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Abbreviation:   AEM  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   anion exchange membrane
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2019 A bipolar membrane-based cation electrolytic membrane suppressor for ion chromatography. BPM, CEMS
2019 Comparative studies on fouling of homogeneous anion exchange membranes by different structured organics in electrodialysis. BS, ED, MS, SDBS, SDS
2019 Functionalized Anion-Exchange Membranes Facilitate Electrodialysis of Citrate and Phosphate from Model Dairy Wastewater. ---
2019 Hexavalent chromium reduction through redox electrolytic cell with urea and cow urine as anolyte. CEM
2019 Modulating Inflammation in Monocytes Using Capillary Fiber Organic Electronic Ion Pumps. OEIP, SA
2019 Mussel-Inspired Surface Functionalization of AEM for Simultaneously Improved Monovalent Anion Selectivity and Antibacterial Property. DSA, PDA
2019 Partial Fluxes of Phosphoric Acid Anions through Anion-Exchange Membranes in the Course of NaH2PO4 Solution Electrodialysis. ED
2019 Phenyl Oxidation Impacts the Durability of Alkaline Membrane Water Electrolyzer. ---
2019 Quaternized cellulose and graphene oxide crosslinked polyphenylene oxide based anion exchange membrane. AEMFCs, GO, PPO
10  2019 Technology-driven layer-by-layer assembly of a membrane for selective separation of monovalent anions and antifouling. AC, ED
11  2018 Anion-Exchange Membranes for Alkaline Fuel-Cell Applications: The Effects of Cations. AEMFCs
12  2018 Electrolytic CO2 Reduction in a Flow Cell. BPM, CEM
13  2018 Enhanced Conductivity of Anion-Exchange Membrane by Incorporation of Quaternized Cellulose Nanocrystal. QCNC
14  2018 Hydrogen peroxide production in a pilot-scale microbial electrolysis cell. CEM, MEC
15  2018 Investigation of electrodialysis anti-fouling configuration for desalting and treating tannery unhairing wastewater: Feasibility of by-products recovery and water recycling. ED
16  2018 Microbial desalination cell with sulfonated sodium poly(ether ether ketone) as cation exchange membranes for enhancing power generation and salt reduction. CEM, MDC, QAPPO, SPEEK
17  2018 Online Gas-Free Electrodialytic KOH Eluent Generator for Ion Chromatography. BPM, IC, sCEMs
18  2018 The Potential of Bioelectrochemical Sensor for Monitoring of Acetate During Anaerobic Digestion: Focusing on Novel Reactor Design. AD, VFAs
19  2017 Detection of Reactive Oxygen Species in Anion Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells using In Situ Fluorescence Spectroscopy. DPBF
20  2017 High-Resolution Coarse-Grained Model of Hydrated Anion-Exchange Membranes that Accounts for Hydrophobic and Ionic Interactions through Short-Ranged Potentials. CG, GAFF, RDFs, TMACl
21  2016 2D fluorescence spectroscopy for monitoring ion-exchange membrane based technologies - Reverse electrodialysis (RED). EEMs, PCA, RED
22  2016 Imidazolium-based anion exchange membranes for alkaline anion fuel cells: elucidation of the morphology and the interplay between the morphology and properties. SANS
23  2016 Reactive oxygen species accelerate degradation of anion exchange membranes based on polyphenylene oxide in alkaline environments. PPO
24  2016 XANES Demonstrates the Release of Calcium Phosphates from Alkaline Vertisols to Moderately Acidified Solution. CaP, XANES
25  2015 Energy from CO2 using capacitive electrodes - a model for energy extraction cycles. MEA
26  2015 Interplay between solid state transitions, conductivity mechanisms, and electrical relaxations in a [PVBTMA] [Br]-b-PMB diblock copolymer membrane for electrochemical applications. ---
27  2015 Interplay between water uptake, ion interactions, and conductivity in an e-beam grafted poly(ethylene-co-tetrafluoroethylene) anion exchange membrane. ---
28  2015 Removal of organic matter and nitrogen in swine wastewater using an integrated ion exchange and bioelectrochemical system. CEM, COD
29  2014 Effect of separator and inoculum type on electricity generation and microbial community in single-chamber microbial fuel cells. CEM, SEAs, SMFC
30  2014 Highly efficient platinum group metal free based membrane-electrode assembly for anion exchange membrane water electrolysis. MEA, PEM, PGM
31  2014 Ion exchange membrane textile bioreactor as a new alternative for drinking water denitrification. AET, DD, IEMB, IEMTB
32  2014 Mechanisms of mineral membrane fouling growth modulated by pulsed modes of current during electrodialysis: evidences of water splitting implications in the appearance of the amorphous phases of magnesium hydroxide and calcium carbonate. ACC, AMH, CEM, ED, IEMs
33  2014 Use of urchin-like Ni(x)Co(3-x)O4 hierarchical nanostructures based on non-precious metals as bifunctional electrocatalysts for anion-exchange membrane alkaline alcohol fuel cells. ---
34  2013 A dication cross-linked composite anion-exchange membrane for all-vanadium flow battery applications. VFB
35  2013 Biodegradation and proton exchange using natural rubber in microbial fuel cells. CEM, IEM, MFCs
36  2013 How pulse modes affect proton-barriers and anion-exchange membrane mineral fouling during consecutive electrodialysis treatments. CEM, ED, PEFs
37  2012 Characterization of a constant current charge detector. CEM, ChD, EFID, IEM
38  2012 Electrodialytic membrane suppressors for ion chromatography make programmable buffer generators. CEM
39  2012 Influence of solvent on polymer prequaternization toward anion-conductive membrane fabrication for all-vanadium flow battery. VFBs
40  2012 pH- and concentration-programmable electrodialytic buffer generator. cat, CEM, EBG
41  2012 Solid-state water electrolysis with an alkaline membrane. ---
42  2011 Interface resistances of anion exchange membranes in microbial fuel cells with low ionic strength. MFCs, PB
43  2011 Mosses influence phosphorus cycling in rich fens by driving redox conditions in shallow soils. AMF, Fe
44  2011 On-line electrodialytic salt removal in electrospray ionization mass spectrometry of proteins. CEM, ESI-MS, SR
45  2011 Performance of electron acceptors in catholyte of a two-chambered microbial fuel cell using anion exchange membrane. CEA, CEM, COD, MFC, OCP
46  2010 Charge detector for the measurement of ionic solutes. CD, CEM, ChD
47  2010 Electrical power from sea and river water by reverse electrodialysis: a first step from the laboratory to a real power plant. CEM, RED
48  2008 Effect of the type of ion exchange membrane on performance, ion transport, and pH in biocatalyzed electrolysis of wastewater. BPM, CEMs, CMM
49  2008 Evaluation of catalysts and membranes for high yield biohydrogen production via electrohydrogenesis in microbial electrolysis cells (MECs). CEM, MECs
50  2008 Investigating chemical constraints to the measurement of phosphorus in soils using diffusive gradients in thin films (DGT) and resin methods. DGT
51  2008 Microbial fuel cell performance with a pressurized cathode chamber. CEM, MFC
52  2008 The electrochemical investigation of salts partition with ion exchange membranes. CEM, SPSS, SSM
53  2007 Nature identification and morphology characterization of anion-exchange membrane fouling during conventional electrodialysis. ---
54  2007 Performance of single chamber biocatalyzed electrolysis with different types of ion exchange membranes. CEM, MEA
55  2007 Power generation using different cation, anion, and ultrafiltration membranes in microbial fuel cells. B-MFCs, C-MFCs, CEM, MFCs, PEMs, UF
56  2006 Effect of calcium and carbonate concentrations on anionic membrane fouling during electrodialysis. CEM
57  2005 Electrodialysis of calcium and carbonate high concentration solutions and impact on composition in cations of membrane fouling. CEM
58  2004 Gluconic acid production in bioreactor with immobilized glucose oxidase plus catalase on polymer membrane adjacent to anion-exchange membrane. CAT, GOD
59  2004 Preparation and electrochemical characterization of cation- and anion-exchange/polyaniline composite membranes. CEM, PANI