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Long Form:   broadband dielectric spectroscopy
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2019 Charge transport and glassy dynamics in polymeric ionic liquids as reflected by their inter- and intramolecular interactions. ACC, CTI, CTR, DSC, FTIR, ILs, PILs
2019 Dynamical Correlations for Statistical Copolymers from High-Throughput Broad-Band Dielectric Spectroscopy. HTBDS
2019 Influence of Polymeric Additive on the Physical Stability and Viscoelastic Properties of Aripiprazole. ARP/SOP, DSC
2019 Nanocomposite-parylene C thin films with high dielectric constant and low losses for future organic electronic devices. CVD, NCPC, OFETs
2019 Peculiar relaxation dynamics of propylene carbonate derivatives. MD, PC, XRD
2019 Percolation behaviors of ionic and electronic transfers in Li3-2xCoxN. ---
2018 Biocomposites with increased dielectric constant based on chitosan and nitrile-modified cellulose nanocrystals. AFM, ATR, CHI, CNC, TGA, XRD
2018 Co-Stabilization of Amorphous Pharmaceuticals-The Case of Nifedipine and Nimodipine. APIs, DSC
2018 Comparative Investigation of the Thermoresponsive Behavior of Two Diblock Copolymers Comprising PNIPAM and PMDEGA Blocks. CP, DSC, HBs, PMDEGA, PNIPAM, PS, SAXS
10  2018 Correlation between molecular dynamics and physical stability of two milled anhydrous sugars: Lactose and sucrose. DSC
11  2018 Dynamics and ionic conductivity of ionic liquid crystals forming a hexagonal columnar mesophase. ILCs, SHS
12  2018 Interplay between Crystallization and Glass Transition in Nematic Liquid Crystal 2,7-Bis(4-pentylphenyl)-9,9-diethyl-9 H-fluorene. ---
13  2018 Interplay of alpha/beta-Relaxation Dynamics and the Shape of Ionomer Building Blocks. SAXS
14  2018 Magnesium Oxide Nanoparticles: Dielectric Properties, Surface Functionalization and Improvement of Epoxy-Based Composites Insulating Properties. RRCs, VR
15  2018 Polyitaconates: A New Family of "All-Polymer" Dielectrics. ---
16  2018 Unique dynamic crossover in supercooled x,3-dihydroxypropyl acrylate (x = 1, 2) isomers mixture. GMA
17  2018 Unusual dielectric response of 4-methyl-1,3-dioxolane derivatives. MD
18  2017 A New Method To Identify Physically Stable Concentration of Amorphous Solid Dispersions (I): Case of Flutamide + Kollidon VA64. FL
19  2017 Applying Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy (BDS) for the Biophysical Characterization of Mammalian Tissues under a Variety of Cellular Stresses. DECT, IR
20  2017 Atorvastatin as a Promising Crystallization Inhibitor of Amorphous Probucol: Dielectric Studies at Ambient and Elevated Pressure. XRD
21  2017 Dynamics of Uncrystallized Water, Ice, and Hydrated Protein in Partially Crystallized Gelatin-Water Mixtures Studied by Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy. UCW
22  2017 Impact of ferroelectric and superparaelectric nanoparticles on phase transitions and dynamics in nematic liquid crystals. NPs
23  2017 Nanostructures and Dynamics of Isochorically Confined Amorphous Drug Mediated by Cooling Rate, Interfacial, and Intermolecular Interactions. AAO, DSC, GSF, IMC
24  2017 Optical, electrical and ferromagnetic studies of ZnO:Fe diluted magnetic semiconductor nanoparticles for spintronic applications. EDAX, FS, SEM, VSM, XRD
25  2017 Primary alpha and secondary beta relaxation dynamics of meta-toluidine in the liquid state investigated by broadband dielectric spectroscopy. CC, DSC, HN, m-TOL, TOP
26  2017 Relaxation Dynamics vs Crystallization Kinetics in the Amorphous State: The Case of Stiripentol. ---
27  2017 Studying of crystal growth and overall crystallization of naproxen from binary mixtures. acMAL, DSC, NAP
28  2017 Unraveling the Dynamics of Nanoscopically Confined PVME in Thin Films of a Miscible PVME/PS Blend. CECs, NSCs, PS, PVME
29  2016 Dielectric spectroscopy study of water dynamics in frozen bovine milk. ---
30  2016 Effect of Compression on the Molecular Arrangement of Itraconazole-Soluplus Solid Dispersions: Induction of Liquid Crystals or Exacerbation of Phase Separation? ATR-FTIR, HME, MDSC, SWAXS, XRD
31  2016 Glass Transition Dynamics and Crystallization Kinetics in the Smectic Liquid Crystal 4-n-Butyloxybenzylidene-4'-n'-octylaniline (BBOA). BBOA, VFT
32  2016 Molecular Dynamics and Physical Stability of Amorphous Nimesulide Drug and Its Binary Drug-Polymer Systems. DSC, NMS
33  2016 Molecular dynamics of amorphous pharmaceutical fenofibrate studied by broadband dielectric spectroscopy. API, DSC, JG, KWW, Tg, VFT
34  2016 Molecular probe dynamics and free volume in organic glass-formers and their relationships to structural relaxation: 1-propanol. ESR, o-Ps, PALS, TEMPO, TOP, Visc
35  2016 Monitoring Network and Interfacial Healing Processes by Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy: A Case Study on Natural Rubber. NR
36  2016 Observation of the nearly constant loss in super rigid saccharides: in search of a hidden crossover in dynamics deep in the glassy state. JG, NCL
37  2016 Polymerization of Monomeric Ionic Liquid Confined within Uniaxial Alumina Pores as a New Way of Obtaining Materials with Enhanced Conductivity. DSC, PILs
38  2016 Stabilization of the Amorphous Ezetimibe Drug by Confining Its Dimension. DSC, XRD
39  2016 The peculiar behavior of the molecular dynamics of a glass-forming liquid confined in native porous materials - the role of negative pressure. PALS
40  2015 A high-temperature dielectric process as a probe of large-scale silica filler structure in simplified industrial nanocomposites. MWS, SB
41  2015 Dielectric Spectroscopy of Pressurized Saccharomyces cerevisiae. ---
42  2015 Effect of chemical environment on the dynamics of water confined in calcium silicate minerals: natural and synthetic tobermorite. ---
43  2015 From monomers to self-assembled monolayers: the evolution of molecular mobility with structural confinements. SAMs
44  2015 Glassy dynamics of poly(2-vinyl-pyridine) brushes with varying grafting density. P2VP, PGMA
45  2015 Molecular Dynamics and Physical Stability of Coamorphous Ezetimib and Indapamide Mixtures. DSC, Tg, XRD
46  2015 Structure and Dynamics of Asymmetric Poly(styrene-b-1,4-isoprene) Diblock Copolymer under 1D and 2D Nanoconfinement. AAO, AFM, GISAXS, SEM
47  2015 Studying the Impact of Modified Saccharides on the Molecular Dynamics and Crystallization Tendencies of Model API Nifedipine. API, DSC
48  2014 Dynamics of water-alcohol mixtures: insights from nuclear magnetic resonance, broadband dielectric spectroscopy, and triplet solvation dynamics. NMR, TSD
49  2014 Electrophysical behavior of ion-conductive organic-inorganic polymer system based on aliphatic epoxy resin and salt of lithium perchlorate. DEG, DSC, PEO, WAXS
50  2014 Glass transition of partially crystallized gelatin-water mixtures studied by broadband dielectric spectroscopy. BSA, UCW
51  2014 Physical stability of the amorphous anticholesterol agent (ezetimibe): the role of molecular mobility. DSC, XRD
52  2014 Redirected charge transport arising from diazonium grafting of carbon coated LiFePO4. HRTEM
53  2013 Decoupling of conductivity relaxation from structural relaxation in protic ionic liquids and general properties. PILs
54  2013 Different behavior of water in confined solutions of high and low solute concentrations. DSC
55  2013 Dynamics of hydration water in sugars and peptides solutions. EDLS, HB
56  2013 Glassy dynamics and physical aging in fucose saccharides as studied by infrared- and broadband dielectric spectroscopy. FTIR
57  2013 Molecular dynamics in liquid and glassy states of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug: ketoprofen. DSC, NSAID, Tg, VFT
58  2013 Molecular dynamics, physical stability and solubility advantage from amorphous indapamide drug. DFT, DSC, IND, NMR, XRD
59  2013 Relaxation dynamics and crystallization study of sildenafil in the liquid and glassy states. DSC
60  2012 Calorimetric and relaxation properties of xylitol-water mixtures. ---
61  2012 Influence of adsorbed polar molecules on the electronic transport in a composite material Li(1.1)V3O8-PMMA for lithium batteries. EC, PC
62  2012 Positron annihilation and relaxation dynamics from dielectric spectroscopy: poly(vinylmethylether). NS, o-Ps, PALS, PVME, TOP
63  2011 Dynamics of water in supercooled aqueous solutions of poly(propylene glycol) as studied by broadband dielectric spectroscopy and low-temperature FTIR-ATR spectroscopy. ATR, FTIR
64  2011 Effect of hydration on the dielectric properties of C-S-H gel. C-S-H
65  2011 Positron annihilation response and broadband dielectric spectroscopy: salol. o-Ps, PALS, PALS, ST, TOP
66  2011 Quasielastic neutron scattering study of hydrogen motions in an aqueous poly(vinyl methyl ether) solution. PVME, QENS
67  2010 Charge transport and diffusion of ionic liquids in nanoporous silica membranes. PFG-NMR
68  2010 Free volume from positron lifetime and pressure-volume-temperature experiments in relation to structural relaxation of van der Waals molecular glass-forming liquids. BMPC, PALS, PVT
69  2010 On the kinetics of tautomerism in drugs: New application of broadband dielectric spectroscopy. DFT
70  2010 Study of the amorphous glibenclamide drug: analysis of the molecular dynamics of quenched and cryomilled material. DSC, GCM, UPLC, XRD
71  2009 Molecular mobility in liquid and glassy states of telmisartan (TEL) studied by broadband dielectric spectroscopy. beta, JG, TEL, VFTH
72  2008 Charge transport and mass transport in imidazolium-based ionic liquids. PFG-NMR, VFT
73  2008 The stability of polysiloxanes incorporating nano-scale physical property modifiers. DMA, POSS
74  2008 Theory of relaxation dynamics in glass-forming hydrogen-bonded liquids. ---
75  2007 Positron-annihilation-lifetime response and broadband dielectric relaxation spectroscopy: diethyl phthalate. DEP, o-Ps, PALS
76  2006 Effect of SiO2 on relaxation phenomena and mechanism of ion conductivity of [Nafion/(SiO2)x] composite membranes. ---
77  2005 Complex dynamics of supercooling n-butylcyanobiphenyl (4CB). CG, I-N, MCT, NDE, VFT
78  2005 Ice nanocrystals in glycerol-water mixtures. DSC
79  2005 Relaxation dynamics in glycerol-water mixtures. 2. Mesoscopic feature in water rich mixtures. DSC