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Long Form:   acrylamide
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A novel composite hydrogel for solar evaporation enhancement at air-water interface. GO, PVA, SA
2019 A SPE Method with Two MIPs in Two Steps for Improving the Selectivity of MIPs. 4-VP, MIPs, TMIPs-TSPE
2019 Antibacterial, Ester-Free Monomers: Polymerization Kinetics, Mechanical Properties, Biocompatibility and Anti-Biofilm Activity. DC, DPSC, FS, MA, MAM, QA, Rp
2019 Better understanding the polymerization kinetics of ultrasonic-template method and new insight on sludge floc characteristics research. ZIP
2019 Delayed Crosslinking Amphiphilic Polymer Gel System with Adjustable Gelation Time Based on Competitive Inclusion Method. beta-CD, HPAM
2019 Enhanced hydrolyzed polyacrylamide removal from water by an aerobic biofilm reactor-ozone reactor-aerobic biofilm reactor hybrid treatment system: Performance, key enzymes and functional microorganisms. ABRs, GPC, HPAM-containing, HPLC
2019 Fabrication of graphene oxide incorporated polymer monolithic fiber as solid phase microextraction device for determination of organophosphate esters in soil samples. EGDMA, FPD, GC, HS-SPME, OPEs
2019 High-sensitive imprinted membranes based on surface-enhanced Raman scattering for selective detection of antibiotics in water. AgNPs, AIBN, ASIMs, EGDMA, MIT, PVDF, SERS
2019 In Situ Attachment of Acrylamido Sulfonic Acid-Based Monomer in Terpolymer Hydrogel Optimized by Response Surface Methodology for Individual and/or Simultaneous Removal(s) of M(III) and Cationic Dyes. ACs, FTIR, pHpzc, STR, TerPol
10  2019 Magnetic molecularly imprinted polymer combined with high performance liquid chromatography for selective extraction and determination of the metabolic content of quercetin in rat plasma. AIBN, EGDMA, FT-IR, LOD, LOQ, TEM, XRD
11  2019 Microwave assisted synthesis of polyacrylamide grafted polymeric blend of fenugreek seed mucilage-Polyvinyl alcohol (FSM-PVA-g-PAM) and its characterizations as tissue engineered scaffold and as a drug delivery device. APS, FSM, FTIR
12  2019 Modification of microcrystalline cellulose with acrylamide under microwave irradiation and its application as flocculant. MCC, PAM
13  2019 pH-responsive poly (xanthan gum-g-acrylamide-g-acrylic acid) hydrogel: Preparation, characterization, and application. AA, XG
14  2019 Plasma-induced synthesis of chitosan-g-polyacrylamide and its flocculation performance for algae removal. CS, PAM
15  2019 Preparation and application of magnetic molecular imprinted polymers for extraction of cephalexin from pork and milk samples. EGDMA, FT-IR, HPLC-UV, MMIPs, SEM, SPE, VSM, XRD
16  2019 Preparation and Applications of Salt-Resistant Superabsorbent Poly (Acrylic Acid-Acrylamide/Fly Ash) Composite. AA, AA, FA, FT-IR, ND, SEM, TGA
17  2019 Preparation and properties of pH-responsive reversible-wettability biomass cellulose-based material for controllable oil/water separation. AA
18  2019 Preparation and specific recognition of protein macromolecularly imprinted polyampholyte hydrogel. AMPS, BSA, MBA, NIPAM, PAHs, SEM
19  2019 Preparation of molecularly imprinted polymers coupled with high-performance liquid chromatography for the selective extraction of salidroside from Rhodiola crenulata. DMF, EDMA, HPLC, MIP, RSDs, SD, SPE
20  2019 Preparation of near-infrared laser responsive hydrogels with enhanced laser marking performance. FT-IR, SEM
21  2019 Preparation of Xylan-g-/P(AA-co-AM)/GO Nanocomposite Hydrogel and its Adsorption for Heavy Metal Ions. AA, APS, EDX, FTIR, GO, TGA
22  2019 Superior adsorption capacity of functionalised straw adsorbent for dyes and heavy-metal ions. CA, MB, MO
23  2019 Synthesis and characterization of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-acrylamide) mesoglobule core-silica shell nanoparticles. PNIPAM, TEOS
24  2019 Synthesis and characterization of porous tree gum grafted copolymer derived from Prunus cerasifera gum polysaccharide. DSC, FTIR, HPAEC, PG, SEM, TGA
25  2019 Synthesis and Viscosimetric Behavior of Poly(acrylamide-co-2-acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonate) Obtained by Conventional and Adiabatic Gel Process via RAFT/MADIX Polymerization. AMPS
26  2019 Synthesis of superabsorbent polymers based on chitosan derivative graft acrylic acid-co-acrylamide and its property testing. AA, FT-IR, SEM, TGA, XRD
27  2018 A study on adsorption behavior of newly synthesized banana pseudo-stem derived superabsorbent hydrogels for cationic and anionic dye removal from effluents. APS, MB, MBA, MO
28  2018 Adjustable Tribological Behavior of Glucose-Sensitive Hydrogels. AMPS, DN
29  2018 Anti-fouling and thermosensitive ion-imprinted nanocomposite membranes based on grapheme oxide and silicon dioxide for selectively separating europium ions. GO, IIMs, NIPAM, PDA, RAFT
30  2018 Biodegradable grafting cellulose/clay composites for metal ions removal. AA, AMPS, FTIR, SEM, TGA
31  2018 Development of Poly(HEMA-Am) Polymer Hydrogel Filler for Soft Tissue Reconstruction by Facile Polymerization. hADSCs, HEMA, hFbs, PBS, PDMS
32  2018 Fabrication of starch-graft-poly(acrylamide)/graphene oxide/hydroxyapatite nanocomposite hydrogel adsorbent for removal of malachite green dye from aqueous solution. GO, MG, NHA, nHAp
33  2018 Guar Gum-Grafted Terpolymer Hydrogels for Ligand-Selective Individual and Synergistic Adsorption: Effect of Comonomer Composition. ASP, FTIR, GG, IPN, MV, RSM, SA, UV-vis
34  2018 Hemicellulose isolated from waste liquor of viscose fiber mill for preparation of polyacrylamide-hemicellulose hybrid films. FTIR, GPC, MBA, SEM
35  2018 Lignin-g-poly(acrylamide)-g-poly(diallyldimethyl- ammonium chloride): Synthesis, Characterization and Applications. DADMAC
36  2018 Mechanism of Polyacrylamide Hydrogel Instability on High-Temperature Conditions. ---
37  2018 Mimicking new receptors based on molecular imprinting and their application to potentiometric assessment of 2,4-dichlorophenol as a food taint. DCP, DVB, EGDMA, EMA, PVC
38  2018 Novel magnetic ion-imprinted polymer: an efficient polymeric nanocomposite for selective separation and determination of Pb ions in aqueous media. EA, EDS, FT-IR, IIP, magnetic MWCNTs, MBAM, SEM, VSM, XRD
39  2018 Optimization of preparing a high yield and high cationic degree starch graft copolymer as environmentally friendly flocculant: Through response surface methodology. DMDAAC
40  2018 Preparation and Characterization of Softwood Kraft Lignin Copolymers as a Paper Strength Additive. AA, SKL
41  2018 QbD approach by computer aided design and response surface methodology for molecularly imprinted polymer based on magnetic halloysite nanotubes for extraction of norfloxacin from real samples. MAA, QbD
42  2018 Quantum mechanical studies on dioxin-imprinted polymer precursor composites: Fundamental insights to enhance the binding strength and selectivity of biomarkers. MAA, MIPs, TCDD
43  2018 Removal of Pb(II) from water using a bio-composite adsorbent-A systematic approach of optimizing synthesis and process parameters by response surface methodology. CCD, HEMA, MBA, NL, PEG, RSM
44  2018 Selective Adsorption of Pb(II) from Aqueous Solution by Triethylenetetramine-Grafted Polyacrylamide/Vermiculite. a-Verm, BET, EDS, FTIR, SEM, TETA, XPS
45  2018 Simultaneous enhancement of elasticity and strength of Al2O3-based ceramics body from cellulose nanocrystals via gel-casting process. CNC, DMAA
46  2018 Sodium dodecyl sulfate intercalated and acrylamide anchored layered double hydroxides: A multifunctional adsorbent for highly efficient removal of Congo red. CR, LDH, SDS
47  2018 Starlike Branched Polyacrylamides by RAFT Polymerization-Part I: Synthesis and Characterization. SB-PAMs
48  2018 Synthesis of a bioadsorbent from jute cellulose, and application for aqueous Cd (II) removal. AM-co-AANa, JSE, SEM
49  2018 Thermo-Responsive Starch-g-(PAM-co-PNIPAM): Controlled Synthesis and Effect of Molecular Components on Solution Rheology. LCST, NIPAM
50  2018 Using ultrasonic (US)-initiated template copolymerization for preparation of an enhanced cationic polyacrylamide (CPAM) and its application in sludge dewatering. 1H-NMR, CPAM, Df, DMDAAC, FCMC, FT-IR, SRF, TGA, TPADM, US, ZIP
51  2017 A high performance and highly-controllable core-shell imprinted sensor based on the surface-enhanced Raman scattering for detection of R6G in water. AIBN, EGDMA, R6G, SERS
52  2017 A lab-on-a-chip for monolith-based preconcentration and electrophoresis separation of phosphopeptides. BAA, EGMP
53  2017 A surface molecularly imprinted polymer as chiral stationary phase for chiral separation of 1,1'-binaphthalene-2-naphthol racemates. BINOL, EGDMA
54  2017 Competitive Removal of Cu(II) and Cd(II) from Water Using a Biocomposite Hydrogel. AA, FTIR, IA, NMR, PS, SEM/EDX, TGA, TP, XRD
55  2017 Design and Study of a Novel Thermal-Resistant and Shear-Stable Amphoteric Polyacrylamide in High-Salinity Solution. FTIR, SEM, SSS, TG
56  2017 Dewatering Oil Sands Tailings with Degradable Polymer Flocculants. CST, ISR, MFT, TMAEMC
57  2017 Dummy-surface molecularly imprinted polymers on magnetic graphene oxide for rapid and selective quantification of acrylamide in heat-processed (including fried) foods. DSMIPs
58  2017 Effect of the Cationic Block Structure on the Characteristics of Sludge Flocs Formed by Charge Neutralization and Patching. FTIR, SRF, TG/DSC, UTP
59  2017 Effects of stereochemistry and copolymerization on the LCST of PNIPAm. LCST, PNIPAM
60  2017 Fabrication of CMC-g-PAM Superporous Polymer Monoliths via Eco-Friendly Pickering-MIPEs for Superior Adsorption of Methyl Violet and Methylene Blue. MB, MV, O/W, Pickering-MIPEs
61  2017 In Vivo Selective Capture and Rapid Identification of Luteolin and Its Metabolites in Rat Livers by Molecularly Imprinted Solid-Phase Microextraction. BET, EGDMA, FT-IR, MIP-SPME, SEM
62  2017 Interconnected macroporous 3D scaffolds templated from gelatin nanoparticle-stabilized high internal phase emulsions for biomedical applications. ---
63  2017 Novel molecularly imprinted polymer based on beta-cyclodextrin@graphene oxide: Synthesis and application for selective diphenylamine determination. AIBN, beta-CD, DPA, EDS, FTIR, GO, MBAM, MIP, SEM, TGA, XRD
64  2017 Polymer composite fluorescent hydrogel film based on nitrogen-doped carbon dots and their application in the detection of Hg2+ ions. N-CDs, PVAm
65  2017 Polymer grafted-magnetic halloysite nanotube for controlled and sustained release of cationic drug. EGDMA, MAA
66  2017 Selective adsorption behavior of Cd(II) ion imprinted polymers synthesized by microwave-assisted inverse emulsion polymerization: Adsorption performance and mechanism. beta-CD, ECH
67  2017 Selective separation and determination of glucocorticoids in cosmetics using dual-template magnetic molecularly imprinted polymers and HPLC. EGDMA, MIPs, MMIPs, RSD
68  2017 The Multi-Template Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Based on SBA-15 for Selective Separation and Determination of Panax notoginseng Saponins Simultaneously in Biological Samples. EGDMA, HPLC, LODs, MT-MIPs, PNS, RSDs, SPE
69  2017 Tough, Stretchable, Compressive Novel Polymer/Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite Hydrogels with Excellent Self-Healing Performance. GO
70  2017 UV-initiated synthesis of a novel chitosan-based flocculant with high flocculation efficiency for algal removal. MHCS, MHCS-g-PAM
71  2017 UV-initiated template copolymerization of AM and MAPTAC: Microblock structure, copolymerization mechanism, and flocculation performance. CPAM, FTIR, MAPTAC, SEM, TG/DSC, UV
72  2016 Influence of Phenylethynylene of Push-Pull Zinc Porphyrins on the Photovoltaic Performance. EBA, PE, ZnP
73  2016 Modifying glass fiber surface with grafting acrylamide by UV-grafting copolymerization for preparation of glass fiber reinforced PVDF composite membrane. DMAC, EDX, FESEM, FTIR-ATR, PVDF, RSM
74  2016 Preparation of hydrophilic luffa sponges and their water absorption performance. GP
75  2016 Preparation of hydrophilic monolithic capillary column by in situ photo-polymerization of N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidinone and acrylamide for highly selective and sensitive enrichment of N-linked glycopeptides. HILIC, MBA, NVP
76  2016 Simultaneous Determination of Five Alkaloid Compounds in a Drug Based on a Hydrophilic Monolithic Column by Capillary Electrochromatography. AMPS, CEC, GMA, MBA, RSDs
77  2016 Stable Aqueous Foams from Cellulose Nanocrystals and Methyl Cellulose. CNC, HEMA, MC, PEGDA
78  2016 Study on Dicyandiamide-Imprinted Polymers with Computer-Aided Design. DCD, DVB, EGDMA, IA, MAA, MBA, MIPs, PETA, TRIM
79  2016 Swelling behavior of poly(N-cyclohexylacrylamide-co-acrylamide/AMPSNa) gold nanocomposite hydrogels. AMPSNa, NCA
80  2016 Swelling of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) P(NIPA)-based hydrogels with bacterial-synthesized prodigiosin for localized cancer drug delivery. BB, BMA, DW, HPLC, PG, PT, SM
81  2016 Synthesis and Characterization of Injectable Sulfonate-Containing Hydrogels. AA, AMPS, CHO, ECIS
82  2016 Ultraviolet-assisted synthesis of polyacrylamide-grafted chitosan nanoparticles and flocculation performance. FT-IR, PAC
83  2015 A novel sensitive electrochemical sensor based on in-situ polymerized molecularly imprinted membranes at graphene modified electrode for artemisinin determination. ARM, ART, ART-MIMs, ARTS, DHA, EGDMA, GCE, RSD
84  2015 Dual-responsive shape memory hydrogels with novel thermoplasticity based on a hydrophobically modified polyampholyte. AA
85  2015 Highly Sensitive Mechanochromic Photonic Hydrogels with Fast Reversibility and Mechanical Stability. NPs
86  2015 Highly-controllable imprinted polymer nanoshell at the surface of silica nanoparticles based room-temperature phosphorescence probe for detection of 2,4-dichlorophenol. 2,4-DCP, EGDMA, QDs
87  2015 Immobilization of Ni-Pd/core-shell nanoparticles through thermal polymerization of acrylamide on glassy carbon electrode for highly stable and sensitive glutamate detection. CV, EIS, FTIR, GCE, GDH, SEM
88  2015 In aquo ppm level detection of acrylamide through S-to-N acyl transfer mediated activation of pro-sensors. ---
89  2015 Ion-responsive liquid crystals of cellulose nanowhiskers grafted with acrylamide. AM-g-CNW, CNW, DSC, FTIR, POM, TG, XPS, XRD
90  2015 Optimization of enrofloxacin-imprinted polymers by computer-aided design. 4-VPY, DFT, ENRO, MIP, TFMAA, VDAT
91  2015 Preparation, characterization and application of molecularly imprinted monolithic column for hesperetin. EGDMA, HPLC, MIPs, MISPE, NIP, TCM
92  2015 Selective removal of ATP degradation products from food matrices II: Rapid screening of hypoxanthine and inosine by molecularly imprinted matrix solid-phase dispersion for evaluation of fish freshness. ATP, Hyp, Ino, MIP, TPH
93  2015 Shape Memory Hydrogel based on a Hydrophobically-Modified Polyacrylamide (HMPAM)/alpha-CD Mixture via a Host-Guest Approach. alpha-CD, HMPAM, MBA, SM
94  2015 Synthesis of a novel ionic liquid modified copolymer hydrogel and its rapid removal of Cr (VI) from aqueous solution. DADMAC, FESEM, FTIR, TG
95  2015 Synthesis, characterization and application of novel cationic and amphoteric flocculants based on amylopectin. AP, APS
96  2015 Water-soluble polymeric chemosensor for selective detection of Hg(2+) in aqueous solution using rhodamine-based modified poly(acrylamide-acrylic acid). AA
97  2015 [Preparation and evaluation of novel mesoporous molecular sieve of baicalin surface molecularly imprinted polymers]. AIBN, BA, EGDMA, IR, TEM
98  2015 [Removal Congo Red from Aqueous Solution Using Poly (AM-co-DVB)]. CR, DVB
99  2014 A shape memory hydrogel induced by the interactions between metal ions and phosphate. IPPA, PEGDA, SM
100  2014 A strong and tough interpenetrating network hydrogel with ultrahigh compression resistance. AMPS, IPN, NIPAM, PAM, SAXS