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Abbreviation:   BCG  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   ballistocardiogram
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Cardiovascular function and ballistocardiogram: a relationship interpreted via mathematical modeling. ---
2019 Mitigation of Instrument-Dependent Variability in Ballistocardiogram Morphology: Case Study on Force Plate and Customized Weighing Scale. ---
2019 Noncontact In-Bed Measurements of Physiological and Behavioral Signals Using an Integrated Fabric-Sheet Sensing Scheme. BPx, ECG, FUSE, RMs
2019 Physiological Association between Limb Ballistocardiogram and Arterial Blood Pressure Waveforms: A Mathematical Model-Based Analysis. BP, CV
2019 Vital Sign Monitoring and Cardiac Triggering at 1.5 Tesla: A Practical Solution by an MR-Ballistocardiography Fiber-Optic Sensor. DWI, ECG, FBG, HR, MRI, PRT, RR
2019 [Study of denoising of simultaneous electroencephalogram-functional magnetic resonance imaging signal based on real-time constrained independent components analysis]. EEG, Er, INPS
2018 A chair based ballistocardiogram time interval measurement with cardiovascular provocations. ECG
2018 A Novel Deep Learning based Neural Network for Heartbeat Detection in Ballistocardiograph. CNN, ELM
2018 A rapid approach to assess cardiac contractility by ballistocardiogram and electrocardiogram. ECG, EF, HF, NYHA, PEP
10  2018 Adaptive optimal basis set for BCG artifact removal in simultaneous EEG-fMRI. aOBS, EEG, fMRI, PCA
11  2018 An Exploration of Behind-the-Ear ECG Signals From a Single Ear Using Inkjet Printed Conformal Tattoo Electrodes. ECG, EEG, PPG
12  2018 Ballistocardiogram Based Identity Recognition: Towards Zero-Effort Health Monitoring in an Internet-of-Things (IoT) Environment. IoT
13  2018 Clustering-Constrained ICA for Ballistocardiogram Artifacts Removal in Simultaneous EEG-fMRI. EEG, Er, fMRI, INPS
14  2018 Data mining investigation of the association between a limb ballistocardiogram and blood pressure. BP, MAE, RMSE
15  2018 Detecting Cardiac Activity by Capacitive Electrodes from a Single Point on the Wrist. ECG
16  2018 Development of a Smart Home-Based Package for Unobtrusive Physiological Monitoring. ECG, EMG, iPPG, PPG
17  2018 Heart-Brain Interactions in the MR Environment: Characterization of the Ballistocardiogram in EEG Signals Collected During Simultaneous fMRI. EEG, MR
18  2018 High-Resolution Seismocardiogram Acquisition and Analysis System. ECG, ECHO, MEMS, SCG
19  2018 Multiple Instance Dictionary Learning for Beat-to-Beat Heart Rate Monitoring From Ballistocardiograms. DL-FUMI
20  2018 Non-Invasive Detection of Respiration and Heart Rate with a Vehicle Seat Sensor. AACN, HR, RR
21  2018 Performance Evaluation of Processing Methods for Ballistocardiogram Peak Detection. ---
22  2018 Template-Based Statistical Modeling and Synthesis for Noise Analysis of Ballistocardiogram Signals: A Cycle-Averaged Approach. SQI
23  2018 Wearable ballistocardiogram and seismocardiogram systems for health and performance. CVDs
24  2018 [A wearable ballistocardiogram-electrocardiogram union acquisition system]. ECG
25  2017 Assessing the severity of sleep apnea syndrome based on ballistocardiogram. PSG, SAS, SBEs
26  2017 Evaluation of respiratory- and postural-induced changes on the ballistocardiogram signal by time warping averaging. DTW, ECG, ST, SUP
27  2017 Measurement of Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity With a Connected Bathroom Scale. alPTT
28  2017 Removal of BCG artefact from concurrent fMRI-EEG recordings based on EMD and PCA. AAS, ECG, EEG, EMD, EOG, ERPs, fMRI, ICA-PCA, INPS, OBS, PCA, SE
29  2017 Simultaneous Monitoring of Ballistocardiogram and Photoplethysmogram Using a Camera. PPG
30  2017 Unobtrusive Nocturnal Heartbeat Monitoring by a Ballistocardiographic Sensor in Patients with Sleep Disordered Breathing. ECG, SDB
31  2017 Wearable Sensing of Cardiac Timing Intervals from Cardiogenic Limb Vibration Signals. AVO
32  2017 Wireless chest wearable vital sign monitoring platform for hypertension. BLE, CV, ECG, PPG, WHO
33  2016 A real-time method to reduce ballistocardiogram artifacts from EEG during fMRI based on optimal basis sets (OBS). EEG, fMRI, OBS, rtAAS, rtOBS
34  2016 Ballistocardiogram artifact correction taking into account physiological signal preservation in simultaneous EEG-fMRI. AAS, ERPs, ICA, ICs, OBS, SE
35  2016 Ballistocardiogram: Mechanism and Potential for Unobtrusive Cardiovascular Health Monitoring. ---
36  2016 Ballistocardiographic Artifacts in PPG Imaging. PPG
37  2016 Elucidating the Hemodynamic Origin of Ballistocardiographic Forces: Toward Improved Monitoring of Cardiovascular Health at Home. ABP, ICG
38  2016 Heart beat characterization from ballistocardiogram signals using extended functions of multiple instances. eFUMI, MIL
39  2016 J peak extraction from non-standard ballistocardiography data: a preliminary study. ---
40  2016 Marker-based ballistocardiographic artifact correction improves spike identification in EEG-fMRI of focal epilepsy patients. IEDs, MPT
41  2016 Non-invasive BCG monitoring for non-traditional settings. ---
42  2016 Real-time EEG artifact correction during fMRI using ICA. AAS, ICA, rtICA
43  2016 Reference-free removal of EEG-fMRI ballistocardiogram artifacts with harmonic regression. EEG, fMRI
44  2016 Unobtrusive Estimation of Cardiac Contractility and Stroke Volume Changes Using Ballistocardiogram Measurements on a High Bandwidth Force Plate. ECG, HF, SNR, SV
45  2015 A novel system identification technique for improved wearable hemodynamics assessment. ---
46  2015 Accelerometer body sensor network improves systolic time interval assessment with wearable ballistocardiography. PEP, STI
47  2015 An Ear-Worn Vital Signs Monitor. CO, ECG, HR, PEP, PPG, PTT, SV
48  2015 Ballistocardiogram as Proximal Timing Reference for Pulse Transit Time Measurement: Potential for Cuffless Blood Pressure Monitoring. BP, ECG, PAT, PTT
49  2015 Ballistocardiogram of baby during sleep. ---
50  2015 Ballistocardiography and seismocardiography: a review of recent advances. SCG
51  2015 Comparison of BCG artifact removal methods for evoked responses in simultaneous EEG-fMRI. AAS, EEG, fMRI, OBS, SNR
52  2015 Heartbeat Cycle Length Detection by a Ballistocardiographic Sensor in Atrial Fibrillation and Sinus Rhythm. AF, SR
53  2015 Identifying sleep apnea syndrome using heart rate and breathing effort variation analysis based on ballistocardiography. ANS, ECG, HR, HRV, KSVM, PSG, SAS
54  2015 MRI-based aortic blood flow model in 3D ballistocardiography. ---
55  2015 Non-invasive estimation of cardiovascular parameters using ballistocardiography. ---
56  2015 Noninvasive ambulatory measurement system of cardiac activity. EMD, EMFi, WT
57  2015 Noninvasive pulse transit time measurement for arterial stiffness monitoring in microgravity. PPG, PTT
58  2015 Quantifying and Reducing Posture-Dependent Distortion in Ballistocardiogram Measurements. ---
59  2015 Robust heartbeat detection from in-home ballistocardiogram signals of older adults using a bed sensor. ---
60  2015 Sternal vibrations during head-out immersion: A preliminary demonstration of underwater wearable ballistocardiography. RMS
61  2015 The application of a piezo-resistive cardiorespiratory sensor system in an automobile safety belt. ---
62  2015 Toward continuous, noninvasive assessment of ventricular function and hemodynamics: wearable ballistocardiography. ECG
63  2015 Towards numerical temporal-frequency system modelling of associations between electrocardiogram and ballistocardiogram. ECG
64  2015 [Comparison of heart rate variability measurements between ballistocardiogram and electrocardiography]. ECG, HRV
65  2014 Ballistocardiogram artifact removal with a reference layer and standard EEG cap. BRL, OBS
66  2014 Ballistocardiogram correction in simultaneous EEG/ fMRI recordings: a comparison of average artifact subtraction and optimal basis set methods using two popular software tools. ---
67  2014 Ballistocardiography for nonintrusive sleep structure estimation. PVDF
68  2014 Evaluation of ensemble averaging methods in 3D ballistocardiography. EA
69  2014 Heart rate estimation from FBG sensors using cepstrum analysis and sensor fusion. bpm, FBG
70  2014 Removing ballistocardiogram (BCG) artifact from full-scalp EEG acquired inside the MR scanner with Orthogonal Matching Pursuit (OMP). EEG, fMRI, non-ERP, OBS, OMP
71  2014 Separation and reconstruction of BCG and EEG signals during continuous EEG and fMRI recordings. DRPE, EEG, MRI, OBS
72  2014 Standing ballistocardiography measurements in microgravity. SNR
73  2014 Three dimensional Ballistocardiogram and Seismocardiogram: what do they have in common? ESA, ICG, SCG
74  2014 Tracking clinical status for heart failure patients using ballistocardiography and electrocardiography signal features. ECG, HF, RMS
75  2014 Wearable ballistocardiography: preliminary methods for mapping surface vibration measurements to whole body forces. ---
76  2014 [De-noising method research of ballistocardiogram signal]. EMD
77  2013 A preliminary study investigating the quantification of beat-to-beat in seismocardiogram signals. SCG
78  2013 Ballistocardiographic artifact removal from simultaneous EEG-fMRI using an optical motion-tracking system. AAS, EEG, fMRI, RMS
79  2013 Ballistocardiography with fiber optic sensor in headrest position: a feasibility study and a new processing algorithm. ---
80  2013 BCG Artifact Removal for Reconstructing Full-scalp EEG inside the MR Scanner. DRTSE, OBS
81  2013 Cardiovascular changes in parabolic flights assessed by ballistocardiography. ECG, ESA, ICG, SV
82  2013 Data collection capabilities of a new non-invasive monitoring system for patients with advanced multiple sclerosis. MS
83  2013 Local ballistocardiographic spectrum studies from signals obtained from limbs and carotid artery with an EMFi sensor induced with a tilt table. BP, CP, EMFi
84  2013 Monitoring technology for wheelchair users with advanced multiple sclerosis. EPW, MS
85  2013 Noninvasive monitoring of blood pressure using optical Ballistocardiography and Photoplethysmograph approaches. PPG
86  2013 Novel artefact removal algorithms for co-registered EEG/fMRI based on selective averaging and subtraction. ---
87  2013 Physiological insights from gravity-free ballistocardiography. ---
88  2013 Preliminary results from standing ballistocardiography measurements in microgravity. ---
89  2013 Reference-free harmonic regression technique to remove EEG-fMRI ballistocardiogram artifacts. EEG, fMRI
90  2013 Removing ballistocardiogram artifact from EEG using short- and long-term linear predictor. ---
91  2013 Timing and source of the maximum of the transthoracic impedance cardiogram (dZ/dt) in relation to the H-I-J complex of the longitudinal ballistocardiogram under gravity and microgravity conditions. ICG
92  2012 A wearable vital signs monitor at the ear for continuous heart rate and pulse transit time measurements. ECG, MAP, PAT, PPG, PTT
93  2012 An ear-worn continuous ballistocardiogram (BCG) sensor for cardiovascular monitoring. ECG
94  2012 Heartbeat detection from a hydraulic bed sensor using a clustering approach. ---
95  2012 HRV analysis and blood pressure monitoring on weighing scale using BCG. BP, HRV
96  2012 Measurement and correction of microscopic head motion during magnetic resonance imaging of the brain. MRI
97  2012 Multi-channel optical sensor-array for measuring ballistocardiograms and respiratory activity in bed. EMFi
98  2012 Multi-signal bathroom scale to assess long-term trends in cardiovascular parameters. BIA, ECG, IPG, SNR
99  2012 Noninvasive measurement of physiological signals on a modified home bathroom scale. ECG, EMG, IPG, SNR
100  2012 On time interval measurements using BCG. ECG, IPG, PPG