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Abbreviation:   ATII  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   alveolar type II
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 PAI-1 Regulation of TGF-beta1-induced Alveolar Type II Cell Senescence, SASP Secretion, and SASP-mediated Activation of Alveolar Macrophages. PAI-1
2020 Pulmonary Metabolism of Substrates for Key Drug-Metabolizing Enzymes by Human Alveolar Type II Cells, Human and Rat Lung Microsomes, and the Isolated Perfused Rat Lung Model. FMOs
2019 Aflatoxin G1 induced TNF-alpha-dependent lung inflammation to enhance DNA damage in alveolar epithelial cells. AFG1, TNF
2019 CHUK/IKK-alpha loss in lung epithelial cells enhances NSCLC growth associated with HIF up-regulation. NSCLC, TMX
2019 High amplitude stretching of ATII cells and fibroblasts results in profibrotic effects. ECM, EMT, miRNA
2019 Impaired non-homologous end joining in human primary alveolar type II cells in emphysema. NHEJ
2019 Interaction of microtubules and actin during the post-fusion phase of exocytosis. ---
2019 Isolation of Alveolar Type II Cells from Adult Bovine Lung. ATI
2019 miR-200 family members reduce senescence and restore idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis type II alveolar epithelial cell transdifferentiation. ATI, EMT, IPF
10  2019 miR-20a-5p regulates pulmonary surfactant gene expression in alveolar type II cells. GFP, miRNA, PTEN, SPs
11  2019 Mitochondrial dysfunction in human primary alveolar type II cells in emphysema. mt, NIH
12  2019 Novel insights into the role of LRRC8A in ameliorating alveolar fluid clearance in LPS induced acute lung injury. AFC, LPS, LRRC8A
13  2019 S100A8 Protects Human Primary Alveolar Type II Cells against Injury and Emphysema. ---
14  2019 Syndecan-1 promotes lung fibrosis by regulating epithelial reprogramming through extracellular vesicles. EVs, IPF
15  2019 The effect of cysteine oxidation on DJ-1 cytoprotective function in human alveolar type II cells. Cys-106, ND1
16  2019 The relationship between DJ-1 and S100A8 in human primary alveolar type II cells in emphysema. ---
17  2019 The role of DJ-1 in human primary alveolar type II cell injury induced by e-cigarette aerosol. e-cigarettes, KO, OXPHOS
18  2019 Vibrational spectroscopic imaging and live cell video microscopy for studying differentiation of primary human alveolar epithelial cells. CARS
19  2018 Decompression sickness, fatness and active hydrophobic spots. AHS, BG, DCS, DPPC, LB, PFO
20  2018 Effects of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells on gene expression in human alveolar type II cells exposed to TNF-alpha, IL-1beta, and IFN-gamma. ARDS, MSCs
21  2018 Intratracheal instillation of alveolar type II cells enhances recovery from acute lung injury in rats. ALI, ARDS, LPS, PGE2, SP-A
22  2018 Isolation and characterisation of alveolar type II pneumocytes from adult bovine lung. ATI, bTB
23  2018 Isolation and Characterization of Human Alveolar Type II Cells. ---
24  2018 Murine alveolar epithelial cells and their lentivirus-mediated immortalisation. hAEpC, mAELVi, mAEpC, TEER, TJs
25  2018 Pulmonary surfactant protein SP-B promotes exocytosis of lamellar bodies in alveolar type II cells. SP
26  2018 ResolvinD1 stimulates epithelial wound repair and inhibits TGF-beta-induced EMT whilst reducing fibroproliferation and collagen production. ARDS, EMT, RvD1
27  2018 The cytoprotective role of DJ-1 and p45 NFE2 against human primary alveolar type II cell injury and emphysema. ECM, NFE2
28  2017 Correlation analysis of surfactant protein A and surfactant protein D with lung function in exhaled breath condensate from lung cancer patients with and without COPD. COPD, EBC, FEV1
29  2017 Crosstalk between Mitochondrial Fission and Oxidative Stress in Paraquat-Induced Apoptosis in Mouse Alveolar Type II Cells. cyt c, PQ, ROS
30  2017 Deletion of SMARCA4 impairs alveolar epithelial type II cells proliferation and aggravates pulmonary fibrosis in mice. AECs, PF
31  2017 Differential Expression of VEGF-Axxx Isoforms Is Critical for Development of Pulmonary Fibrosis. IPF, VEGF
32  2017 Effects of baicalin on alveolar fluid clearance and alpha-ENaC expression in rats with LPS-induced acute lung injury. AFC, cAMP, ENaC, LPS, PKA
33  2017 Pulmonary surfactant and bacterial lipopolysaccharide: the interaction and its functional consequences. ALI, LPS, Sps
34  2017 Role of epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) and fibroblast function in cerium oxide nanoparticles-induced lung fibrosis. EMT, SMA, SPC
35  2017 Stretch-induced apoptosis in rat alveolar epithelial cells is mediated by the intrinsic mitochondrial pathway. ROS
36  2016 Contribution of alveolar type II cell-derived cyclooxygenase-2 to basal airway function, lung inflammation, and lung fibrosis. AHR, COX, PGs, WT
37  2016 Down-regulation of microRNA-126-5p contributes to overexpression of VEGFA in lipopolysaccharide-induced acute lung injury. LPS, miR-126-5p, VEGF-A
38  2016 Lethal H1N1 influenza A virus infection alters the murine alveolar type II cell surfactant lipidome. ---
39  2016 Long Term Culture of the A549 Cancer Cell Line Promotes Multilamellar Body Formation and Differentiation towards an Alveolar Type II Pneumocyte Phenotype. MLB
40  2016 Perinatal nicotine exposure induces myogenic differentiation, but not epithelial-mesenchymal transition in rat offspring lung. EMT, FSP, PND
41  2016 Safety and Tolerability of Alveolar Type II Cell Transplantation in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. IPF
42  2016 The role of myosin 1c and myosin 1b in surfactant exocytosis. ---
43  2015 Infection of mice with influenza A/WSN/33 (H1N1) virus alters alveolar type II cell phenotype. ATI, GFP, podo, SP-C
44  2015 Interdependent TTF1 - ErbB4 interactions are critical for surfactant protein-B homeostasis in primary mouse lung alveolar type II cells. SftpB, TTF
45  2015 Mesenchymal stem cells ameliorate LPS-induced acute lung injury through KGF promoting alveolar fluid clearance of alveolar type II cells. AFC, ALI, KGF, MSCs
46  2015 Selective targeting of alveolar type II respiratory epithelial cells by anti-surfactant protein-C antibody-conjugated lipoplexes. SP-C
47  2014 A novel "Turn-On" fluorescent probe for F(-) detection in aqueous solution and its application in live-cell imaging. DFT, PET
48  2014 Caffeine induces alveolar apoptosis in the hyperoxia-exposed developing mouse lung. BAL, BPD
49  2014 ENaC activity and expression is decreased in the lungs of protein kinase C-alpha knockout mice. ENaC, Po, ROS
50  2014 Environmental particulate (PM2.5) augments stiffness-induced alveolar epithelial cell mechanoactivation of transforming growth factor beta. COPD, ECM, PF, ROS, TGF-beta
51  2014 Human decidua-derived mesenchymal stem cells differentiate into functional alveolar type II-like cells that synthesize and secrete pulmonary surfactant complexes. ATII-LCs, DMSCs
52  2014 Identification of cancer initiating cells in K-Ras driven lung adenocarcinoma. ---
53  2014 Imaging P2X4 receptor subcellular distribution, trafficking, and regulation using P2X4-pHluorin. ATP, LBs, PM
54  2014 KGFR promotes Na+ channel expression in a rat acute lung injury model. ALI, KGF, KGFR, LPS
55  2014 Knockdown of Drosha in human alveolar type II cells alters expression of SP-A in culture: a pilot study. A/L, SP-A
56  2014 Lung fibroblasts accelerate wound closure in human alveolar epithelial cells through hepatocyte growth factor/c-Met signaling. AECs, ALI/ARDS, FBs, HGF
57  2014 Nontoxic impact of PEG-coated gold nanospheres on functional pulmonary surfactant-secreting alveolar type II cells. NPs, PEG, PS
58  2014 Stanniocalcin-1 is induced by hypoxia inducible factor in rat alveolar epithelial cells. A/L, AEC, ENO, HIF, MMP, rhSTC1, STC1, TH
59  2014 Surfactant secretion in LRRK2 knock-out rats: changes in lamellar body morphology and rate of exocytosis. LBs, LRRK2
60  2014 Synergistic effects of particulate matter and substrate stiffness on epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition. ECM, EMT, FN, kPa, PM, TGF-beta
61  2014 Systemic hydrogen sulfide administration partially restores normal alveolarization in an experimental animal model of bronchopulmonary dysplasia. BPD
62  2013 Contribution of CFTR to alveolar fluid clearance by lipoxin A4 via PI3K/Akt pathway in LPS-induced acute lung injury. AFC, CFTR
63  2013 Fusion-activated cation entry (FACE) via P2X₄ couples surfactant secretion and alveolar fluid transport. ASL, FACE, Isc, LBs
64  2013 Gene-modified mesenchymal stem cells protect against radiation-induced lung injury. Ad-sTbetaR-MSCs, alpha-SMA, CTGF, MDA, MSCs, MSCs CM, RILI, TGF-beta
65  2013 Identification of Sec14-like 3 as a novel lipid-packing sensor in the lung. EST, NCBI, Sec14L3
66  2013 Insulin-like growth factor-I stimulates differentiation of ATII cells to ATI-like cells through activation of Wnt5a. ATI, IGF-I
67  2013 Isoflurane regulates atypical type-A gamma-aminobutyric acid receptors in alveolar type II epithelial cells. COX-2, GABAA
68  2013 N-acetylcysteine protects murine alveolar type II cells from cigarette smoke injury in a nuclear erythroid 2-related factor-2-independent manner. COPD, CS, NAC, Nrf2
69  2013 Protease-activated receptors (PAR)-1 and -3 drive epithelial-mesenchymal transition of alveolar epithelial cells - potential role in lung fibrosis. EMT, IPF, PAR, PARs
70  2013 Pulmonary surfactants and their role in pathophysiology of lung disorders. ---
71  2013 The idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis honeycomb cyst contains a mucocilary pseudostratified epithelium. HC, IPF/UIP
72  2013 Trolox contributes to Nrf2-mediated protection of human and murine primary alveolar type II cells from injury by cigarette smoke. COPD, CS, Nrf2, ROS
73  2012 Actin coating and compression of fused secretory vesicles are essential for surfactant secretion--a role for Rho, formins and myosin II. LBs
74  2012 An ultra fast detection method reveals strain-induced Ca(2+) entry via TRPV2 in alveolar type II cells. ---
75  2012 Analysis of gene expression profiles in alveolar epithelial type II-like cells differentiated from human alveolar epithelial progenitor cells. ---
76  2012 Efficient and rapid isolation and purification of mouse alveolar type II epithelial cells. EpCAM, LPCAT
77  2012 K+ channels regulate ENaC expression via changes in promoter activity and control fluid clearance in alveolar epithelial cells. ---
78  2012 Molecular basis of early epithelial response to streptococcal exotoxin: role of STIM1 and Orai1 proteins. CDC, SLO
79  2012 Nrf2 protects human alveolar epithelial cells against injury induced by influenza A virus. AdNrf2, AM, ATI-like, IAV, Nrf2, PR8
80  2012 Regulation of alveolar epithelial cell apoptosis and pulmonary fibrosis by coordinate expression of components of the fibrinolytic system. ALI, BLM, CSP, PAI-1, PF, uPA, uPAR, WT
81  2012 Regulation of alveolar epithelial Na+ channels by ERK1/2 in chlorine-breathing mice. ENaCs, ERK, ESR
82  2012 [Effects of simvastatin on lipopolysaccharide induced alpha-subunit epithelial sodium channel mRNA in rat lung alveolar type II epithelial cells]. alpha-ENaC, ELISA, IL-1beta, LPS, RT-PCR, SD, TNF-alpha
83  2011 Alveolar type II cells escape stress failure caused by tonic stretch through transient focal adhesion disassembly. FA, VILI
84  2011 Atomic force microscopy of microvillous cell surface dynamics at fixed and living alveolar type II cells. AFM, CM, SEM
85  2011 Balance of life and death in alveolar epithelial type II cells: proliferation, apoptosis, and the effects of cyclic stretch on wound healing. CS
86  2011 Effects of furosemide on allergic asthmatic responses in mice. AECs, AHR, ASM, BAL, MCh, NKCC, OVA, RS
87  2011 Enhancement of alveolar epithelial sodium channel activity with decreased cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator expression in mouse lung. ATI, CFTR
88  2011 Epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) induced by bleomycin or TFG(b1)/EGF in murine induced pluripotent stem cell-derived alveolar Type II-like cells. EGF, EMT, ES, iPS, SP-A, SP-B, SP-C
89  2011 Fusion-activated Ca2+ entry via vesicular P2X4 receptors promotes fusion pore opening and exocytotic content release in pneumocytes. LBs
90  2011 Hypoxia-inducible factor regulates expression of surfactant protein in alveolar type II cells in vitro. A/L, GLUT1, HIF
91  2011 Innate immune response to influenza A virus in differentiated human alveolar type II cells. SP
92  2011 Isolation of alveolar epithelial type II progenitor cells from adult human lungs. MSCs
93  2011 Rab38 targets to lamellar bodies and normalizes their sizes in lung alveolar type II epithelial cells. EGFP, FHH, LB, SD
94  2011 Therapeutic role of terbutaline in a rat whole-lung lavage model. DSPC, NS, PAP, TP, TPL, WLL
95  2010 2-APB and capsazepine-induced Ca2+ influx stimulates clathrin-dependent endocytosis in alveolar epithelial cells. 2-APB, CPZ, LB
96  2010 Alveolar but not intravenous S-ketamine inhibits alveolar sodium transport and lung fluid clearance in rats. AFC, ISC
97  2010 Assessment of cell line models of primary human cells by Raman spectral phenotyping. ATI
98  2010 Beta2-adrenergic stimulation blunts inhibition of epithelial ion transport by hypoxia of rat alveolar epithelial cells. ---
99  2010 Dynamic investigation of alveolar type II cell function in a long-term survival model of rat lung ischemia-reperfusion injury. IR, LBs, LIRI, SP-C
100  2010 Effects of perfluorocarbons on surfactant exocytosis and membrane properties in isolated alveolar type II cells. PFC