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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 C957T-mediated Variation in Ligand Affinity Affects the Association between 11C-raclopride Binding Potential and Cognition. DA
2019 Cognitive Control as a 5-HT1A-Based Domain That Is Disrupted in Major Depressive Disorder. MAOA, MDD, PET, RDoC
2019 PET imaging of noradrenaline transporters in Parkinson's disease: focus on scan time. PD
2018 An invivo 11C-PK PET study of microglia activation in Fatal Familial Insomnia. FFI, HC, TSPO
2018 Investigation of the influence of sampling schemes on quantitative dynamic fluorescence imaging. ---
2018 Neuroinflammation in schizophrenia: meta-analysis of in vivo microglial imaging studies. TSPO, VT
2018 Reduced striatal dopamine release during motor skill acquisition in Parkinson's disease. CAU, DPU, HS, PD, RAC, ROI, VST
2018 Volume-of-interest-based supervised cluster analysis for pseudo-reference region selection in [18F]DPA-714 PET imaging of the rat brain. SRTM
2017 123I-ioflupane brain SPECT and 123I-MIBG cardiac planar scintigraphy combined use in uncertain parkinsonian disorders. LBD/AD, MIBG, MRI, PD/PS, PD/VP, SPECT
10  2017 Anatomical relationships between serotonin 5-HT2A and dopamine D2 receptors in living human brain. ---
11  2017 Simplified estimation of binding parameters based on image-derived reference tissue models for dopamine transporter bindings in non-human primates using [18F]FE-PE2I and PET. SRTM
12  2017 The role of dopamine in positive and negative prediction error utilization during incidental learning - Insights from Positron Emission Tomography, Parkinson's disease and Huntington's disease. DA, HD, PD, PEs, PET
13  2016 Altered serotonin transporter binding potential in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder under escitalopram treatment: [11C]DASB PET study. OCD, SERTs
14  2016 Cortical Dopamine Transmission as Measured with the [11C]FLB 457 - Amphetamine PET Imaging Paradigm Is Not Influenced by COMT Genotype. BPND, COMT
15  2016 Differential dopamine function in fibromyalgia. DA, FM, PET
16  2016 Genetic variation and dopamine D2 receptor availability: a systematic review and meta-analysis of human in vivo molecular imaging studies. ---
17  2016 In vivo quantifying molecular specificity of Cy5.5-labeled cyclic 9-mer peptide probe with dynamic fluorescence imaging. GARTM, GEXPM, SKRC, SRTM
18  2016 Investigation of injection dose and camera integration time on quantifying pharmacokinetics of a Cy5.5-GX1 probe with dynamic fluorescence imaging in vivo. GEXPM, ID, IT, SKRC, SRTM
19  2016 Neuropsychological, Metabolic, and GABAA Receptor Studies in Subjects with Repetitive Traumatic Brain Injury. CTE, FMZ, MRI, rTBI
20  2016 Relation of dopamine receptor 2 binding to pain perception in female fibromyalgia patients with and without depression--A [C] raclopride PET-study. TPT
21  2015 Asymmetry of Dopamine D2/3 Receptor Availability in Dorsal Putamen and Body Mass Index in Non-obese Healthy Males. BMI, DA
22  2015 Attenuated Tonic and Enhanced Phasic Release of Dopamine in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADHD, PET
23  2015 Comparison of in vivo binding properties of the 18-kDa translocator protein (TSPO) ligands [(18)F]PBR102 and [ (18)F]PBR111 in a model of excitotoxin-induced neuroinflammation. AMPA, SRTM, TSPO
24  2015 Dopamine D1 Binding Potential Predicts Fusiform BOLD Activity during Face-Recognition Performance. BOLD, DA, FFG
25  2015 Dopaminergic denervation severity depends on COMT Val158Met polymorphism in Parkinson's disease. COMT
26  2015 Improved models for plasma radiometabolite correction and their impact on kinetic quantification in PET studies. PPf, VT
27  2015 Performance of 11C-Pittsburgh Compound B PET Binding Potential Images in the Detection of Amyloid Deposits on Equivocal Static Images. SUVR
28  2015 Quantification of the binding potential of cell-surface receptors in fresh excised specimens via dual-probe modeling of SERS nanoparticles. EGFR, SERS NPs
29  2015 Somatostatin receptor subtype 2 in high-grade gliomas: PET/CT with (68)Ga-DOTA-peptides, correlation to prognostic markers, and implications for targeted radiotherapy. BBB, DC, HGGs, PET/CT, PRRT, SSTR, SSTR2
30  2014 Deep brain stimulation induces striatal dopamine release in obsessive-compulsive disorder. DBS, HVA, NAc
31  2014 Efficiency gains in tracer identification for nuclear imaging: can in vivo LC-MS/MS evaluation of small molecules screen for successful PET tracers? BBB, CNS, GPCRs, MBUA, MBUA, PET, SUV
32  2014 Extrastriatal dopaminergic changes in Parkinson's disease patients with impulse control disorders. ICD, PD, vmPFC
33  2014 Prefrontal dopamine D1 receptors and working memory in schizotypal personality disorder: a PET study with [C]NNC112. PASAT, PET, PFC, SPD, WM
34  2014 Quantification of GABAA receptors in the rat brain with [(123)I]Iomazenil SPECT from factor analysis-denoised images. FA
35  2014 Relation of progesterone and DHEAS serum levels to 5-HT1A receptor binding potential in pre- and postmenopausal women. ---
36  2014 Reproducibility of non-invasive a1 adenosine receptor quantification in the rat brain using [(18)F]CPFPX and positron emission tomography. A1AR, PET, SRTM
37  2014 Spinal cord dopamine D2/D3 receptors: in vivo and ex vivo imaging in the rat using (18)F/(11)C-fallypride. DH, PC, SDH, VH
38  2013 Abnormal striatal dopaminergic neurotransmission during rest and task production in spasmodic dysphonia. ---
39  2013 Beer flavor provokes striatal dopamine release in male drinkers: mediation by family history of alcoholism. DA, PET
40  2013 Diminished neurokinin-1 receptor availability in patients with two forms of chronic visceral pain. HCs, IBD, IBS, NK1R, PET
41  2013 Distribution of monoamine oxidase proteins in human brain: implications for brain imaging studies. MAOA, PET
42  2013 Increased synaptic dopamine in the putamen in restless legs syndrome. D2R, PET, RLS
43  2013 individual variation in sleep quality and duration is related to cerebral mu opioid receptor binding potential during tonic laboratory pain in healthy subjects. PSQI, PSQI
44  2013 Positron emission tomography imaging of dopamine D2 receptors using a highly selective radiolabeled D2 receptor partial agonist. ---
45  2013 Test-retest reproducibility of dopamine D2/3 receptor binding in human brain measured by PET with [11C]MNPA and [11C]raclopride. DRs, PET
46  2013 Treadmill exercise elevates striatal dopamine D2 receptor binding potential in patients with early Parkinson's disease. DA-D2R, PD
47  2013 Women with multiple chemical sensitivity have increased harm avoidance and reduced 5-HT(1A) receptor binding potential in the anterior cingulate and amygdala. ACC, MCS
48  2012 Acute HCV/HIV coinfection is associated with cognitive dysfunction and cerebral metabolite disturbance, but not increased microglial cell activation. aHCV, cART, HCV, HIV, HIVmono, NCT, PET
49  2012 Advantages of a dual-tracer model over reference tissue models for binding potential measurement in tumors. ---
50  2012 Aging-related increases in behavioral variability: relations to losses of dopamine D1 receptors. DA, ISD, MSIT, RT
51  2012 Changes in striatal dopamine release associated with human motor-skill acquisition. ---
52  2012 Dynamic PET and Optical Imaging and Compartment Modeling using a Dual-labeled Cyclic RGD Peptide Probe. SVD
53  2012 Extrastriatal dopaminergic abnormalities of DA homeostasis in Parkinson's patients with medication-induced pathological gambling: a [11C] FLB-457 and PET study. ACC, BIS, DA, PD, PG
54  2012 Increased binding of peripheral benzodiazepine receptor in mild cognitive impairment-dementia converters measured by positron emission tomography with [C]DAA1106. AD, MCI, PBR, PET, SD
55  2012 Neurobiological changes mediating the effects of chronic fluoxetine on cocaine use. SSRI
56  2012 Normative database of the serotonergic system in healthy subjects using multi-tracer PET. 5-HTT, AAL
57  2012 Writing errors in ALS related to loss of neuronal integrity in the anterior cingulate gyrus. ALS, FMZ, PET, WAB-IVB, WEI
58  2012 [Ketogenic diet may control seizures by increasing the binding potential of the benzodiazepine receptor: a speculation from the [11C] flumazenil-PET study]. FMZ, KD, PET
59  2011 5-HT₁A receptor binding is increased after recovery from bulimia nervosa compared to control women and is associated with behavioral inhibition in both groups. CW, RBN
60  2011 Age, sex, and reproductive hormone effects on brain serotonin-1A and serotonin-2A receptor binding in a healthy population. PET
61  2011 Calculating occupancy when one does not have baseline: a comparison of different options. ICC
62  2011 Chronic stress is linked to 5-HT(1A) receptor changes and functional disintegration of the limbic networks. mPFC
63  2011 Decreased defluorination using the novel beta-cell imaging agent [18F]FE-DTBZ-d4 in pigs examined by PET. DTBZ, FE, PET, PK/PD, VMAT2
64  2011 Dopamine D(1) receptors and age differences in brain activation during working memory. DLPFC
65  2011 Dopamine D1 receptor associations within and between dopaminergic pathways in younger and elderly adults: links to cognitive performance. DA
66  2011 Endogenous dopamine (DA) competes with the binding of a radiolabeled D₃ receptor partial agonist in vivo: a positron emission tomography study. DA
67  2011 Evaluation of dopamine D₂/₃ specific binding in the cerebellum for the positron emission tomography radiotracer [C]FLB 457: implications for measuring cortical dopamine release. DA, PET, ROIs
68  2011 Imaging of dopamine D2/3 agonist binding in cocaine dependence: a [11C]NPA positron emission tomography study. DA, HC, PET
69  2011 The dopamine transporter is decreased in the striatum of subjects with restless legs syndrome. DAT, RLS
70  2011 The genetic blueprint of major depressive disorder: contributions of imaging genetics studies. ACC
71  2010 18F-labeling and evaluation of novel MDL 100907 derivatives as potential 5-HT2A antagonists for molecular imaging. RCY
72  2010 Alteration of dopamine D2/D3 receptor binding in patients with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy. JME, PET, ROI
73  2010 Amyloid imaging of Lewy body-associated disorders. DLB, MCBP, PDD, PiB
74  2010 Brain metabolic correlates of dopaminergic degeneration in de novo idiopathic Parkinson's disease. LS, PD, rCMRglc, SPM
75  2010 Combined striatal binding and cerebral influx analysis of dynamic 11C-raclopride PET improves early differentiation between multiple-system atrophy and Parkinson disease. D2R, MSA-P, PD
76  2010 Degenerative parkinsonism in patients with psychogenic parkinsonism: A dopamine transporter imaging study. DAT, PD, PsyP, SPECT
77  2010 Dopamine D(1) receptor binding in the anterior cingulate cortex of patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. ACC, OCD
78  2010 Dopamine transporter PET in normal aging: dopamine transporter decline and its possible role in preservation of motor function. DAT, PPB
79  2010 Dopamine type 2/3 receptor availability in the striatum and social status in human volunteers. MSPSS, PET
80  2010 Evaluation of patients with Clinically Unclear Parkinsonian Syndromes submitted to brain SPECT imaging using the technetium-99m labeled tracer TRODAT-1. CUPS, DAT, HCs, PD
81  2010 Focal neuronal damage in patients with neuropsychological impairment after diffuse traumatic brain injury: evaluation using C-flumazenil positron emission tomography with statistical image analysis. DAI, FIQ, FMZ, FMZ-PET, PIQ, TBI, VIQ, WAIS-III
82  2010 Hypothalamic serotonin-1A receptor binding measured by PET predicts the plasma level of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate in healthy women. DHEAS, HPA, PET
83  2010 In vivo imaging of neuroinflammation: a comparative study between [(18)F]PBR111, [ (11)C]CLINME and [ (11)C]PK11195 in an acute rodent model. PBR, PET, TSPO
84  2010 In vivo measurement of vesicular monoamine transporter type 2 density in Parkinson disease with (18)F-AV-133. PD, VMAT2
85  2010 Mapping of serotonin transporters by positron emission tomography with [11C]DASB in conscious common marmosets: comparison with rhesus monkeys. PET, SERT
86  2010 Measurement of dopamine D2 receptors in living human brain using [11C]raclopride with ultra-high specific radioactivity. PET
87  2010 Noninvasive evaluation of brain muscarinic receptor occupancy of oxybutynin, darifenacin and imidafenacin in rats by positron emission tomography. CNS, i.v, OAB, PET
88  2010 The dopamine system in idiopathic generalized epilepsies: identification of syndrome-related changes. DA, DAT, IGE, JME
89  2009 A consistent and efficient graphical analysis method to improve the quantification of reversible tracer binding in radioligand receptor dynamic PET studies. ---
90  2009 A multitracer dopaminergic PET study of young-onset parkinsonian patients with and without parkin gene mutations. SPM, YOPD
91  2009 Cerebral monoamine oxidase A inhibition in tobacco smokers confirmed with PET and [11C]befloxatone. MAOs, PET
92  2009 Changes in striatal dopamine D2 receptor binding in pre-clinical Huntington's disease. HD, RAC
93  2009 Dopamine D1 receptor binding in the striatum of patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. OCD, PET
94  2009 Dopaminergic activity in depressed smokers: a positron emission tomography study. PET
95  2009 Genetic variation in brain-derived neurotrophic factor is associated with serotonin transporter but not serotonin-1A receptor availability in men. 5-HT1A, BDNF, PET
96  2009 Imaging the serotonin transporter using (123)I-ADAM in the human brain. REM, SERT, SERTPR, SPECT, SRTM, SUR
97  2009 Increased brain histamine H1 receptor binding in patients with anorexia nervosa. AN, EAT-26, H1R, SDS, STAI
98  2009 Modulation of striatal dopamine D1 binding by cognitive processing. DA
99  2009 rTMS of the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex modulates dopamine release in the ipsilateral anterior cingulate cortex and orbitofrontal cortex. ACC, DA, DLPFC, rTMS
100  2009 Serotonin transporter genotype is associated with cognitive performance but not regional 5-HT1A receptor binding in humans. PET