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Abbreviation:   AIE  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   aggregation-induced emission
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 A bifunctional fluorescent probe for sensing of Al3+ and H2S. ---
2021 A Biomimetic Aggregation-Induced Emission Photosensitizer with Antigen-Presenting and Hitchhiking Function for Lipid Droplet Targeted Photodynamic Immunotherapy. APCs, DC, PDT
2021 A computational and experimental investigation of donor-acceptor BODIPY based near-infrared fluorophore for in vivo imaging. BTD, NIR
2021 A concise detection strategy of Staphylococcus aureus using N-Succinyl-Chitosan-dopped bacteria-imprinted composite film and AIE fluorescence sensor. ---
2021 A donor-π-acceptor aggregation-induced emission compound serving as a portable fluorescent sensor for detection and differentiation of methanol and ethanol in the gas phase. D-pi-A, DFT, DL, ICT, VOCs
2021 A fluorescence strategy for monitoring α-glucosidase activity and screening its inhibitors from Chinese herbal medicines based on Cu nanoclusters with aggregation-induced emission. 4-NP, alpha-Glu, DT-Cu NCs, NGP
2021 A Mitochondria-targeted AIEgen Labelled with 18 F for Breast Cancer Cell Imaging and Therapy. AIEgen, PET
2021 A multi-binding site hydrazone-based chemosensor for Zn(ii) and Cd(ii): a new strategy for the detection of metal ions in aqueous media based on aggregation-induced emission. ESIPT, H3L
2021 A novel aggregation-induced dual emission probe for in situ light-up detection of endogenous alkaline phosphatase. ALP, ESIPT, THP
10  2021 A novel AIE molecule as a hole transport layer enables efficient and stable perovskite solar cells. HTL, PCE
11  2021 A simple "turn-on" fluorescence sensor for salicylaldehyde skeleton based on switch of PET-AIE effect. PET
12  2021 A Solid-State Fluorescence Switch Based on Triphenylethene-Functionalized Dithienylethene With Aggregation-Induced Emission. DFT, THF
13  2021 A TICT + AIE based fluorescent probe for ultrafast response of hypochlorite in living cells and mouse. ROS, TICT
14  2021 A two-in-one Janus NIR-II AIEgen with balanced absorption and emission for image-guided precision surgery. ---
15  2021 A Versatile Aggregation-induced Emission Fluorescent Probe for Visible Detection of pH. D-A-D, ICT
16  2021 Activation of Pyroptosis by Membrane-Anchoring AIE Photosensitizer Design: New Prospect for Photodynamic Cancer Cell Ablation. ---
17  2021 Add the Finishing Touch: Molecular Engineering of Conjugated Small Molecule for High-Performance AIE Luminogen in Multimodal Phototheranostics. A-D-A, ACQ, TPE
18  2021 Aggregation Induced Emissive Luminogens for Sensing of Toxic Elements. ---
19  2021 Aggregation-induced emission (AIE) nanoparticles labeled human embryonic stem cells (hESCs)-derived neurons for transplantation. hESCs, iPSCs, NPCs, NPs
20  2021 Aggregation-Induced Emission (AIE) Nanoparticles-Assisted NIR-II Fluorescence Imaging-Guided Diagnosis and Surgery for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). IBD, NPs, SBR
21  2021 Aggregation-induced emission luminogen@manganese dioxide core-shell nanomaterial-based paper analytical device for equipment-free and visual detection of organophosphorus pesticide. AChE, OP, PAD
22  2021 Aggregation-Induced Emission Luminogens Sensitized Quasi-2D Hybrid Perovskites with Unique Photoluminescence and High Stability for Fabricating White Light-Emitting Diodes. quasi-2D-PVK
23  2021 Aggregation-Induced Emission Materials that Aid in Pharmaceutical Research. ---
24  2021 Aggregation-Induced Emission of Au/Ag Alloy Nanoclusters for Fluorescence Detection of Inorganic Pyrophosphate and Pyrophosphatase Activity. NCs, PPase
25  2021 Aggregation-Induced Emission Properties in Fully π-Conjugated Polymers, Dendrimers, and Oligomers. ---
26  2021 Aggregation-induced emission properties of pyridyl-containing tetra-arylethenes. TPE
27  2021 Aggregation-induced Emission Properties of Triphenylamine Chalcone Compounds. CV, DFT, ESIPT
28  2021 Aggregation-Induced Emission-Active Fluorescent Polymer: Multi-Targeted Sensor and ROS Scavenger. ROS, SA
29  2021 Aggregation-Induced Emission-Active Poly(phenyleneethynylene)s for Fluorescence and Raman Dual-Modal Imaging and Drug-Resistant Bacteria Killing. PPE
30  2021 Aggregation-Induced Emission-Based Platforms for the Treatment of Bacteria, Fungi, and Viruses. ---
31  2021 Aggregation-Induced Emission: From Small Molecules to Polymers-Historical Background, Mechanisms and Photophysics. PT, TPE
32  2021 Aggregation-Induced Emissive Carbon Dots Gels for Octopus-Inspired Shape/Color Synergistically Adjustable Actuators. CDs
33  2021 AIE-Active Difluoroboron Complexes with N,O-Bidentate Ligands: Rapid Construction by Copper-Catalyzed C-H Activation. ---
34  2021 AIE-active polyelectrolyte based photosensitizers: the effects of structure on antibiotic-resistant bacterial sensing and killing and pollutant decomposition. MRSE, ROS
35  2021 AIE-active polymeric micelles based on modified chitosan for bioimaging-guided targeted delivery and controlled release of paclitaxel. PTX, SS-CS-Bio
36  2021 AIE-active two-photon fluorescent nanoprobe with NIR-II light excitability for highly efficient deep brain vasculature imaging. NPs, TP
37  2021 AIE-based fluorescent boronate probe and its application in peroxynitrite imaging. ---
38  2021 AIE-based nanoaggregate tracker: high-fidelity visualization of lysosomal movement and drug-escaping processes. PI, TCM
39  2021 AIEgen-loaded nanofibrous membrane as photodynamic/photothermal antimicrobial surface for sunlight-triggered bioprotection. PPE
40  2021 AIEgens-based fluorescent covalent organic framework in construction of chemiluminescence resonance energy transfer system for serum uric acid detection. CL, COF, CRET, TCPO, TPE
41  2021 Amphiphilic alginate-based fluorescent polymer nanoparticles: Fabrication and multifunctional applications. TEM
42  2021 Amphiphilic Au Nanoclusters Modulated by Magnetic Gemini Surfactants as a Cysteine Chemosensor and an MRI Contrast Agent. DL, mag-G-surfs, MR, NCs, QY
43  2021 Amphiphilic polymers for aggregation-induced emission at air/liquid interfaces. ---
44  2021 An "off-on-off" fluorescence chemosensor for the sensitive detection of Cu2+ in aqueous solution based on multiple fluorescence emission mechanisms. ICT, TEOS
45  2021 An Activatable Probe with Aggregation-Induced Emission for Detecting and Imaging Herbal Medicine Induced Liver Injury with Optoacoustic Imaging and NIR-II Fluorescence Imaging. MSOT
46  2021 An Aggregation-Induced Emission Material Labeling Antigen-Based Lateral Flow Immunoassay Strip for Rapid Detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7. LFIs
47  2021 An AIE triggered fluorescence probe with three-photon absorption and its biological applications. NLO
48  2021 An Iridium Complex as an AIE-active Photosensitizer for Image-guided Photodynamic Therapy. PDT
49  2021 An Ultrasound-Excitable Aggregation-Induced Emission Dye for Enhanced Sonodynamic Therapy of Tumors. ACQ, PDT, SDT, US
50  2021 An unprecedented pyridine-based dinuclear mixed-valent ReI/VII oxo-bridged complex: a solvatochromic and AIE-active probe for nanomolar detection of picric acid and trinitrotoluene. PA, Re, RIR, TNT
51  2021 Antibacterial AIE polycarbonates endowed with selective imaging capabilities by adjusting the electrostaticity of the mixed-charge backbone. ---
52  2021 Artificial Light-Harvesting Metallacycle System with Sequential Energy Transfer for Photochemical Catalysis. ESY
53  2021 Artificial Light-Harvesting Systems Based on AIEgen-branched Rotaxane Dendrimers for Efficient Photocatalysis. CDC
54  2021 Asymmetric Catalytic Approach to Multilayer 3D Chirality. ---
55  2021 Bicyclo[2.2.0]hexene derivatives as a proaromatic platform for group transfer and chemical sensing. ---
56  2021 Biodegradable Polymersomes with Structure Inherent Fluorescence and Targeting Capacity for Enhanced Photo-Dynamic Therapy. ---
57  2021 Biologically Excretable Aggregation-Induced Emission Dots for Visualizing Through the Marmosets Intravitally: Horizons in Future Clinical Nanomedicine. ---
58  2021 Biomimetic Glucan Particles with Aggregation-Induced Emission Characteristics for Noninvasive Monitoring of Transplant Immune Response. GPs
59  2021 Bioorthogonal Coordination Polymer Nanoparticles with Aggregation-Induced Emission for Deep Tumor-Penetrating Radio- and Radiodynamic Therapy. CPNs, DBCO, PDT, PEG, RDT, RT
60  2021 Bright Bacterium for Hypoxia-Tolerant Photodynamic Therapy Against Orthotopic Colon Tumors by an Interventional Method. PDT
61  2021 Cancer-Cell-Activated in situ Synthesis of Mitochondria-Targeting AIE Photosensitizer for Precise Photodynamic Therapy. PDT, PSs
62  2021 Capsulation of AuNCs with AIE Effect into Metal-Organic Framework for the Marriage of a Fluorescence and Colorimetric Biosensor to Detect Organophosphorus Pesticides. AChE, ChO, MOF, OPs, TMB
63  2021 Capturing protein droplets: label-free visualization and detection of protein liquid-liquid phase separation with an aggregation-induced emission fluorogen. DroProbe
64  2021 Carrier-Free Hybrid DNA Nanoparticles for Light-Induced Self-Delivery of Functional Nucleic Acid Enzymes. EGR-1, NPs, PS
65  2021 Cationic Tricyclic AIEgens for Concomitant Bacterial Discrimination and Inhibition. ACQ, AIEgens, MIC, S. aureus
66  2021 Chemiluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer Efficiency and Donor-Acceptor Distance: from Qualitative to Quantitative. CRET, TPE
67  2021 Circularly Polarized Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (C-FRET) for Efficient Chirality Transmission within an Intermolecular System. C-FRET, CPL, LC
68  2021 Circularly polarized luminescence from structurally coloured polymer films. CPL
69  2021 Communication of Bichromophore Emission upon Aggregation - Aroyl-S,N-ketene Acetals as Multifunctional Sensor Merocyanines. ET
70  2021 Conjugated Polymers with Aggregation-Induced Emission Characteristics for Fluorescence Imaging and Photodynamic Therapy. FLI, PDT
71  2021 Cucurbit-Like Polymersomes with Aggregation-Induced Emission Properties Show Enzyme-Mediated Motility. LbL
72  2021 Deferasirox (ExJade): An FDA-Approved AIEgen Platform with Unique Photophysical Properties. ALP
73  2021 Design and Synthesis of AIE-Based Small-Molecule and Nanofibrous Film for Fluorescent Sensing Application. ACQ, PLA, TPE
74  2021 Design of an AIE-Active Flexible Self-Assembled Monolayer Probe for Trace Nitroaromatic Compound Explosive Detection. NAC, SAMs, TPE
75  2021 Detection of Urinary Albumin Using a "Turn-on" Fluorescent Probe with Aggregation-Induced Emission Characteristics. HSA
76  2021 Direct Transition-Metal Free Benzene C-H Functionalization by Intramolecular Non-Nitroarene Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution of Hydrogen to Diverse AIEgens. ---
77  2021 Direct Visualization of Chiral Amplification of Chiral Aggregation Induced Emission Molecules in Nematic Liquid Crystals. LCs
78  2021 Discovery of Functional Luminescence Properties Based on Flexible and Bendable Boron-Fused Azomethine/Azobenzene Complexes with O,N,O-Type Tridentate Ligands. BAm and BAz, CIE
79  2021 Disordered Assembly of Donors and Acceptors on Layered Double Hydroxides for High-Efficiency Chemiluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer. CL, LDHs
80  2021 Disulfide-Containing Polysiloxane with Multicolor Fluorescence and Visible-Light Excitation: Design, Synthesis, and Mechanism Exploration. ---
81  2021 Drum-like Metallacages with Size-Dependent Fluorescence: Exploring the Photophysics of Tetraphenylethylene under Locked Conformations. ---
82  2021 Dual-state emission difluoroboron derivatives for selective detection of picric acid and reversible acid/base fluorescence switching. ACQ, FRET, PA, PET
83  2021 Dynamic Photochromic Polymer Nanoparticles Based on Matrix-Dependent Förster Resonance Energy Transfer and Aggregation-Induced Emission Properties. FRET, FRET-PNPs, PL, SP, TPE
84  2021 Early Detection of SARS-CoV-2 Seroconversion in Humans with Aggregation-Induced Near-Infrared Emission Nanoparticle-Labeled Lateral Flow Immunoassay. ELISA, IgG, IgM, NIR, SARS-CoV-2
85  2021 Effect of Solvent on Fluorescence Emission from Polyethylene Glycol-Coated Graphene Quantum Dots under Blue Light Illumination. GQD, PEG, PGMEA, QY
86  2021 Electrospinning Superassembled Mesoporous AIEgen-Organosilica Frameworks Featuring Diversified Forms and Superstability for Wearable and Washable Solid-State Fluorescence Smart Sensors. PAN, PLGA, PMO
87  2021 Encapsulation of NIR-II AIEgens in Virus-like Particles for Bioimaging. SV40, TICT, VLPs
88  2021 Enhancing near-infrared AIE of photosensitizer with twisted intramolecular charge transfer characteristics via rotor effect for AIE imaging-guided photodynamic ablation of cancer cells. NIR, TICT, TPA
89  2021 Enzyme-activatable fluorescent probes for β-galactosidase: from design to biological applications. ACQ, beta-gal, NIR-I
90  2021 ESIPT-AIE active Schiff base based on 2-(2'-hydroxyphenyl)benzo-thiazole applied as multi-functional fluorescent chemosensors. ---
91  2021 Fabrication of Gradient and Patterned Organic Thin Films by Bipolar Electrolytic Micelle Disruption Using Redox-Active Surfactants. BEMD, BPEs
92  2021 Facile synthesis of an aggregation-induced emission (AIE) active imidazoles for sensitive detection of trifluralin. HRMS, LOD
93  2021 Flexible and Transparent Oligothiophene-o-Carborane-Containing Hybrid Films for Nonlinear Optical Limiting Based on Efficient Two-Photon Absorption. NLO
94  2021 Fluorescent AIE-Active Materials for Two-Photon Bioimaging Applications. ---
95  2021 Fluorescent polymer cubosomes and hexosomes with aggregation-induced emission. TPE
96  2021 Fluorescent small organic probes for biosensing. ESIPT, FRET, ICT, PET
97  2021 Fluorescent Supramolecular Organic Frameworks Constructed by Amidinium-Carboxylate Salt Bridges. SOFs, TPE
98  2021 Fluorometric probe for the lipase level: Design, mechanism and biological imaging application. LDs, LOD, PPL
99  2021 FRET processes of bi-fluorophoric sensor material containing tetraphenylethylene donor and optical-switchable merocyanine acceptor for lead ion (Pb2+) detection in semi-aqueous media. FRET, MC, PL, TPE
100  2021 Front-face synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy for rapid and non-destructive determination of free capsanthin, the predominant carotenoid in chili (Capsicum annuum L.) powders based on aggregation-induced emission. FFFS, HPLC, JAF, PLSR, REP, RMSE, RPD