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Abbreviation:   BB  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   biceps brachii
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Changes in blood lactate and muscle activation in elite rock climbers during a 15-m speed climb. BL, FDS, sEMG
2019 Effects of eccentric versus concentric contractions of the biceps brachii on intracortical inhibition and facilitation. CON, ECC, ICF, LICI, MMAX, MVIC, TMS
2019 Muscle shear wave elastography in idiopathic inflammatory myopathies: a case-control study with MRI correlation. BF, IIM, RF, SM, ST, SWE, SWV, VL, VM
2019 Neuromuscular evaluation of arm-cycling repeated sprints under hypoxia and/or blood flow restriction. aRSA, BFR, HBFR, MVC, NBFR, NOR
2019 Tempol treatment shows phenotype improvement in mdx mice. DIA, i.p
2019 Test-retest reliability of elbow flexor contraction characteristics with tensiomyography for different elbow joint angles. CV, Dm, MDC, SEM, Tc, Td, TMG, TR, Ts
2019 The effect of experimental pain on short-interval intracortical inhibition with multi-locus transcranial magnetic stimulation. APB, MEPs, RMT, SICI
2018 A systematic review of muscle activity assessment of the biceps brachii muscle using mechanomyography. MMG
2018 Abnormal functional corticomuscular coupling after stroke. DT, EEG, EMG, FCMC
10  2018 Anatomical versus functional motor points of selected upper body muscles. LD, MP, NEPs, Pmaj, Pmin, TZ
11  2018 Degraded Synergistic Recruitment of sEMG Oscillations for Cerebral Palsy Infants Crawling. CP, MEMD, NMF, sEMG, TB, TD
12  2018 Differences in electromyographic activity of biceps brachii and brachioradialis while performing three variants of curl. BR, DC, EMG
13  2018 Disrupt of Intra-Limb APA Pattern in Parkinsonian Patients Performing Index-Finger Flexion. AD, APAs, TB
14  2018 Effect of Botulinum Toxin on the Spatial Distribution of Biceps Brachii EMG Activity Using a Grid of Surface Electrodes: A Case Study. BT, RMS, sEMG
15  2018 Effect of exercise order with barbell and machine modalities on upper body volume load and myoelectric activity. AD, BP, CGBP, MP, PMC, TBLH, VL
16  2018 Effect of movement-related pain on behaviour and corticospinal excitability changes associated with arm movement preparation. RT
17  2018 Effects of repeated long-duration water immersions on skeletal muscle performance in well-trained male divers. ATA, DW, IK, MHG, MVIC, WI
18  2018 Electromyographic evaluation of different handle shapes of masons' trowels. ECU, FDS, PT, PT
19  2018 HD-sEMG-based research on activation heterogeneity of skeletal muscles and the joint force estimation during elbow flexion. BR, FastICA, HD-sEMG
20  2018 Influence of biceps brachii tendon mechanical properties on elbow flexor force steadiness in young and old males. CSA, CV, FS, MVC
21  2018 Influence of forearm orientation on biceps brachii tendon mechanics and elbow flexor force steadiness. CV, FS, MVC
22  2018 Mechanical interaction between neighboring muscles in human upper limb: Evidence for epimuscular myofascial force transmission in humans. BRA
23  2018 Neuromuscular electrophysiological disorders and muscle atrophy in mechanically-ventilated traumatic brain injury patients: New insights from a prospective observational study. ICU, NED, RF, TA, TBI
24  2018 Pattern of startle reflex to somatosensory stimuli changes after spinal cord injury. ASR, OOc, SCI, SCM
25  2018 Physiological responses during clinical spasticity evaluation in elbow flexors in children with cerebral palsy. CP, TD
26  2018 Reliability of Electromyographic Assessment of Biceps Brachii and Triceps Brachii in Cricketers. MVIC, sEMG, TB
27  2018 Reproducible Measurements of Muscle Characteristics Using the MyotonPRO Device: Comparison Between Individuals With and Without Paratonia. ---
28  2018 Scapular muscle balance and spinal stabilizer recruitment during an inverted row. EMG, EO, IR, LD, LT, LTP, MF, MTP, MVIC, PD, RA, SA, SIS, UTP
29  2018 Superior Training-Specific Adaptations With an 8-Week Yoak Push-up Training Program. EMG, MVIC, SA, TB
30  2018 Synergistic recruitment of multi-scale myoelectric oscillations of upper limb during infant crawling. CNS, MEMD, NMF, sEMG, TB
31  2018 Validity and Reliability of the Newly Developed Surface Electromyography Device for Measuring Muscle Activity during Voluntary Isometric Contraction. ICC, RF, sEMG
32  2017 Analysis of the sEMG/force relationship using HD-sEMG technique and data fusion: A simulation study. HD-sEMG, NRMSE, RMS, sEMG
33  2017 Biceps Disorder Rehabilitation for the Athlete: A Continuum of Moderate- to High-Load Exercises. EMG, MVIC
34  2017 Effects of phosphatidic acid supplementation on muscle thickness and strength in resistance-trained men. ANCOVA, PA, PL, RF, TB, VL
35  2017 Exploratory Study of the Influence of Posture and Hand Task on Corticomotor Excitability of Upper Extremity Muscles After Stroke. CE, FDI
36  2017 Knowledge of Repetition Range Does Not Affect Maximal Force Production Strategies of Adolescent Females. EF, EMG, MVC, TB
37  2017 Maximal Strength Performance and Muscle Activation for the Bench Press and Triceps Extension Exercises Adopting Dumbbell, Barbell, and Machine Modalities Over Multiple Sets. AD, BP, PM, RM, TB, TE
38  2017 Motor unit potentials of the erector spinae muscle by concentric needle electromyography. EMG, ES, LV, MUP
39  2017 Quantitative electromyography in ambulatory boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. DMD, multi-MUP, QEMG, TA
40  2017 Reassessment of Non-Monosynaptic Excitation from the Motor Cortex to Motoneurons in Single Motor Units of the Human Biceps Brachii. CMS, CVs, MNs, MUs, PSTHs, TES, TMS
41  2017 Repetitive nerve stimulation as a diagnostic aid for distinguishing cervical spondylotic amyotrophy from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. ADM, ALS, APB, CMAP, CSA, Del, RNS, ROC, TRAP
42  2017 Shoulder Muscle Activation Levels During Exercises With Axial and Rotational Load on Stable and Unstable Surfaces. AD, LT, MT, PD, PM, SA, TB, UT
43  2017 Shoulder Muscle Activation Levels During the Push-Up-Plus Exercise on Stable and Unstable Surfaces. AD, EMG, LT, MT, PD, SA, TB, UT
44  2017 Tensiomyographic Assessment of Muscle Contractile Properties in 9- to 14-Year Old Children. BF, ES, MHC I, Tc, VL
45  2016 Activation of Spinal Stabilizers and Shoulder Complex Muscles During an Inverted Row Using a Portable Pull-up Device and Body Weight Resistance. ANOVA, EMG, LD, LM, LT, LTh, MT, PD, RA, UT, WB
46  2016 Are ipsilateral motor evoked potentials subject to intracortical inhibition? AMT, iMEPs, ISI, MEPs, NC, SICI, TMS
47  2016 Does the MUNIX Method Reflect Clinical Dysfunction in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: A Practical Experience. ADM, AH, ALS, ALSFRS-R, APB, EDB, MRC, TA
48  2016 Effects of whole-body vibration applied to lower extremity muscles during decline bench press exercise. 1RM, BF, PM, PP, TB, WBV
49  2016 Extraction of the brachialis muscle activity using HD-sEMG technique and canonical correlation analysis. BR, CCA, HD-sEMG, sEMG
50  2016 Five-headed biceps brachii muscle with a rare origin from the tendon of pectoralis major muscle. ---
51  2016 Higher Precision in Pointing Movements of the Preferred vs. Non-Preferred Hand Is Associated with an Earlier Occurrence of Anticipatory Postural Adjustments. AD, APAs, FCR, NON-PREF, PREF, TB
52  2016 Impaired motor preparation and execution during standing reach in people with chronic stroke. APAs, COP, EMG, LAS, MD, SOL, TA
53  2016 Knowledge of Repetition Range Does Not Affect the Maximal Force Production Strategies of Adolescent Females. EF, EMG, MVC, TB
54  2016 Neurophysiological and behavioural effects of dual-hemisphere transcranial direct current stimulation on the proximal upper limb. ---
55  2016 Quality Control of Motor Unit Number Index (MUNIX) Measurements in 6 Muscles in a Single-Subject "Round-Robin" Setup. ADM, AH, ALS, APB, COV, EDB, MUNIX, TA
56  2016 Realistic motor unit placement in a cylindrical HD-sEMG generation model. HD-sEMG, MBC, MUs, MVC, RMS
57  2016 Startle responses after different stimulus modalities differ in stroke. APB, ASR, SSS
58  2016 The effect of current flow direction on motor hot spot allocation by transcranial magnetic stimulation. ADM, Bi-A, Bi-P, COG, ECR, FDI, MEPs, Mo-A, Mo-P, TMS
59  2016 The effect of decompressive surgery on lumbar paraspinal and biceps brachii muscle function and movement perception in lumbar spinal stenosis: a 2-year follow-up. LSS, ODI
60  2016 The effects of whole body vibration on EMG activity of the upper extremity muscles in static modified push up position. EMG, EMGrms, MVE, SA, TB, UT, WBV
61  2016 The Time-Course of Acute Changes in Corticospinal Excitability, Intra-Cortical Inhibition and Facilitation Following a Single-Session Heavy Strength Training of the Biceps Brachii. CON, HST, ICF, LICI, MEP, MMAX, MVIC, RM, SICI, TMS
62  2016 Unilateral elbow flexion fatigue modulates corticospinal responsiveness in non-fatigued contralateral biceps brachii. CMEP, EF, MEP, MVC
63  2016 Using surface electromyography to detect changes in innervation zones pattern after human cervical spinal cord injury. IZ, MVC, SCI, SEI, sEMG
64  2015 Antagonist muscle co-activation of limbs in human infant crawling: A pilot study. HS, MCo, QF, TB
65  2015 Assessment of the upper body contribution to multiple-sprint cycling in men and women. BR, FMC, MFs, sEMG, TB, UT
66  2015 Auditory startle reflex and startle reflex to somatosensory inputs in generalized dystonia. APB, ASR, OOc, SSS
67  2015 Brachialis muscle activity can be assessed with surface electromyography. BR, BRR, EMG
68  2015 Effect of exercise training on neuromuscular function of elbow flexors and knee extensors of type 2 diabetic patients. EF, KE, MFCV, T2D, VL
69  2015 Effect of vibration frequency on agonist and antagonist arm muscle activity. EMG, MSL, TB
70  2015 Fatigue-related electromyographic coherence and phase synchronization analysis between antagonistic elbow muscles. sEMG, TB
71  2015 Functional impact of vibratory proprioceptive assistance in patients with facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy. PM, TB, VPA
72  2015 Impact of phrenic nerve paralysis on the surgical outcome of intercostal nerve transfer. BPI, DP, ICNT
73  2015 Increased gain of vestibulospinal potentials evoked in neck and leg muscles when standing under height-induced postural threat. FCR, MG, SCM, SOL, VEMPs, VSR
74  2015 Investigation of the EMG-time relationship of the biceps Brachii muscle during contractions. ---
75  2015 Non-invasive assessment of muscle stiffness in patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. ADM, DMD, GM, TA, TB, VL
76  2015 Partial weight support of the arm affects corticomotor selectivity of biceps brachii. MEPs, WS
77  2015 Sex-Specific Automatic Responses to Infant Cries: TMS Reveals Greater Excitability in Females than Males in Motor Evoked Potentials. MEPs, TMS
78  2015 Signal features of surface electromyography in advanced Parkinson's disease during different settings of deep brain stimulation. ACC, DBS, EMG, PD, TA
79  2015 Spatial analysis of muscular activations in stroke survivors. sEMG
80  2015 The addition of synchronous whole-body vibration to battling rope exercise increases skeletal muscle activity. EMG, GM, MF, RA, TB, VL, VMO, WBV
81  2015 The electronic counting arm movement test (eCAM test). eCAM test, ECR, FCR, FES, ST, TB
82  2015 Transcranial direct current stimulation improves ipsilateral selective muscle activation in a frequency dependent manner. c-tDCS, SR
83  2014 Assessment of muscle load and fatigue with the usage of frequency and time-frequency analysis of the EMG signal. MVC, TR
84  2014 Breathing patterns during eccentric exercise. CON, ECC, EMG, fb, VE, VL, VT
85  2014 Definition dependent properties of the cortical silent period in upper-extremity muscles, a methodological study. ADM, EMG, S-R, SP, TMS
86  2014 Does quantitative EMG differ myotonic dystrophy type 2 and type 1? EMG, FDI, RF, SI, TA
87  2014 Effects of resistance training on muscle strength, endurance, and motor unit according to ciliary neurotrophic factor polymorphism in male college students. CNTF, S-MUP
88  2014 EMG-force relationship during static contraction: effects on sensor placement locations on biceps brachii muscle. COV, EMG, MVC, RMS
89  2014 EMG-force relationship during static contraction: Effects on sensor placement locations on biceps brachii muscle. COV, EMG, MVC, RMS
90  2014 Evaluation of muscular activity duration in shoulders with rotator cuff tears using inertial sensors and electromyography. MD, UT
91  2014 Fuzzy MUAP recognition in HSR-EMG detection basing on morphological features. APB, FDI, GA
92  2014 In-vivo measurement of muscle tension: dynamic properties of the MC sensor during isometric muscle contraction. MC
93  2014 Increase in heterogeneity of biceps brachii activation during isometric submaximal fatiguing contractions: a multichannel surface EMG study. EMG, PCA
94  2014 Intra-rater reliability of motor unit number estimation and quantitative motor unit analysis in subjects with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. ALS, CMAP, DE-STA, MUNE, S-MUP, UT
95  2014 McArdle disease does not affect skeletal muscle fibre type profiles in humans. MHC, VL
96  2014 Partial weight support differentially affects corticomotor excitability across muscles of the upper limb. AD, ECR, FDI, MEPs, S-R, TMS
97  2014 Rapid acquisition of the transcranial magnetic stimulation stimulus response curve. ADM, FDI, ISI, S-R
98  2014 Relationship between sprint performance of front crawl swimming and muscle fascicle length in young swimmers. GM, TB, VL
99  2014 Segmental muscle vibration modifies muscle activation during reaching in chronic stroke: A pilot study. AD, CG, ECR, EG, FCU, PD, SMV, TB
100  2014 Surface electromyographic activities of upper body muscles during high-intensity cycle ergometry. BR, FMC, TB, UT