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Abbreviation:   AR  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   aldose reductase
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Association between Aldose Reductase Gene C(-106)T Polymorphism and Diabetic Retinopathy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. DM, DR, NOS
2020 Development of Novel Oxotriazinoindole Inhibitors of Aldose Reductase: Isosteric Sulfur/Oxygen Replacement in the Thioxotriazinoindole Cemtirestat Markedly Improved Inhibition Selectivity. OTIs
2020 Early identification of promiscuous attributes of aldose reductase inhibitors using a DMSO-perturbation assay. DMSO
2020 Excess salt intake promotes M1 microglia polarization via a p38/MAPK/AR-dependent pathway after cerebral ischemia in mice. HSD, LPS, pMCAL
2020 Neuroprotective effects of oleuropein on retina photoreceptors cells primary culture and olive leaf extract and oleuropein inhibitory effects on aldose reductase in a diabetic model: Meriones shawi. ---
2020 The Influence of Some Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs on Metabolic Enzymes of Aldose Reductase, Sorbitol Dehydrogenase, and alpha-Glycosidase: a Perspective for Metabolic Disorders. SDH
2019 Age-related alteration in the distribution of methylglyoxal and its metabolic enzymes in the mouse brain. AGEs, GLO1, MG
2019 Aldose reductase inhibition enhances lens regeneration in mice. ARKO, ECLE, PCO
2019 Aldose Reductase Inhibitors of Plant Origin in the Prevention and Treatment of Alcoholic Liver Disease: A Minireview. ALD
10  2019 Anti-diabetic Properties of Calcium Channel Blockers: Inhibition Effects on Aldose Reductase Enzyme Activity. ---
11  2019 Antidiabetic properties of dietary phenolic compounds: Inhibition effects on alpha-amylase, aldose reductase, and alpha-glycosidase. ---
12  2019 Astaxanthin inhibits aldose reductase activity in Psammomys obesus, a model of type 2 diabetes and diabetic retinopathy. ATX, DR, HD, P.ob
13  2019 Berberine mitigates high glucose-potentiated platelet aggregation and apoptosis by modulating aldose reductase and NADPH oxidase activity. DM, HG, NOX, ROS
14  2019 Characterization of novel kainic acid analogs as inhibitors of select microglial functions. AD, CNS, KA, KAAs, MCP, NO
15  2019 Characterization of structural requirement for binding of gigantol and aldose reductase. DC
16  2019 Clinical significance of autoantibodies in the assessment and treatment of idiopathic membranous nephropathy. ALB, IMN, PLA2R, SOD2
17  2019 Cooperative regulation of mouse aldose reductase (AKR1B3) gene transcription by Nrf2, TonEBP, and c-jun. ARE, MSRR, TonE, TonEBP
18  2019 Dietary flavonoids inhibit the glycation of lens proteins: implications in the management of diabetic cataract. ---
19  2019 Effect of baicalin on renal function in patients with diabetic nephropathy and its therapeutic mechanism. beta2-MG, FPG, GSH-Px, NF-kappaB, SOD, TGF-beta1, UAER, VEGF
20  2019 Epalrestat, an Aldose Reductase Inhibitor, Restores Erectile Function in Streptozocin-induced Diabetic Rats. alpha-SMA, ARI, DED, ICP, MAP, NGF, nNOS, STZ, vWF
21  2019 Impaired enzymatic reactive aldehyde-detoxifying capacity and glutathione peroxidase activity in the aged human arterial tissue. FDPL, GSH-Px, STA
22  2019 Inhibition effects of quinones on aldose reductase: Antidiabetic properties. SDS-PAGE
23  2019 Inhibition of aldose reductase activity stimulates starvation induced autophagy and clears aldehyde protein adducts. ---
24  2019 Molecular docking analysis of candidate compoundsderived from medicinal plants with type 2 diabetes mellitus targets. DM, IR, SIRT6
25  2019 Natural aldose reductase inhibitor: A potential therapeutic agent for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. NAFLD, NASH, PPAR
26  2019 NFAT5 is differentially expressed in Sprague-Dawley rat tissues in response to high salt and high fructose diets. NFAT5
27  2019 Parasitoid wasp venom elevates sorbitol and alters expression of metabolic genes in human kidney cells. HRMCs
28  2019 Protective Effect of beta-Glucogallin on Damaged Cataract Against Methylglyoxal Induced Oxidative Stress in Cultured Lens Epithelial Cells. COX, GG, ICAM-1, IL, MCP-1, MG
29  2019 Relationship between aldose reductase enzyme and the signaling pathway of protein kinase C in the in vitro diabetic retinopathy model. IkB-alpha, JNK, NF-kB, PKC, SAPK
30  2019 Role of aldose reductase in diabetes-induced retinal microglia activation. AGA, DR, RMG, STZ
31  2019 Screening and Isolating Major Aldose Reductase Inhibitors from the Seeds of Evening Primrose (Oenothera biennis). ARIs, RLAR
32  2019 Sorbinil, an Aldose Reductase Inhibitor, in Fighting Against Diabetic Complications. ARI
33  2019 Sugar Alcohols of Polyol Pathway Serve as Alarmins to Mediate Local-Systemic Innate Immune Communication in Drosophila. GFIC
34  2019 Synthesis and Aldose Reductase Inhibitory Activity of Botryllazine A Derivatives. ---
35  2019 Targeted co-delivery of the aldose reductase inhibitor epalrestat and chemotherapeutic doxorubicin via a redox-sensitive prodrug approach promotes synergistic tumor suppression. DOX, EPR, TPGS
36  2019 The Effect of Vitamin D on Cellular Pathways of Diabetic Nephropathy. GFAT
37  2019 The effects of hesperidin on sodium arsenite-induced different organ toxicity in rats on metabolic enzymes as antidiabetic and anticholinergics potentials: A biochemical approach. AChE, AD, alpha-Gly, BChE, CA, HSP, PON1, SA
38  2019 The effects of naringin on different cyclophosphamide-induced organ toxicities in rats: investigation of changes in some metabolic enzyme activities. AChE, alpha-Gly, BChE, CA, CYP, NG
39  2019 Transduced Tat-aldose Reductase Protects Hippocampal Neuronal Cells against Oxidative Stress-induced Damage. BBB, MAPKs
40  2019 Understanding Aldose Reductase-Inhibitors interactions with free energy simulation. ---
41  2019 Vitamin D suppresses cellular pathways of diabetes complication in liver. AGER, AGEs, GFAT, GLO-1, OGT
42  2019 [Interventional effect of epalrestat on renal interstitial fibrosis in unilateral ureteral obstruction rats and its mechanism]. alpha-SMA, E-cadherin, EPS, FN, FSP-1, TGF-beta1, UUO
43  2018 A spontaneously immortalized Schwann cell line from aldose reductase-deficient mice as a useful tool for studying polyol pathway and aldehyde metabolism. IKARS1
44  2018 Aldo-Keto Reductases: Multifunctional Proteins as Therapeutic Targets in Diabetes and Inflammatory Disease. DR
45  2018 Aldose Reductase Inhibition Prevents Development of Posterior Capsular Opacification in an In Vivo Model of Cataract Surgery. alpha-SMA, ECLE, EMT, PCO, qRT-PCR
46  2018 Aldose reductase inhibitor protects mice from alcoholic steatosis by repressing saturated fatty acid biosynthesis. ---
47  2018 Aldose Reductase Inhibitor, Fidarestat Prevents High-fat Diet-induced Intestinal Polyps in ApcMin/+ Mice. CRC, HFD
48  2018 An investigation on 4-thiazolidinone derivatives as dual inhibitors of aldose reductase and protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B, in the search for potential agents for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus and its complications. DM, DMLs, PTP1B
49  2018 Antidiabetic cataract effects of GbE, rutin and quercetin are mediated by the inhibition of oxidative stress and polyol pathway. AGEs, DC, GBE, MDA, STZ
50  2018 Antidiabetic potential: In vitro inhibition effects of bromophenol and diarylmethanones derivatives on metabolic enzymes. ---
51  2018 Antioxidant activity and inhibitory effects of 2-hydroxy-3-methylcyclopent-2-enone isolated from ribose-histidine Maillard reaction products on aldose reductase and tyrosinase. MC, MRPs, RH-MRPs
52  2018 Caralluma fimbriata and metformin protection of rat pancreas from high fat diet induced oxidative stress. HFD, LO, MET, PO, SDH
53  2018 Comparison of the Effects of Prophylactic and Therapeutic Administrations on Peripheral Neuropathy in Streptozotocin-Diabetic Rats with Gliclazide or Methylcobalamin. GLZ, MCA, MNCV
54  2018 Composition of Ophiopogon Polysaccharide, Notoginseng Total Saponins and Rhizoma Coptidis Alkaloids Inhibits the Myocardial Apoptosis on Diabetic Atherosclerosis Rabbit. AGEs, AI, Bcl-2, DA, ELISA, FBG, FRA, GHb, GSP, p-JNK, RAGE, TUNEL
55  2018 Deficiency of aldose reductase exacerbates early pressure overload-induced cardiac dysfunction and autophagy in mice. HNE, TAC, WT
56  2018 Delaying of cataract through intervention of Hemidesmus indicus in STZ induced diabetic rats. STZ
57  2018 Diarylmethanon, bromophenol and diarylmethane compounds: Discovery of potent aldose reductase, alpha-amylase and alpha-glycosidase inhibitors as new therapeutic approach in diabetes and functional hyperglycemia. DM
58  2018 Downregulation of aldose reductase is responsible for developmental abnormalities of the silkworm purple quail-like mutant (q-lp). BmAR, qRT-PCR
59  2018 Gedunin, A Neem Limonoid in Combination with Epalrestat Inhibits Cancer Hallmarks by Attenuating Aldose Reductase-Driven Oncogenic Signaling in SCC131 Oral Cancer Cells. ---
60  2018 Human Aldose Reductase Expression Prevents Atherosclerosis Regression in Diabetic Mice. hAR
61  2018 Inhibition of alpha-glucosidase, alpha-amylase, and aldose reductase by potato polyphenolic compounds. TA, TP
62  2018 Invitro and invivo evaluation of pterostilbene for the management of diabetic complications. AGE, RKAR, RLAR
63  2018 Novel aldose reductase inhibitory and antioxidant chlorogenic acid derivatives obtained by heat treatment of chlorogenic acid and amino acids. CGA, GT, HMS
64  2018 Protective effects of the Chinese herbal medicine prescription Zhujing pill on retina of streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. AGEs, BRB, DR, GSH-Px, HPLC, hs-CRP, ICAM-1, IL-1beta, IL-6, MDA, SOD, TNF-alpha, VEGF, ZJP, ZJPE
65  2018 Redox imbalance stress in diabetes mellitus: Role of the polyol pathway. ---
66  2018 Regulation of aldose reductase activity by tubulin and phenolic acid derivates. ---
67  2018 Synthesis and biological evaluation of stilbene derivatives coupled to NO donors as potential antidiabetic agents. AGEs
68  2018 The interactions of cephalosporins on polyol pathway enzymes from sheep kidney. SDH
69  2017 Aldose reductase (AKR1B) deficiency promotes phagocytosis in bone marrow derived mouse macrophages. AKR, BMMs, LPS, WT
70  2017 Aldose Reductase as a Drug Target for Treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy: Promises and Challenges. AGE, DN
71  2017 Aldose reductase deficiency leads to oxidative stress-induced dopaminergic neuronal loss and autophagic abnormality in an animal model of Parkinson's disease. COX2, MPTP, PD, Prx2, SOD, TH
72  2017 Aldose reductase inhibitor increases doxorubicin-sensitivity of colon cancer cells and decreases cardiotoxicity. CRC, DOX
73  2017 Aldose Reductase Inhibitor Protects against Hyperglycemic Stress by Activating Nrf2-Dependent Antioxidant Proteins. HO-1
74  2017 Aldose reductase inhibitor, fidarestat regulates mitochondrial biogenesis via Nrf2/HO-1/AMPK pathway in colon cancer cells. CRC
75  2017 Aldose reductase inhibitors attenuate beta-amyloid-induced TNF-alpha production in microlgia via ROS-PKC-mediated NF-kappaB and MAPK pathways. AD, ARIs, PKC, Sor, Zol
76  2017 Aldose reductase interacts with AKT1 to augment hepatic AKT/mTOR signaling and promote hepatocarcinogenesis. HCC
77  2017 Aldose reductase mediates endothelial cell dysfunction induced by high uric acid concentrations. ROS, UA
78  2017 Aldose Reductase Mediates NLRP3 Inflammasome-Initiated Innate Immune Response in Hyperglycemia-Induced Thp1 Monocytes and Male Mice. IL, NLRP3, ROS, STZ
79  2017 Aldose reductase modulates acute activation of mesenchymal markers via the beta-catenin pathway during cardiac ischemia-reperfusion. I/R, LAD, LT
80  2017 Antihyperglycaemic activity of the methanol extract from leaves of Eremophila maculata (Scrophulariaceae) in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. EMM, FBG, GLB, HPA, MGAM
81  2017 AR C-106T gene polymorphism and diabetic nephropathy in the Eastern Asians with T2DM: A meta-analysis including 2120 subjects. DN, ORs, T2DM
82  2017 Coconut phytocompounds inhibits polyol pathway enzymes: Implication in prevention of microvascular diabetic complications. CO, LA
83  2017 Corticosteroids and aldose reductase inhibitor Epalrestat modulates cardiac action potential via Kvbeta1.1 (AKR6A8) subunit of voltage-gated potassium channel. ---
84  2017 Delayed progression of diabetic cataractogenesis and retinopathy by Litchi chinensis in STZ-induced diabetic rats. AGEs, APLC, CAT, PCO, SOD
85  2017 Edible vegetables as a source of aldose reductase differential inhibitors. ---
86  2017 Effect of Oral Alpha Lipoic Acid in Preventing the Genesis of Canine Diabetic Cataract: A Preliminary Study. ALA
87  2017 In vitro and in vivo antidiabetic potential of extracts and a furostanol saponin from Balanites aegyptiaca. AG, MeEx
88  2017 Influence of aldose reductase on epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition signaling in lens epithelial cells. EMT, PCO
89  2017 Inhibition behaviours of some phenolic acids on rat kidney aldose reductase enzyme: an in vitro study. ---
90  2017 Inhibition of aldose reductase ameliorates alcoholic liver disease by activating AMPK and modulating oxidative stress and inflammatory cytokines. CYP2E1
91  2017 Inhibition of aldose reductase ameliorates ethanol‑induced steatosis in HepG2 cells. AMPK, FAS, SREBP, TNF
92  2017 Inhibition of glycation and aldose reductase activity using dietary flavonoids: A lens organ culture studies. ---
93  2017 Inhibitory Effect of Chemical Constituents Isolated from Artemisia iwayomogi on Polyol Pathway and Simultaneous Quantification of Major Bioactive Compounds. AGEs
94  2017 Interaction of AR and iNOS in lens epithelial cell: A new pathogenesis and potential therapeutic targets of diabetic cataract. DC, FRET, HLEC, iNOS
95  2017 Involvement of hyperglycemia in the development of platelet procoagulant response: the role of aldose reductase and platelet swelling. MPV
96  2017 Lutein attenuates oxidative stress markers and ameliorates glucose homeostasis through polyol pathway in heart and kidney of STZ-induced hyperglycemic rat model. OGTT, SDH, STZ
97  2017 Mechanism of capsaicin inhibition of aldose reductase activity. ---
98  2017 Olive and ginkgo extracts as potential cataract therapy with differential inhibitory activity on aldose reductase. ARI, GLE, OLE, Vmax
99  2017 Oval Cells Contribute to Fibrogenesis of Marginal Liver Grafts under Stepwise Regulation of Aldose Reductase and Notch Signaling. ---
100  2017 Phenolic compounds inhibit the aldose reductase enzyme from the sheep kidney. ---