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Long Form:   ameloblastin
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2022 Coemergence of the Amphipathic Helix on Ameloblastin With Mammalian Prismatic Enamel. AH
2022 Comprehensive Analysis Identifies Ameloblastin-Related Competitive Endogenous RNA as a Prognostic Biomarker for Testicular Germ Cell Tumour. ceRNA, lncRNAs, miRNAs, TGCT
2022 Ganoin and acrodin formation on scales and teeth in spotted gar: A vital role of enamelin in the unique process of enamel mineralization. ENAM
2022 How prenatal environmental factors affect rat molar enamel formation? BPA, GT, LL, LPS
2022 Production of recombinant human ameloblastin by a fully native purification pathway. IDP
2022 Regulation of Hydroxyapatite Nucleation In Vitro through Ameloblastin-Amelogenin Interactions. AMEL, HAP
2021 Ameloblastin promotes polarization of ameloblast cell lines in a 3-D cell culture system. AMEL
2021 Co-Immunoprecipitation Reveals Interactions Between Amelogenin and Ameloblastin via Their Self-Assembly Domains. AMEL, Co-IP, EMPs, rAmbn
2021 Connexin 43-Mediated Gap Junction Communication Regulates Ameloblast Differentiation via ERK1/2 Phosphorylation. Cx43, ODDD
10  2021 Sp6/Epiprofin is a master regulator in the developing tooth. DSPP, ENAM
11  2020 Ablation of Fam20c causes amelogenesis imperfecta via inhibiting Smad dependent BMP signaling pathway. AI, AMEL, ENAM, Msx2
12  2020 An Evolutionarily Conserved Helix Mediates Ameloblastin-Cell Interaction. AH
13  2020 Characterization of AMBN I and II Isoforms and Study of Their Ca2+-Binding Properties. IDP
14  2019 AMBN mutations causing hypoplastic amelogenesis imperfecta and Ambn knockout-NLS-lacZ knockin mice exhibiting failed amelogenesis and Ambn tissue-specificity. EOE
15  2019 Ameloblastin Binds to Phospholipid Bilayers via a Helix-Forming Motif within the Sequence Encoded by Exon 5. LUVs
16  2019 An ameloblastin C-terminus variant is present in human adipose tissue. ---
17  2019 Mapping the Tooth Enamel Proteome and Amelogenin Phosphorylation Onto Mineralizing Porcine Tooth Crowns. ACPT, ENAM, GO, KLK4, LRAP, MMP20
18  2019 Reptile enamel matrix proteins: Selection, divergence, and functional constraint. AMEL, EMPs, ENAM
19  2018 Ablation of Runx2 in Ameloblasts Suppresses Enamel Maturation in Tooth Development. cKO, ENAM, KLK4, MMP-20
20  2018 Ameloblastin attenuates RANKL-mediated osteoclastogenesis by suppressing activation of nuclear factor of activated T-cell cytoplasmic 1 (NFATc1). Bcl6, Blimp1, CREB, IRF8, JNK, MafB, NFATc1, OC-STAMP, p38 MAPK, RANKL, TRAP
21  2018 Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2 Coordinates Early Tooth Mineralization. Col1a1, DKK1, DSP, DSPP, SOST
22  2018 Characterization of inter-crystallite peptides in human enamel rods reveals contribution by the Y allele of amelogenin. ALBN, AMEL, FETUA, KER, MS, SEM
23  2018 GuttaFlow Bioseal promotes spontaneous differentiation of human periodontal ligament stem cells into cementoblast-like cells. ALP, BSP, CAP, CEMP1, hPDLSCs, IF, SEM
24  2018 Loss of transforming growth factor-beta1 in epithelium cells affects enamel formation in mice. AMTN, ENAM, KLK4, MMP20, TGF-beta1, WDR72
25  2018 MMP20 Overexpression Disrupts Molar Ameloblast Polarity and Migration. MMP20
26  2018 [Effect of bone morphogenetic protein-4 overexpression on the biological activity of mouse induced pluripotent stem cells]. ALP, BMP4, BSP, CK, DSPP, iPS
27  2018 [Knockdown of MSX2 gene inhibits the expression of enamel matrix proteins and the enamel mineralization in mouse ameloblasts]. AMTN, ENAM, KLK4, MSX2, shRNA
28  2017 Ameloblastin and enamelin prevent osteoclast formation by suppressing RANKL expression via MAPK signaling pathway. DEX, ENAM, MAPK, RANKL, rhAmbn, rhEnam
29  2017 Ameloblastin induces tumor suppressive phenotype and enhances chemosensitivity to doxorubicin via Src-Stat3 inactivation in osteosarcoma. ---
30  2017 Ameloblastin Upregulates Inflammatory Response Through Induction of IL-1beta in Human Macrophages. IL-1beta, LPS, MAPK, MyD88, TLR4
31  2017 Phosphorylation Modulates Ameloblastin Self-assembly and Ca 2+ Binding. CK2, PKA
32  2017 Retinoic Acid Excess Impairs Amelogenesis Inducing Enamel Defects. ENAM, ODAM, RA
33  2016 Ameloblastin, an Extracellular Matrix Protein, Affects Long Bone Growth and Mineralization. BMSCs, IGF1
34  2016 Bcl11b regulates enamel matrix protein expression and dental epithelial cell differentiation during rat tooth development. Bcl11b, ENAM, KLK4, Msx2
35  2016 High-Dose Fluoride Induces Apoptosis and Inhibits Ameloblastin Secretion in Primary Rat Ameloblast. FasL
36  2016 The ameloblastin extracellular matrix molecule enhances bone fracture resistance and promotes rapid bone fracture healing. ECM
37  2016 The Importance of Serine Phosphorylation of Ameloblastin on Enamel Formation. AMEL
38  2015 Comparative expression of the four enamel matrix protein genes, amelogenin, ameloblastin, enamelin and amelotin during amelogenesis in the lizard Anolis carolinensis. AMEL, AMTN, ENAM
39  2015 Evolutionary analysis of selective constraints identifies ameloblastin (AMBN) as a potential candidate for amelogenesis imperfecta. ---
40  2015 Hypoxia increases the expression of enamel genes and cytokines in an ameloblast-derived cell line. ALP, ENAM, Hif1alpha, LDH, MMP20
41  2015 New genomic and fossil data illuminate the origin of enamel. AMEL, EMPs, ENAM
42  2015 Thymosin beta 4 is associated with RUNX2 expression through the Smad and Akt signaling pathways in mouse dental epithelial cells. ENAM, p-Akt, TB4
43  2014 Ameloblastin as a putative marker of specific bone compartments. ---
44  2014 Correlation of ameloblastin with enamel mineral content. HA
45  2014 Deletion of ameloblastin exon 6 is associated with amelogenesis imperfecta. AI
46  2014 Tracking endogenous amelogenin and ameloblastin in vivo. EMPs
47  2013 Ameloblastin in Hertwig's epithelial root sheath regulates tooth root formation and development. BrdU, HERS, siRNA
48  2013 Ameloblastin inhibits cranial suture closure by modulating MSX2 expression and proliferation. ---
49  2013 Ameloblastin modulates osteoclastogenesis through the integrin/ERK pathway. BMMCs
50  2013 Establishment and characterization of a primary calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor cell population. CEOTs, EMPs, PTCH1
51  2013 Genes expressed in dental enamel development are associated with molar-incisor hypomineralization. ENAM, MIH, TFIP11
52  2013 Induction of dental epithelial cell differentiation marker gene expression in non-odontogenic human keratinocytes by transfection with thymosin beta 4. ALZ, ENAM
53  2013 Intrinsically disordered enamel matrix protein ameloblastin forms ribbon-like supramolecular structures via an N-terminal segment encoded by exon 5. ---
54  2013 [Association between ameloblastin gene polymorphisms and the susceptibility to dental fluorosis]. CFCF, PCR-RFLP
55  2012 Ameloblastin regulates cell attachment and proliferation through RhoA and p27. mDF, mPDL, sh
56  2012 Ameloblastin upstream region contains structural elements regulating transcriptional activity in a stromal cell line derived from bone marrow. ---
57  2012 Ameloblastin-rich enamel matrix favors short and randomly oriented apatite crystals. Tg
58  2012 Biophysical characterization of recombinant human ameloblastin. hrAMBN, IDP, PPII
59  2012 Candidate-gene exclusion in a family with inherited non-syndromic dental disorders. DSPP, ENAM
60  2012 Gene Expression Profiling during Murine Tooth Development. DE, ENAM
61  2012 Hyperglycemia and xerostomia are key determinants of tooth decay in type 1 diabetic mice. AMEL, DM
62  2012 Identification of amelotin- and ODAM-interacting enamel matrix proteins using the yeast two-hybrid system. AMEL, AMTN, ENAM, ODAM
63  2012 Immunohistochemical expression of thymosin beta4 in ameloblastomas and odontomas. AMEL, ENAM, Tbeta4
64  2012 Target gene analyses of 39 amelogenesis imperfecta kindreds. ADHCAI, AI, ENAM, FAM83H, KLK4, WDR72
65  2012 Targeted overexpression of amelotin disrupts the microstructure of dental enamel. AMEL, AMTN, ODAM
66  2012 Targeting the sonic hedgehog pathway in keratocystic odontogenic tumor. AMTN, CK14, Dll1, EMPs, ENAM, Jag-2, KCOT, KLK-4, ODAM, SHH, Smo
67  2011 Ameloblastin is not implicated in bone remodelling and repair. BDT, ETM
68  2011 Expression of odontogenic ameloblast-associated protein, amelotin, ameloblastin, and amelogenin in odontogenic tumors: immunohistochemical analysis and pathogenetic considerations. AF, AMEL, AMTN, AOT, CCOT, CEOT, ODAM, OF, REE
69  2011 Glycosphingolipids regulate ameloblastin expression in dental epithelial cells. D-PDMP, GSLs, NT-4
70  2010 Ameloblastin expression and putative autoregulation in mesenchymal cells suggest a role in early bone formation and repair. ---
71  2010 Differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells into dental epithelial-like cells induced by ameloblasts serum-free conditioned medium. AMGN, ASF-CM, CK, EB, ESCs, mEBs, mESCs, TGC-CM
72  2010 Disruption of periodontal integrity induces expression of apin by epithelial cell rests of Malassez. AMEL, AMTN, ERM
73  2010 Fluoride reduces the expression of enamel proteins and cytokines in an ameloblast-derived cell line. ALP, AMEL, ENAM, IP-10, MMP-20, VEGF
74  2010 Human cementoblasts express enamel-associated molecules in vitro and in vivo. AMEL, CAP, CEMP1, ENAM, HRDC, TUFT
75  2010 Pseudogenization of the tooth gene enamelysin (MMP20) in the common ancestor of extant baleen whales. AMEL, ENAM
76  2009 A mouse model expressing a truncated form of ameloblastin exhibits dental and junctional epithelium defects. ---
77  2009 Mutation of ameloblastin gene in calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor. AF, CEOT, COC
78  2008 Ameloblastin and amelogenin share a common secretory pathway and are co-secreted during enamel formation. AMEL, BFA
79  2008 Bioinformatic analysis and molecular modelling of human ameloblastin suggest a two-domain intrinsically unstructured calcium-binding protein. IUP
80  2007 A mutation in the enamelin gene in a mouse model. ENAM, Gln
81  2007 Neurotrophic factor neurotrophin-4 regulates ameloblastin expression via full-length TrkB. NT
82  2007 Processing of ameloblastin by MMP-20. rpAMBN
83  2007 Splicing determines the glycosylation state of ameloblastin. Gal, LPA, MPA, PNA
84  2007 The origin and evolution of enamel mineralization genes. AMEL, AMTN, EMPs, ENAM, Mya, ODAM
85  2007 [An experimental study on porcine fibroblasts transfected by dental matrix protein-1 gene]. DSP, MSC, POMF
86  2007 [Mutation and polymorphism of the ameloblastin gene in ameloblastomas]. RFLP
87  2006 Local gene transfer to calcified tissue cells using prolonged infusion of a lentiviral vector. GFP, LVs
88  2006 Proteomics and genetics of dental enamel. ENAM, KLK4
89  2006 The amelogenin story: origin and evolution. AMEL, EMPs, ENAM
90  2005 Enamelin (Enam) is essential for amelogenesis: ENU-induced mouse mutants as models for different clinical subtypes of human amelogenesis imperfecta (AI). AI, ENAM
91  2003 Identification and characterization of ameloblastin gene in an amphibian, Xenopus laevis. PCR
92  2002 Identification and characterization of ameloblastin gene in a reptile. RT-PCR, UTR
93  2001 Human ameloblastin gene: genomic organization and mutation analysis in amelogenesis imperfecta patients. AI
94  2000 Cloning and characterization of the human ameloblastin gene. RT-PCR
95  1998 Immunolocalization of epithelial and mesenchymal matrix constituents in association with inner enamel epithelial cells. AMEL, BSP, EFA, HERS, OPN
96  1997 Ameloblastin gene (AMBN) maps within the critical region for autosomal dominant amelogenesis imperfecta at chromosome 4q21. AI, STS