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2020 Efficient electrochemical reduction of nitrobenzene by nitrogen doped porous carbon. NB, NPC
2019 Degradation of N-nitrosodimethylamine and its amine precursors by cumene-induced Rhodococcus sp. strain L4. DMA, HA, NDMA
2019 Effects of glucose and starch on the toxicity of nitrobenzene to plants and microbes in constructed wetlands. CWs, NB
2019 Electrochemical aptasensor based on conductive supramolecular polymer hydrogels for thrombin detection with high selectivity. ABA, CSPH, GCE, PANI, PVA, TB, TBA1
2019 Nature of the Synergistic Effect of N and S Co-Doped Graphene for the Enhanced Simultaneous Determination of Toxic Pollutants. NB, NG, PPD, SG
2018 A 2D tank test on remediation of nitrobenzene-contaminated aquifer using in-situ reactive zone with emulsified nanoscale zero-valent iron. EZVI, IRZ, NB
2018 Determination of Aniline, 4-Aminoazobenzene, and 2-Naphthol in the Color Additive D&C Red No. 17 Using Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography. 4AAB
2018 Effects of surface charge, hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity on functional biocathode catalytic efficiency and community structure. BESs, NB
2018 Enhanced Supercapacitor Performance Using Electropolymerization of Self-Doped Polyaniline on Carbon Film. CNP, CV, EIS, GCD, SAN, SPANI
10  2018 Simultaneous anaerobic and aerobic transformations of nitrobenzene. DO, NB, NP, VBBR
11  2018 Supported Bimetallic AuPd Nanoparticles as a Catalyst for the Selective Hydrogenation of Nitroarenes. CAN, CNB, MIm
12  2018 Unraveling Competitive Electron and Energy-Transfer Events at the Interfaces of a 2D MOF and Nile Red Composites: Effect of the Length and Structure of the Linker. AB, DMA, EB, MOFs, NR
13  2017 Chitosan-based film supported copper nanoparticles: A potential and reusable catalyst for the reduction of aromatic nitro compounds. CP, Ea, NB
14  2017 Compost-derived humic acids as regulators for reductive degradation of nitrobenzene. HAs, NB
15  2017 Effect of quencher and temperature on fluorescence intensity of laser dyes: DETC and C504T. DEA, DETC, DMA, Ea, ET
16  2017 Influence of Weak Base Addition to Hole-Collecting Buffer Layers in Polymer:Fullerene Solar Cells. PCE, PEDOT
17  2017 Molecular dynamics study of solvated aniline and ethylene glycol monomers confined in calcium silicate nanochannels: a case study of tobermorite. C-S-H, EG
18  2017 N-doped nanoporous carbon as efficient catalyst for nitrobenzene reduction in sulfide-containing aqueous solutions. NB, NC
19  2017 Photoinduced bimolecular electron transfer from aromatic amines to pentafluorophenyl porphyrin combined with ultrafast charge recombination persistence with Marcus inverted region. DCM, DEAN, DMAN, EAN, MAN
20  2017 Photoinduced electron transfer interaction of anthraquinones with aniline quenchers: Influence of methyl substitution in aniline donors. 2,3-DMA, 2,6-DMA, 3,5-DMA, AQ, AQS, CAQ, DFT, ET, N,N-DMA
21  2017 Polarity inversion of bioanode for biocathodic reduction of aromatic pollutants. AO7, ARB, BES, EAB, NB
22  2016 Coupling of bio-PRB and enclosed in-well aeration system for remediation of nitrobenzene and aniline in groundwater. bio-PRB, NB
23  2016 Natural Attenuation of Nonvolatile Contaminants in the Capillary Fringe. DPA
24  2016 Reduction of nitrobenzene with alkaline ascorbic acid: Kinetics and pathways. AA, NB
25  2016 The effects of flow rate and concentration on nitrobenzene removal in abiotic and biotic zero-valent iron columns. NB, ZVI
26  2016 The presence of aliphatic and aromatic amines in reservoir and canal water as precursors to disinfection by-products. DBA, DEA, DMA, DOC, NDMA FP, THMFP
27  2015 Modulation of ultrafast photoinduced electron transfer in H-bonding environment: PET from aniline to coumarin 153 in the presence of an inert co-solvent cyclohexane. DMA, PET
28  2015 Succession of microbial community and enhanced mechanism of a ZVI-based anaerobic granular sludge process treating chloronitrobenzenes wastewater. 3,4-DClNB, ClNBs, p-ClAn, UASB, ZVI, ZVI-AGS
29  2014 Anomalous modulation of photoinduced electron transfer of coumarin 102 in aniline-dimethylaniline mixture: dominant role of hydrogen bonding. DMA, PET
30  2014 Effects of hydraulic retention time and nitrobenzene concentration on the performance of sequential upflow anaerobic filter and air lift reactors in treating nitrobenzene-containing wastewater. ALR, COD, HRT, NB, UAF
31  2014 Nitrogen-doped diamond electrode shows high performance for electrochemical reduction of nitrobenzene. NB, NDD, PHA
32  2014 The transformation mechanism of nitrobenzene in the present of a species of cyanobacteria Microcystis aeruginosa. NB
33  2014 Toward a pK(a) scale of N-base amines in ionic liquids. py, SA
34  2013 Analysis of biodegradation by-products of nitrobenzene and aniline mixture by a cold-tolerant microbial consortium. NB
35  2012 A membrane-free, continuously feeding, single chamber up-flow biocatalyzed electrolysis reactor for nitrobenzene reduction. BES, NB, UBER
36  2012 Assessment of aquatic experimental versus predicted and extrapolated chronic toxicity data of four structural analogues. CA, DCA, SSDs, TCA
37  2012 Effect of applied voltage, initial concentration, and natural organic matter on sequential reduction/oxidation of nitrobenzene by graphite electrodes. NB, NSB
38  2011 Efficient reduction of nitrobenzene to aniline with a biocatalyzed cathode. NB
39  2011 Interaction of protonated merocyanine dyes with amines in organic solvents. BA, DEA, NDAN, NMAN, TEA
40  2011 Synthesis and characterization of cytocompatible sulfonated polyanilines. HOS, LSC, MA, PANI, SPAN
41  2011 Ultrafast forward and backward electron transfer dynamics of coumarin 337 in hydrogen-bonded anilines as studied with femtosecond UV-pump/IR-probe spectroscopy. DMAN, ET, MAN
42  2010 Electrochemical degradation of sulfonated amines on SI/BDD electrodes. BDD, COD, MA, OA, SA, TOC
43  2010 Redox sorption and recovery of silver ions as silver nanocrystals on poly(aniline-co-5-sulfo-2-anisidine) nanosorbents. SA
44  2010 Selective photoreduction of nitrobenzene to aniline on TiO2 nanoparticles modified with amino acid. Asp, NB, Phe, Ser, Tyr
45  2009 4-(1H-imidazol-1-yl) aniline: a new ligand of mixed-mode chromatography for antibody purification. BSA, DBC, IgG
46  2009 Fabrication of Aligned Polyaniline Nanofiber Array via a Facile Wet Chemical Process. 4-ATP, PN
47  2009 Strong adsorbability of mercury ions on aniline/sulfoanisidine copolymer nanosorbents. SA
48  2008 Controllable synthesis of VSB-5 microspheres and microrods: growth mechanism and selective hydrogenation catalysis. HMT, NB
49  2007 Simultaneous biodegradation of nitrogen-containing aromatic compounds in a sequencing batch bioreactor. 2,4-DNP, 4-NP, NACs, NB, SBR
50  2007 Synthesis and heavy-metal-ion sorption of pure sulfophenylenediamine copolymer nanoparticles with intrinsic conductivity and stability. SP
51  2006 Facile synthesis and optimization of conductive copolymer nanoparticles and nanocomposite films from aniline with sulfodiphenylamine. SDP
52  2006 Molecular assembled self-doped polyaniline interlayer for application in polymer light-emitting diode. EL, PLED, SPANI
53  2006 Structure relationship of nitrochlorobenzene catalytic degradation process in water over palladium-iron bimetallic catalyst. CAN
54  2005 Enhanced catalytic degradation process of o-nitrochlorobenzene by palladium-catalyzed fe0 particles. o-CAN, o-NCB
55  2002 Enhancement of transdermal absorption by switching iontophoresis. BA, PA, PD, SA, VR
56  1999 Nitrobenzene carcinogenicity in animals and human hazard evaluation. NB, NOB, PH, RBCs
57  1999 Nitrobenzene potential human cancer risk based on animal studies. LMS, mkd, NB, nkd, NOB, PH, VSD
58  1998 Effect of ring size on conformations of aromatic amine-DNA adducts: the aniline-C8 guanine adduct resides in the B-DNA major groove. AF, AP
59  1996 Effects of phenobarbital on aniline metabolism in primary liver cell culture of rats with ethionine-induced liver disorder. AAN, AAP, AAPG, ET, p-APG, PAP, PB, PHAS
60  1993 Exposure to various benzene derivatives differently induces cytochromes P450 2B1 and P450 2E1 in rat liver. BZP, ClB, EB, EM
61  1992 Difference between effects of chlorpromazine and perphenazine on microsomal phospholipids and enzyme activities in rat liver. CPT, CPZ, GPA, PC, PCT, PE, PLs, PPH, PPZ, PSI, SM
62  1992 Immunochemical characterization of a cytochrome P450 isozyme and a protein purified from liver microsomes of male guinea pigs and their roles in the oxidative metabolism of delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol by guinea pig liver microsomes. d-BP, delta 9-THC, p-NA
63  1992 Inhibition of hepatic mixed-function oxidase enzymes in mice by acute and chronic treatment with selenium. AM, EC, EM, NADPH
64  1989 Acute effect of amitriptyline, phenobarbital or cobaltous chloride on delta-aminolevulinic acid synthetase, heme oxygenase and microsomal heme content and drug metabolism in rat liver. AM, AMT, delta-ALA, PB
65  1985 Effects of somatostatin and testosterone on the hepatic monooxygenase system in castrated male rats. EM, GH, HB, SS
66  1982 [Effects of aromatic nitro and amino compounds on the osmotic fragility of red cells]. MHb, p-NCB, PH
67  1980 Adaptive responses of rat liver to the gestagen and anti-androgen cyproterone acetate and other inducers. I. Induction of drug-metabolizing enzymes. 3-MC, alpha-HCH, AP, BP, BPA, CPA, EM, p-NA, PB
68  1979 Reactions of nitrosobenzene with reduced glutathione. GSO-AN, NOB, PH