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Abbreviation:   AHP  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   afterhyperpolarization
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A Cellular Mechanism Underlying Enhanced Capability for Complex Olfactory Discrimination Learning. OD
2019 beta3-Adrenergic receptor-dependent modulation of the medium afterhyperpolarization in rat hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons. ---
2019 Electrical Abnormalities in Dopaminergic Neurons of the Substantia Nigra in Mice With an Aromatic L-Amino Acid Decarboxylase Deficiency. AADC, APs, DA, sEPSCs, sIPSCs, SNc
2018 A biophysically detailed computational model of urinary bladder small DRG neuron soma. AP, ER, fAHP, sAHP
2018 A computational model for how the fast afterhyperpolarization paradoxically increases gain in regularly firing neurons. DGCs, fAHP
2018 A non-synaptic mechanism of complex learning: Modulation of intrinsic neuronal excitability. ---
2018 A Predictive, Quantitative Model of Spiking Activity and Stimulus-Secretion Coupling in Oxytocin Neurons. CCK
2018 A Single Dose of 5-MeO-DMT Stimulates Cell Proliferation, Neuronal Survivability, Morphological and Functional Changes in Adult Mice Ventral Dentate Gyrus. 5-MeODMT, AP, DG, GC, i.c.v, SGZ
2018 Bilateral changes in afterhyperpolarization duration of spinal motoneurones in post-stroke patients. MNs
10  2018 Calcium-activated SK potassium channels are key modulators of the pacemaker frequency in locus coeruleus neurons. LC
11  2018 Cell-Type-Specific Changes in Intrinsic Excitability in the Subiculum following Learning and Exposure to Novel Environmental Contexts. BS, FC, RS
12  2018 Firing responses mediated via distinct nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subtypes in rat prepositus hypoglossi nuclei neurons. ACh, AP, FS, nAChR, PHN
13  2018 Neurons derived from patients with bipolar disorder divide into intrinsically different sub-populations of neurons, predicting the patients' responsiveness to lithium. BD, DG, iPSC, Li, NR
14  2018 Role of K+ channels in regulating spontaneous activity in the muscularis mucosae of guinea pig bladder. MM, sAPs
15  2018 Specificity in the interaction of high-voltage-activated Ca2+ channel types with Ca2+-dependent afterhyperpolarizations in magnocellular supraoptic neurons. HVA, mAHP, OT, sAHP, VP
16  2017 Acetylcholine Neuromodulation in Normal and Abnormal Learning and Memory: Vigilance Control in Waking, Sleep, Autism, Amnesia and Alzheimer's Disease. ACh, NB
17  2017 Comparisons of Neuronal and Excitatory Network Properties between the Rat Brainstem Nuclei that Participate in Vertical and Horizontal Gaze Holding. INC, PHN
18  2017 Ethanol Modulates the Spontaneous Complex Spike Waveform of Cerebellar Purkinje Cells Recorded in vivo in Mice. AUC, CB1, CF, CS, NMDARs, PCs, SS
19  2017 Excitability is increased in hippocampal CA1 pyramidal cells of Fmr1 knockout mice. FMRP, FXS, KO, WT
20  2017 M1 muscarinic activation induces long-lasting increase in intrinsic excitability of striatal projection neurons. MSNs, PAM
21  2017 Mechanisms of Spontaneous Climbing Fiber Discharge-Evoked Pauses and Output Modulation of Cerebellar Purkinje Cell in Mice. CF, CS, CV, PC, SS
22  2017 Novel calcium-related targets of insulin in hippocampal neurons. AD
23  2017 Potassium channel dysfunction underlies Purkinje neuron spiking abnormalities in spinocerebellar ataxia type 2. SCA2
24  2016 Asynchronous presynaptic glutamate release enhances neuronal excitability during the post-spike refractory period. AHPs
25  2016 Carbachol-Induced Reduction in the Activity of Adult Male Zebra Finch RA Projection Neurons. AP, RA
26  2016 Contribution of Somatic and Dendritic SK Channels in the Firing Rate of Deep Cerebellar Nuclei: Implication in Cerebellar Ataxia. DCN
27  2016 Distinct Firing Properties of Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide-Expressing Neurons in the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus. SCN, VIP
28  2016 Hypocretin/Orexin Peptides Alter Spike Encoding by Serotonergic Dorsal Raphe Neurons through Two Distinct Mechanisms That Increase the Late Afterhyperpolarization. oeAHP, sAHP
29  2016 Interactions between calcium channels and SK channels in midbrain dopamine neurons and their impact on pacemaker regularity: Contrasting roles of N- and L-type channels. SNc
30  2016 Intranasal Insulin Improves Age-Related Cognitive Deficits and Reverses Electrophysiological Correlates of Brain Aging. AD
31  2016 Intrinsic Hippocampal Excitability Changes of Opposite Signs and Different Origins in CA1 and CA3 Pyramidal Neurons Underlie Aging-Related Cognitive Deficits. ---
32  2016 Knockout of Cyclophilin-D Provides Partial Amelioration of Intrinsic and Synaptic Properties Altered by Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. AP, AX, CypD, CypDKO, DAP, EPSCs, IN, mPTP, mTBI, YFP
33  2016 Maternal mobile phone exposure alters intrinsic electrophysiological properties of CA1 pyramidal neurons in rat offspring. EMF
34  2016 Model Vestibular Nuclei Neurons Can Exhibit a Boosting Nonlinearity Due to an Adaptation Current Regulated by Spike-Triggered Calcium and Calcium-Activated Potassium Channels. HH, IF
35  2016 N-methyl-D-Aspartate Receptors Contribute to Complex Spike Signaling in Cerebellar Purkinje Cells: An In vivo Study in Mice. AUC, CF-PC, CS, NMDARs, SS
36  2016 Oxytocin Neurones: Intrinsic Mechanisms Governing the Regularity of Spiking Activity. DAP, ISIs
37  2016 Regulation of excitability in tonic firing substantia gelatinosa neurons of the spinal cord by small-conductance Ca(2+)-activated K(+) channels. 1-EBIO, eEPSPs, NMDA, SG
38  2015 Afterhyperpolarization (AHP) regulates the frequency and timing of action potentials in the mitral cells of the olfactory bulb: role of olfactory experience. AP, MCs
39  2015 Alterations in CA1 pyramidal neuronal intrinsic excitability mediated by Ih channel currents in a rat model of amyloid beta pathology. AD
40  2015 Dietary cholesterol concentration affects synaptic plasticity and dendrite spine morphology of rabbit hippocampal neurons. LTP
41  2015 Electrophysiological and morphological properties of neurons in the prepositus hypoglossi nucleus that express both ChAT and VGAT in a double-transgenic rat model. ACh, GABA, IO, PHN, VGAT
42  2015 Expression and function of a CP339,818-sensitive K⁺ current in a subpopulation of putative nociceptive neurons from adult mouse trigeminal ganglia. TG
43  2015 Potentiation of NMDA receptor-mediated transmission in striatal cholinergic interneurons. CINs, HFS, LTD, PSP
44  2014 Changes in motoneuron afterhyperpolarization duration in stroke survivors. CV, IDR, sEMG
45  2014 Concomitant changes in afterhyperpolarization and twitch following repetitive stimulation of fast motoneurones and motor units. MUs
46  2014 Context-dependent coding in single neurons. DC, LN model
47  2014 Distinct effects of repeated restraint stress on basolateral amygdala neuronal membrane properties in resilient adolescent and adult rats. BLA
48  2014 Electrophysiological identification of tonic and phasic neurons in sensory dorsal root ganglion and their distinct implications in inflammatory pain. APs, CFA, DRG
49  2014 Intracellular gold nanoparticles increase neuronal excitability and aggravate seizure activity in the mouse brain. APs, CNS, SRF
50  2014 Kv2 dysfunction after peripheral axotomy enhances sensory neuron responsiveness to sustained input. AP, DRG
51  2014 Learning enhances intrinsic excitability in a subset of lateral amygdala neurons. LA
52  2014 Maturation of membrane properties of neurons in the rat deep cerebellar nuclei. DCN
53  2014 Modulation of BK channels contributes to activity-dependent increase of excitability through MTORC1 activity in CA1 pyramidal cells of mouse hippocampus. LTP, TBS
54  2014 Morphine dependence in single enteric neurons from the mouse colon requires deletion of beta-arrestin2. ---
55  2014 Motoneurone afterhyperpolarisation time-course following stroke. IDR
56  2014 Simvastatin treatment enhances NMDAR-mediated synaptic transmission by upregulating the surface distribution of the GluN2B subunit. FPP, GGPP, LTP, NMDAR, SV
57  2014 The dendritic location of the L-type current and its deactivation by the somatic AHP current both contribute to firing bistability in motoneurons. ---
58  2014 The vestibulo- and preposito-cerebellar cholinergic neurons of a ChAT-tdTomato transgenic rat exhibit heterogeneous firing properties and the expression of various neurotransmitter receptors. ChAT, ChPNs, MVN, PHN
59  2014 Third trimester-equivalent ethanol exposure does not alter complex spikes and climbing fiber long-term depression in cerebellar Purkinje neurons from juvenile rats. CFs, CS, EtOH, LTD, PCs
60  2013 Biophysical properties and computational modeling of calcium spikes in serotonergic neurons of the dorsal raphe nucleus. ---
61  2013 Contribution of dopamine d1/5 receptor modulation of post-spike/burst afterhyperpolarization to enhance neuronal excitability of layer v pyramidal neurons in prepubertal rat prefrontal cortex. ADP, DA, PFC
62  2013 Double discharges in human soleus muscle. MNs, SOL
63  2013 Dynamics of action potential firing in electrically connected striatal fast-spiking interneurons. AP, FSIs, GJ
64  2013 Exercise training after spinal cord injury selectively alters synaptic properties in neurons in adult mouse spinal cord. AP, SCI, sEPSCs
65  2013 Expression of postsynaptic Ca2+-activated K+ (SK) channels at C-bouton synapses in mammalian lumbar -motoneurons. alpha-MNs
66  2013 Extracellular Ca2+ fluctuations in vivo affect afterhyperpolarization potential and modify firing patterns of neocortical neurons. APs, FRB, FS, IB, RS
67  2013 Further studies on bis-charged tetraazacyclophanes as potent inhibitors of small conductance Ca(2+)-activated K+ channels. ---
68  2013 Identity, expression and functional role of the sodium-activated potassium current in vestibular ganglion afferent neurons. KNa, RT-PCR, TTX, VANs
69  2013 Learning increases intrinsic excitability of hippocampal interneurons. SOMs
70  2013 Modulation of the intrinsic properties of motoneurons by serotonin. ---
71  2012 A modeling study of the responses of the lateral superior olive to ipsilateral sinusoidally amplitude-modulated tones. LSO, SAM
72  2012 After-hyperpolarization currents and acetylcholine control sigmoid transfer functions in a spiking cortical model. ACh
73  2012 Characterization of ionic channels underlying the specific firing pattern of a novel neuronal subtype in the rat prepositus hypoglossi nucleus. 4-AP, FIL, ISI, PHN
74  2012 Comparing the effects of mineral trioxide aggregate and calcium enriched mixture on neuronal cells using an electrophysiological approach. CEM, WMTA
75  2012 Enhanced excitability of small dorsal root ganglion neurons in rats with bone cancer pain. AP, CT, DRG, Rin, RMP
76  2012 Examination of afterhyperpolarization duration changes in motoneurons innervating paretic muscles in stroke survivors. FDI, IDR, MU, sEMG, SMU
77  2012 Increasing SK2 channel activity impairs associative learning. ---
78  2012 Intrinsic electrophysiological properties of entorhinal cortex stellate cells and their contribution to grid cell firing fields. MEC
79  2012 K(Ca)2 and k(ca)3 channels in learning and memory processes, and neurodegeneration. Ca, Ca, Ca
80  2012 Kainate receptor-mediated modulation of hippocampal fast spiking interneurons in a rat model of schizophrenia. BLA, HIPP, KAR, SO, SZ
81  2012 Morphine decreases enteric neuron excitability via inhibition of sodium channels. ---
82  2012 Network excitability in a model of chronic temporal lobe epilepsy critically depends on SK channel-mediated AHP currents. ---
83  2012 Persistence and storage of activity patterns in spiking recurrent cortical networks: modulation of sigmoid signals by after-hyperpolarization currents and acetylcholine. ACh, STM, WTA
84  2012 SK channels modulate the excitability and firing precision of projection neurons in the robust nucleus of the arcopallium in adult male zebra finches. RA
85  2012 Trace fear conditioning enhances synaptic and intrinsic plasticity in rat hippocampus. CS, LTP
86  2011 Cav2.3 channels are critical for oscillatory burst discharges in the reticular thalamus and absence epilepsy. HVA, RT
87  2011 Deletion of the L-type calcium channel Ca(V) 1.3 but not Ca(V) 1.2 results in a diminished sAHP in mouse CA1 pyramidal neurons. L-VGCCs, sAHP
88  2011 Electrophysiological characteristics of inhibitory neurons of the prepositus hypoglossi nucleus as analyzed in Venus-expressing transgenic rats. GlyT2, PHN, VGAT
89  2011 Electrophysiological properties of neurons in the robust nucleus of the arcopallium of adult male zebra finches. RA
90  2011 Enhancement of apamin-sensitive medium afterhyperpolarization current by anandamide and its role in excitability control in cultured hippocampal neurons. AEA, mAHP
91  2011 Functional involvement of Ca(2+) and Ca(2+)-activated K(+) channels in anethol-induced changes in Ca(2+) dependent excitability of F1 neurons in Helix aspersa. ---
92  2011 Genetic dissection of ion currents underlying all-or-none action potentials in C. elegans body-wall muscle cells. APs, SR
93  2011 Gut-derived factors promote neurogenesis of CNS-neural stem cells and nudge their differentiation to an enteric-like neuronal phenotype. ChAT, CNS-NSC, KCNN, LM-MP, nNOS, VIP
94  2011 Hyperthermia induces epileptiform discharges in cultured rat cortical neurons. AP, FS, ISI, PDS, RP, SDs, SREDs, TLE
95  2011 Maternal exposure to the CB1 cannabinoid agonist WIN 55212-2 produces robust changes in motor function and intrinsic electrophysiological properties of cerebellar Purkinje neurons in rat offspring. PS, WIN
96  2011 Mechanisms underlying basal and learning-related intrinsic excitability in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. AD
97  2011 Mixed mode oscillations in mouse spinal motoneurons arise from a low excitability state. MMOs
98  2011 Modulation of afterhyperpolarization evoked by doublets and increasing number of stimuli in rat motoneurons. IPI
99  2011 Motoneuron afterhyperpolarisation duration in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. BB, MU, RFD
100  2011 Of mice and intrinsic excitability: genetic background affects the size of the postburst afterhyperpolarization in CA1 pyramidal neurons. ---