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Long Form:   anthranilic acid
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Serum Metabolic Profiles of the Tryptophan-Kynurenine Pathway in the high risk subjects of major depressive disorder. 3-HAA, 3-HK, HRMDD, IL-1ra, KYNA, Trp
2020 Tryptophan metabolite concentrations in depressed patients before and after electroconvulsive therapy. 3-HAA, 3-HK, ECT, KP, KYN, KYNA, PA, QUIN, Trp, XA
2019 A role for the auxin precursor anthranilic acid in root gravitropism via regulation of PIN-FORMED protein polarity and relocalisation in Arabidopsis. IAA, PIN
2019 Dexamethasone protects against arsanilic acid‑induced rat vestibular dysfunction through the BDNF and JNK 1/2 signaling pathways. BDNF, DXMS, KCC2, trkB
2019 Mass spectrometric characterisation of avenanthramides and enhancing their production by germination of oat (Avena sativa). PA
2019 Probiotic Lactobacillus Plantarum 299v decreases kynurenine concentration and improves cognitive functions in patients with major depression: A double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled study. 3-HAA, 3-HKYN, APT, CNS, CVLT, IL-1b, IL-6, KYN, KYNA, Lp299v, RFFT, SSRI, TMT, TNF-alpha, Trp
2019 The effect of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) on serum tryptophan metabolites. ECT, HAA, HK, KA, MD, PIC, PLP, QA, XA
2019 The kynurenine pathway is essential for rhodoquinone biosynthesis in Caenorhabditis elegans. 3-HAA, 3-HKYN, KYN, RQ
2018 Alterations in serum kynurenine pathway metabolites in individuals with high neocortical amyloid-beta load: A pilot study. AD, KP, NAL
10  2018 Alterations in the metabolism of tryptophan in patients with chronic hepatitis C six months after pegylated interferon-alpha 2a treatment. IDO, KYN, KYNA, Trp
11  2018 Anthranilic Acid as a Versatile Fluorescent Tag and Linker for Functional Glycomics. WAX
12  2018 Association between uremic toxin-anthranilic acid and fibrinolytic system activity in predialysis patients at different stages of chronic kidney disease. CKD, PAI-1, PAP, tPA, uPA
13  2018 Changes in Tryptophan Catabolite (TRYCAT) Pathway Patterning Are Associated with Mild Impairments in Declarative Memory in Schizophrenia and Deficits in Semantic and Episodic Memory Coupled with Increased False-Memory Creation in Deficit Schizophrenia. BNT, CERAD, KA, MMSE, PA, PRO, QA, TRYCAT, VFT, WLM, WLRecall, WLRecognition, XA
14  2018 Deficit Schizophrenia Is Characterized by Defects in IgM-Mediated Responses to Tryptophan Catabolites (TRYCATs): a Paradigm Shift Towards Defects in Natural Self-Regulatory Immune Responses Coupled with Mucosa-Derived TRYCAT Pathway Activation. CIRS, KA, NOX, PA, PRO, QA, TRYCAT, TRYCATs, XA
15  2018 Toxicity and cardiac effects of acute exposure to tryptophan metabolites on the kynurenine pathway in early developing zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos. KP, KYNA, PA, QUIN
16  2017 Increased breakdown of kynurenine towards its neurotoxic branch in bipolar disorder. BD, HC, KMO, KYN, KYNA, TRYCATs
17  2017 Kynurenine 3-monooxygenase is implicated in antidepressants-responsive depressive-like behaviors and monoaminergic dysfunctions. 3-HK, KA, KMO, KO, KP, KYN, MDD, NM, TRP
18  2017 New Strategy for the Immobilization of Lipases on Glyoxyl-Agarose Supports: Production of Robust Biocatalysts for Natural Oil Transformation. Gx, PUFAs
19  2017 Physio-somatic symptoms in schizophrenia: association with depression, anxiety, neurocognitive deficits and the tryptophan catabolite pathway. CANTAB, Ig, KA, PS, PS, TRYCAT, TRYCATs, XA
20  2016 Anthranilic Acid: A Potential Biomarker and Treatment Target for Schizophrenia. 3-HK, KYN, KYNA, Trp
21  2016 Kynurenic acid, an aryl hydrocarbon receptor ligand, is elevated in serum of Zucker fatty rats. KYN, KYNA, Trp, ZFR
22  2016 Micro-flow Immunosensor Based on Thin-film Interdigitated Gold Array Microelectrodes for Cancer Biomarker Detection. CA125, EIS, IDA, SEM
23  2015 A single-run liquid chromatography mass spectrometry method to quantify neuroactive kynurenine pathway metabolites in rat plasma. 3-HK, CNS, KYN, KYNA
24  2015 Activation of the kynurenine pathway and increased production of the excitotoxin quinolinic acid following traumatic brain injury in humans. 3-HAA, 3-HK, 3HAO, CSF, GOSE, IDO1, KAT-II, KMO, KP, KYN, KYNA, KYNase, QPRTase, QUIN, Trp
25  2015 Immobilization of glucose oxidase on modified electrodes with composite layers based on poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene). PAA, PEDOT, PSSLi
26  2014 Solvent effect on anthranilic acid spectroscopy. ETN
27  2014 The effects of vagus nerve stimulation on tryptophan metabolites in children with intractable epilepsy. CSF, POMS, VNS
28  2014 The kynurenine pathway is involved in bacterial meningitis. AM, BM, CSF, IDO, KYN, KYNA, NM, Trp
29  2013 Assessing Fc glycan heterogeneity of therapeutic recombinant monoclonal antibodies using NP-HPLC. FcgammaRs, rMAbs
30  2012 Conversion L-tryptophan to melatonin in the gastrointestinal tract: the new high performance liquid chromatography method enabling simultaneous determination of six metabolites of L-tryptophan by native fluorescence and UV-VIS detection. 5-HT, 5-HTR, GI, HPLC, IAA, KYN, RP-HPLC, TFA
31  2012 Identification of degradation products of phenylarsonic acid and o-arsanilic acid in contact with suspensions of soils of volcanic origin. ESI-MS, ICP-MS, PA
32  2011 Comparative genotoxicity of 3-hydroxyanthranilic acid and anthranilic acid in the presence of a metal cofactor Cu (II) in vitro. 3-OHAA, ROS
33  2011 Effect of the label of oligosaccharide acceptors on the kinetic parameters of nasturtium seed xyloglucan endotransglycosylase (XET). ANTS, cat, FITC, SR, XET, XG
34  2011 Optimization of monosaccharide determination using anthranilic acid and 1-phenyl-3-methyl-5-pyrazolone for gastropod analysis. HPLC, PMP
35  2010 2-Amino-4,6-dimethyl-pyrimidine-anthranilic acid (1/1). AMPY
36  2010 3-hydroxyanthranilic acid is independently associated with monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (CCL2) and macrophage inflammatory protein-1beta (CCL4) in patients with chronic kidney disease. 3-HAA, CKD, hs-CRP, KP
37  2010 Kynurenine and its metabolites in Alzheimer's disease patients. 3-HK, KP, KYN, KYNA, QUIN
38  2010 Kynurenine pathway - a new link between endothelial dysfunction and carotid atherosclerosis in chronic kidney disease patients. 3-HKYN, CKD, IMT, KYN, KYNA, QA, TM, vWF
39  2009 Effects of Kynurenine Pathway Metabolites on Intracellular NAD Synthesis and Cell Death in Human Primary Astrocytes and Neurons. 3-HAA, 3-HK, KP, KYN, KYNA, PIC, QUIN
40  2009 Evaluation of conditions for release of mucin-type oligosaccharides from glycoproteins by hydrazine gas treatment. PGM, RGM
41  2009 Kynurenine and its metabolites--kynurenic acid and anthranilic acid are associated with soluble endothelial adhesion molecules and oxidative status in patients with chronic kidney disease. CKD, KYN, KYNA, sICAM-1, sVCAM-1
42  2009 Quantitative capillary electrophoresis determination of oversulfated chondroitin sulfate as a contaminant in heparin preparations. CE, Hep, LOD, LOQ, OSCS
43  2008 Carbohydrate composition analysis of glycoproteins by HPLC using highly fluorescent anthranilic acid (AA) tag. ---
44  2008 Monitoring glycosylation of therapeutic glycoproteins for consistency by HPLC using highly fluorescent anthranilic acid (AA) tag. ADCC, CDCC
45  2008 Serum antibody screening by surface plasmon resonance using a natural glycan microarray. 2-AB, CBPs, HPLC, SPR
46  2007 In vitro evidence for an antioxidant role of 3-hydroxykynurenine and 3-hydroxyanthranilic acid in the brain. 3-HAA, 3-HKYN, DCFH, GA, KYN, TBA-RS
47  2007 Inhibitors of pathogen intercellular signals as selective anti-infective compounds. HAQs, HHQ, QS
48  2007 Kynurenines impair energy metabolism in rat cerebral cortex. 3-HA, 3-HK, GAI, KA, Kyn
49  2006 A mass spectrometric investigation on the possible role of tryptophan and 7-hydroxytryptophan in melanogenesis. 5-HT, 5-HTP, 7-HT, 7-HTP, Trp
50  2005 Anthranilic acid-uraemic toxin damaged red cell's membrane. CRI, TRP
51  2004 Polymorph selectivity under nanoscopic confinement. p-PCHE
52  2000 Evidence that kynurenine pathway metabolites mediate hyperbaric oxygen-induced convulsions. HBO, KA, KYN, NMDA, QA, Trp
53  1999 Quantification of anthranilic acid and its related enzyme activity in several different species. L-KYN
54  1998 Species differences in L-tryptophan-kynurenine pathway metabolism: quantification of anthranilic acid and its related enzymes. CSF, IDO, L-KYN
55  1994 Microbial Transformation of Carbazole to Anthranilic Acid by Pseudomonas stutzeri. Cz
56  1993 The urinary excretion of tryptophan and tryptophan metabolites in the chronic ethanol-fed rat. 5-HIAA, IAA
57  1987 Epithelial chloride channel. Development of inhibitory ligands. IAA
58  1986 Influence of tryptophan loading on urinary excretion of anthranilic acid and 3-hydroxyanthranilic acid by men and women as determined by alkali flame ionization gas chromatography. HAA
59  1984 4-Methyl-3-hydroxyanthranilic acid activating enzyme from actinomycin-producing Streptomyces chrysomallus. 2-AP, 2-HB, 3-HA, 3-HK, 3HB, 4- MMB, 4-AB, 4-MHA, 4-MHB, BA, Trp
60  1984 A new strain of Salmonella typhimurium reverted by mitomycin C and N-methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine--a possible universal tester for mutagenic compounds. MC, NG
61  1980 Comparative study of tumorigenicity in mice administered transplacentally or neonatally with metabolites of tryptophan and its related compounds. 3-OHKY, INH
62  1978 A mutation to 5-methyltryptophan dependence in the tryptophan (trp) operon of Salmonella typhimurium. II. Studies of 5-methyltryptophan-dependent mutants and their revertants. AS, MT, PRT, Trp, TSbeta