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Abbreviation:   ACTB  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   beta-actin
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Biobanking: Objectives, Requirements, and Future Challenges-Experiences from the Munich Vascular Biobank. AHA, FFPE, GAPDH, qRT, RIN
2019 Deciphering the transcriptome of prepubertal buffalo mammary glands using RNA sequencing. B2M, GO, VIM
2019 Identification of SAA and ACTB as potential biomarker of patients with severe HFMD using iTRAQ quantitative proteomics. CoxA16, HFMD, SAA
2019 Translation of Human beta-Actin mRNA is Regulated by mTOR Pathway. mTOR
2018 A method for extracting DNA from hard tissues for use in forensic identification. mtDNA, PCR
2018 A novel function of NUCB2 in promoting the development and invasion of renal cell carcinoma. NUCB2
2018 Assessment of suitable reference genes for RT-qPCR studies in chronic rhinosinusitis. CRS, GAPDH, RGs, RPLP0, RPLP1
2018 Cytoskeleton Genes Expression and Survival Rate Comparison Between Immature and Mature Yak Oocyte After OPS Vitrification. CK8, GJA1, GV, MII
2018 Identification of suitable reference genes for real-time qPCR in homocysteine-treated human umbilical vein endothelial cells. GAPDH, Hcy, HUVECs
10  2018 Osteogenic Stimulation of Human Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Using a Fungal Metabolite That Suppresses the Polycomb Group Protein EZH2. CytoD, EZH2, MSCs
11  2018 Selection and Evaluation of Appropriate Reference Genes for RT-qPCR Normalization of Volvariella volvacea Gene Expression under Different Conditions. CyP, L-ASP, MSF1, SPRYp, TUBalpha, V. volvacea
12  2017 Appropriateness of reference genes for normalizing messenger RNA in mouse 2,4-dinitrobenzene sulfonic acid (DNBS)-induced colitis using quantitative real time PCR. beta 2m, DNBS, Nono, RGE, RPLP0, Tbp
13  2017 Fabry disease: characterisation of the plasma proteome pre- and post-enzyme replacement therapy. ERT, iC3b, MALDI-TOF MS, MS/MS
14  2017 Generation of a Stable Transgenic Swine Model Expressing a Porcine Histone 2B-eGFP Fusion Protein for Cell Tracking and Chromosome Dynamics Studies. HDR, MARs, pH2B
15  2017 Molecular performance of Prl and Gh/Igf1 axis in the Mediterranean meager, Argyrosomus regius, acclimated to different rearing salinities. GH, Igf1, PRL
16  2016 Core promoter-specific gene regulation: TATA box selectivity and Initiator-dependent bi-directionality of serum response factor-activated transcription. DPE, Inr, SRF, TBP
17  2016 Evaluation of candidate reference genes for quantitative expression studies in Asian seabass (Lates calcarifer) during ontogenesis and in tissues of healthy and infected fishes. B2M, EF1A, GAPDH, qRT-PCR
18  2016 Human umbilical cord blood-mesenchymal stem cells transplantation renovates the ovarian surface epithelium in a rat model of premature ovarian failure: Possible direct and indirect effects. HCB, ID, MSC
19  2016 Identification of stable reference genes for quantitative PCR in cells derived from chicken lymphoid organs. B2M, GAPDH, GUSB, qPCR, r28S, TBP
20  2016 Reference gene selection for in vitro cell-free DNA analysis and gene expression profiling. cfDNA, HKGs
21  2016 Stability of Reference Genes for Messenger RNA Quantification by Real-Time PCR in Mouse Dextran Sodium Sulfate Experimental Colitis. beta 2m, DSS, RGE, Tbp
22  2016 Vitellogenin expression in wild cyprinid Petroleuciscus esfahani as a biomarker of endocrine disruption along the Zayandeh Roud River, Iran. aa, bp, EDCs, VTG
23  2016 [The effect of rutin and hesperidin on the expression of Nrf2- and AhR-regulated genes and CYP3A1 gene in rats intoxicated with carbon tetrachloride]. BW, HES, HMOX1
24  2015 Bypassing hazard of housekeeping genes: their evaluation in rat granule neurons treated with cerebrospinal fluid of multiple sclerosis subjects. MS, RPL19, TFRC
25  2015 Exploring valid reference genes for quantitative real-time PCR analysis in Sesamia inferens (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). 18S rRNA, EF-1, GAPDH, hsp83, qRT-PCR, RPS13, RPS20, TUB
26  2015 Identification of valid endogenous control genes for determining gene expression in C6 glioma cell line treated with conditioned medium from adipose-derived stem cell. B2M, GAPDH, MFC, MSCs, TBP
27  2015 Influence of Age on Cerebral Housekeeping Gene Expression for Normalization of Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction after Acute Brain Injury in Mice. B2M, GAPDH, HPRT, PBGD, qPCR, TBI
28  2015 Monitoring of Chicken RNA Integrity as a Function of Prolonged Postmortem Duration. GAPDH, HPRT, IGF1, PDK4, PPARD, PPIA, qPCR, TBP
29  2015 Quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) for Eimeria tenella replication--Implications for experimental refinement and animal welfare. dpi, FOCs, qPCR
30  2015 Renal cells exposed to cadmium in vitro and in vivo: normalizing gene expression data. Cd, MTs, qPCR
31  2015 Selection of appropriate reference genes for quantitative real-time PCR in Oxytropis ochrocephala Bunge using transcriptome datasets under abiotic stress treatments. 18S RNA, ACT101, ACT11, ACT7, FBA, GAPDH1, MET, qRT-PCR, TUA, TUB
32  2015 With Reference to Reference Genes: A Systematic Review of Endogenous Controls in Gene Expression Studies. GAPDH
33  2014 Expression of the transmembrane mucins, MUC1, MUC4 and MUC16, in normal endometrium and in endometriosis. ---
34  2014 Long-term reduction of T-cell intracellular antigens leads to increased beta-actin expression. 3'-UTR, MEF, TIA, TIA-1
35  2014 Optimization of reference genes for normalization of the quantitative polymerase chain reaction in tissue samples of gastric cancer. CEA, GAPDH, qRT-PCR
36  2014 Reference genes for expression studies in hypoxia and hyperglycemia models in human umbilical vein endothelial cells. GAPDH, GUSB, HUVEC, qRT-PCR, RPLP0, TFRC
37  2014 Technical note: Selecting the best references in gene expression experiments in liver of cows receiving glucogenic supplements during the transition period. GAPDH, RPL32, RPS9, TBP
38  2014 The validation of housekeeping genes as a reference in quantitative Real Time PCR analysis: application in the milk somatic cells and frozen whole blood of goats infected with caprine arthritis encephalitis virus. CAEV, EIF3K, GAPDH, HKGs, RPLP0, SDHA, TBP
39  2014 Validation of four reference genes for quantitative mRNA expression studies in a rat model of inflammatory injury. B2M, CFA, HPRT1, MAPK6, qPCR, RVM
40  2014 Validation of reference genes for normalization gene expression in reverse transcription quantitative PCR in human normal thyroid and goiter tissue. B2M, Fp, GAPDH, HPRTI, MFC, RT-qPCR
41  2014 [Evaluation of reference genes for quantitative real-time PCR normalization in cotton bollworm, Helicoverna armigera]. dsRNA, GAPDH, RG, RNAi, RT-qPCR, TUB
42  2013 ACTB in cancer. ---
43  2013 Constitutive expression of CYP3A mRNA in Bama miniature pig tissues. RT-PCR, TBP
44  2013 Identification of suitable reference genes in bone marrow stromal cells from osteoarthritic donors. B2M, BMSCs, CASC3, CV, IPO8, OA, qRT-PCR, TBP
45  2013 Impact of reference gene selection for type 2 cannabinoid receptor gene expression studies in human spermatozoa. GAPDH, qRT-PCR
46  2013 Influence of culture medium composition on relative mRNA abundances in domestic cat embryos. GJA1, IZW, OCT4, SCBI
47  2013 Reference gene for primary culture of prostate cancer cells. B2M, Fp, GAPDH, HPRT1, TBP, UBC
48  2013 RNA-binding protein Sam68 controls synapse number and local beta-actin mRNA metabolism in dendrites. RBPs
49  2013 Selection of Reliable Reference Genes for Real-time qRT-PCR Analysis of Zi Geese (Anser anser domestica) Gene Expression. GADPH, HPRT1, SDH, TUB
50  2013 Ultrasensitive detection of mRNA extracted from cancerous cells achieved by DNA rotaxane-based cross-rolling circle amplification. C-RCA, DPR, dsDNA, mRNA, PCR-free
51  2012 18S rRNA is a reliable normalisation gene for real time PCR based on influenza virus infected cells. 18S rRNA, GAPDH, HBECs, PTECs, qRT-PCR
52  2012 Assessment of the long-term transcriptional activity of a 550-bp-long human beta-actin promoter region. CMV, EF-1alpha, GFP
53  2012 Cell-free serum DNA in patients with bladder cancer: results of a prospective multicenter study. BCa, RT-PCR, TURB
54  2012 Evaluation of reference genes for quantitative PCR analysis of mouse lymphocytes. UBC
55  2012 Identification of housekeeping genes suitable for gene expression analysis in Jian carp (Cyprinus carpio var. jian). 18S rRNA, CV, EF-1alpha, GAPDH, HK, qRT-PCR
56  2012 Identification of valid housekeeping genes for quantitative RT-PCR analysis of cardiosphere-derived cells preconditioned under hypoxia or with prolyl-4-hydroxylase inhibitors. beta 2m, CDCs, CSCs, GAPDH, HPRT-1, PHDIs, RPLP-1, Tbp
57  2012 IGF2BP1 promotes cell migration by regulating MK5 and PTEN signaling. IGF2BP1
58  2012 Quantitative proteomic Isotope-Coded Protein Label (ICPL) analysis reveals alteration of several functional processes in the glioblastoma. GB, ICPL
59  2012 Reduced myelin basic protein and actin-related gene expression in visual cortex in schizophrenia. MBP, MOG, SCG10, TB10
60  2012 Ribosomal protein l13a as a reference gene for human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells during expansion, adipo-, chondro-, and osteogenesis. B2M, EF-1alpha, GAPDH, HBCs, MSC, qPCR, RG, RPL13A
61  2012 Selection of suitable reference genes for quantitative gene expression studies in milk somatic cells of lactating cows (Bos indicus). B2M, GAPDH, ICG, LTF, MTG1, PPP1R11, qPCR, RPS15A, UXT
62  2012 Selection of suitable reference genes for quantitative real-time PCR in apoptosis-induced MCF-7 breast cancer cells. GAPDH, HSC70, qPCR
63  2012 Validation of appropriate reference genes for gene expression studies in human thyroid gland using real-time RT-PCR. B2M, GAPD, HPRT1
64  2011 A novel interplay between oncogenic PFTK1 protein kinase and tumor suppressor TAGLN2 in the control of liver cancer cell motility. HCC, TAGLN2
65  2011 Determination of internal controls for quantitative real time RT-PCR analysis of the effect of Edwardsiella tarda infection on gene expression in turbot (Scophthalmus maximus). 18S rRNA, B2M, EF1A, GAPDH, qRT-PCR, RPL17, RPSD, TUBA
66  2011 Gene targeting and subsequent site-specific transgenesis at the beta-actin (ACTB) locus in common marmoset embryonic stem cells. cmES, EGFP, ES, HSV-TK, mRFP, RMCE
67  2011 Identification and validation of candidate biomarkers involved in human ovarian autoimmunity. alphaACTN4, HSPA5
68  2011 Selection of reference genes for studies of porcine endometrial gene expression on gestational day 12. B2M, ER, GD12, LL, PGK1, qRT-PCR, RPG, RPS20
69  2011 Stability of expression of reference genes in porcine peripheral blood mononuclear and dendritic cells. BDCs, eEF1, GAPDH, LPS, moDCs, PBMCs, RPL19, RT-qPCR, SDHA
70  2011 The quantification of ADAMTS4 and 8 expression and selection of reference genes for quantitative real-time PCR analysis in myocardial infarction. ELISA, GAPDH, MI, qPCR, RPL13A
71  2011 Validation of reference genes in human testis and ejaculate. ATP5B, GAPD
72  2010 Effects of gene therapy on muscle 18S rRNA expression in mouse model of ALS. BDNF-TTC, HK, qRT-PCR
73  2010 Evaluation of valid reference genes during stimulation with static magnetic fields in human myoblast cultures. B2M, GAPDH, irMYH1, MYH1, MYH3, MYH8, PPIA, SMFs, TBP
74  2010 Fixation of brain tumor biopsy specimens with RCL2 results in well-preserved histomorphology, immunohistochemistry and nucleic acids. FFPE, MGMT, MSP, RCLPE
75  2010 Identification of valid reference genes for gene expression studies of human stomach cancer by reverse transcription-qPCR. 18S rRNA, B2M, GAPDH, HPRT1, RT-qPCR
76  2010 Normalization with genes encoding ribosomal proteins but not GAPDH provides an accurate quantification of gene expressions in neuronal differentiation of PC12 cells. GAPDH, HGKs
77  2010 Selection of housekeeping genes for use in quantitative reverse transcription PCR assays on the murine cornea. CorNV, GAPDH, HKGs, LDHA, PCI, PPIA, qRT-PCR, RPL5, UBC
78  2010 Validation of reference genes of grass carp Ctenopharyngodon idellus for the normalization of quantitative real-time PCR. EF-1alpha, GAPDH
79  2009 A protein-based set of reference markers for liver tissues and hepatocellular carcinoma. HSP60, PDI
80  2009 Apoptosis in normal ovaries of women with and without endometriosis. BCL2
81  2009 Defects of prostate development and reproductive system in the estrogen receptor-alpha null male mice. ---
82  2009 Effects of constitutive expression of somatolactin alpha on skin pigmentation in medaka. ci, GFP, IRES, SLa
83  2009 Identification of valid reference genes during the differentiation of human myoblasts. B2M, CK, GAPDH, GOI, MYH3, NF, PPIA, RG, TBP
84  2009 Quantitative TaqMan real-time PCR assays for gene expression normalisation in feline tissues. ABL, B2M, GAPDH, gDNA, GUSB, HMBS, HPRT, RPS7
85  2009 Selection of reference genes for quantitative RT-PCR studies in Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus and Rhipicephalus appendiculatus ticks and determination of the expression profile of Bm86. BTUB, ELF1A, GAPDH, GST, H3F3A, RPL4, TBP
86  2009 [Comparative quantification of plasma hnRNP B1 mRNA in non-small cell lung cancer patients by real-time PCR]. hnRNP, NSCLC
87  2008 An improved quality control for bisulfite-PCR-based DNA methylation analysis: cycle threshold value. Ct, FFPET
88  2008 Characterizing mouse male germ cell-specific actin capping protein alpha3 (CPalpha3): dynamic patterns of expression in testicular and epididymal sperm. cpalpha3
89  2008 Cytokeratin-related loss of cellular integrity is not a major driving force of human intrinsic skin aging. JUP, TUBA
90  2008 Effects of dimethyl sulfoxide and dexamethasone on mRNA expression of housekeeping genes in cultures of C2C12 myotubes. DEX, DMSO, GAPDH, GUSB, HPRT1, PGK1, PPIA, TFRC
91  2008 Gene expression in hair follicle dermal papilla cells after treatment with stanozolol. AR, FasL, FGF-2, GAPDH, GHR, SRD5A1, SRD5A2, UBQ
92  2008 MicroRNA-mediated up-regulation of an alternatively polyadenylated variant of the mouse cytoplasmic {beta}-actin gene. polyA, UTR
93  2008 Reference genes for normalization: a study of rat brain tissue. HKGs, qPCR
94  2008 Selection of housekeeping genes for gene expression studies in larvae from flatfish using real-time PCR. ANXA2, GAPDH, GST, HKGs, ODC, qRT-PCR, RPS4, UBQ
95  2008 Selection of reference genes for qRT-PCR examination of wild populations of Atlantic cod Gadus morhua. ARP, ARP-2, EF1A, GAPDH, qRT-PCR, RPL4, UBI
96  2008 The Kampo medicines Orengedokuto, Bofutsushosan and Boiogito have different activities to regulate gene expressions in differentiated rat white adipocytes: comprehensive analysis of genetic profiles. AEBP1, BOT, BTS, MGLL, OGT, PNPLA8, RT-PCR
97  2007 Commonly used reference genes are actively regulated in in vitro stimulated lymphocytes. HMBS, PPIB, qPCR
98  2007 De-regulation of common housekeeping genes in hepatocellular carcinoma. GAPDH, HCC, HCV, qPCR, RPL41
99  2007 Selection of reference genes for gene expression studies in pig tissues using SYBR green qPCR. B2M, GAPDH, HMBS, HPRT1, qPCR, RPL4, SDHA, TPB
100  2007 Validation of endogenous controls for quantitative gene expression analysis: application on brain cortices of human chronic alcoholics. B2M, GAPD, IPO8, PPIA