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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 C-band 56  Gbit/s on/off keying system over a 100  km dispersion-uncompensated link using only receiver-side digital signal processing. Adam, DSP, MLSE, OOK, PNLE
2020 Comparing connectivity metrics in cortico-cortical evoked potentials using synthetic cortical response patterns. CCEPs, RMS, SEEG, TSSMs
2020 Simulation-based power and sample size calculation for designing interrupted time series analyses of count outcomes in evaluation of health policy interventions. ITS, STRIDE
2020 Use of Composites in Analysis of Individual Time Series: Implications for Person-Specific Dynamic Parameters. DFA
2019 A new Frequency Domain Measure of Causality based on Partial Spectral Decomposition of Autoregressive Processes and its Application to Cardiovascular Interactions. DC, PSSC
2019 Applying Auto-Regressive Model's Yule-Walker Approach to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) patients' Data. ALS, BCI, EEG
2019 Autoregressive and random regression test-day models for multiple lactations in genetic evaluation of Brazilian Holstein cattle. MY, RR, SCS
2019 Autoregressive modeling to assess stride time pattern stability in individuals with Huntington's disease. HD
2019 Autoregressive superresolution microelectromechanical systems Fourier transform spectrometer. FTIR, MEMS, SNR
10  2019 Design, analysis, power, and sample size calculation for three-phase interrupted time series analysis in evaluation of health policy interventions. ITS
11  2019 Detection of Driver Braking Intention Using EEG Signals During Simulated Driving. EEG
12  2019 Dynamic network modeling and dimensionality reduction for human ECoG activity. ECoG, LSSMs, RBF
13  2019 Estimation of respiratory rate from motion contaminated photoplethysmography signals incorporating accelerometry. PPG, RR
14  2019 Forecasting Hypotension during Vasopressor Infusion via Time Series Analysis. LR, SHEs
15  2019 Gamma electroencephalographic coherence and theory of mind in healthy subjects. EEG, ToM
16  2019 Identifying diffusive motions in single-particle trajectories on the plasma membrane via fractional time-series models. FIMA
17  2019 Knowledge-Aided Doppler Beam Sharpening Super-Resolution Imaging by Exploiting the Spatial Continuity Information. CPI, DBS, KA-DBS, WAS
18  2019 Novel Similarity Metric for Image-Based Out-Of-Plane Motion Estimation in 3D Ultrasound. SVM, US
19  2019 Novel Ultrasound Texture Based Similarity Metric Using Autoregressive Modelling. TexSimAR, US
20  2019 Optimal repetition time reduction for single subject event-related functional magnetic resonance imaging. ROC
21  2019 Real-time prediction of rain-impacted sewage flow for on-line control of chemical dosing in sewers. ARX, SPSs
22  2019 Refined Ventricular Activity Cancellation in Electrograms During Atrial Fibrillation by Combining Average Beat Subtraction and Interpolation. ABS, AEG
23  2019 Respiratory sinus arrhythmia - testing the method of choice for evaluation of cardiovagal regulation. FFT, HRV, LSP, RSA
24  2019 Structural Damage Identification Based on AR Model with Additive Noises Using an Improved TLS Solution. EIV, TLSE
25  2018 A Novel Personalized Motion and Noise Artifact (MNA) Detection Method for Smartphone Photoplethysmograph (PPG) Signals. MNA, MNAs, PNN, PPG
26  2018 A Parametric EEG Signal Model for BCIs with Rapid-Trial Sequences. BCI, EEG, RSVP
27  2018 A Robust Method with High Time Resolution for Estimating the Cortico-Thalamo-Cortical Loop Strength and the Delay when Using a Scalp Electroencephalography Applied to the Wake-Sleep Transition. CTC, EEG, NFT
28  2018 Adjacent Features for High-Density EMG Pattern Recognition. AF, EMG, MES, PR, TD
29  2018 Analysis of Exercise-Induced Periodic Breathing Using an Autoregressive Model and the Hilbert-Huang Transform. CPET, HHT, IMF, PB
30  2018 Automatic Change Detection for Real-Time Monitoring of EEG Signals. EEG, RPM
31  2018 Autoregressive Modeling of Drift and Random Error to Characterize a Continuous Intravascular Glucose Monitoring Sensor. BG, CGM, ICU, MARD
32  2018 Autoregressive Signal Processing Applied to High-Frequency Acoustic Microscopy of Soft Tissues. QAM
33  2018 Detection of time-, frequency- and direction-resolved communication within brain networks. EEG, FFT, NREM, rPDC
34  2018 Increase in random component of heart rate variability coinciding with developmental and degenerative stages of life. DD, ECG, HRV
35  2018 Model-Based Referenceless Quality Metric of 3D Synthesized Images Using Local Image Description. DIBR, FVV
36  2018 Multi-Step Time Series Forecasting with an Ensemble of Varied Length Mixture Models. FX, VLM
37  2018 Online detection of amplitude modulation of motor-related EEG desynchronization using a lock-in amplifier: Comparison with a fast Fourier transform, a continuous wavelet transform, and an autoregressive algorithm. BCI, CWT, EEG, ERD, FFT, HT, LIA, MCC
38  2018 Portable Drowsiness Detection through Use of a Prefrontal Single-Channel Electroencephalogram. EEG, MSE, PSD, RBF, SVM, SWLDA
39  2018 Serial correlations in single-subject fMRI with sub-second TR. SMS, TR
40  2018 Sleep stage classification using single-channel EOG. ANOVA, DWT, EOG, RCMDE, RF, RUSBoost, SVM
41  2018 Solar radiation synthetic series for power purchase agreements. ---
42  2018 Temporal Detection of Changes in the Vascularity and Concentration of Pigment Structures of a Skin Lesion. KL
43  2018 The association between seasonal influenza-like illness cases and foetal death: a time series analysis. ILI, MA
44  2018 Using Google Trends and ambient temperature to predict seasonal influenza outbreaks. GT, SARIMA
45  2018 [Research on electroencephalogram emotion recognition based on the feature fusion algorithm of auto regressive model and wavelet packet entropy]. DEAP, EEG
46  2017 ARMA Cholesky Factor Models for the Covariance Matrix of Linear Models. MA
47  2017 Automated and ERP-Based Diagnosis of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children. ADHD, ERP, SVM
48  2017 Chaotic time series prediction for glucose dynamics in type 1 diabetes mellitus using regime-switching models. CGM, GV, LSTAR, MAE, PH, RMSE, T1DM
49  2017 Depth resolution enhancement of terahertz deconvolution by autoregressive spectral extrapolation. SNR
50  2017 Driver Fatigue Classification With Independent Component by Entropy Rate Bound Minimization Analysis in an EEG-Based System. ---
51  2017 Driver fatigue detection through multiple entropy fusion analysis in an EEG-based system. EEG
52  2017 ECG based Myocardial Infarction detection using Hybrid Firefly Algorithm. FFPSO, MI, MSC, WTC
53  2017 EEMD Domain AR Spectral Method for Mean Scatterer Spacing Estimation of Breast Tumors From Ultrasound Backscattered RF Data. EEMD, GS, IMFs, KS, MAPE, MSS, RF, SAC
54  2017 Estimation of confidence limits for descriptive indexes derived from autoregressive analysis of time series: Methods and application to heart rate variability. BS, HRV, MC
55  2017 GNSS/Electronic Compass/Road Segment Information Fusion for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Collision Avoidance Application. CA, CV, GNSS, ITS, PF, RNP, RTK
56  2017 ICA-Based Imagined Conceptual Words Classification on EEG Signals. EEG, ICA, LDA
57  2017 Improving EEG-Based Driver Fatigue Classification Using Sparse-Deep Belief Networks. ANN, AUROC, BNN, DBN, EEG, sparse-DBN
58  2017 Multiscale Granger causality. GC, MA, SS
59  2017 Person-specific versus multilevel autoregressive models: Accuracy in parameterestimates at the population and individual levels. MLM, PS
60  2017 Seizure-Onset Mapping Based on Time-Variant Multivariate Functional Connectivity Analysis of High-Dimensional Intracranial EEG: A Kalman Filter Approach. iEEG
61  2017 Spatial Prediction Filtering of Acoustic Clutter and Random Noise in Medical Ultrasound Imaging. DAS
62  2016 A mechatronics platform to study prosthetic hand control using EMG signals. EMG, KW, LDA, NN, SLR, SVM
63  2016 A Power-Law Growth and Decay Model with Autocorrelation for Posting Data to Social Networking Services. ---
64  2016 A Study of Various Feature Extraction Methods on a Motor Imagery Based Brain Computer Interface System. BCI, BP, LDA, MAV, MI, PSD, VR
65  2016 A Volterra series-based method for extracting target echoes in the seafloor mining environment. ---
66  2016 Algorithmic Enhancement of Spectral Resolution of a LiNbO3 Waveguide-Based Miniature Fourier Transform Spectrometer. EOM, FBLP, FTS, SVD
67  2016 Bayesian Nonparametric Longitudinal Data Analysis. CS, DPM, GP
68  2016 Compressive Estimation and Imaging Based on Autoregressive Models. CS
69  2016 Congestive heart failure detection using random forest classifier. CHF, ECG
70  2016 FOG Random Drift Signal Denoising Based on the Improved AR Model and Modified Sage-Husa Adaptive Kalman Filter. FOG, SHAKF
71  2016 Improved gene prediction by principal component analysis based autoregressive Yule-Walker method. DM, FFT, PCA, PSD, ROC, WPT, YW-AR
72  2016 Intra-individuals and inter- and intra-observer reliability of short-term heart rate variability in adolescents. CV, FFT, HRV, ICC, PNN50, SDNN
73  2016 Missing Sample Recovery for Wireless Inertial Sensor-Based Human Movement Acquisition. EMD
74  2016 Mixture of autoregressive modeling orders and its implication on single trial EEG classification. AIC, BCI, BIC, EEG, FPE
75  2016 Modeling volatility in heat rate variability. EGARCH, GARCH, HRV
76  2016 Non-parametric directionality analysis - Extension for removal of a single common predictor and application to time series. ---
77  2016 Nonlinear Conte-Zbilut-Federici (CZF) Method of Computing LF/HF Ratio: A More Reliable Index of Changes in Heart Rate Variability. CZF, FFT, HRV, LF/HF, SDNN
78  2016 Optimizing Estimates of Instantaneous Heart Rate from Pulse Wave Signals with the Synchrosqueezing Transform. ECG, IHR, PPG, SST
79  2016 Salient Feature of Haptic-Based Guidance of People in Low Visibility Environments Using Hard Reins. ---
80  2016 Single-Trial Sparse Representation-Based Approach for VEP Extraction. ARMA, EEG, MA, SNR, VEPs
81  2016 Three-Class EEG-Based Motor Imagery Classification Using Phase-Space Reconstruction Technique. BCI, FFT, LDA, MI, SFFS
82  2016 Three-dimensional dominant frequency mapping using autoregressive spectral analysis of atrial electrograms of patients in persistent atrial fibrillation. AEGs, AF, DS, EP, LA, PersAF
83  2016 [Selection and Classification of Elastic Net Feature with Fused Electroencephalogram Features]. BCI, EEG, PSD
84  2015 Arm Orthosis/Prosthesis Movement Control Based on Surface EMG Signal Extraction. EMG
85  2015 Autoregressive model in the Lp norm space for EEG analysis. EEG
86  2015 Autoregressive spectral analysis of cortical electroencephalographic signals in a rat model of post-traumatic epilepsy. EEG, FFT, PTE, TBI
87  2015 Classifying multiple types of hand motions using electrocorticography during intraoperative awake craniotomy and seizure monitoring processes-case studies. CSP, ECoG, LDA, SSA, WL
88  2015 Comparative study of PCA in classification of multichannel EMG signals. DSC, DT, EMG, k-NN, KW, LMT, NN, PCA, SLR, TD
89  2015 Comparing features extractors in EEG-based cognitive fatigue detection of demanding computer tasks. AX-CPT, EEG, PSD, PSE, PVT
90  2015 Computationally efficient autoregressive method for generating phase screens with frozen flow and turbulence in optical simulations. AO
91  2015 Granger causality for state-space models. MA, SS
92  2015 Human Core Temperature Prediction for Heat-Injury Prevention. PIs, SPRT
93  2015 Modification of the Sandwich Estimator in Generalized Estimating Equations with Correlated Binary Outcomes in Rare Event and Small Sample Settings. CS, GEE, IND
94  2015 No-reference image sharpness assessment in autoregressive parameter space. NR
95  2015 Residual stenosis estimation of arteriovenous grafts using a dual-channel phonoangiography with fractional-order features. AVGs, GRNN, L-site, PTA, SSEF, V-site
96  2015 Residuals of autoregressive model providing additional information for feature extraction of pattern recognition-based myoelectric control. CA, EMG
97  2015 Resolution enhancement in medical ultrasound imaging. RF
99  2015 [Study on the Optimum Order of Autoregressive Models for Heart Rate Variability Analysis]. FPE, HF, HRV, LF
100  2014 A Hurst exponent estimator based on autoregressive power spectrum estimation with order selection. DFGN