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Abbreviation:   BAC  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   biological activated carbon
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Preparation, characterization, and application of macroporous activated carbon (MAC) suitable for the BAC water treatment process. AC, MAC
2018 Advanced biological activated carbon filter for removing pharmaceutically active compounds from treated wastewater. BV, GAC, PhACs, UF, WWTPs
2018 Characteristics of bacterial communities in biological filters of full-scale drinking water treatment plants. CLPP
2018 Genotoxicity assay and potential byproduct identification during different UV-based water treatment processes. MP, UV
2018 Impact of biological activated carbon pre-treatment on the hydrophilic fraction of effluent organic matter for mitigating fouling in microfiltration. BTSE, HPI, MF
2018 Investigation of biotransformation, sorption, and desorption of multiple chemical contaminants in pilot-scale drinking water biofilters. TOrCs
2018 Novel Food Processing and Extraction Technologies of High-Added Value Compounds from Plant Materials. HPAE, HVED, MAE, PEF, SFE, UAE
2018 Ozone/peroxide advanced oxidation in combination with biofiltration for taste and odour control and organics removal. DBP, MIB
2018 Removal of precursors of typical nitrogenous disinfection byproducts in ozonation integrated with biological activated carbon (O3/BAC). DCAcAm, DCAN, DOMs, GAC, N-DBPs, TCNM
10  2018 Study on regeneration effect and mechanism of high-frequency ultrasound on biological activated carbon. DWTPs
11  2018 The impact of loading approach and biological activity on NOM removal by ion exchange resins. BIEX, MLTs, NOM
12  2018 Use of ozone-biofiltration for bulk organic removal and disinfection byproduct mitigation in potable reuse applications. DBP, EBCT, TOC, TTHMs, UFC
13  2017 A review: Potential and challenges of biologically activated carbon to remove natural organic matter in drinking water purification process. DBPs, EBCT, NOM
14  2017 Comparison of micropollutants' removal performance between pre-ozonation and post-ozonation using a pilot study. ---
15  2017 Comprehensive evaluation of three sets of advanced wastewater treatment trains for treating secondary effluent: Organic micro-pollutants and bio-toxicity. BAF, OMPs, SE, TF, WWTP
16  2017 Effect of advanced oxidation on N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) formation and microbial ecology during pilot-scale biological activated carbon filtration. EBCT, NDMA
17  2017 Enhanced treatment of secondary municipal wastewater effluent: comparing (biological) filtration and ozonation in view of micropollutant removal, unselective effluent toxicity, and the potential for real-time control. SSF, TF, TrOCs
18  2017 Impact of ozonation and biological activated carbon filtration on ceramic membrane fouling. CMF, DOC, HS, SE
19  2017 Microbial Communities Shaped by Treatment Processes in a Drinking Water Treatment Plant and Their Contribution and Threat to Drinking Water Safety. qPCR, RDA, TOC
20  2017 Performance and mechanism of low-frequency ultrasound to regenerate the biological activated carbon. ---
21  2017 Quantifying pathogen risks associated with potable reuse: A risk assessment case study for Cryptosporidium. DPR, IPR, QMRA, RWCs
22  2017 Removal of 17beta-estradiol in a Biological Active Carbon Reactor with Acetic Acid and Humic Acid. ---
23  2017 Seasonally related effects on natural organic matter characteristics from source to tap in Korea. BDOC, CSR, LC-OCD, MW, NOM
24  2017 Synthesis and Examination of Nanocomposites Based on Poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) for Medicinal Use. PHEMA
25  2017 The shadow of dichloroacetonitrile (DCAN), a typical nitrogenous disinfection by-product (N-DBP), in the waterworks and its backwash water reuse. DCAN, FP, N-DBP, N-DBPs
26  2017 Tracking changes in composition and amount of dissolved organic matter throughout drinking water treatment plants by comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography-quadrupole mass spectrometry. DOM, GCGC-qMS
27  2016 Biodegradation of persistent organics can overcome adsorption-desorption hysteresis in biological activated carbon systems. ---
28  2016 Biologically active carbon filtration for haloacetic acid removal from swimming pool water. DCAA, EBCT, HAAs, TCAA
29  2016 Characterization of haloacetaldehyde and trihalomethane formation potentials during drinking water treatment. BIF, CH, DBPs, HAFPs, HAs, THMs
30  2016 Combining Coagulation/MIEX with Biological Activated Carbon Treatment to Control Organic Fouling in the Microfiltration of Secondary Effluent. BTSE, MIEX, MW
31  2016 Community Analysis and Recovery of Phenol-degrading Bacteria from Drinking Water Biofilters. DGGE, GAC, PCR-DGGE, rRNA
32  2016 High-throughput profiling of antibiotic resistance genes in drinking water treatment plants and distribution systems. ARGs, DWTPs, MGEs
33  2016 Impact of biological filtrations for organic micropollutants and polyfluoroalkyl substances removal from secondary effluent. BAF, PFASs, SF
34  2016 Impact of coagulation as a pre-treatment for UVC/H2O2-biological activated carbon treatment of a municipal wastewater reverse osmosis concentrate. EED, LMW, ROC
35  2016 Impact of salinity on organic matter and nitrogen removal from a municipal wastewater RO concentrate using biologically activated carbon coupled with UV/H2O2. PCR-DGGE, RO, ROC, TN
36  2016 Impact of titanium dioxide nanoparticles on the bacterial communities of biological activated carbon filter intended for drinking water treatment. qPCR
37  2016 Long-term operation of biological activated carbon pre-treatment for microfiltration of secondary effluent: Correlation between the organic foulants and fouling potential. DOC, UMFI
38  2016 Membrane fouling in ultrafiltration of natural water after pretreatment to different extents. NTU, UF
39  2016 Removal of arsenic and iron removal from drinking water using coagulation and biological treatment. BAF
40  2016 Retention of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in biological activated carbon filters for drinking water and the impact on ammonia reduction. AOA, AOB, DWT, NPs
41  2016 Simultaneous removal of multiple odorants from source water suffering from septic and musty odors: Verification in a full-scale water treatment plant with ozonation. FPA, HP, WTP
42  2016 The removal of organic precursors of DBPs during three advanced water treatment processes including ultrafiltration, biofiltration, and ozonation. DBPFP, MCAA
43  2016 [Influence of Biological Activated Carbon on Simultaneous Nitrification and Denitrification in Inflow with Different C/N Ratios]. SND
44  2016 [Performance of Nanofiltration for Improving the Drinking Water Quality in a Water Supply Plant with Micropolluted Water Resource]. OCPs
45  2015 A novel integration of three-dimensional electro-Fenton and biological activated carbon and its application in the advanced treatment of biologically pretreated Lurgi coal gasification wastewater. CPEs
46  2015 Characterization of the microbial community structure and nitrosamine-reducing isolates in drinking water biofilters. ---
47  2015 Combined BAC and MIEX pre-treatment of secondary wastewater effluent to reduce fouling of nanofiltration membranes. DOC, DOM, LC-OCD, LMW, MIEX, NMR, SWWE
48  2015 Inflammatory responses and potencies of various lipopolysaccharides from bacteria and cyanobacteria in aquatic environments and water supply systems. LAL, LPSs
49  2015 Nitrosamines in pilot-scale and full-scale wastewater treatment plants with ozonation. MRLs, NDBA, NDEA, NDMA, NDPrA, NMEA, NMOR, UV
50  2015 Operational performance, biomass and microbial community structure: impacts of backwashing on drinking water biofilter. DOC, DON, GAC, PLFA
51  2015 Propane biostimulation in biologically activated carbon (BAC) selects for bacterial clades adept at degrading persistent water pollutants. ---
52  2015 Removing organic and nitrogen content from a highly saline municipal wastewater reverse osmosis concentrate by UV/H2O2-BAC treatment. EBCT, RO, TN
53  2015 Terminating pre-ozonation prior to biological activated carbon filtration results in increased formation of nitrogenous disinfection by-products upon subsequent chlorination. DBPs
54  2015 The drinking water treatment process as a potential source of affecting the bacterial antibiotic resistance. AMP, ARB, Cm, KAN, RFP, STR
55  2014 Advanced treatment process for pharmaceuticals, endocrine disruptors, and flame retardants removal. CECs
56  2014 Biological characteristics and oxidation mechanism of a new manganese-oxidizing bacteria FM-2. ---
57  2014 Effect of biological activated carbon pre-treatment to control organic fouling in the microfiltration of biologically treated secondary effluent. BTSE, GAC
58  2014 Effect of ozone on the performance of a hybrid ceramic membrane-biological activated carbon process. ---
59  2014 Effects of water temperature and backwashing on bacterial population and community in a biological activated carbon process at a water treatment plant. ---
60  2014 Microbial community structures and dynamics in the O3/BAC drinking water treatment process. ---
61  2014 Physicochemical and porosity characteristics of thermally regenerated activated carbon polluted with biological activated carbon process. AC
62  2014 Rate and extent NOM removal during oxidation and biofiltration. NOM
63  2014 Screening, identification, and removal dynamics of a novel iron-manganese removal strain. ---
64  2014 [Influence of biological activated carbon dosage on landfill leachate treatment]. ---
65  2014 [Investigation of the microbial diversity and structure of biological activated carbon from different sources in drinking water treatment process]. RFLP
66  2013 Haloacetic acid removal by sequential zero-valent iron reduction and biologically active carbon degradation. DCAA, HAA, MCAA, TCAA
67  2013 Microbial community characterization, activity analysis and purifying efficiency in a biofilter process. HPC
68  2013 Optimization of membrane bioreactors by the addition of powdered activated carbon. MBR, MLSS, PAC, SRT, TMP, TOC
69  2013 Potential of BAC combined with UVC/H2O2 for reducing organic matter from highly saline reverse osmosis concentrate produced from municipal wastewater reclamation. RO, ROC
70  2013 Removal of anaerobic soluble microbial products in a biological activated carbon reactor. COD, SMP, UASB
71  2013 The presence of significant methylotrophic population in biological activated carbon of a full-scale drinking water plant. ---
72  2012 Effect of powdered activated carbon (PAC) and cationic polymer on biofouling mitigation in hybrid MBRs. PAC, PAC
73  2012 Evaluation of DNA extraction methods for the analysis of microbial community in biological activated carbon. CTAB, PCR
74  2012 Ozonation and biological activated carbon filtration of wastewater treatment plant effluents. DOC, TrOCs
75  2012 Removing 17beta-estradiol from drinking water in a biologically active carbon (BAC) reactor modified from a granular activated carbon (GAC) reactor. GAC
76  2012 Simultaneous Removal of Nitrate and Natural Organic Matter from Drinking Water Using a Hybrid Heterotrophic/Autotrophic/Biological Activated Carbon Bioreactor. HHABB, NOM
77  2012 Synergistic effect of biological activated carbon and enhanced coagulation in secondary wastewater effluent treatment. DOC, EC, SWWE
78  2012 [Experimental research on combined water and air backwashing reactor technology for biological activated carbon]. ---
79  2012 [Studies by means of 1H NMR spectroscopy of complex formation of aromatic biologically active compounds with antibiotic topotecan]. TPT
80  2011 A survey on levels and seasonal changes of assimilable organic carbon (AOC) and its precursors in drinking water. AOC
81  2011 Bacterial community and function of biological activated carbon filter in drinking water treatment. DGGE, GC-MS, TOC
82  2011 Biodegradation of bromoamine acid using combined airlift loop reactor and biological activated carbon. ALR, BAA, GAC
83  2011 Biofiltration of wastewater treatment plant effluent: effective removal of pharmaceuticals and personal care products and reduction of toxicity. baseline-TEQ, DOC, PPCPs
84  2011 Changes in different organic matter fractions during conventional treatment and advanced treatment. DOC, HAAFP, HPI, HPO, THMFP
85  2011 Combined fenton oxidation and biological activated carbon process for recycling of coking plant effluent. CFS
86  2011 Evaluation of the impact of DNA extraction methods on BAC bacterial community composition measured by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis. ---
87  2011 Fate of N-nitrosodimethylamine, trihalomethane and haloacetic acid precursors in tertiary treatment including biofiltration. DBPs, HAAs, NDMA, THMs
88  2011 Importance of the order in enhancing EfOM removal by combination of BAC and MIEX(). DOC, EfOM, SWWE
89  2011 Investigation of microbial safety of a full-scale ozonation and biological activated carbon process under high humidity and temperature conditions. ---
90  2011 MBBR evaluation for oil refinery wastewater treatment, with post-ozonation and BAC, for wastewater reuse. DOC, HRT, MBBR
91  2011 Pilot-scale evaluation of ozone and biological activated carbon for trace organic contaminant mitigation and disinfection. IPR, TOrCs
92  2011 Pilot-scale UV/H2O2 advanced oxidation process for surface water treatment and downstream biological treatment: effects on natural organic matter characteristics and DBP formation potential. AOP, DBPs, NOM
93  2010 Bio-enhanced activated carbon filter with immobilized microorganisms for removing organic pollutants in the Songhua River. BEAC, DGGE, GC-MS, PCR, SEM
94  2010 Changes in the structure and function of microbial communities in drinking water treatment bioreactors upon addition of phosphorus. PRB, qPCR
95  2010 Enhanced carbon adsorption treatment for removing cyanide from coking plant effluent. GAC
96  2010 Invertebrate community characteristics in biologically active carbon filter. ---
97  2010 Investigation of decolorization of textile wastewater in an anaerobic/aerobic biological activated carbon system (A/A BAC). DAS, DS, GAC, MC, SBR, STW
98  2010 Simultaneous removal of nitrate and arsenic from drinking water sources utilizing a fixed-bed bioreactor system. ---
99  2010 [Effect of Yersinia pestis EV 76 lypopolysaccharides with different levels of toxicity on dynamics of TNF-alpha and INF-gamma synthesis by human monocytes]. LPS, MT
100  2010 [Modern technologies for extraction of balneological medicines from mineral waters]. ---