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Long Form:   active motor threshold
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Corticomotor function is associated with quadriceps rate of torque development in individuals with ACL surgery. ACL, ICF, MVIC, SICI
2020 Measurement of Active Motor Threshold Using a Dynamometer During Navigated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in a Patient with Postoperative Brain Tumor: Technical Note. nTMS
2019 Differential effects of aging and physical activity on corticospinal excitability of upper and lower limb muscles. FDI, MEPs, PA, TMS, VL
2019 Effect of paired-pulse stimulus parameters on the two phases of short interval intracortical inhibition in the quadriceps muscle group. CSI, ISI, SICI, TMS, TSI
2019 Electrical Stimulation of Back Muscles Does Not Prime the Corticospinal Pathway. DM, EMG, ICF, LBP, MEP, PES, TMS
2019 Impaired Modulation of Corticospinal Excitability in Drug-Free Patients With Major Depressive Disorder: A Theta-Burst Stimulation Study. cTBS, EMG, iTBS, LTP, MDD, MEPs, rTMS
2019 Investigating the effects of muscle contraction and conditioning stimulus intensity on short-interval intracortical inhibition. MEPs, MVIC, SICI
2019 Quadriceps muscle function following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: systemic differences in neural and morphological characteristics. ACLR, fMRI, MEP
2019 Short-interval intracortical inhibition of the biceps brachii in chronic-resistance versus non-resistance-trained individuals. Mmax, MVC, RT
10  2019 Short-interval intracortical inhibition to the biceps brachii is present during arm cycling but is not different than a position- and intensity-matched tonic contraction. CS, ISI, SICI, TS
11  2018 The intensity of continuous theta burst stimulation, but not the waveform used to elicit motor evoked potentials, influences its outcome in the human motor cortex. AP, cTBS, MEPs, PA
12  2017 A Data-Driven Approach to Responder Subgroup Identification after Paired Continuous Theta Burst Stimulation. cTBS, FDI, GMM, LTD, MEPs, TMS
13  2017 Cortical excitability correlates with seizure control and epilepsy duration in chronic epilepsy. AED, CSP, ICF, LICI, RMT, SICI, TMS
14  2017 Differentiation of motor evoked potentials elicited from multiple forearm muscles: An investigation with high-density surface electromyography. ECR, EDC, EMG, HDsEMG, MEPs, TMS
15  2017 Effects of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation on masseter motor-neuron pool excitability. CSP, MEPs, rTMS, SICI
16  2017 Establishing between-session reliability of TMS-conditioned soleus H-reflexes. H-reflex, LLF, SLF, TMS
17  2017 Excitability of the masseter inhibitory reflex after high frequency rTMS over the motor cortex: A study in healthy humans. MEPs, MIR, rTMS, SPs
18  2017 Paired Associative Stimulation Targeting the Tibialis Anterior Muscle using either Mono or Biphasic Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. MEPs, PAS, RMT, TA, TMS
19  2016 Are ipsilateral motor evoked potentials subject to intracortical inhibition? BB, iMEPs, ISI, MEPs, NC, SICI, TMS
20  2016 Cortical motor representation of the rectus femoris does not differ between the left and right hemisphere. TMS
21  2016 Corticomotor control of lumbar multifidus muscles is impaired in chronic low back pain: concurrent evidence from ultrasound imaging and double-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation. CLBP, MF, SICI, TMS
22  2016 Corticospinal Excitability and Inhibition of the Soleus in Individuals With Chronic Ankle Instability. CAI, CSP, MEP
23  2016 Effect of a single dose of retigabine in cortical excitability parameters: A cross-over, double-blind placebo-controlled TMS study. AEDs, LICI, RCT, RMT, RMT, SICF, SICI/ICF, TMS
24  2016 Elevated corticospinal excitability in patellar tendinopathy compared with other anterior knee pain or no pain. AKP, CSE, MVIC, PT, SLDS, TMS, VISA-P
25  2016 Human Motor Cortex Functional Changes in Acute Stroke: Gender Effects. iTBS, LI, UH
26  2016 Immediate effect of vibratory stimuli on quadriceps function in healthy adults. CAR, LMV, MEP, PT, RTD, WBV
27  2016 Reliability and Variability of tDCS Induced Changes in the Lower Limb Motor Cortex. ICC, tDCS, TMS
28  2016 Short- and Long-Intracortical Inhibition in Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury. LICI, SCI
29  2016 Whole-Body and Local Muscle Vibration Immediately Improve Quadriceps Function in Individuals With Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. ACLR, CAR, H-reflex, LMV, MEP, PT, RTD, WBV
30  2015 Chronic Ankle Instability and Neural Excitability of the Lower Extremity. CAI, MEPs
31  2015 Motor cortical excitability in peritoneal dialysis: a single-pulse TMS study. CMCT, CSP, PD, RMT
32  2015 Persistent neuromuscular and corticomotor quadriceps asymmetry after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. ACLR, CAR, MVIC
33  2015 Quadriceps neural alterations in anterior cruciate ligament reconstructed patients: A 6-month longitudinal investigation. ACLR, CAR, MEP, MVIC
34  2015 Theta Burst Stimulation of the Cerebellum Modifies the TMS-Evoked N100 Potential, a Marker of GABA Inhibition. cTBS, iTBS, MEP, TBS, TEP
35  2014 Contributions of neural excitability and voluntary activation to quadriceps muscle strength following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. ACLR, CAR, MVIC
36  2014 Enhanced motor skill acquisition in the non-dominant upper extremity using intermittent theta burst stimulation and transcranial direct current stimulation. iTBS, JTHF, PT, tDCS
37  2014 Reliability of corticomotor excitability in leg and thigh musculature at 14 and 28 days. FL, ICCs, MEP, TMS
38  2014 Resting and active motor thresholds versus stimulus-response curves to determine transcranial magnetic stimulation intensity in quadriceps femoris. MEP, RMT, TMS
39  2014 The influence of a single bout of aerobic exercise on short-interval intracortical excitability. RMT, SICI
40  2014 The long-term effects of sports concussion on retired Australian football players: a study using transcranial magnetic stimulation. AF, AL, CSP, LICI, MEP, S-R, SICI, SWM, TMS
41  2013 Comparing the after-effects of continuous theta burst stimulation and conventional 1 Hz rTMS on semantic processing. cTBS, RMT, rTMS
42  2013 Modulation of the cortical silent period elicited by single- and paired-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation. CSP, EMG, ICF, MEP, SICI, TMS
43  2013 Quadriceps strength and corticospinal excitability as predictors of disability after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. ACLR, IKDC, MVIC
44  2013 Relationship between gluteal muscle strength, corticospinal excitability, and jump-landing biomechanics in healthy women. LESS, MEP, MVIC
45  2013 Short-interval intracortical inhibition in knee extensors during locomotor cycling. CS, EMG, MEP, SICI
46  2012 The relationship between TMS measures of functional properties and DTI measures of microstructure of the corticospinal tract. CMCT, CST, FA, IO-curve, MD, MEP, RMT
47  2011 Inter-individual variation in the efficient stimulation site for magnetic brainstem stimulation. BST, MEP
48  2011 Strength training of one limb increases corticomotor excitability projecting to the contralateral homologous limb. BB, MEP, MEPs, TMS, ULS
49  2010 A motor cortex excitability and gait analysis on Parkinsonian patients. CS, CSP, DST, ICF, ISI, MEP, PD, PP, TA, TMS
50  2010 Corticospinal properties following short-term strength training of an intrinsic hand muscle. CNS, EMG, FDI, MEP, MVC, SP, TMS
51  2010 Excitability of the lower-limb area of the motor cortex in Parkinson's disease. CSP, DST, ICF, MEP, PD, RMT, SICI, TMS
52  2010 Neurophysiological responses after short-term strength training of the biceps brachii muscle. 1RM, BB, MEP, MEPs, MVC, rmsEMG, TMS
53  2009 Corticomotor responses to triple-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation: Effects of interstimulus interval and stimulus intensity. IPIs, MEP, TMS
54  2009 Effects of a high-frequency, low-intensity, biphasic conditioning train of TMS pulses on the human motor cortex. CS, ICF, ISIs, SICI
55  2009 Inhibitory and facilitatory connectivity from ventral premotor to primary motor cortex in healthy humans at rest--a bifocal TMS study. BA, CS, ISIs, MEP, RMT, TMS, TS
56  2009 Motor cortex excitability and comorbidity in Gilles de la Tourette syndrome. ADHD, GTS, ICF, OCD, SAI, SICI, TMS
57  2008 Dynamic influence of wrist flexion and extension on the intracortical inhibition of the first dorsal interosseus muscle during precision grip. FDI, SICI, TS
58  2008 Interference of short-interval intracortical inhibition (SICI) and short-interval intracortical facilitation (SICF). ISI, SICF, SICI, TMS
59  2008 Quantification of the corticospinal silent period evoked via transcranial magnetic stimulation. CV, MEP, SP
60  2008 Theta burst stimulation induces after-effects on contralateral primary motor cortex excitability in humans. ICF, IHI, LICI, MEPs, PA-AP, SICI, TBS
61  2008 Transcranial magnetic stimulation reduces masseter motoneuron pool excitability throughout the cortical silent period. CSP, MEP
62  2007 Differences in after-effect between monophasic and biphasic high-frequency rTMS of the human motor cortex. MEPs, RMT, rTMS
63  2007 Different modulation of the cortical silent period by two phases of short interval intracortical inhibition. ISIs, MEP, SICI, SP, TMSs
64  2007 Heightened seizure susceptibility associated with brain dermoid cyst and the administration of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). FDI, hCG, ICF, ICI, MEPs, RMT, TMS
65  2007 Intracortical inhibition of the motor cortex in Segawa disease (DYT5). FDI, GTP-I, ISIs, SICI, TA, TMS
66  2007 Pattern-specific role of the current orientation used to deliver Theta Burst Stimulation. TBS
67  2006 Cortical hemoglobin-concentration changes under the coil induced by single-pulse TMS in humans: a simultaneous recording with near-infrared spectroscopy. deoxyHb, NIRS, oxyHb, TMS, total-Hb
68  2006 The comparable size and overlapping nature of upper limb distal and proximal muscle representations in the human motor cortex. AD, ECR, MEPs
69  2005 Effect of electroconvulsive therapy on cortical excitability in patients with major depression: a transcranial magnetic stimulation study. ECT, ICF, ICI, MD, MEP, RMT, rTMS
70  2005 Increased corticospinal excitability after 5 Hz rTMS over the human supplementary motor area. CSP, FDI, ICF, MEPs, rTMS, SICI, SMA, TMS
71  2005 Low-frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for seizure suppression in patients with extratemporal lobe epilepsy-a pilot study. CPSs, ETLE, RMT, rTMS
72  2004 Abnormal excitability of premotor-motor connections in de novo Parkinson's disease. ISI, rTMS
73  2004 Shaping the excitability of human motor cortex with premotor rTMS. ISI, rTMS
74  2004 The cortical silent period: intrinsic variability and relation to the waveform of the transcranial magnetic stimulation pulse. AP, CSP, FDI, MEP, PA, TMS
75  2004 The effect of short-duration bursts of high-frequency, low-intensity transcranial magnetic stimulation on the human motor cortex. MEP, rTMS, SICI
76  2003 0.2-Hz repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation has no add-on effects as compared to a realistic sham stimulation in Parkinson's disease. HRSD, PD, rTMS, UPDRS
77  2003 Ketamine increases human motor cortex excitability to transcranial magnetic stimulation. NMDA, RMT
78  2003 The variability of intracortical inhibition and facilitation. CSI
79  2002 Modulation of human corticomotor excitability by somatosensory input. ADM, APB, BES, DM, FDI, ICF, ICI, LZ, MEPs, RC, TMS
80  2001 Transcranial magnetic stimulation can be used to test connections to primary motor areas from frontal and medial cortex in humans. FDI, TMS