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Long Form:   adolescent intermittent ethanol
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Adolescent Ethanol Exposure Alters Cholinergic Function and Apical Dendritic Branching Within the Orbital Frontal Cortex. ChAT, NBM, OFC, PFC, VAChT
2021 Adolescent intermittent ethanol (AIE) produces sex specific alterations in adult neuroimmune gene expression and ethanol sensitivity that are independent of ethanol metabolism. LORR
2021 Adolescent intermittent ethanol exposure does not alter responsiveness to ifenprodil or expression of vesicular GABA and glutamate transporters. vGAT
2021 BNST specific mGlu5 receptor knockdown regulates sex-dependent expression of negative affect produced by adolescent ethanol exposure and adult stress. AUD, BNST
2021 Expression of Oligodendrocyte and Oligoprogenitor Cell Proteins in Frontal Cortical White and Gray Matter: Impact of Adolescent Development and Ethanol Exposure. FMI, OLs, PFC, SVZ
2021 Loss of Basal Forebrain Cholinergic Neurons Following Adolescent Binge Ethanol Exposure: Recovery With the Cholinesterase Inhibitor Galantamine. BFCNs
2020 Adolescent alcohol exposure increases orexin-A/hypocretin-1 in the anterior hypothalamus. AHN, AUD, DMD, LH, PeF, PH, PVN
2020 Adolescent Alcohol Exposure Produces Protracted Cognitive-Behavioral Impairments in Adult Male and Female Rats. ---
2020 Adolescent alcohol exposure produces sex differences in negative affect-like behavior and group I mGluR BNST plasticity. AUDs, BNST, LTD, mGluR
10  2020 Adolescent Intermittent Ethanol Exposure Effects on Kappa Opioid Receptor Mediated Dopamine Transmission: Sex and Age of Exposure Matter. AUD, KOR, NAc, PD
11  2020 Apoptosis-triggered decline in hippocampal microglia mediates adolescent intermittent alcohol exposure-induced depression-like behaviors in mice. LPS
12  2020 Effects of adolescent intermittent ethanol on hippocampal expression of glutamate homeostasis and astrocyte-neuronal tethering proteins in male and female rats. EphA4, EphB6, GLT-1
13  2020 Effects of an Orexin-2 Receptor Antagonist on Sleep and Event-Related Oscillations in Female Rats Exposed to Chronic Intermittent Ethanol During Adolescence. EROs, SWS
14  2020 Enduring alterations in hippocampal astrocytesynaptic proximity following adolescent alcohol exposure: reversal by gabapentin. ---
15  2020 Rats exposed to intermittent ethanol during late adolescence exhibit enhanced habitual behavior following reward devaluation. ---
16  2019 Absence of compulsive drinking phenotype in adult male rats exposed to ethanol in a binge-like pattern during adolescence. AIR, AUDs, PD
17  2019 Adolescent Alcohol Exposure Epigenetically Suppresses Amygdala Arc Enhancer RNA Expression to Confer Adult Anxiety Susceptibility. eRNAs
18  2019 Adolescent intermittent ethanol impairs behavioral flexibility in a rat foraging task in adulthood. ---
19  2019 Adolescent Intermittent Ethanol Increases the Sensitivity to the Reinforcing Properties of Ethanol and the Expression of Select Cholinergic and Dopaminergic Genes within the Posterior Ventral Tegmental Area. pVTA
20  2019 Altered amygdala DNA methylation mechanisms after adolescent alcohol exposure contribute to adult anxiety and alcohol drinking. 5-azaC, AIS, BDNF, DNMT, NPY
21  2019 Changes in Neuroimmune and Neuronal Death Markers after Adolescent Alcohol Exposure in Rats are Reversed by Donepezil. ---
22  2019 Emotional Reactivity to Incentive Downshift in Adult Rats Exposed to Binge-Like Ethanol Exposure During Adolescence. CRF, MC
23  2019 Long-lasting microbial dysbiosis and altered enteric neurotransmitters in adult rats following adolescent binge ethanol exposure. ---
24  2019 Mechanisms of Persistent Neurobiological Changes Following Adolescent Alcohol Exposure: NADIA Consortium Findings. AUD, miRNA, NADIA
25  2019 MicroRNA-137 Drives Epigenetic Reprogramming in the Adult Amygdala and Behavioral Changes after Adolescent Alcohol Exposure. AIS, AUD, CeA, LSD1, miR-137, PND, siRNA
26  2019 Neuroimmune and epigenetic involvement in adolescent binge ethanol-induced loss of basal forebrain cholinergic neurons: Restoration with voluntary exercise. ---
27  2019 Neuroimmune and epigenetic mechanisms underlying persistent loss of hippocampal neurogenesis following adolescent intermittent ethanol exposure. ---
28  2019 Persistent Alterations of Accumbal Cholinergic Interneurons and Cognitive Dysfunction after Adolescent Intermittent Ethanol Exposure. NAc
29  2019 Regulation of NMDA Receptor Plasticity in the BNST Following Adolescent Alcohol Exposure. BNST, NMDARs
30  2018 Adolescent alcohol exposure epigenetically regulates CREB signaling in the adult amygdala. CBP, CREB
31  2018 Adolescent binge ethanol-induced loss of basal forebrain cholinergic neurons and neuroimmune activation are prevented by exercise and indomethacin. ChAT, NGF, p-NF-kappaB p65, TrkA
32  2018 Adolescent intermittent ethanol exposure: Effects on pubertal development, novelty seeking, and social interaction in adulthood. CeA, CORT, LS, OXTR
33  2018 Alcohol-dependent pulmonary inflammation: A role for HMGB-1. ARDs
34  2018 Binge Drinking's Effects on the Developing Brain-Animal Models. ---
35  2018 Donepezil Reverses Dendritic Spine Morphology Adaptations and Fmr1 Epigenetic Modifications in Hippocampus of Adult Rats After Adolescent Alcohol Exposure. FMR1
36  2018 Oxytocin and vasopressin modulation of social anxiety following adolescent intermittent ethanol exposure. OXT
37  2018 Persistent Adult Neuroimmune Activation and Loss of Hippocampal Neurogenesis Following Adolescent Ethanol Exposure: Blockade by Exercise and the Anti-inflammatory Drug Indomethacin. p-NF-kappaB p65, TLRs
38  2018 Sex Differences in Photic Entrainment and Sensitivity to Ethanol-Induced Chronodisruption in Adult Mice After Adolescent Intermittent Ethanol Exposure. EtOH
39  2017 Adolescent alcohol exposure decreases frontostriatal resting-state functional connectivity in adulthood. CPu, IL, NAc, OFC, PFC, PrL
40  2017 Adolescent binge ethanol exposure alters specific forebrain cholinergic cell populations and leads to selective functional deficits in the prefrontal cortex. ACh, ChAT, EtOH, NBM, PD
41  2017 Adolescent Ethanol Exposure Enhances NMDA Receptor-Mediated Currents in Hippocampal Neurons: Reversal by Gabapentin. aCSF, NMDA, TSPs
42  2017 Behavioral Inefficiency on a Risky Decision-Making Task in Adulthood after Adolescent Intermittent Ethanol Exposure in Rats. ---
43  2017 Effects of adolescent alcohol exposure on stress-induced reward deficits, brain CRF, monoamines and glutamate in adult rats. CRF, CRFR1
44  2017 Effects of early life stress and adolescent ethanol exposure on adult cognitive performance in the 5-choice serial reaction time task in Wistar male rats. ITI, PNDs
45  2017 Persistent Decreases in Adult Subventricular and Hippocampal Neurogenesis Following Adolescent Intermittent Ethanol Exposure. DG, PV, SVZ
46  2017 Sex and Adolescent Ethanol Exposure Influence Pavlovian Conditioned Approach. NAcc, PCA
47  2016 A role for histone acetylation mechanisms in adolescent alcohol exposure-induced deficits in hippocampal brain-derived neurotrophic factor expression and neurogenesis markers in adulthood. BDNF, CBP, HDAC, TSA
48  2016 Adolescent alcohol exposure alters lysine demethylase 1 (LSD1) expression and histone methylation in the amygdala during adulthood. CeA, LSD1, MeA, PND
49  2016 Adolescent Alcohol Exposure Persistently Impacts Adult Neurobiology and Behavior. NADIA
50  2016 Adolescent intermittent ethanol reduces serotonin expression in the adult raphe nucleus and upregulates innate immune expression that is prevented by exercise. DRN
51  2016 Adult rat cortical thickness changes across age and following adolescent intermittent ethanol treatment. MRI
52  2016 Changes in the Adult GluN2B Associated Proteome following Adolescent Intermittent Ethanol Exposure. ---
53  2016 Chronic intermittent ethanol exposure during adolescence: Effects on stress-induced social alterations and social drinking in adulthood. CORT
54  2016 Exposure to alcohol during adolescence exerts long-term effects on stress response and the adult brain stress circuits. AVP, CORT, HPA, PND, PNMT, PVN
55  2016 Loss of delta-GABAA receptor-mediated tonic currents in the adult prelimbic cortex following adolescent alcohol exposure. GABA
56  2016 Risky choice and brain CRF after adolescent ethanol vapor exposure and social stress in adulthood. CeA, CRF, CRFR1, PFC
57  2015 Adolescent alcohol exposure decreased sensitivity to nicotine in adult Wistar rats. CTA, IVSA
58  2015 Adolescent Intermittent Alcohol Exposure: Dysregulation of Thrombospondins and Synapse Formation are Associated with Decreased Neuronal Density in the Adult Hippocampus. EtOH, TSP
59  2015 Adolescent intermittent ethanol exposure enhances ethanol activation of the nucleus accumbens while blunting the prefrontal cortex responses in adult rat. NAc, VTA
60  2015 Binge ethanol exposure during adolescence leads to a persistent loss of neurogenesis in the dorsal and ventral hippocampus that is associated with impaired adult cognitive functioning. TLR4
61  2015 Diffusion tensor imaging reveals adolescent binge ethanol-induced brain structural integrity alterations in adult rats that correlate with behavioral dysfunction. AD, DTI, FA, MD, RD
62  2015 Potential role of adolescent alcohol exposure-induced amygdaloid histone modifications in anxiety and alcohol intake during adulthood. BDNF, BLA, CeA, DSD, HDAC, MeA, TSA
63  2014 Adolescent alcohol exposure alters GABAA receptor subunit expression in adult hippocampus. CIE, EtOH, GABAAR, PD
64  2014 Adolescent alcohol exposure reduces behavioral flexibility, promotes disinhibition, and increases resistance to extinction of ethanol self-administration in adulthood. PFC
65  2014 Adolescent intermittent ethanol exposure diminishes anhedonia during ethanol withdrawal in adulthood. AUDs, ICSS
66  2014 Adolescent, but not adult, binge ethanol exposure leads to persistent global reductions of choline acetyltransferase expressing neurons in brain. ChAT
67  2013 Adolescent binge ethanol treatment alters adult brain regional volumes, cortical extracellular matrix protein and behavioral flexibility. ECM
68  2011 Attention, impulsivity, and cognitive flexibility in adult male rats exposed to ethanol binge during adolescence as measured in the five-choice serial reaction time task: the effects of task and ethanol challenges. ---