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Abbreviation:   ACM  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   astrocyte-conditioned medium
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A Parkinson's disease gene, DJ-1, regulates anti-inflammatory roles of astrocytes through prostaglandin D2 synthase expression. HO-1, KO, PD, PGD2, TNF-alpha, WT
2019 Astrocyte-Conditioned Medium Protects Prefrontal Cortical Neurons from Glutamate-Induced Cell Death by Inhibiting TNF-alpha Expression. BDNF, GDNF, p75NTR, TNF
2019 Astrocytic miR-324-5p is essential for synaptic formation by suppressing the secretion of CCL5 from astrocytes. miRNA
2019 Identification of neural stem cells from postnatal mouse auditory cortex in vitro. AC, NSCs
2019 Role of astrocytes-derived d-serine in PFOS-induced neurotoxicity through NMDARs in the rat primary hippocampal neurons. NMDAR, PFCs, PFOS
2018 Adipose-Derived VEGF-mTOR Signaling Promotes Endometrial Hyperplasia and Cancer: Implications for Obese Women. BMI, PACM, VAT
2018 Astrocyte truncated tropomyosin receptor kinase B mediates brain-derived neurotrophic factor anti-apoptotic effect leading to neuroprotection. 3-NP, BDNF
2018 Characterization of cell-cell junction changes associated with the formation of a strong endothelial barrier. BBB, CNS, ECIS, HUVEC
2018 Clinical and metabolic implications of obesity in prostate cancer: is testosterone a missing link? BMI, DHT, PCa, TT
10  2018 Heterogeneity in Synaptogenic Profile of Astrocytes from Different Brain Regions. CNS, PSD-95, SPARC
11  2018 Innate immune activation of astrocytes impairs neurodevelopment via upregulation of follistatin-like 1 and interferon-induced transmembrane protein 3. Fstl1, Ifitm3, MMP-3
12  2018 Quetiapine prevents Abeta25-35-induced cell death in cultured neuron by enhancing brain-derived neurotrophic factor release from astrocyte. QTP
13  2018 Regulation of IL-6 Secretion by Astrocytes via TLR4 in the Fragile X Mouse Model. FMR1, FXS, IL-6, KO, LPS, PSD-95, TLR4, TN-C, VGLUT1, WT
14  2018 Roles of astrocytic connexin-43, hemichannels, and gap junctions in oxygen-glucose deprivation/reperfusion injury induced neuroinflammation and the possible regulatory mechanisms of salvianolic acid B and carbenoxolone. CBX, GJIC, I/R, MEM, SalB
15  2017 An improved method for growing neurons: Comparison with standard protocols. ---
16  2017 Astrocyte-derived lipoxins A4 and B4 promote neuroprotection from acute and chronic injury. RGCs
17  2017 Astrocytes from the brain microenvironment alter migration and morphology of metastatic breast cancer cells. BBB
18  2017 Cell autonomous and noncell-autonomous role of NF-kappaB p50 in astrocyte-mediated fate specification of adult neural progenitor cells. ahNPC, KO, LCN-2, WT
19  2017 Improved Method for the Establishment of an In Vitro Blood-Brain Barrier Model Based on Porcine Brain Endothelial Cells. BBB, MC, NCC, RO, TEER
20  2017 Stimulation of synapse formation between stem cell-derived neurons and native brainstem auditory neurons. CN, CNS, EGFP, PNS, ScNs
21  2016 Administration of activated glial condition medium in the nucleus accumbens extended extinction and intensified reinstatement of methamphetamine-induced conditioned place preference. CPP, METH, NAc, NCM
22  2016 Administration of the Glial Condition Medium in the Nucleus Accumbens Prolong Maintenance and Intensify Reinstatement of Morphine-Seeking Behavior. CPP, MRP, NAc, NCM
23  2016 ApoE4 upregulates the activity of mitochondria-associated ER membranes. AD, ER, MAM
24  2016 Astrocyte-Secreted Factors Selectively Alter Neural Stem and Progenitor Cell Proliferation in the Fragile X Mouse. KO, WT
25  2016 Imbalance between Glutamate and GABA in Fmr1 Knockout Astrocytes Influences Neuronal Development. FMRP, FXS, GABA, GABA-T, HPLC, KO, VGB, WT
26  2016 Visceral fat adipocytes from obese and colorectal cancer subjects exhibit distinct secretory and omega6 polyunsaturated fatty acid profiles and deliver immunosuppressive signals to innate immunity cells. CRC, DC
27  2015 A Novel Dynamic Neonatal Blood-Brain Barrier on a Chip. BBB, RBEC, ZO-1
28  2015 Astrocyte-conditioned medium attenuates glutamate-induced apoptotic cell death in primary cultured spinal cord neurons of rats. LDH, SCI, TUNEL
29  2015 Dynamic interaction between astrocytes and infiltrating PBMCs in context of neuroAIDS. PBMCs, PDAs
30  2015 Paracrine regulation of glioma cells invasion by astrocytes is mediated by glial-derived neurotrophic factor. GDNF, PP1
31  2015 Reactive oxygen species trigger motoneuron death in non-cell-autonomous models of ALS through activation of c-Abl signaling. ALS, ROS
32  2014 Astrocyte-dependent protective effect of quetiapine on GABAergic neuron is associated with the prevention of anxiety-like behaviors in aging mice after long-term treatment. QTP
33  2014 Excess visceral adiposity induces alterations in mitochondrial function and energy metabolism in esophageal adenocarcinoma. EAC
34  2014 Matrix metalloproteinase-3 is a possible mediator of neurodevelopmental impairment due to polyI:C-induced innate immune activation of astrocytes. MMP-3
35  2014 Modulation of visceral fat adipokine secretion by dietary fatty acids and ensuing changes in skeletal muscle inflammation. CON, IL-6, LF, MCP-1, SFA, TLR4, VAT
36  2014 Neuronal and astroglial TGFbeta-Smad3 signaling pathways differentially regulate dendrite growth and synaptogenesis. SE, TGF-beta
37  2014 Oxygen glucose deprivation/reperfusion astrocytes promotes primary neural stem/progenitor cell proliferation by releasing high-mobility group box 1. HMGB1, I/R, NS/PC
38  2014 [Effect of lead-exposed astrocytes on neuronal synaptic formation]. Glu, SYP
39  2014 [Effects of genetic and environmental factors on neuropsychological development]. MMP-3
40  2013 Adipocyte-derived lipids modulate CD4+ T-cell function. ---
41  2013 Adipocytes modulate the phenotype of human macrophages through secreted lipids. BMI
42  2013 Astrocytes protect neurons against methylmercury via ATP/P2Y(1) receptor-mediated pathways in astrocytes. IL-6
43  2013 C5L2 and C5aR interaction in adipocytes and macrophages: insights into adipoimmunology. ASP, C5L2
44  2013 Effects of arsenite in astrocytes on neuronal signaling transduction. AC, CaMKII
45  2013 Ginkgolide B preconditioning on astrocytes promotes neuronal survival in ischemic injury via up-regulating erythropoietin secretion. EPO, GB, IP
46  2013 Human NK cell subset functions are differentially affected by adipokines. FACS, GzmA, IFN, NK, PBMCs, TRAIL
47  2013 Isoflurane affects the cytoskeleton but not survival, proliferation, or synaptogenic properties of rat astrocytes in vitro. ---
48  2013 Protective effect of astrocyte-conditioned medium on neurons following hypoxia and mechanical injury. LDH
49  2013 SyM-BBB: a microfluidic Blood Brain Barrier model. BBB, SyM-BBB
50  2013 The migration of neural progenitor cell mediated by SDF-1 is NF-kappaB/HIF-1alpha dependent upon hypoxia. HIF-1alpha, NF-kappaB, NPC, PDTC, SDF-1
51  2012 Astrocyte-derived GDNF is a potent inhibitor of microglial activation. BDNF, CDNF, GDNF, PD
52  2012 Astrocyte-secreted factors modulate the developmental distribution of inhibitory synapses in nucleus laminaris of the avian auditory brainstem. GFAP, NL, SON, VGAT
53  2012 Effects of andrographolide and 14-deoxy-11,12-didehydroandrographolide on cultured primary astrocytes and PC12 cells. CSPG, IL, PC12, ROS, SACM, TNF
54  2012 Excessive astrocyte-derived neurotrophin-3 contributes to the abnormal neuronal dendritic development in a mouse model of fragile X syndrome. BDNF, CNTF, FXS, GDNF, KO, NGF, NT-3, RIP, shRNAs, WT
55  2012 Glia determine the course of brain-derived neurotrophic factor-mediated dendritogenesis and provide a soluble inhibitory cue to dendritic growth in the brainstem. BDNF, NTS, SIDS
56  2012 In vitro beneficial activation of microglial cells by mechanically-injured astrocytes enhances the synthesis and secretion of BDNF through p38MAPK. BDNF, CNS, DRG
57  2012 Microglia differentiation using a culture system for the expansion of mice non-adherent bone marrow stem cells. GM-CSF, NA-BMC
58  2012 Sonic hedgehog released from scratch-injured astrocytes is a key signal necessary but not sufficient for the astrocyte de-differentiation. NSPCs, Shh
59  2011 Adipocyte-derived factor as a modulator of oxidative estrogen metabolism: implications for obesity and estrogen-dependent breast cancer. MEM
60  2011 Adipocyte-derived factors regulate vascular smooth muscle cells through mineralocorticoid and glucocorticoid receptors. GR, MAPKs, MR, VSMCs
61  2011 Astrocyte-secreted factors modulate a gradient of primary dendritic arbors in nucleus laminaris of the avian auditory brainstem. GFAP, NL, NM
62  2011 Clusterin secreted by astrocytes enhances neuronal differentiation from human neural precursor cells. NPCs
63  2011 Curcumin attenuates the expression and secretion of RANTES after spinal cord injury in vivo and lipopolysaccharide-induced astrocyte reactivation in vitro. LPS, SCI, SD
64  2011 Curcumin enhances neuronal survival in N-methyl-d-aspartic acid toxicity by inducing RANTES expression in astrocytes via PI-3K and MAPK signaling pathways. AD, LDH, SD, siRNA
65  2011 Differentiation of mouse bone marrow derived stem cells toward microglia-like cells. BM, Flt3L
66  2011 Effect of human astrocytes on the characteristics of human brain-microvascular endothelial cells in the blood-brain barrier. BBB, HAs, HBMECs, PI, TEER
67  2011 ErbB2 activation contributes to de-differentiation of astrocytes into radial glial cells following induction of scratch-insulted astrocyte conditioned medium. ---
68  2011 ERK1/2 MAPKs and Wnt signaling pathways are independently involved in adipocytokine-mediated aldosterone secretion. StAR
69  2011 Regulation of endocytosis into human brain-microvascular endothelial cells by inhibition of efflux proteins. BBB, HA, HBMECs, MRPs, P-gp
70  2011 Roles of activated astrocyte in neural stem cell proliferation and differentiation. bHLH, IL-6, NSCs, pSTAT3
71  2011 Uni-directional differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells into neurons by the neural stem sphere method. ES, ICM, NSS
72  2010 Adipocytes constitutively release factors that accelerate keratinocyte proliferation in vitro. AT
73  2010 Astrocyte-derived glutathione attenuates hemin-induced apoptosis in cerebral microvascular cells. ICH, iNOS
74  2010 Evidence for heterogeneity of astrocyte de-differentiation in vitro: astrocytes transform into intermediate precursor cells following induction of ACM from scratch-insulted astrocytes. IPCs, NSCs
75  2010 Quantitative mass spectrometry-based proteomics reveals the dynamic range of primary mouse astrocyte protein secretion. ---
76  2010 [Protective effect of conditioned medium from astrocytes transfected with telomerase reverse transcriptase on hypoxia-ischemia neurons]. AS, GFAP, HI-RP, LDH, TERT
77  2010 [Protective effect of musk extract on rat's cerebral cortical neurons with inflammatory injury]. LPS, ME
78  2009 L-DOPA neurotoxicity is mediated by up-regulation of DMT1-IRE expression. DMT1-IRE
79  2009 Roles of activated astrocytes in bone marrow stromal cell proliferation and differentiation. BMSCs, CNS, IL-6, N-ACM
80  2008 Characterization and astrocytic modulation of system L transporters in brain microvasculature endothelial cells. BBB, NAAs
81  2008 Expanded-polyglutamine huntingtin protein suppresses the secretion and production of a chemokine (CCL5/RANTES) by astrocytes. HD, htt, mHtt, RANTES, WT
82  2008 Glutamate elicits release of BDNF from basal forebrain astrocytes in a process dependent on metabotropic receptors and the PLC pathway. BDNF, BF, ChAT, mGluR
83  2008 [Influence of astrocyte-conditioned medium on the formation of synapses in neural stem cells: the role of neurotrophin proteins]. BDNF, NGF, NSCs, NT-3, TEM
84  2007 Astrocyte and muscle-derived secreted factors differentially regulate motoneuron survival. MCM, MNs, PCD
85  2007 Astrocyte-derived estrogen enhances synapse formation and synaptic transmission between cultured neonatal rat cortical neurons. ERalpha, mPSCs
86  2007 Astrocytes protect MN9D neuronal cells against rotenone-induced oxidative stress by a glutathione-dependent mechanism. PD
87  2007 Astroglial-conditioned media and growth factors modulate proliferation and differentiation of astrocytes in primary culture. bFGF, DIV, EGF, ERK1, IGF-I, INS
88  2007 Effects of activated ACM on expression of signal transducers in cerebral cortical neurons of rats. AC, CaMKII, CNTF, iNOS
89  2007 Human astrocytes/astrocyte-conditioned medium and shear stress enhance the barrier properties of human brain microvascular endothelial cells. BBB, HBMEC, HFA, TEER
90  2006 A novel flow based hollow-fiber blood-brain barrier in vitro model with immortalised cell line PBMEC/C1-2. BBB, ESEM
91  2006 A rapid exocytosis mode in chromaffin cells with a neuronal phenotype. LDCV, VGCC
92  2006 Astrocyte-conditioned medium protecting hippocampal neurons in primary cultures against corticosterone-induced damages via PI3-K/Akt signal pathway. ---
93  2006 Characteristics of manganese (Mn) transport in rat brain endothelial (RBE4) cells, an in vitro model of the blood-brain barrier. BBB, Mn
94  2006 Characterization of human monocyte-derived microglia-like cells. LPS, MDM, MDMi
95  2006 Direct evidence of astrocytic modulation in the development of rewarding effects induced by drugs of abuse. CG, METH, MRP, N.Acc, PPF
96  2006 Effect of coriaria lactone-activated astrocyte-conditioned medium on the cerebral TNF-alpha of normal rats. CL
97  2006 Matrix metalloproteinases expressed by astrocytes mediate extracellular amyloid-beta peptide catabolism. AD, APP, KO, MMPs
98  2006 Role of astrocytes in reproduction and neuroprotection. ---
99  2005 An improved method for directional differentiation and efficient production of neurons from embryonic stem cells in vitro. ATRA, ES cells
100  2005 Astrocytes regulate inhibitory synapse formation via Trk-mediated modulation of postsynaptic GABAA receptors. TrkB