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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Increased Hematopoietic Stem Cells/Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells Measured as Endogenous Spleen Colonies in Radiation-Induced Adaptive Response in Mice (Yonezawa Effect). CFU-S, IR, LET
2018 Influence of Individual Radiosensitivity on the Adaptive Response Phenomenon: Toward a Mechanistic Explanation Based on the Nucleo-Shuttling of ATM Protein. dAR, DeltatAR
2017 Adaptive response in mouse bone marrow stromal cells exposed to 900MHz radiofrequency fields: Impact of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP). BMSCs, GR, RF, SH
2017 Comparisons in Muscle Function and Training Rehabilitation Outcomes Between Avoidance-Endurance Model Subgroups. DER, EER, FAR
2016 Adaptive response in mouse bone-marrow stromal cells exposed to 900-MHz radiofrequency fields: Gamma-radiation-induced DNA strand breaks and repair. BMSC, GR, RF
2016 Recall Bias in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain: Individual Pain Response Patterns Are More Important Than Pain Itself! AEQ, CLBP, ER, FAR
2015 Ionizing radiation-induced adaptive response in fibroblasts under both monolayer and 3-dimensional conditions. ---
2015 PGC-1alpha controls mitochondrial biogenesis and dynamics in lead-induced neurotoxicity. MB, MD
10  2015 [The radiosensitivity change after low-dose irradiation, possible mechanisms and regularities]. ---
11  2014 Adaptive response in human blood lymphocytes exposed to non-ionizing radiofrequency fields: resistance to ionizing radiation-induced damage. CD, MN
12  2014 Physical activity and low back pain: the role of subgroups based on the avoidance-endurance model. CSP, DER, EER, FAR, LT, PAL, ST
13  2014 Radioadaptive response in human lymphocyte cells. CR, CT, MN
14  2014 Role of DNA methylation in the adaptive responses induced in a human B lymphoblast cell line by long-term low-dose exposures to gamma-rays and cadmium. 5-aza-dC, LDR
15  2014 The response of mouse embryonic stem cells to low doses of gamma-radiation: evidence for an adaptive response. mESCs
16  2013 Relieved residual damage in the hematopoietic system of mice rescued by radiation-induced adaptive response (Yonezawa Effect). LET, NCEs, PCEs
17  2013 Role of DNA methylation in long-term low-dose gamma-rays induced adaptive response in human B lymphoblast cells. 5-aza-dC, DNMT, HP1, LDR, MeCP2
18  2012 Adaptive response in mice exposed to 900 MHz radiofrequency fields: primary DNA damage. RF
19  2012 Adaptive response of low linear energy transfer X-rays for protection against high linear energy transfer accelerated heavy ion-induced teratogenesis. LET
20  2012 Dependence of adaptive response and its bystander transmission on the genetic background of tested cells. D-NHEJ, DSB, HRR, IR, MEF
21  2012 Gentiana asclepiadea and Armoracia rusticana can modulate the adaptive response induced by zeocin in human lymphocytes. AP
22  2012 Induction of an adaptive response in human blood lymphocytes exposed to radiofrequency fields: influence of the universal mobile telecommunication system (UMTS) signal and the specific absorption rate. AD, CD, GSM, MMC, MN, RF, SAR, UMTS
23  2012 [Changes in cellular radiosensitivity after low dose irradiation]. MN
24  2011 Adaptive response: modelling and experimental studies. LPL
25  2011 Delayed effects of chronic low-dose high linear energy transfer (LET) radiation on mice in vivo. BH, GI, LET, PCEs
26  2011 Gene silencing of Tead3 abrogates radiation-induced adaptive response in cultured mouse limb bud cells. ---
27  2011 Human Lung Cancer Risks from Radon - Part II - Influence from Combined Adaptive Response and Bystander Effects - A Microdose Analysis. BE
28  2011 Induction of adaptive response in human blood lymphocytes exposed to 900 MHz radiofrequency fields: influence of cell cycle. AD, CD, MMC, MN, RF
29  2011 Mutagenic adaptive response to high-LET radiation in human lymphoblastoid cells exposed to low doses of heavy-ion radiation. IR
30  2011 Mutagenic adaptive response to high-LET radiation in human lymphoblastoid cells exposed to X-rays. ---
31  2011 Trp53 activity is repressed in radio-adapted cultured murine limb bud cells. IR
32  2011 [Radiation-induced "bystander effect" revealed by means of adaptive response in cocultured lymphocytes from humans of different genders]. ---
33  2010 Evidence of an adaptive response targeting DNA nonhomologous end joining and its transmission to bystander cells. DSB, NHEJ
34  2010 Increased levels of p53 and PARP-1 in EL-4 cells probably related with the immune adaptive response induced by low dose ionizing radiation in vitro. DNA-PKcs, LDR
35  2010 [Bystander effect development in human mesenchymal stem cells after exposure to adaptive dose of X-radiation]. BE, hMSCs, NFR
36  2009 Adaptive response in embryogenesis: vi. Comparative microarray analysis of gene expressions in mouse fetuses. ---
37  2009 Does single-dose cell resistance to the radio-mimetic zeocin correlate with a zeocin-induced adaptive response in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii strains? WT
38  2009 [Adaptive response in the different mitotic cycles after irradiation]. ---
39  2009 [Double-strand DNA breaks induction and repair in human blood lymphocytes irradiated with adapting dose]. DSB
40  2009 [Protection of radiosensitive human cells against the action of heavy metals by antimutagens and adapting factors: association with genetic and protein polymorphisms]. ---
41  2008 "Protective bystander effects simulated with the state-vector model"--HeLa x skin exposure to Cs not protective bystander response but mammogram and diagnostic X-rays are. BE
42  2008 A composite microdose Adaptive Response (AR) and Bystander Effect (BE) model-application to low LET and high LET AR and BE data. BE, LET
43  2008 Characteristics of the adaptive response in cultured salmon cells exposed to ionizing radiation. ---
44  2008 Mammogram and diagnostic X-rays--evidence of protective Bystander, Adaptive Response (AR) radio-protection and AR retention at high dose levels. BE, MLE
45  2008 Variability in cytogenetic adaptive response of cultured human lymphocytes to mitomycin C, bleomycin, quinacrine dihydrochloride, Co60 gamma-rays and hyperthermia. BLM, HT, MMC, MN
46  2008 [Adaptive response--the general biological tendency: facts, hipothesis, questions]. ---
47  2008 [Extracellular DNA fragments from culture medium of low-dose irradiated human lymphocyte trigger instigating of the oxidative stress and the adaptive response in non-irradiated bystander lymphocytes]. BE, NFR, OS
48  2008 [Peculiar effects of low doses of high let radiation on mice]. ---
49  2008 [The mechanisms of adaptive response. Estimation of capacity of human blood lymphocytes to radiation adaptive response using different criteria]. ---
50  2008 [The radiosensitivity change of human blood lymphocytes in different mitotic cycles after a low dose irradiation]. MN
51  2007 Adaptive response: Part II. Further modeling for dose rate and time influences. ---
52  2007 Induction of DNA double-strand breaks by zeocin in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and the role of increased DNA double-strand breaks rejoining in the formation of an adaptive response. DSB
53  2007 Thresholds and transitions for activation of cellular radioprotective mechanisms - correlations between HRS/IRR and the 'inverse' dose-rate effect. HRS/IRR, IDRE
54  2007 [An individual variability of the adaptive response to irradiation in human cells. Approach to its determination]. MN
55  2006 [Structural rearrangements of the chromatin during the adaptive response in two genetically close djungarian hamster fibroblast cell lines with different radiosensitivity]. ARC, AVTD
56  2006 [The potential of 1,1'-hexamethylenebis [3-(3,5-dichloro-4-pyridyl)] urea to modify genotoxic actions of chemical mutagens in various test-systems]. ---
57  2005 Adaptive response by single cell radiation hits--implications for nuclear workers. ---
58  2004 Phenomena leading to cell survival values which deviate from linear-quadratic models. BE, DIE, HRS, IR, IRR
59  2004 [Connectivity between soxS gene expression and adaptive resistance to the SoxRS-regulon inducers in E. coli cells]. ---
60  2004 [On the new mechanism of adaptive response]. MN
61  2004 [The cytogenetic damage, radiosensitivity and adaptive response in children living in the different districts of Moscow]. MN
62  2003 [Analysis of the role of DNA repair, regulation of cell cycle and apoptosis in the radiation-induced adaptive response of mammalian cells]. BER, HRR, NER, NHEJ, PARP, PI3K, PKC, PLC
63  2003 [Low doses of radiation decrease the level of spontaneous and gamma-induced chromosomal mutagenesis in bone marrow cells of mice in vivo]. ---
64  2003 [The cell composition in the lymphocyte population and the radiation adaptive response]. ---
65  2002 Analysis of adaptive response to bleomycin and mitomycin C. BLM, CA, CD, DSB, MMC, SCEs, SSB
66  2002 Cellular communication and bystander effects: a critical review for modelling low-dose radiation action. ICM
67  2002 Opposite responses in two DNA repair capacity tests in lymphocytes of head and neck cancer patients. BLM, DEB, HNSCC
68  2002 [Comparison of the protective effect of garlic extract and cell defense during adaptive response]. 3-AB, 4NQO, GE
69  2002 [Cytogenetic results of irradiation of Southern Ural residents]. MN
70  2002 [Stimulated repopulation as a basis of antimutagenesis and the adaptive response in plants]. MI, MNU
71  2001 Neutron-induced adaptive response studied in go human lymphocytes using the comet assay. ---
72  2001 Radioadaptive response in human lymphocytes in vitro. AD, CD
73  2001 [Clinical and immunological characteristics and specific features of the treatment of patients with recurrent sarcoidosis of respiratory organs]. SRO
74  2001 [Radiation adaptive response in wheat. Phenomenology and possible mechanism]. ---
75  2000 Assessment of the adaptive response induced by quercetin using the MNCB peripheral blood human lymphocytes assay. MMC, MNCB
76  2000 Variability of G(2) checkpoint sensitivity to low doses of X-rays (2 cGy): correlation with G(2) chromatid aberrations but not with an adaptive response. ---
77  1999 Adaptive response and its variation in human normal and tumour cells. ---
78  1999 [Molecular and cellular mechanisms of the adaptive response in eukaryotes]. ---
79  1999 [Radiation-induced adaptive response in children and effect of external and internal factors]. MN
80  1999 [Radioadaptive response in human cells with different DNA repair activity]. ---
81  1998 Comet assay on children's leukocytes 8 years after the Chernobyl disaster. ---
82  1994 On the genetic background of the adaptive response to X-rays in Drosophila melanogaster. DL
83  1991 Adaptive response in irradiated human lymphocytes: radiobiological and genetical aspects. ---