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Long Form:   biological nitrogen fixation
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A spatially explicit, empirical estimate of tree-based biological nitrogen fixation in forests of the United States. ---
2020 Aerobic nitrogen-fixing bacteria for hydrogen and ammonium production: current state and perspectives. ---
2020 Biological nitrogen fixation across major biomes in Latin America: Patterns and global change effects. ---
2020 Current Progress in Nitrogen Fixing Plants and Microbiome Research. ---
2020 Depression of soil nitrogen fixation by drying soil in a degraded alpine peatland. RNfix
2020 Excess nitrate induces nodule greening and reduces transcript and protein expression levels of soybean leghaemoglobins. Hb, Lb
2020 Exploiting Biological Nitrogen Fixation: A Route Towards a Sustainable Agriculture. ---
2020 In-Situ Metabolomic Analysis of Setaria viridis Roots Colonized by Beneficial Endophytic Bacteria. PGPB
2020 Microbiological strategies for enhancing biological nitrogen fixation in nonlegumes. ---
10  2020 Molybdenum, phosphorus, and pH do not constrain nitrogen fixation in a tropical forest in the southeastern Amazon. Mo
11  2020 Phosphate solubilizing bacteria stimulate wheat rhizosphere and endosphere biological nitrogen fixation by improving phosphorus content. ---
12  2020 Revealing structure and assembly for rhizophyte-endophyte diazotrophic community in mangrove ecosystem after introduced Sonneratia apetala and Laguncularia racemosa. ---
13  2020 The Potato Yam Phyllosphere Ectosymbiont Paraburkholderia sp. Msb3 Is a Potent Growth Promotor in Tomato. PBE
14  2020 The Role of Nitric Oxide in Nitrogen Fixation by Legumes. Lbs, RNS
15  2019 Allelic Variants for Candidate Nitrogen Fixation Genes Revealed by Sequencing in Red Clover (Trifolium pratense L.). ddRADseq, EFD, MOT1
16  2019 Bradyrhizobium frederickii sp. nov., a nitrogen-fixing lineage isolated from nodules of the caesalpinioid species Chamaecrista fasciculata and characterized by tolerance to high temperature in vitro. ITS, MLSA
17  2019 Diazotrophic microbial community and abundance in acidic subtropical natural and re-vegetated forest soils revealed by high-throughput sequencing of nifH gene. ---
18  2019 Formulation of a Highly Effective Inoculant for Common Bean Based on an Autochthonous Elite Strain of Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. phaseoli, and Genomic-Based Insights Into Its Agronomic Performance. ---
19  2019 Genetic Analysis and Mapping of QTLs for Soybean Biological Nitrogen Fixation Traits Under Varied Field Conditions. NN, NS, RILs
20  2019 Global pattern and controls of biological nitrogen fixation under nutrient enrichment: A meta-analysis. CI, MAP, MAT
21  2019 Identification of soybean Bradyrhizobium strains used in commercial inoculants in Brazil by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry. MALDI-TOF
22  2019 Impacts of Mo application on biological nitrogen fixation and diazotrophic communities in a flooded rice-soil system. Mo, SIP
23  2019 Manipulating nitrogen regulation in diazotrophic bacteria for agronomic benefit. ---
24  2019 Molecular Analyses of the Distribution and Function of Diazotrophic Rhizobia and Methanotrophs in the Tissues and Rhizosphere of Non-Leguminous Plants. ---
25  2019 Molybdenum threshold for ecosystem scale alternative vanadium nitrogenase activity in boreal forests. Mo, Nase, V-Nase
26  2019 Rhizobium Inoculation Drives the Shifting of Rhizosphere Fungal Community in a Host Genotype Dependent Manner. RILs
27  2019 Soybean yield, biological N2 fixation and seed composition responses to additional inoculation in the United States. aa, RAU
28  2019 Sugarcane inoculated with endophytic diazotrophic bacteria: effects on yield, biological nitrogen fixation and industrial characteristics. PGPB
29  2018 Anthropogenic deposition of heavy metals and phosphorus may reduce biological N2 fixation in boreal forest mosses. Mo
30  2018 Benefits from Below: Silicon Supplementation Maintains Legume Productivity under Predicted Climate Change Scenarios. ET, Si
31  2018 Crops, Nitrogen, Water: Are Legumes Friend, Foe, or Misunderstood Ally? INF, WUE
32  2018 Diazotrophic Macroalgal Associations With Living and Decomposing Sargassum. DMAs
33  2018 Distribution and Phylogeny of Microsymbionts Associated with Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) Nodulation in Three Agroecological Regions of Mozambique. ---
34  2018 Diversity of Bradyrhizobia in Subsahara Africa: A Rich Resource. SSA
35  2018 Efforts toward optimization of aerobic biohydrogen reveal details of secondary regulation of biological nitrogen fixation by nitrogenous compounds in Azotobacter vinelandii. ---
36  2018 Exploring the alternatives of biological nitrogen fixation. ---
37  2018 Feasibility of transference of inoculation-related technologies: A case study of evaluation of soybean rhizobial strains under the agro-climatic conditions of Brazil and Mozambique. ---
38  2018 Genetic diversity of symbiotic bacteria nodulating common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) in western Kenya. SE
39  2018 Hidden Nickel Deficiency? Nickel Fertilization via Soil Improves Nitrogen Metabolism and Grain Yield in Soybean Genotypes. Ni
40  2018 Impact of organic and inorganic fertilizers on the yield and quality of silage corn intercropped with soybean. ARAs, BFs, CGRs, CM, DM, LAI
41  2018 INCREASING NODULE SIZE1 Expression Is Required for Normal Rhizobial Symbiosis and Nodule Development. ---
42  2018 Influence of nitrogen and phosphorus additions on N2-fixation activity, abundance, and composition of diazotrophic communities in a Chinese fir plantation. ARA, OTU
43  2018 nifPred: Proteome-Wide Identification and Categorization of Nitrogen-Fixation Proteins of Diaztrophs Based on Composition-Transition-Distribution Features Using Support Vector Machine. CTD, nif, non-nif
44  2018 Nitrogen input by bamboos in neotropical forest: a new perspective. ---
45  2018 Observed metabolic asymmetry within soybean root nodules reflects unexpected complexity in rhizobacteria-legume metabolite exchange. MALDI-MSI
46  2018 Site-directed mutagenesis to deactivate two nitrogenase isozymes of Kosakonia radicincitans DSM16656T. PGP
47  2018 Understanding variability in the benefits of N2-fixation in soybean-maize rotations on smallholder farmers' fields in Malawi. Ndfa
48  2017 An In vitro Study of Bio-Control and Plant Growth Promotion Potential of Salicaceae Endophytes. IAA
49  2017 Azospirillum spp. from native forage grasses in Brazilian Pantanal floodplain: biodiversity and plant growth promotion potential. IAA, PGPB
50  2017 Biological nitrogen fixation in the oxygen-minimum region of the eastern tropical North Pacific ocean. ---
51  2017 Characterization of Genetic Basis on Synergistic Interactions between Root Architecture and Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Soybean. RA, RILs, SDW
52  2017 Comparative Analysis of the Combined Effects of Different Water and Phosphate Levels on Growth and Biological Nitrogen Fixation of Nine Cowpea Varieties. PC
53  2017 Glutamine synthetase stabilizes the binding of GlnR to nitrogen fixation gene operators. GS
54  2017 Iron controls over di-nitrogen fixation in karst tropical forest. ---
55  2017 Long-term agricultural management does not alter the evolution of a soybean-rhizobium mutualism. ---
56  2017 Metabolic features involved in drought stress tolerance mechanisms in peanut nodules and their contribution to biological nitrogen fixation. GABA
57  2017 Modular electron-transport chains from eukaryotic organelles function to support nitrogenase activity. ETCs, FNRs
58  2017 Molybdenum and phosphorus limitation of moss-associated nitrogen fixation in boreal ecosystems. ARA, Mo
59  2017 Symbiosis of selected Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. viciae strains with diverse pea genotypes: effects on biological nitrogen fixation. ---
60  2017 The plant growth-promoting effect of the nitrogen-fixing endophyte Pseudomonas stutzeri A15. ---
61  2016 A Comparative Nitrogen Balance and Productivity Analysis of Legume and Non-legume Supported Cropping Systems: The Potential Role of Biological Nitrogen Fixation. ---
62  2016 Antibiotics Resistance in Rhizobium: Type, Process, Mechanism and Benefit for Agriculture. ---
63  2016 Improvement in nitrogen fixation capacity could be part of the domestication process in soybean. ---
64  2016 Nickel Availability in Soil as Influenced by Liming and Its Role in Soybean Nitrogen Metabolism. BCS, Ni, NR
65  2016 Productivity and carbon footprint of perennial grass-forage legume intercropping strategies with high or low nitrogen fertilizer input. LCA
66  2016 Responses of soil nitrogen fixation to Spartina alterniflora invasion and nitrogen addition in a Chinese salt marsh. NFM
67  2016 Soil Fertility Map for Food Legumes Production Areas in China. AN, AP, SOM
68  2015 Impact of the ahas transgene for herbicides resistance on biological nitrogen fixation and yield of soybean. CD 217
69  2015 Investigating patterns of symbiotic nitrogen fixation during vegetation change from grassland to woodland using fine scale delta(15) N measurements. ---
70  2015 Multifaceted investigation of metabolites during nitrogen fixation in Medicago via high resolution MALDI-MS imaging and ESI-MS. ESI, MALDI, MS
71  2015 Robust biological nitrogen fixation in a model grass-bacterial association. ---
72  2014 Alternative nitrogenase and pseudogenes: unique features of the Paenibacillus riograndensis nitrogen fixation system. ---
73  2014 Biological nitrogen fixation and biomass accumulation within poplar clones as a result of inoculations with diazotrophic endophyte consortia. Ndfa
74  2014 Endophytic Bradyrhizobium spp. isolates from sugarcane obtained through different culture strategies. cDNA, PCR
75  2014 Lipopolysaccharides in diazotrophic bacteria. EPS, LCO, LPS
76  2014 Nitrogen signalling in plant interactions with associative and endophytic diazotrophic bacteria. ---
77  2014 Nitrogen-fixing bacteria in Eucalyptus globulus plantations. DB
78  2014 Phenotypic and molecular characterisation of efficient nitrogen-fixing Azotobacter strains from rice fields for crop improvement. ---
79  2014 Phosphorus deficiency affects the allocation of below-ground resources to combined cluster roots and nodules in Lupinus albus. ---
80  2014 Short-term supply of elevated phosphate alters the belowground carbon allocation costs and functions of lupin cluster roots and nodules. APase, ME, PEPC, PK
81  2014 Spatially robust estimates of biological nitrogen (N) fixation imply substantial human alteration of the tropical N cycle. ---
82  2014 The paradox of marine heterotrophic nitrogen fixation: abundances of heterotrophic diazotrophs do not account for nitrogen fixation rates in the Eastern Tropical South Pacific. ETSP, PCR
83  2014 The reallocation of carbon in P deficient lupins affects biological nitrogen fixation. ---
84  2013 Biological nitrogen fixation in non-legume plants. ---
85  2013 Biological nitrogen fixation in the context of global change. ---
86  2013 Biological nitrogen fixation: rates, patterns and ecological controls in terrestrial ecosystems. ---
87  2013 Inhibition of nitrogen fixation in symbiotic Medicago truncatula upon Cd exposure is a local process involving leghaemoglobin. ROS
88  2013 Mapping of QTLs associated with biological nitrogen fixation traits in soybean. NDW, NN, QTL, SDW, SSRs
89  2013 Regional constraints to biological nitrogen fixation in post-fire forest communities. ET
90  2012 Arbuscular mycorrhiza maintains nodule function during external NH4+ supply in Phaseolus vulgaris (L.). AM
91  2011 Crucial role of (homo)glutathione in nitrogen fixation in Medicago truncatula nodules. gamma-ECS
92  2011 Nitrogen fixation and nitrogenase (nifH) expression in tropical waters of the eastern North Atlantic. RT-PCR
93  2011 Predominant nifH transcript phylotypes related to Rhizobium rosettiformans in field-grown sugarcane plants and in Norway spruce. DGGE, RT
94  2011 Triple inoculation with Bradyrhizobium, Glomus and Paenibacillus on cowpea (Vigna unguiculata [L.] walp.) development. AC, AMF, NC, PGPB
95  2010 Antioxidant pathways are up-regulated during biological nitrogen fixation to prevent ROS-induced nitrogenase inhibition in Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus. ROS, sodA
96  2009 Nitrogen fixation in different biogeochemical niches along a 120 000-year chronosequence in New Zealand. ---
97  2008 Expanding ecological possibilities: Biological nitrogen fixation updated. ---
98  2008 Recent advances in nitrogen-fixing acetic acid bacteria. AAB, PGPB
99  2007 Members of the ethylene signalling pathway are regulated in sugarcane during the association with nitrogen-fixing endophytic bacteria. ---
100  2006 Drought effects on carbon and nitrogen metabolism of pea nodules can be mimicked by paraquat: evidence for the occurrence of two regulation pathways under oxidative stresses. Lb, PQ, ROS, SS