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Long Form:   accelerated failure time
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A novel log penalty in a path seeking scheme for biomarker selection. BIC
2019 Improved survival of glioblastoma patients treated at academic and high-volume facilities: a hospital-based study from the National Cancer Database. AC, GBM, HVF, LOS, LVF, NCDB, OS, TR
2019 Penalized variable selection for accelerated failure time models with random effects. HL, LASSO, SCAD
2018 A Study of R2 Measure under the Accelerated Failure Time Models. ---
2018 AFT survival model to capture the rate of aging and age-specific mortality trajectories among first-allogeneic hematopoietic stem cells transplant patients. HSCTs
2018 An empirical analysis of post-work grocery shopping activity duration using modified accelerated failure time model to differentiate time-dependent and time-independent covariates. MAFT, NHTS, PH, TAFT, TDM, USDOT
2018 Childhood and adolescent phenol and phthalate exposure and the age of menarche in Latina girls. BMI, EDCs, HR
2018 Environmental and social determinants of population vulnerability to Zika virus emergence at the local scale. ZIKV
2018 Estimation for an accelerated failure time model with intermediate states as auxiliary information. ---
10  2018 Factors Associated With Accelerated Hospitalization and Re-hospitalization Among Medicare Home Health Patients. HH
11  2018 Induced smoothing for rank-based regression with recurrent gap time data. ---
12  2018 Investigation of contributing factors to extremely severe traffic crashes using survival theory. ---
13  2018 Lower-Extremity Injury Increases Risk of First-Time Low Back Pain in the US Army. HR, LBP, LEI, TR
14  2018 Multiple chronic condition profiles and survival among oldest-old male patients with hip fracture. ED, LCA, MCC, VHA
15  2018 Robust sparse accelerated failure time model for survival analysis. LAD, RS-AFT
16  2018 Survival of Ventricular and Periventricular High-Grade Gliomas: A Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results Program-Based Study. HGGs, HR, RT, SEER, WHO
17  2018 The role of fetal growth restriction in the association between Down syndrome and perinatal mortality. aHR, AOR, DS, FGR, HR, SB, SGA, TR
18  2017 A new semi-supervised learning model combined with Cox and SP-AFT models in cancer survival analysis. Cox, SPL
19  2017 Accelerated failure time models for semi-competing risks data in the presence of complex censoring. AD
20  2017 Accommodating missingness in environmental measurements in gene-environment interaction analysis. GE
21  2017 Development of thoracic injury risk functions for the THOR ATD. ATD, AUC, IRF, PMHS, THOR
22  2017 Interaction patterns and toxicities of binary and ternary pesticide mixtures to Daphnia magna estimated by an accelerated failure time model. DZN, TB
23  2017 Modelling the impact of causal and non-causal factors on disruption duration for Toronto's subway system: An exploratory investigation using hazard modelling. ---
24  2017 Predicting drowsy driving in real-time situations: Using an advanced driving simulator, accelerated failure time model, and virtual location-based services. LBS
25  2017 Primary intramedullary spinal cord lymphoma: a population-based study. HR, PISCL, SEER
26  2017 Semiparametric Bayesian analysis of censored linear regression with errors-in-covariates. ---
27  2017 Semiparametric estimation of the accelerated failure time model with partly interval-censored data. PIC
28  2017 Survival analysis of thalassemia major patients using Cox, Gompertz proportional hazard and Weibull accelerated failure time models. AIC, PH, SA, TM
29  2017 Tyrosine kinase inhibitor combination therapy in first-line treatment of non-small-cell lung cancer: systematic review and network meta-analysis. AFs, CrI, EGFR-TKIs, IPD, NMA, NSCLC, PFS
30  2016 Alkaline Water and Longevity: A Murine Study. ---
31  2016 Application of accelerated failure time models for breast cancer patients' survival in Kurdistan Province of Iran. OS
32  2016 Cancer survival analysis using semi-supervised learning method based on Cox and AFT models with L1/2 regularization. Cox
33  2016 Comparative analysis of driver's brake perception-reaction time at signalized intersections with and without countdown timer using parametric duration models. BPRT
34  2016 Gene-Gene Interaction Analysis for the Accelerated Failure Time Model Using a Unified Model-Based Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction Method. MDR
35  2016 Mediation Analysis with Survival Outcomes: Accelerated Failure Time vs. Proportional Hazards Models. PH
36  2016 Relevance Vector Machine for Survival Analysis. RVMS
37  2015 A comparison of West Nile virus surveillance using survival analyses of dead corvid and mosquito pool data in Ontario, 2002-2008. PHUs, WNV
38  2015 Residual plots to reveal the functional form for covariates in parametric accelerated failure time models. ---
39  2015 Survival of Norway spruce remains higher in mixed stands under a dryer and warmer climate. FDS
40  2015 The L(1/2) regularization approach for survival analysis in the accelerated failure time model. ---
41  2015 The obesity epidemic in children: Latino children are disproportionately affected at younger ages. ---
42  2015 Weighted estimation of the accelerated failure time model in the presence of dependent censoring. ---
43  2014 A parametric duration model of the reaction times of drivers distracted by mobile phone conversations. ---
44  2014 A penalized robust method for identifying gene-environment interactions. ---
45  2014 Bayesian random effects selection in mixed accelerated failure time model for interval-censored data. ---
46  2014 Extent of resection of glioblastoma revisited: personalized survival modeling facilitates more accurate survival prediction and supports a maximum-safe-resection approach to surgery. EOR
47  2014 Integrative analysis of prognosis data on multiple cancer subtypes. NHL
48  2014 Marginal semiparametric multivariate accelerated failure time model with generalized estimating equations. GEE
49  2014 Score Estimating Equations from Embedded Likelihood Functions under Accelerated Failure Time Model. ---
50  2014 Semiparametric Accelerated Failure Time Model for Length-biased Data with Application to Dementia Study. CSHA
51  2014 Sequence variants in SLC6A3, DRD2, and BDNF genes and time to levodopa-induced dyskinesias in Parkinson's disease. LID, PD, SNPs, STR, VNTR
52  2014 Survival analysis and regression models. ---
53  2013 A norovirus outbreak in a nursing home: norovirus shedding time associated with age. NoV, RT-PCR
54  2013 A Tutorial on Rank-based Coefficient Estimation for Censored Data in Small- and Large-Scale Problems. LP
55  2013 Accounting for undetected compounds in statistical analyses of mass spectrometry 'omic studies. ---
56  2013 Hazard based models for freeway traffic incident duration. ---
57  2013 Identification of gene-environment interactions in cancer studies using penalization. NHL
58  2013 Incorporating network structure in integrative analysis of cancer prognosis data. ---
59  2013 Omnibus risk assessment via accelerated failure time kernel machine modeling. KM, PH
60  2013 Rapid effects of humidity acclimation on stress resistance in Drosophila melanogaster. ---
61  2013 Weighted least-squares method for right-censored data in accelerated failure time model. ---
62  2012 Bias analysis and the simulation-extrapolation method for survival data with covariate measurement error under parametric proportional odds models. AH, PH
63  2012 Breast Cancer Survival Analysis: Applying the Generalized Gamma Distribution under Different Conditions of the Proportional Hazards and Accelerated Failure Time Assumptions. AIC, BIC, GG, PH
64  2012 Identification of breast cancer prognosis markers using integrative sparse boosting. ---
65  2012 Identification of Breast Cancer Prognosis Markers via Integrative Analysis. ---
66  2012 Integrative analysis of cancer prognosis data with multiple subtypes using regularized gradient descent. NHL, SNPs
67  2011 Buckley-James-type estimator with right-censored and length-biased data. ---
68  2011 Comparison and validation of statistical methods for predicting power outage durations in the event of hurricanes. BART, Cox PH
69  2011 Generalized F accelerated failure time model for mapping survival trait loci. HALI, PHM
70  2011 Nonparametric quasi-likelihood for right censored data. ---
71  2011 Risk Prediction for Prostate Cancer Recurrence Through Regularized Estimation with Simultaneous Adjustment for Nonlinear Clinical Effects. ---
72  2011 Statistical optimization of parametric accelerated failure time model for mapping survival trait loci. BIC, QTL
73  2010 Association tests for a censored quantitative trait and candidate genes in structured populations with multilevel genetic relatedness. ---
74  2010 Development of an accident duration prediction model on the Korean Freeway Systems. MAPE
75  2010 Kernel based methods for accelerated failure time model with ultra-high dimensional data. ---
76  2010 Risk factors for abortion in dairy cows from commercial Holstein dairy herds in the Tehran region. AI
77  2010 Variable selection in the accelerated failure time model via the bridge method. ---
78  2009 Accelerated failure time models provide a useful statistical framework for aging research. ---
79  2009 An accelerated failure time mixture cure model with masked event. PH
80  2009 Crossing Hazard Functions in Common Survival Models. AH, PH
81  2009 Dimension reduction of microarray gene expression data: the accelerated failure time model. PLS, RMIPLS, RMPLS, RRWPLS
82  2009 Regularized estimation for the accelerated failure time model. LASSO
83  2009 Survival analysis with high-dimensional covariates: an application in microarray studies. HDLSS
84  2008 Empirical likelihood analysis of the Buckley-James estimator. ---
85  2008 Modelling survival in acute severe illness: Cox versus accelerated failure time models. ALI, ARDS
86  2008 Prognostic factors of survival time after hematopoietic stem cell transplant in acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients: Cox proportional hazard versus accelerated failure time models. aGVHD, ALL, cGVHD, GG, HSCT, OS, PH
87  2007 A new estimation method for the semiparametric accelerated failure time mixture cure model. PH
88  2007 Accelerated failure time models with covariates subject to measurement error. ---
89  2007 Measures of arterial stiffness and wave reflection are associated with walking distance in patients with peripheral arterial disease. ABI, AIx, PAD, PP
90  2006 Bayesian variable selection for the analysis of microarray data with censored outcomes. ---
91  2006 Comparing proportional hazards and accelerated failure time models: an application in influenza. PH
92  2006 Consequences of heterogeneity in survival probability in a population of Florida scrub-jays. ---
93  2005 An overview of methods for interval-censored data with an emphasis on applications in dentistry. ---
94  2005 Survival analysis on aggregate data to assess time to sero-conversion after experimental infection with Bovine Leukemia virus. BLV, CI
95  2004 Estimating marginal effects in accelerated failure time models for serial sojourn times among repeated events. ---
96  2003 Early administration of oral oseltamivir increases the benefits of influenza treatment. ---
97  2003 The mare reproductive loss syndrome and the eastern tent caterpillar: a toxicokinetic/statistical analysis with clinical, epidemiologic, and mechanistic implications. MRLS
98  2001 Using frailties in the accelerated failure time model. PHM
99  1998 Assessing life expectancies of older nursing home residents. ADLs, JHH, NH, PH
100  1997 A predictive model of the health benefits and cost effectiveness of celiprolol and atenolol in primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in hypertensive patients. HDL-C, SBP, TC