performance in Well-Trained Adolescent Swimmers. DLST
22  2020 Superior Changes in Jump, Sprint, and Change-of-Direction Performance but Not Maximal Strength Following 6 Weeks of Velocity-Based Training Compared With 1-Repetition-Maximum Percentage-Based Training. CMJ, COD, ES, PBT, VBT
23  2020 The Effect of Resistance Exercise Intensity on Acute Hyperglycemia in Young Adult Males. CON, HI, MO, RE
24  2020 The Minimum Effective Training Dose Required to Increase 1RM Strength in Resistance-Trained Men: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. BP, DL, SQ
25  2020 Velocity-based resistance training: impact of velocity loss in the set on neuromuscular performance and hormonal response. CMJ, EMG, RT, SQ, VLs
26  2019 Ability of Isokinetic Dynamometer to Predict Isotonic Knee Extension 1-Repetition Maximum. ---
27  2019 Acute Effects of Back Squats on Countermovement Jump Performance Across Multiple Sets of a Contrast Training Protocol in Resistance-Trained Men. CMJ, HI, MI, PAP
28  2019 Acute Enhancement of Jump Performance, Muscle Strength, and Power in Resistance-Trained Men After Consumption of Caffeinated Chewing Gum. ES
29  2019 Acute Muscular Responses to Practical Low-Load Blood Flow Restriction Exercise Versus Traditional Low-Load Blood Flow Restriction and High-/Low-Load Exercise. BFR, HL, LL
30  2019 Analysis of Return to Sport and Weight Training After Repair of the Pectoralis Major Tendon. ASES, PMT, SANE
31  2019 Applying the Critical Power Model to a Full-Body Resistance-Training Movement. CR, ESR30
32  2019 Comparison of the Effects of Velocity-Based Training Methods and Traditional 1RM-Percent-Based Training Prescription on Acute Kinetic and Kinematic Variables. ES, FSVL20, LVP, MV, PV, TUT
33  2019 Dose-Response Relationship of Weekly Resistance-Training Volume and Frequency on Muscular Adaptations in Trained Men. MOD, MT, RT
34  2019 Effects of In-Season Velocity- Versus Percentage-Based Training in Academy Rugby League Players. PBT, VBT
35  2019 Equivalent Hypertrophy and Strength Gains in beta-Hydroxy-beta-Methylbutyrate- or Leucine-supplemented Men. CSA, HMB, RT, VL
36  2019 Full-Squat as a Determinant of Performance in CrossFit. WODs
37  2019 Impact of Cognitive Measures and Sleep on Acute Squat Strength Performance and Perceptual Responses Among Well-Trained Men and Women. ACV, CIs, CSAI-2R, DALDA, OSQ, PSE, RPE
38  2019 Improved Sprint Performance With Inhaled Long-Acting beta2-Agonists Combined With Resistance Exercise. FOR, SAL
39  2019 Improvement of Kinetic, Kinematic, and Qualitative Performance Variables of the Power Clean With the Hook Grip. ES, HG
40  2019 In-Season Weightlifting Training Exercise in Healthy Male Handball Players: Effects on Body Composition, Muscle Volume, Maximal Strength, and Ball-Throwing Velocity. ---
41  2019 Is the Optimal Load for Maximal Power Output During Hang Power Cleans Submaximal? HPCs
42  2019 Joint-Level Analyses of the Back Squat With and Without Intraset Rest. CS, REP
43  2019 Load-Velocity Relationship in National Paralympic Powerlifters: A Case Study. BP
44  2019 Mind-muscle connection: effects of verbal instructions on muscle activity during bench press exercise. NIS
45  2019 Modulation of intracortical inhibition and excitation in agonist and antagonist muscles following acute strength training. TMS
46  2019 Optimization of the Force-Velocity Relationship Obtained From the Bench-Press-Throw Exercise: An a Posteriori Multicenter Reliability Study. CV, F-V, Pmax
47  2019 Precision of 7 Commercially Available Devices for Predicting Bench-Press 1-Repetition Maximum From the Individual Load-Velocity Relationship. SEE
48  2019 Rating of perceived exertion on resistance training in elderly subjects. RPE
49  2019 Resistance Training and the Effect of Load Blinding in Multiple Repetition Maximum Tests. BLI
50  2019 Resistance training with interval blood flow restriction effectively enhances intramuscular metabolic stress with less ischemic duration and discomfort. BFR, L-conBFR, L-exBFR, L-intBFR, RPE
51  2019 Resistance training-induced gains in knee extensor strength are related to increased neural cell adhesion molecule expression in older adults with knee osteoarthritis. MHC, NCAM, RT
52  2019 Separate and combined effects of local and systemic hypoxia in resistance exercise. BFR
53  2019 Signaling responses to high and moderate load strength exercise in trained muscle. ---
54  2019 Strength and Muscular Adaptations After 6 Weeks of Rest-Pause vs. Traditional Multiple-Sets Resistance Training in Trained Subjects. RT
55  2019 The Effects of Whey vs. Pea Protein on Physical Adaptations Following 8-Weeks of High-Intensity Functional Training (HIFT): A Pilot Study. ANCOVA, BIA, HIFT, IMTP
56  2019 The High Precision of Functional and Neuromuscular Measures to Classify Sarcopenia in Older Women. ASM, BP, DXA
57  2019 Time course of recovery is similar for the back squat, bench press, and deadlift in well-trained males. ACV, cfDNA
58  2019 Validity of the Open Barbell and Tendo Weightlifting Analyzer Systems Versus the Optotrak Certus 3D Motion-Capture System for Barbell Velocity. ACV, OBS, OC3D, PCV, TWAS
59  2019 Very-low-load resistance exercise in the upper body with and without blood flow restriction: cardiovascular outcomes. AOP, BFR
60  2018 1RM Measures or Maximum Bar-Power Output: Which is More Related to Sport Performance? HS, JS
61  2018 A Novel Method to Determine Optimal Load in Elastic-Based Power Training. ---
62  2018 Acute metabolic responses following different resistance exercise protocols. AUC, RE
63  2018 Ammonia Inhalation Does Not Increase Deadlift 1-Repetition Maximum in College-Aged Male and Female Weight Lifters. ---
64  2018 Anthropometric and Physiological Characteristics of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Athletes. BF, BIA, BJJ, Mb
65  2018 Cell-Free DNA as an Earlier Predictor of Exercise-Induced Performance Decrement Related to Muscle Damage. cfDNA, pre, RE
66  2018 Differences in the Load-Velocity Profile Between 4 Bench-Press Variants. BP, BPT, MV
67  2018 Effect of cluster set warm-up configurations on sprint performance in collegiate male soccer players. CS
68  2018 Feasibility of the 2-Point Method for Determining the 1-Repetition Maximum in the Bench Press Exercise. BP
69  2018 Impact of Accommodating Resistance in Potentiating Horizontal-Jump Performance in Professional Rugby League Players. ES, SBJ
70  2018 Isometric parameters in the monitoring of maximal strength, power, and hypertrophic resistance-training. CSA, MS, MVC, RFD
71  2018 Lower body blood flow restriction training may induce remote muscle strength adaptations in an active unrestricted arm. BFR, CON, CSA, EXP
72  2018 Maximum Dynamic Lower-Limb Strength Was Maintained During 24-Week Reduced Training Frequency in Previously Sedentary Older Women. CON, CSA, EMG, RST, ST
73  2018 Microvascular adaptations to resistance training are independent of load in resistance-trained young men. ---
74  2018 Muscle Activation Patterns of Lower-Body Musculature Among 3 Traditional Lower-Body Exercises in Trained Women. GM
75  2018 Prediction of the Maximum Number of Repetitions and Repetitions in Reserve From Barbell Velocity. MV
76  2018 Protein Supplementation after Exercise and before Sleep Does Not Further Augment Muscle Mass and Strength Gains during Resistance Exercise Training in Active Older Men. ---
77  2018 Relation between upper-limb muscle strength with exercise capacity, quality of life and dyspnea in patients with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. COPD, MRC, QOL, SGRQ
78  2018 Relationship of muscle function to circulating myostatin, follistatin and GDF11 in older women and men. GDF11, Pmax, TUG
79  2018 Resistance Training Improves Muscle Function and Cardiometabolic Risks But Not Quality of Life in Older People With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Randomized Controlled Trial. QOL, RT, T2DM, week 12
80  2018 Supramaximal Eccentrics Versus Traditional Loading in Improving Lower-Body 1RM: A Meta-Analysis. RT, SME, TRAD
81  2018 The effect of resistance training set configuration on strength, power, and hormonal adaptation in female volleyball players. CON, CRT, ES, TRT
82  2018 The Reliability of Individualized Load-Velocity Profiles. CV, ES, ICC, LVP, MPV, MV, PV
83  2018 Transcriptome response of human skeletal muscle to divergent exercise stimuli. AE, PI3K, RE
84  2018 Using Load-Velocity Relationships to Predict 1rm in Free-Weight Exercise: A Comparison of the Different Methods. 1RMMVT, CV, ICC
85  2018 Using velocity loss for monitoring resistance training effort in a real-world setting. ---
86  2018 Validity and reliability of a novel iPhone app for the measurement of barbell velocity and 1RM on the bench-press exercise. LT
87  2018 Wrist Resistance Training Improves Motor Control and Strength. ---
88  2017 Adaptations in corticospinal excitability and inhibition are not spatially confined to the agonist muscle following strength training. AURC, TMS
89  2017 Association Between Maximal Bench Press Strength and Isometric Handgrip Strength Among Breast Cancer Survivors. ---
90  2017 Blood flow in humans following low-load exercise with and without blood flow restriction. AOP, BFR
91  2017 Comparison of Periodized and Non-Periodized Resistance Training on Maximal Strength: A Meta-Analysis. CIs, ES
92  2017 Effect of low-intensity resistance training with heat stress on the HSP72, anabolic hormones, muscle size, and strength in elderly women. CSA, HSP72
93  2017 Effects of Velocity Loss During Resistance Training on Performance in Professional Soccer Players. AMPV, CMJ, PRE, RT, VL15, YIRT
94  2017 Finding the Optimal volume and intensity of Resistance Training Exercise for Type 2 Diabetes: The FORTE Study, a Randomized Trial. AT, RT
95  2017 Hemodynamic Response Alterations in Sensorimotor Areas as a Function of Barbell Load Levels during Squatting: An fNIRS Study. BS, fNIRS, SPL
96  2017 Improvement of Ice Hockey Players' On-Ice Sprint With Combined Plyometric and Strength Training. SMAT
97  2017 Load-, Force-, and Power-Velocity Relationships in the Prone Pull-Up Exercise. MPV
98  2017 Loads and movement speed affect energy expenditure during circuit resistance exercise. CT, EE
99  2017 Movement Velocity as Indicator of Relative Intensity and Level of Effort Attained During the Set in Pull-Up Exercise. MPV, PU, V1RM
100  2017 Muscle activation during resistance exercise at 70% and 90% 1-repetition maximum in resistance-trained men. EMG