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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Ancestry inference and admixture component estimations of Chinese Kazak group based on 165 AIM-SNPs via NGS platform. EVCs, GWAS, NGS, PCA, XJK
2020 Ancestry informative markers derived from discriminant analysis of principal components provide important insights into the composition of crossbred cattle. DAPC
2020 Ancestry-informative marker (AIM) SNP panel for the Malay population. AIM, MyHVP, SGVP
2020 Characterization of ancestry informative markers in the Tigray population of Ethiopia: A contribution to the identification process of dead migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. ---
2020 Data on a genome-wide association study of type 2 diabetes in a Maya population. GWAS, SNPs, T2D
2020 How to choose sets of ancestry informative markers: A supervised feature selection approach. BGA
2020 PGG.Han: the Han Chinese genome database and analysis platform. SNVs
2019 A panel of 32 AIMs suitable for population stratification correction and global ancestry estimation in Mexican mestizos. ---
2019 Analysis of Uyghur and Kazakh populations using the Precision ID Ancestry Panel. ---
10  2019 Ancestry and Risk of Hepatic Fibrosis and Inflammation in Patients With HCV Infection. HCV, NHW, SNPs
11  2019 Ancestry informative markers (AIMs) for Korean and other East Asian and South East Asian populations. PCoA, SNPs
12  2019 Association of a placental Interleukin-6 genetic variant (rs1800796) with DNA methylation, gene expression and risk of acute chorioamnionitis. ACA, IL-6, SNPs
13  2019 Association of genetic ancestry with colorectal tumor location in Puerto Rican Latinos. CRC
14  2019 Distinguishing three distinct biogeographic regions with an in-house developed 39-AIM-InDel panel and further admixture proportion estimation for Uyghurs. ---
15  2019 HLA-G Polymorphisms Are Associated with Non-segmental Vitiligo among Brazilians. LD
16  2019 Inference of admixed ancestry with Ancestry Informative Markers. EM
17  2019 Optimal selection of genetic variants for adjustment of population stratification in European association studies. PCA, PCs
18  2019 Performance of ancestry-informative SNP and microhaplotype markers. Ae, MHs, SNPs
19  2019 Selection of Optimal Ancestry Informative Markers for Classification and Ancestry Proportion Estimation in Pigs. ECHP, EUCP, SCHP, SNP
20  2019 Type 1 diabetes loci display a variety of native American and African ancestries in diseased individuals from Northwest Colombia. AFR, CLM, NAT, T1D
21  2019 Using Ancestry Informative Markers (AIMs) to Detect Fine Structures Within Gorilla Populations. SmartPCA
22  2019 Using Ancestry-Informative SNPs to Quantify Introgression of European Alleles into North American Red Foxes. ACP, mt, Y-SNP
23  2018 An Ancestry Informative Marker Set Which Recapitulates the Known Fine Structure of Populations in South Asia. ---
24  2018 Ancient Ancestry Informative Markers for Identifying Fine-Scale Ancient Population Structure in Eurasians. aAIMs, aDNA, PCA, SNP
25  2018 Antiretroviral therapy immunologic non-response in a Brazilian population: association study using pharmaco- and immunogenetic markers. ART, SNPs
26  2018 Comparison of Genetic and Self-Identified Ancestry in Modeling Intracerebral Hemorrhage Risk. AIC, ICH, PC, SIRE, VRFs
27  2018 Genetic structure, divergence and admixture of Han Chinese, Japanese and Korean populations. ---
28  2018 Racial differences in human papilloma virus types amongst United States women with HIV and cervical precancer. CI, HPV-16
29  2018 Self-reported color-race and genomic ancestry in an admixed population: A contribution of a nationwide survey in patients with type 1 diabetes in Brazil. GA, T1D
30  2018 The Cancer Prevention Project of Philadelphia: preliminary findings examining diversity among the African diaspora. MAF
31  2018 Weight of the evidence of genetic investigations of ancestry informative markers. LR, LRT
32  2017 Analysis of ancestry informative markers in three main ethnic groups from Ecuador supports a trihybrid origin of Ecuadorians. NAM
33  2017 Analysis of the genetic structure of the Malay population: Ancestry-informative marker SNPs in the Malay of Peninsular Malaysia. ipPCA, k-NN, PCA, SNP
34  2017 Ancestry Informative Marker Panel to Estimate Population Stratification Using Genome-wide Human Array. SLE, SNP
35  2017 Case report: on the use of the HID-Ion AmpliSeq™ Ancestry Panel in a real forensic case. NGS, STR
36  2017 Genetic ancestry and prostate cancer susceptibility SNPs in Puerto Rican and African American men. AA, GS, PCa, PR, PR, RP, TS, WAA
37  2017 Multiple Sclerosis in Latin Americans: Genetic Aspects. GWAS, LA, LATAM, MS
38  2017 The influence of population stratification on genetic markers associated with type 1 diabetes. T1D
39  2016 A minimum set of ancestry informative markers for determining admixture proportions in a mixed American population: the Brazilian set. ---
40  2016 A single-tube 27-plex SNP assay for estimating individual ancestry and admixture from three continents. CEPH, SNP, YRI
41  2016 Admixture Mapping of African-American Women in the AMBER Consortium Identifies New Loci for Breast Cancer and Estrogen-Receptor Subtypes. AMBER, ER
42  2016 Associations of Genetically Determined Continental Ancestry With CD4+ Count and Plasma HIV-1 RNA Beyond Self-Reported Race and Ethnicity. GDA, SRR
43  2016 Cardio-metabolic parameters are associated with genetic admixture estimates in a pediatric population from Colombia. ---
44  2016 Embryonic aneuploidy does not differ among genetic ancestry according to continental origin as determined by ancestry informative markers. CCS
45  2016 Empirical testing of a 23-AIMs panel of SNPs for ancestry evaluations in four major US populations. HWE, LD, PCA
46  2016 Evaluating a subset of ancestry informative SNPs for discriminating among Southwest Asian and circum-Mediterranean populations. AISNPs, InDels, SNPs
47  2016 Genetic structure and differentiation analysis of a Eurasian Uyghur population by use of 27 continental ancestry-informative SNPs. AFR, EAS, EUR
48  2016 Genomic ancestry evaluated by ancestry-informative markers in patients with sickle cell disease. PCR
49  2016 Genotypically determined ancestry across an infertile population: ovarian reserve and response parameters are not influenced bycontinental origin. AMH, BAFC
50  2016 Neither self-reported ethnicity nor declared family origin are reliable indicators of genomic ancestry. ---
51  2016 Selecting SNPs informative for African, American Indian and European Ancestry: application to the Family Investigation of Nephropathy and Diabetes (FIND). FIND, IGA
52  2016 Selection of highly informative SNP markers for population affiliation of major US populations. F ST, PCA, SNPs
53  2016 TGFBR2 mutation and MTHFR-C677T polymorphism in a Mexican mestizo population with cervico-cerebral artery dissection. CCAD, MTHFR
54  2015 A rapid screening of ancestry for genetic association studies in an admixed population from Pernambuco, Brazil. ---
55  2015 Ancestry informative markers for distinguishing between Thai populations based on genome-wide association datasets. ---
56  2015 Ancestry informative markers: inference of ancestry in aged bone samples using an autosomal AIM-Indel multiplex. ---
57  2015 Biogeographic Ancestry in the African Descent and Glaucoma Evaluation Study (ADAGES): Association With Corneal and Optic Nerve Structure. AD, ADAGES, BGA, CCT, ED, RNFL
58  2015 Breast cancer risk and genetic ancestry: a case-control study in Uruguay. ---
59  2015 Completion of a worldwide reference panel of samples for an ancestry informative Indel assay. ---
60  2015 Gender-specific associations between ADIPOQ gene polymorphisms and adiponectin levels and obesity in the Jackson Heart Study cohort. JHS, PEA, SNPs
61  2015 Genetic determinants for gestational diabetes mellitus and related metabolic traits in Mexican women. BMI, GDM, T2D
62  2015 Genomic insights on the ethno-history of the Maya and the 'Ladinos' from Guatemala. mtDNA
63  2015 High interpopulation homogeneity in Central Argentina as assessed by Ancestry Informative Markers (AIMs). mtDNA
64  2015 Race, Ethnicity and Ancestry in Unrelated Transplant Matching for the National Marrow Donor Program: A Comparison of Multiple Forms of Self-Identification with Genetics. HLA
65  2015 Real-time assessment of hybridization between wolves and dogs: combining noninvasive samples with ancestry informative markers. NIS, TS
66  2015 Reduced SNP panels for genetic identification and introgression analysis in the dark honey bee (Apis mellifera mellifera). SNP
67  2015 Self-reported race/ethnicity in the age of genomic research: its potential impact on understanding health disparities. ---
68  2014 A panel of ancestry informative markers to estimate and correct potential effects of population stratification in Han Chinese. CGAS, GWAS, SNPs
69  2014 A polymorphism in TLR2 is associated with arterial thrombosis in a multiethnic population of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. OR, SLE, SNPs, TLR
70  2014 African genetic ancestry is associated with a protective effect on Dengue severity in colombian populations. DENV, OR
71  2014 Ancestry-informative markers for African Americans based on the Affymetrix Pan-African genotyping array. GWAS, SIC, SNPs
72  2014 Association of genetic ancestry with breast cancer in ethnically diverse women from Chicago. NH
73  2014 Associations of adiponectin with individual European ancestry in African Americans: the Jackson Heart Study. AAs, BMI, JHS, PEA
74  2014 Brazilian quilombos: A repository of Amerindian alleles. SAG, STI
75  2014 Cuba: exploring the history of admixture and the genetic basis of pigmentation using autosomal and uniparental markers. SNPs
76  2014 Evaluating the accuracy of AIM panels at quantifying genome ancestry. ---
77  2014 HLA class I, KIR, and genome-wide SNP diversity in the RV144 Thai phase 3 HIV vaccine clinical trial. HLA, KIR
78  2014 Optimization of a pentaplex panel for MSI analysis without control DNA in a Brazilian population: correlation with ancestry markers. MSI, QMVR
79  2014 Race and ancestry in the age of inclusion: technique and meaning in post-genomic science. GEI, SIRE
80  2014 The role of ancestry in TB susceptibility of an admixed South African population. SAC, TB
81  2014 [The selection of 30 ancestry informative markers and its application in ancestry inference]. ---
82  2013 A panel of ancestry informative markers for the complex five-way admixed South African coloured population. SAC
83  2013 A small number of candidate gene SNPs reveal continental ancestry in African Americans. ---
84  2013 Analysis of genetic ancestry in the admixed Brazilian population from Rio de Janeiro using 46 autosomal ancestry-informative indel markers. ---
85  2013 Ancestry analysis reveals a predominant Native American component with moderate European admixture in Bolivians. CEPH
86  2013 Ancestry informative markers clarify the regional admixture variation in the Costa Rican population. AFR, EUR, NAM
87  2013 Aromatase variants modify risk for Alzheimer's disease in a multiethnic female cohort. AD, SNPs
88  2013 Associations between NOS1AP single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and QT interval duration in four racial/ethnic groups in the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA). AFA, CAU, CHN, HIS, MESA, SCD, SNPs
89  2013 Associations of PON1 and genetic ancestry with obesity in early childhood. PON1
90  2013 CYP2B6 SNPs are associated with methadone dose required for effective treatment of opioid addiction. MMT, SNPs
91  2013 European ancestry predominates in neuromyelitis optica and multiple sclerosis patients from Brazil. MS, NMO, NMO-RP
92  2013 Genetic composition of a Brazilian population: the footprint of the Gold Cycle. MCMC
93  2013 Genomics assisted ancestry deconvolution in grape. PCA
94  2013 HAART-associated dyslipidemia varies by biogeographical ancestry in the multicenter AIDS cohort study. BGA, HAART, HDL-C, LDL-C, SRR, T-Chol, TRIG
95  2013 Revisiting the genetic ancestry of Brazilians using autosomal AIM-Indels. ---
96  2013 The effect of genetic admixture in an association study: genetic polymorphisms and chromosome aberrations in a Colombian population exposed to organic solvents. CA, GSTM1
97  2013 The genetic legacy of the pre-colonial period in contemporary Bolivians. ---
98  2013 Vitamin D binding protein is a key determinant of 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels in infants and toddlers. DBP, SNPs
99  2012 African ancestry is associated with asthma risk in African Americans. CI
100  2012 Amerind ancestry, socioeconomic status and the genetics of type 2 diabetes in a Colombian population. SES, T2D