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Abbreviation:   AHP  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   afterhyperpolarizing potential
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Acute epileptiform activity induced by gabazine involves proteasomal rather than lysosomal degradation of KCa2.2 channels. CQ, GZ
2017 A reduction in SK channels contributes to increased activity of hypothalamic magnocellular neurons during heart failure. HF, MNCs
2017 Dopamine terminals from the ventral tegmental area gate intrinsic inhibition in the prefrontal cortex. ChR2, CNO, DREADDs, PFC, PL, VTA
2017 Heterogeneity in Kv2 Channel Expression Shapes Action Potential Characteristics and Firing Patterns in CA1 versus CA2 Hippocampal Pyramidal Neurons. AP, Kv, PNs
2016 Ionic mechanisms maintaining action potential conduction velocity at high firing frequencies in an unmyelinated axon. AP, CVs, DCMD
2012 Firing patterns of spontaneously active motor units in spinal cord-injured subjects. EMG
2012 Glucose-sensitivity of the afterhyperpolarization potential: role of SK1 channel in insulin-secreting cells. ---
2012 Myenteric neurons of the mouse small intestine undergo significant electrophysiological and morphological changes during postnatal development. ADPs, ENS
2012 The afterhyperpolarizing potential following a train of action potentials is suppressed in an acute epilepsy model in the rat Cornu Ammonis 1 area. AMPA, CA1, NMDA
10  2011 Effects of weak environmental magnetic fields on the spontaneous bioelectrical activity of snail neurons. AP, ELF
11  2011 Maternal diabetes increases large conductance Ca2+-activated K+ outward currents that alter action potential properties but do not contribute to attenuated excitability of parasympathetic cardiac motoneurons in the nucleus ambiguus of neonatal mice. AP, CTX, NA, PCMNs
12  2010 CaV2.1 channels are modulated by muscarinic M1 receptors through phosphoinositide hydrolysis in neostriatal neurons. MT7, PKC, PLC, PP2B
13  2010 Exploring modulation of action potential firing by artificial graft of fast GABAergic autaptic afferences in hypophyseal neuroendocrine melanotrope cells. ---
14  2010 Identification of subunits of voltage-gated calcium channels and actions of pregabalin on intrinsic primary afferent neurons in the guinea-pig ileum. IBS, IPANs
15  2009 A new method of spike modelling and interval analysis. ---
16  2009 Caloric restriction does not offset age-associated changes in the biophysical properties of motoneurons. FBN, MNs
17  2009 Differential regulation of gonadotropin-releasing hormone neuron activity and membrane properties by acutely applied estradiol: dependence on dose and estrogen receptor subtype. ADP, ER, GnRH
18  2008 Muscarinic M(1) modulation of N and L types of calcium channels is mediated by protein kinase C in neostriatal neurons. MT3, PKC, PLC
19  2008 Small-conductance calcium-activated potassium channels control excitability and firing dynamics in gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) neurons. GnRH
20  2008 The fruit essential oil of Pimpinella anisum L. (Umblliferae) induces neuronal hyperexcitability in snail partly through attenuation of after-hyperpolarization. PTZ
21  2007 Effects of compounds that influence IK (KCNN4) channels on afterhyperpolarizing potentials, and determination of IK channel sequence, in guinea pig enteric neurons. ---
22  2007 Effects of modulators of Ca(2+)-activated, intermediate-conductance potassium channels on motility of the rat small intestine, in vivo. IPANs
23  2007 Phenotypic changes of morphologically identified guinea-pig myenteric neurons following intestinal inflammation. ---
24  2006 Effects of sodium pump activity on spontaneous firing in neurons of the rat suprachiasmatic nucleus. SCN
25  2006 Effects of the fruit essential oil of Cuminum cyminum Linn. (Apiaceae) on pentylenetetrazol-induced epileptiform activity in F1 neurones of Helix aspersa. PTZ
26  2005 Cholinergic control of firing pattern and neurotransmission in rat neostriatal projection neurons: role of CaV2.1 and CaV2.2 Ca2+ channels. IPSCs
27  2004 Multiple levels of sensory integration in the intrinsic sensory neurons of the enteric nervous system. APs, ENS, EPSP
28  2003 Comparison of the effects of phorbol dibutyrate and low-frequency stimulation of synaptic inputs on the excitability of myenteric AH neurons. AH, IPANs, PDBu, PKC, SSPE
29  2001 Excitability of the human trigeminal motoneuronal pool and interactions with other brainstem reflex pathways. ---
30  2001 Temperature-sensitive properties of rat suprachiasmatic nucleus neurons. SCN
31  1999 Correlation of morphology, electrophysiology and chemistry of neurons in the myenteric plexus of the guinea-pig distal colon. ---
32  1999 Muscarinic receptor activity induces an afterdepolarization in a subpopulation of hippocampal CA1 interneurons. ADP
33  1998 Development of ionic currents underlying changes in action potential waveforms in rat spinal motoneurons. ---
34  1996 Morphology and physiology of cortical neurons in layer I. ---
35  1995 A-current modifies the spike of C-type neurones in the rabbit nodose ganglion. 4-AP, C neurones
36  1994 Electrophysiological characteristics of immunochemically identified rat oxytocin and vasopressin neurones in vitro. DAP
37  1993 Ionic dependence of a slow inward tail current in rat dorsal raphe neurones. ADP, DR
38  1990 Sympathetic preganglionic neurones in neonatal rat spinal cord in vitro: electrophysiological characteristics and the effects of selective excitatory amino acid receptor agonists. NMDA, SPNs, TEA
39  1990 [Effect of verapamil independent of its calcium channel antagonist action on hippocampal pyramidal neurons in rats]. S-IPSP
40  1989 The role of calcium in the repetitive firing of neostriatal neurons. ---
41  1986 Phorbol esters mimic some cholinergic actions in hippocampal pyramidal neurons. ---
42  1981 Electrophysiology of mammalian inferior olivary neurones in vitro. Different types of voltage-dependent ionic conductances. ADP, IO, TTX