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Abbreviation:   AWR  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   abdominal withdrawal reflex
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2019 Central oxytocin signaling mediates the central orexin-induced visceral antinociception through the opioid system in conscious rats. CNS
2019 Corticotropin-releasing factor induces inflammatory cytokines via the NLRP6-inflammatory cytokine axis in a murine model of irritable bowel syndrome. C. butyricum, CRF, IBS, IL, NLRP6, WAS
2019 Effect of Electroacupuncture at Different Acupoints on the Expression of NMDA Receptors in ACC and Colon in IBS Rats. ACC, EA, IBS, NMDA receptor, OFT
2019 Hydrogen sulfide downregulates colonic afferent sensitivity by a nitric oxide synthase-dependent mechanism in mice. CRD
2019 MicroRNA-211-5p Enhances Analgesic Effect of Dexmedetomidine on Inflammatory Visceral Pain in Rats by Suppressing ERK Signaling. CIVP, DEX, miRNAs, MWT, TWL
2019 MiRNA-29a modulates visceral hyperalgesia in irritable bowel syndrome by targeting HTR7. HTR7, IBS, RT-qPCR, WAS
2019 Resveratrol Improves Brain-Gut Axis by Regulation of 5-HT-Dependent Signaling in the Rat Model of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 5-HT, BDNF, CACS, IBS, ITM, pCREB
2018 A Novel EphA2 Inhibitor Exerts Beneficial Effects in PI-IBS in Vivo and in Vitro Models via Nrf2 and NF-kappaB Signaling Pathways. PI-IBS
2018 A rat model for studying electroacupuncture analgesia on acute visceral hyperalgesia. AA, CRD, EA, EMG
10  2018 Analgesic effects of electroacupuncture at ST25 and CV12 in a rat model of postinflammatory irritable bowel syndrome visceral pain. 5-HIAA, EA, EC, EMG, PI-IBS, TNBS, TPH
11  2018 Blockage of High-Affinity Choline Transporter Increases Visceral Hypersensitivity in Rats with Chronic Stress. CRD, DRGs, HC-3, WAS
12  2018 Dexmedetomidine Relieves Acute Inflammatory Visceral Pain in Rats through the ERK Pathway, Toll-Like Receptor Signaling, and TRPV1 Channel. AIVP, DEX, EGM, ERK, hDEX, IL-1, lDEX, mDEX, MWT, PGE2, TLR, TNF-alpha, TRP, TRPV1, TWL
13  2018 Discovery and characterization of a novel tryptophan hydroxylase 1 inhibitor as a prodrug. EMG, TPH
14  2018 Effect of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG supernatant on serotonin transporter expression in rats with post-infectious irritable bowel syndrome. LGG-s, PI-IBS, SERT
15  2018 Ghrelin acts centrally to induce an antinociceptive action during colonic distension through the orexinergic, dopaminergic and opioid systems in conscious rats. ---
16  2018 Gut microbiota was modulated by moxibustion stimulation in rats with irritable bowel syndrome. BTVC, CRD, EA, IBS, PB
17  2018 Involvement of dopamine system in the regulation of the brain corticotropin-releasing hormone in paraventricular nucleus in a rat model of chronic visceral pain. CRD, CRH, PVN, SD, VTA
18  2018 Nesfatin-1 in the dorsal raphe nucleus influences visceral sensitivity via 5-HT neurons in male maternally separated rats. 5-HT, DRN, EMG, MS, NUCB2
19  2018 Protective effect and mechanism of injection of glutamate into cerebellum fastigial nucleus on chronic visceral hypersensitivity in rats. 3-MPA, BIC, CRD, CVH, EMG, FN, Glu, LHA
20  2018 Upregulation of the high-affinity choline transporter in colon relieves stress-induced hyperalgesia. ACh, CRD, IBS, VMR, WAS
21  2018 [Electroacupuncture of "Tianshu" (ST 25) Suppresses Visceral Pain Possibly by Down-regulating Mast Cell Activation, and Tryptase and SP Expression in Rats with Post-infectious Irritable Bowel Syndrome]. EA, MCs, PI-IBS, TNBS
22  2017 Alpha-lipoic Acid suppresses P2X receptor activities and visceral hypersensitivity to colorectal distention in diabetic rats. ALA, CRD, DRG, STZ
23  2017 Antinociceptive Effect of Ghrelin in a Rat Model of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Involves TRPV1/Opioid Systems. CRD, DRG, GHS-R1alpha, IBS, MD, qRT-PCR, TRPV1
24  2017 Chemical profiles and pharmacological activities of Chang-Kang-Fang, a multi-herb Chinese medicinal formula, for treating irritable bowel syndrome. 5-HT, CGRP, CKF, IBS, SP, VIP
25  2017 Downregulation of the spinal NMDA receptor NR2B subunit during electro-acupuncture relief of chronic visceral hyperalgesia. CRD, EA, EA, IBS, NMDA
26  2017 Expression of aromatase in the rostral ventromedial medulla and its role in the regulation of visceral pain. pMOR, RVM
27  2017 Isomalto-oligosaccharides ameliorate visceral hyperalgesia with repair damage of ileal epithelial ultrastructure in rats. IBS, IMO, ITR, SEM, VHS, WAS
28  2017 Moxibustion eases chronic inflammatory visceral pain through regulating MEK, ERK and CREB in rats. CIVP, CREB, DMSO, ERK, HPM, MEK, MWT, TWL
29  2017 P2X3 receptor-mediated visceral hyperalgesia and neuronal sensitization following exposure to PTSD-like stress in the dorsal root ganglia of rats. CRD, DRG, PTSD, SPS, VMR
30  2017 The Effect of Tong-Xie-Yao-Fang on Intestinal Mucosal Mast Cells in Postinfectious Irritable Bowel Syndrome Rats. FWC, PI-IBS, TXYF
31  2016 Adenosine A1 receptors mediate the intracisternal injection of orexin-induced antinociceptive action against colonic distension in conscious rats. A1R
32  2016 Changes in mast cell infiltration: a possible mechanism in detrusor overactivity induced by visceral hypersensitivity. CRD, DO, MC, VH
33  2016 Colonic mucosal N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor mediated visceral hypersensitivity in a mouse model of irritable bowel syndrome. CRD, IBS, NMDAR, TNBS
34  2016 Comparison of Electroacupuncture and Moxibustion for Relieving Visceral Hypersensitivity in Rats with Constipation-Predominant Irritable Bowel Syndrome. C-IBS, CRD, EA, MC, Mox
35  2016 Electroacupuncture analgesia with different frequencies is mediated via different opioid pathways in acute visceral hyperalgesia rats. AA, CRD, EA, EMGs
36  2016 Levodopa acts centrally to induce an antinociceptive action against colonic distension through activation of D2 dopamine receptors and the orexinergic system in the brain in conscious rats. ---
37  2016 Moxibustion relieves visceral hyperalgesia via inhibition of transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 (TRPV1) and heat shock protein (HSP) 70 expression in rat bone marrow cells. HSP, TRPV1, VH
38  2016 Nesfatin-1/NUCB2 in the amygdala influences visceral sensitivity via glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid receptors in male maternal separation rats. EMG, GR, IBS, MR, MS, NH, NUCB2
39  2016 [Effect of Electroacupuncture and Moxibustion on Visceral Pain and Expression of VR 1 and HSP 70 of "Tianshu" (ST 25) Region in Colorectal Distension-induced Visceral Hypersensitivity Rats]. CRD, EA, HSP, Moxi, VHS, VR-1
40  2015 Activation of p38 MAPK in the rostral ventromedial medulla by visceral noxious inputs transmitted via the dorsal columns may contribute to pelvic organ cross-sensitization in rats with endometriosis. CRD, DC, MAPK, RVM
41  2015 Antinociceptive action against colonic distension by brain orexin in conscious rats. ---
42  2015 Effect of electroacupuncture on P2X3 receptor regulation in the peripheral and central nervous systems of rats with visceral pain caused by irritable bowel syndrome. CRD, DRG, EA, HANS, IBS, mRNA, SD
43  2015 Effects of electroacupuncture on corticotropin-releasing hormone in rats with chronic visceral hypersensitivity. CRH, EA, MG, S-EA
44  2015 Herbal prescription Chang'an II repairs intestinal mucosal barrier in rats with post-inflammation irritable bowel syndrome. IBS, PI-IBS
45  2015 Inhibitory effects of SKI3246, the rhizome extract of Atractylodes japonica, on visceral hypersensitivity in experimental irritable bowel syndrome rat models. CRD
46  2015 Involvement of the dopaminergic system in the central orexin-induced antinociceptive action against colonic distension in conscious rats. ---
47  2015 P2X₇ receptor of rat dorsal root ganglia is involved in the effect of moxibustion on visceral hyperalgesia. DRG, IBS, P2X7
48  2015 The effect of curcumin on the brain-gut axis in rat model of irritable bowel syndrome: involvement of 5-HT-dependent signaling. BDNF, IBS
49  2015 [Effect of Chang'an No. I Recipe on 5-hydroxytryptamine Signal System and mRNA Expression Levels of Hippocampal Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor in Visceral Hypersensitivity Rats with Irritable Bowel Syndrome]. 5-HT1A, BDNF, IBS
50  2015 [Effect of ERK1/2 pathway in the expression of MHC-Ⅱof intestinal dendritic cells in viscerally hypersensitive rats]. DC, IBS, MAPK, MHC, MLNDC, p-JNK
51  2015 [Effect of inherent depression on chronic visceral hypersensitivity induced by colon acetate stimulation in neonatal rats]. 5-HT, CRD, IBS, IDO, MC, PrL, rACC, SD
52  2014 Are there any different effects of Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus and Streptococcus on intestinal sensation, barrier function and intestinal immunity in PI-IBS mouse model? DAO, PI-IBS
53  2014 Exendin-4, an analogue of glucagon-like peptide-1, attenuates hyperalgesia through serotonergic pathways in rats with neonatal colonic sensitivity. EMG, GLP-1, IBS, SERT, TPH-1
54  2014 Mild moxibustion decreases the expression of prokineticin 2 and prokineticin receptor 2 in the colon and spinal cord of rats with irritable bowel syndrome. IBS, PK2
55  2014 ZD 7288, an HCN channel blocker, attenuates chronic visceral pain in irritable bowel syndrome-like rats. CRD, EMG, HCN
56  2014 [Effect of Fagopyrum cymosum (Trev.) Meisn alcohol extract on defecation and isolated colon of diarrhea-IBS rats and its mechanism]. AA, ACh, D-IBS, NMS
57  2014 [Effect of tongxie yaofang on intestinal mast cells and cytokine expression of rats with visceral hypersensitivity]. ELISA, IBS, IL-4, IL-9, MCs, PAR-2, SD, TY
58  2014 [Shen warming Pi strengthening method intervened IBS-D rats: an efficacy assessment]. IBS-D, SWPSM
59  2013 Antinociceptive effect of berberine on visceral hypersensitivity in rats. NO
60  2013 Neonatal colonic inflammation sensitizes voltage-gated Na(+) channels via upregulation of cystathionine beta-synthetase expression in rat primary sensory neurons. AOAA, CBS, DRG, IBS, NCI
61  2013 Neonatal maternal deprivation sensitizes voltage-gated sodium channel currents in colon-specific dorsal root ganglion neurons in rats. DRG, IBS, NMD
62  2013 PKCgamma receptor mediates visceral nociception and hyperalgesia following exposure to PTSD-like stress in the spinal cord of rats. CRD, PKCgamma, PTSD, VMR
63  2013 Role of nesfatin-1 in a rat model of visceral hypersensitivity. AA, CRF, EMG, i.c.v, IBS, NUCB2
64  2013 Shugan-decoction relieves visceral hyperalgesia and reduces TRPV1 and SP colon expression. SGD, WAS
65  2013 [Abnormal dendritic cells mediated immune response in a rat model of visceral hypersensitivity]. DC, ELISA, IBS, IL, MC, MLN, PAR-2
66  2013 [Effect of moxibustion of "dachangshu" (BL 25) area on pain reaction and TRPV 1 mRNA expression of bone marrow cells in visceral hyperalgesia rats]. TRPV1, VHA
67  2012 Brain-derived neurotrophic factor exerts antinociceptive effects by reducing excitability of colon-projecting dorsal root ganglion neurons in the colorectal distention-evoked visceral pain model. BDNF, CRD, DRG, ELISA
68  2012 Characteristics of intestinal lamina propria dendritic cells in a mouse model of postinfectious irritable bowel syndrome. DCs, LPDCs, MLR, PI-IBS
69  2012 Effects of electroacupuncture on expression of c-fos protein and N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor 1 in the rostral ventromedial medulla of rats with chronic visceral hyperalgesia. CRD, EA, Gi, GiA, IBS, LPGi, NR1, NRM, PTP, RVM
70  2012 Effects of electroacupuncture on expression of c-fos protein in the spinal dorsal horn of rats with chronic visceral hyperalgesia. EA, IBS
71  2012 Electroacupuncture alleviates stress-induced visceral hypersensitivity through an opioid system in rats. EA, EMG, HIS, m-NLX, NLX, NS
72  2012 Key factors in developing the trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid-induced post-inflammatory irritable bowel syndrome model in rats. EC, MPO, PI-IBS, TNBS
73  2012 Schisandra chinensis reverses visceral hypersensitivity in a neonatal-maternal separated rat model. CRD, EMG, IBS, NMS
74  2012 Upregulation of cystathionine beta-synthetase expression contributes to visceral hyperalgesia induced by heterotypic intermittent stress in rats. AOAA, CBS, CRD, CSE, DRG, HIS, VH
75  2012 Vesicular glutamate transporter-3 contributes to visceral hyperalgesia induced by Trichinella spiralis infection in rats. ACRS, CRD, DRG, p.i, T. spiralis, VGLUT3
76  2011 Study on the expression of Runx3 and TGF-beta₁ protein in the colonic tissue from rats with irritable bowel syndrome. IBS
77  2011 [Effects of infection and stress on transient receptor potential vanilloid receptor 1 and extracellular-regulated kinase in spinal cord of mast cell deficient rats]. ACRS, ERK, MCs, p.i, T. spiralis, TRPV1
78  2010 Transient receptor potential vanilloid-1 (TRPV1) and ankyrin-1 (TRPA1) participate in visceral hyperalgesia in chronic water avoidance stress rat model. DRG, TRPV1, WAS
79  2010 [Altered expression of intestinal cytokines in development of postinfectious irritable bowel syndrome mouse model]. ---
80  2009 A nitro-arginine derivative of trimebutine (NO2-Arg-Trim) attenuates pain induced by colorectal distension in conscious rats. CRD, IBS
81  2009 Effect of electro-acupuncture on substance P, its receptor and corticotropin-releasing hormone in rats with irritable bowel syndrome. CR, CRH, EA, IBS, MC, SP, SPR
82  2009 Electro-acupuncture relieves visceral sensitivity and decreases hypothalamic corticotropin-releasing hormone levels in a rat model of irritable bowel syndrome. CRD, CRH, EA, IBS
83  2008 Peripheral corticotropin releasing hormone mediates post-inflammatory visceral hypersensitivity in rats. CRH, MPO
84  2008 [Effect of changji'an on visceral hypersensitivity in rats with irritable bowel syndrome and its mechanism]. CJA, CJA, NRD, SERT
85  2006 Establishment of model of visceral pain due to colorectal distension and its behavioral assessment in rats. CRD
86  2005 Antinociceptive property of tegaserod in a rat model of chronic visceral hypersensitivity. ---
87  2005 Electro-acupuncture relieves chronic visceral hyperalgesia in rats. CRD, EA, EMGs, IBS
88  2004 Tegaserod inhibits noxious rectal distention induced responses and limbic system c-Fos expression in rats with visceral hypersensitivity. ACC, RD