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Long Form:   aqueous biphasic systems
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2020 Enhanced extraction of astaxanthin using aqueous biphasic systems composed of ionic liquids and potassiumphosphate. ILs
2020 Partition efficiency of cytochrome c with alcohol/salt aqueous biphasic flotation system. ABF
2019 Extraction and Separation of Eight Ginsenosides from Flower Buds of Panax Ginseng Using Aqueous Ionic Liquid-Based Ultrasonic-Assisted Extraction Coupled with an Aqueous Biphasic System. ILs, ILUAE, RSM
2019 Ionic Liquids in Bioseparation Processes. ILs, SILPs
2019 Setting the Foundations of Aqueous Three-Phase Systems (A3PS) in the Quest for a Rational Design. ---
2019 Simultaneous Separation of Antioxidants and Carbohydrates From Food Wastes Using Aqueous Biphasic Systems Formed by Cholinium-Derived Ionic Liquids. ILs
2019 Use of the aqueous biphasic system as an alternative for concentration of Ascaris lumbricoides eggs, with non-toxic separation of faecal residues and fats. PEF
2018 An integrated process for enzymatic catalysis allowing product recovery and enzyme reuse by applying thermoreversible aqueous biphasic systems. ZIs
2018 Aqueous biphasic systems in the separation of food colorants. ---
10  2018 Direct recovery of Bacillus subtilis xylanase from fermentation broth with an alcohol/salt aqueous biphasic system. PFT, SDS
11  2018 Enhanced separation performance of aqueous biphasic systems formed by carbohydrates and tetraalkylphosphonium- or tetraalkylammonium-based ionic liquids. ILs
12  2018 Evaluation of the effect of ionic liquids as adjuvants in polymer-based aqueous biphasic systems using biomolecules as molecular probes. ILs, PEG, TLL
13  2018 Hydrogen bond basicity of ionic liquids and molar entropy of hydration of salts as major descriptors in the formation of aqueous biphasic systems. COSMO-RS, ILs
14  2018 Improving the extraction of l-phenylalanine by the use of ionic liquids as adjuvants in aqueous biphasic systems. IL, PEG
15  2018 Mechanism of ionic-liquid-based acidic aqueous biphasic system formation. IL-based AcABS
16  2018 Multielement Determination of Trace Heavy Metals in Water by Microwave-Induced Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry after Extraction in Unconventional Single-Salt Aqueous Biphasic System. CRM, MP-AES, PAR
17  2018 New sample preparation method based on task-specific ionic liquids for extraction and determination of copper in urine and wastewater. ILs, TSILs
18  2018 Pioneering Use of Ionic Liquid-Based Aqueous Biphasic Systems as Membrane-Free Batteries. ILs
19  2018 Propanol - Sugar aqueous biphasic systems as a suitable platform for biomolecules extraction. ---
20  2018 Separation of immunoglobulin G using aqueous biphasic systems composed of cholinium-based ionic liquids and poly(propylene glycol). IgG, ILs, PPG
21  2018 Separation of phenolic acids by centrifugal partition chromatography. CPC
22  2018 Simultaneous extraction and concentration of water pollution tracers using ionic-liquid-based systems. CAF, CBZ, ILs
23  2018 The role of ionic liquid [C4 C1 im]Br as an adjuvant on the two-phase formation and the extraction of l-phenylalanine in ABS composed of PEG400 and potassium citrate at different temperatures. IL, Phe
24  2017 Designing the thermal behaviour of aqueous biphasic systems composed of ammonium-based zwitterions. LCST, UCST, ZIs
25  2017 Removal of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs from Aqueous Environments with Reusable Ionic-Liquid-based Systems. ILs, NSAIDs
26  2016 A critical assessment of the mechanisms governing the formation of aqueous biphasic systems composed of protic ionic liquids and polyethylene glycol. PEG, PILs
27  2016 Enhanced tunability afforded by aqueous biphasic systems formed by fluorinated ionic liquids and carbohydrates. ILs
28  2016 Extraction, Preconcentration and Isolation of Flavonoids from Apocynum venetum L. Leaves Using Ionic Liquid-Based Ultrasonic-Assisted Extraction Coupled with an Aqueous Biphasic System. ILs, UAE
29  2016 Improving the extraction and purification of immunoglobulin G by the use of ionic liquids as adjuvants in aqueous biphasic systems. IgG, ILs
30  2016 Liquid-liquid extraction of antimicrobial peptide P34 by aqueous two-phase and micellar systems. ABMS, PEG
31  2016 Single-Step Purification of Ovalbumin from Egg White Using Aqueous Biphasic Systems. SDS-PAGE, SE-HPLC
32  2016 Suitability of bio-based ionic liquids for the extraction and purification of IgG antibodies. FTIR, IgG, ILs, SDS-PAGE, SE-HPLC
33  2015 Controlling the Formation of Ionic-Liquid-based Aqueous Biphasic Systems by Changing the Hydrogen-Bonding Ability of Polyethylene Glycol End Groups. EO, IL, PEG
34  2015 Enhanced extraction of bovine serum albumin with aqueous biphasic systems of phosphonium- and ammonium-based ionic liquids. BSA, ILs
35  2015 Enhanced extraction of proteins using cholinium-based ionic liquids as phase-forming components of aqueous biphasic systems. BSA, ILs
36  2015 Extraction and stability of bovine serum albumin (BSA) using cholinium-based Good's buffers ionic liquids. BSA, CD, FTIR, GB-ILs, PPG 400
37  2015 Good's buffers as novel phase-forming components of ionic-liquid-based aqueous biphasic systems. ILs
38  2015 Novel biocompatible and self-buffering ionic liquids for biopharmaceutical applications. GB-ILs, IgY
39  2014 "Washing-out" ionic liquids from polyethylene glycol to form aqueous biphasic systems. DFT, ILs, MD
40  2014 Aqueous biphasic system based on low-molecular-weight polyethylene glycol for one-step separation of crude polysaccharides from Pericarpium granati using high-speed countercurrent chromatography. HSCCC, PEG, PGP
41  2014 Effect of polyvalent ions in the formation of ionic-liquid-based aqueous biphasic systems. ---
42  2014 Evidence for the interactions occurring between ionic liquids and tetraethylene glycol in binary mixtures and aqueous biphasic systems. ILs, MD, PEGs, TEG
43  2014 Molecular interactions in aqueous biphasic systems composed of polyethylene glycol and crystalline vs. liquid cholinium-based salts. ILs, PEGs
44  2014 Separation of no-carrier-added rhenium from bulk tantalum by the sodium malonate-PEG aqueous biphasic system. PEG
45  2013 Aqueous biphasic systems composed of ionic liquids and sodium carbonate as enhanced routes for the extraction of tetracycline. ILs
46  2013 Combining ionic liquids and polyethylene glycols to boost the hydrophobic-hydrophilic range of aqueous biphasic systems. ---
47  2013 Pesticide removal from aqueous solutions by adding salting out agents. ILs
48  2012 A new aqueous biphasic system containing polypropylene glycol and a water-miscible ionic liquid. IL, PPG P400
49  2012 Aqueous biphasic systems: a boost brought about by using ionic liquids. ---
50  2012 Insight into the interactions that control the phase behaviour of new aqueous biphasic systems composed of polyethylene glycol polymers and ionic liquids. PEG
51  2012 Poly(ethylene glycol) vesicles: self-assembled site for luminescence generation. DLS
52  2011 Partitioning of amino acids in the aqueous biphasic system containing the water-miscible ionic liquid 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium bromide and the water-structuring salt potassium citrate. ILs
53  2010 Extraction of biomolecules using phosphonium-based ionic liquids + K(3)PO(4) aqueous biphasic systems. ILs
54  2009 Evaluation of anion influence on the formation and extraction capacity of ionic-liquid-based aqueous biphasic systems. ILs
55  2009 Evaluation of cation influence on the formation and extraction capability of ionic-liquid-based aqueous biphasic systems. ILs
56  2006 The opposite effect of temperature on polyethylene glycol-based aqueous biphasic systems versus aqueous biphasic extraction chromatographic resins. ABEC, TLL
57  2005 Removal of textile dyes from textile dye effluent using TBAB based aqueous biphasic systems. ---
58  2004 Comparison of an empirical and a theoretical linear solvation energy relationship applied to the characterization of solute distribution in a poly(ethylene) glycol-salt aqueous biphasic system. LSER, TLSER
59  2000 Investigation of aqueous biphasic systems for the separation of lignins from cellulose in the paper pulping process. PEG
60  2000 Naphthol- and resorcinol-based azo dyes as metal ion complexants in aqueous biphasic systems. PAN, PAR, TAR
61  2000 Solvatochromic studies in polyethylene glycol--salt aqueous biphasic systems. PEG
62  1998 Partitioning of small organic molecules in aqueous biphasic systems. ---
63  1998 Separation and recovery of food coloring dyes using aqueous biphasic extraction chromatographic resins. ABEC
64  1996 Effects of increasing polymer hydrophobicity on distribution ratios of TcO4- in polyethylene/poly(propylene glycol)-based aqueous biphasic systems. PPG
65  1996 Metal ion separations in polyethylene glycol-based aqueous biphasic systems: correlation of partitioning behavior with available thermodynamic hydration data. ---