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Long Form:   bismuth
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2020 Advances of 2D bismuth in energy sciences. ---
2020 AgBiS2 nanoparticles with synergistic photodynamic and bioimaging properties for enhanced malignant tumor phototherapy. CT, NIR, NPs, PDT, PTT, ROS, S. aureus
2020 Assembling of Bi atoms on TiO2 nanorods boosts photoelectrochemical water splitting of semiconductors. PEC
2020 Bismuth as a Reactive Solvent in the Synthesis of Multicomponent Transition-Metal-Bearing Bismuthides. ---
2020 Bismuth plasmonics for extraordinary light absorption in deep sub-wavelength geometries. BW, MIM, NIR
2020 Bismuth-Based Nanomaterials: Recent Advances in Tumor Targeting and Synergistic Cancer Therapy Techniques. NMs
2020 Bismuthene for highly efficient carbon dioxide electroreduction reaction. RHE
2020 ICP-MS Analysis of Trace Element Concentrations in Cow's Milk Samples from Supermarkets in Istanbul, Turkey. Ba, Cd, Co, Cr, ICP-MS, Li, Mn, Mo, Ni, Se, Sr, Tl
2020 In Situ Formation of Hierarchical Bismuth Nanodots/Graphene Nanoarchitectures for Ultrahigh-Rate and Durable Potassium-Ion Storage. PIBs
10  2020 Investigation of growth characteristics and semimetal-semiconductor transition of polycrystalline bis-muth thin films. SZM
11  2020 N-Doped carbon coated bismuth nanorods with a hollow structure as an anode for superior-performance potassium-ion batteries. ---
12  2020 Optimizing the Void Size of Yolk-Shell Bi@Void@C Nanospheres for High-Power-Density Sodium-Ion Batteries. NIBs, TEM, XRD
13  2020 Particle-water interactions of bismuth under simulated estuarine conditions. ---
14  2020 Silver-Bismuth Bilayer Anode for Perovskite Nanocrystal Light-Emitting Devices. PNC LEDs
15  2020 Synergistic effect of Bi-doped exfoliated MoS2 nanosheets on their bactericidal and dye degradation potential. E. coli, S. aureus
16  2020 Template-free fabrication of BiFeO3 nanorod arrays: multiferroic and photo-electrochemical performances. FTO, Mr, PVD
17  2020 The versatile biomedical applications of bismuth-based nanoparticles and composites: therapeutic, diagnostic, biosensing, and regenerative properties. BiNPs, NIR, NPs, RT
18  2020 Thermal-induced luminescence enhancement of BAC-P in bismuth-doped phosphogermanosilicate fibers. ---
19  2019 40  dB gain all fiber bismuth-doped amplifier operating in the O-band. ---
20  2019 A Novel Bismuth-Chitosan Nanocomposite Sensor for Simultaneous Detection of Pb(II), Cd(II) and Zn(II) in Wastewater. RSD, SWASV
21  2019 Bi-Doped SnO Nanosheets Supported on Cu Foam for Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 to HCOOH. DFT
22  2019 Biosynthesis of bismuth selenide nanoparticles using chalcogen-metabolizing bacteria. BC, Se
23  2019 Bismuth Sulfide Nanorods with Retractable Zinc Protoporphyrin Molecules for Suppressing Innate Antioxidant Defense System and Strengthening Phototherapeutic Effects. CT, NMs, NRs, ZP
24  2019 Broadband Nonlinear Optical Response of Single-Crystalline Bismuth Thin Film. VD
25  2019 Composition- and size-modulated porous bismuth-tin biphase alloys as anodes for advanced magnesium ion batteries. MIBs
26  2019 Control of SEI Formation for Stable Potassium-Ion Battery Anodes by Bi-MOF-Derived Nanocomposites. PIBs, SEI
27  2019 Developing a binuclear multi-target Bi(III) complex by optimizing 2-acetyl-3-ethylpyrazine thiosemicarbazides. ---
28  2019 Electronic and optical properties of lead-free hybrid double perovskites for photovoltaic and optoelectronic applications. Cs, FA, MA
29  2019 Engineering high reversibility and fast kinetics of Bi nanoflakes by surface modulation for ultrastable nickel-bismuth batteries. NFs
30  2019 Exposure profile of mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, antimony, copper, selenium and zinc in maternal blood, cord blood and placenta: the Tohoku Study of Child Development in Japan. Cd, Se, Zn
31  2019 Feasibility of multi-contrast imaging on dual-source photon counting detector (PCD) CT: An initial phantom study. DS, Gd, NPS, PCD, PCD-CT, RMSE, SS
32  2019 Generating Defect-Rich Bismuth for Enhancing the Rate of Nitrogen Electroreduction to Ammonia. ---
33  2019 Hair multi-bioelement profile of Kashin-Beck disease in the endemic regions of China. Al, Ca, Cr, ICP-MS, KBD, Mn, Pt, Se, Sr
34  2019 Integration of Environmental Friendly Perovskites for High-efficiency White Light-emitting Diodes. QDs, QY, WLEDs
35  2019 Investigation of some metals in honey samples from West Mediterranean region of Turkey. Al, Ba, Ca, Cd, Co, Cr, Ga, Li, Mn, Ni, Sr, Tl, Zn
36  2019 Mercury and metal(loid) deposition to remote Nova Scotia lakes from both local and distant sources. Cd, loid, loid, loid, Rb, Te, Tl, Zn
37  2019 Passivating Surface States on Water Splitting Cuprous Oxide Photocatalyst with Bismuth Decoration. ---
38  2019 Phosphomolybdic Acid-Assisted Growth of Ultrathin Bismuth Nanosheets for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2 to Formate. ---
39  2019 Recoverable Bismuth-Based Microrobots: Capture, Transport, and On-Demand Release of Heavy Metals and an Anticancer Drug in Confined Spaces. Cr, DOX, Ni, Pt
40  2019 Shape regulation of high-index facet nanoparticles by dealloying. Pt
41  2019 Single-Component Bismuth Nanoparticles as a Theranostic Agent for Multimodal Imaging-Guided Glioma Therapy. CT, NPs, PAI, PTT
42  2019 Spin-Orbit Coupling-Dominated Catalytic Activity of Two-Dimensional Bismuth toward CO2 Electroreduction: Not the Thinner the Better. ---
43  2019 Study on the temperature dependent characteristics of O-band bismuth-doped fiber amplifier. NFs
44  2019 Synergistic effects of bismuth coupling on the reactivity and reusability of zerovalent iron nanoparticles for the removal of cadmium from aqueous solution. ---
45  2019 Thin Degradable Coatings for Optimization of Osteointegration Associated with Simultaneous Infection Prophylaxis. CaP, HVSFS, LDH, S. aureus, XRD
46  2019 Ultra-broadband red to NIR photoemission from multiple bismuth centers in Sr2B5O9Cl:Bi crystal. NIR
47  2019 Use of bismuth shield for protection of superficial radiosensitive organs in patients undergoing computed tomography: a literature review and meta-analysis. CT
48  2019 Yolk-Shell-Structured Bismuth@N-Doped Carbon Anode for Lithium-Ion Battery with High Volumetric Capacity. ---
49  2018 A Dealloying Synthetic Strategy for Nanoporous Bismuth-Antimony Anodes for Sodium Ion Batteries. SIBs
50  2018 Exposure and nephrotoxicity concern of bismuth with the occurrence of autophagy. BN
52  2018 Impact of surface modification on the toxicity of zerovalent iron nanoparticles in aquatic and terrestrial organisms. CMC, nZVI, TPP
53  2018 In Situ Activation of 3D Porous Bi/Carbon Architectures: Toward High-Energy and Stable Nickel-Bismuth Batteries. P-Bi-C
54  2018 In Situ Atomic-Scale Study of Particle-Mediated Nucleation and Growth in Amorphous Bismuth to Nanocrystal Phase Transformation. ---
55  2018 In situ investigation of bismuth nanoparticles formation by transmission electron microscope. ---
56  2018 Investigations on the Electrochemical Atomic Layer Growth of Bi₂Se₃ and the Surface Limited Deposition of Bismuth at the Silver Electrode. E-ALD, Se, UPD, XPS
57  2018 Kinetics and tissue distribution of bismuth, tin and lead after implantation of miniature shotgun alloy pellets in rats. ---
58  2018 Multi-functional bismuth-doped bioglasses: combining bioactivity and photothermal response for bone tumor treatment and tissue repair. BG, BGs, NIR, PL, PT
59  2018 Multifunctional Bi@PPy-PEG Core-Shell Nanohybrids for Dual-Modal Imaging and Photothermal Therapy. CT/PA, PEG, PPy, PTT
60  2018 Optical and Electrical Characterization of Stable p-Type ZnO Thin Films Obtained by Bismuth Doping. AFM, XRD
61  2018 Photoinduced Glycerol Oxidation over Plasmonic Au and AuM (M = Pt, Pd and Bi) Nanoparticle-Decorated TiO₂ Photocatalysts. Pd, Pt
62  2018 Spin valley and giant quantum spin Hall gap of hydrofluorinated bismuth nanosheet. AIMD, QSHE, SOC
63  2018 Study and Optimization of The Necessary Conditions for The Sensitive Determination of The Lead Ion by a Modified Carbon Paste Electrode in Environmental Water Samples. MWCNTs
64  2018 Thiol-capped Bi nanoparticles as stable and all-in-one type theranostic nanoagents for tumor imaging and thermoradiotherapy. ---
65  2018 Ultrathin Bismuth Film on 1T-TaS2: Structural Transition and Charge-Density-Wave Proximity Effect. CDW
66  2018 Visible-light-assisted photocatalytic activity of bismuth-TiO2 nanotube composites for chromium reduction and dye degradation. ---
67  2017 Binary functional porous multi mineral-substituted apatite nanoparticles for reducing osteosarcoma colonization and enhancing osteoblast cell proliferation. Bi-M-HAP
68  2017 Bismuth-doped all-fiber mode-locked laser operating at 1340  nm. ---
69  2017 Colloidal Synthesis of Te-Doped Bi Nanoparticles: Low-Temperature Charge Transport and Thermoelectric Properties. Te
70  2017 Deep melting reveals liquid structural memory and anomalous ferromagnetism in bismuth. ---
71  2017 Determination of heavy metals in skin-whitening cosmetics using microwave digestion and inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry. Cd, Ti
72  2017 Electrochemical Synthesis of Bismuth Particles: Tuning Particle Shape through Substrate Type within a Narrow Potential Window. ---
73  2017 Evaluation of the Content of Antimony, Arsenic, Bismuth, Selenium, Tellurium and Their Inorganic Forms in Commercially Baby Foods. Se, Te
74  2017 ICRP Publication 137: Occupational Intakes of Radionuclides: Part 3. Ba, Cs, Ir, OIR, Po, Ra, Rn, Ru, Te, Th
75  2017 Investigation of the toxicity of bismuth oxide nanoparticles in various cell lines. MDA
76  2017 Lead-free perovskite solar cells using Sb and Bi-based A3B2X9 and A3BX6 crystals with normal and inverse cell structures. ---
77  2017 The fabrication and thermal properties of bismuth-aluminum oxide nanothermometers. AAO, ALD
78  2016 A Fully Integrated and Miniaturized Heavy-metal-detection Sensor Based on Micro-patterned Reduced Graphene Oxide. SWASV
79  2016 A low cost method for hard x-ray grating interferometry. LIGA
80  2016 A sensitive electrochemical sensor using an iron oxide/graphene composite for the simultaneous detection of heavy metal ions. ---
81  2016 Bi-doped fiber amplifier with a flat gain of 25  dB operating in the wavelength band 1320-1360  nm. MCVD, NF
82  2016 Bismuth Interfacial Doping of Organic Small Molecules for High Performance n-type Thermoelectric Materials. TDPPQ, TE
83  2016 Coexistence of multiple metastable polytypes in rhombohedral bismuth. ---
84  2016 Engineered Solution-Liquid-Solid Growth of a "Treelike" 1D/1D TiO2 Nanotube-CdSe Nanowire Heterostructure: Photoelectrochemical Conversion of Broad Spectrum of Solar Energy. R-SILAR, SLS
85  2016 High repetition pump-and-probe photoemission spectroscopy based on a compact fiber laser system. HOPG, TRPES
86  2016 High-pressure Seebeck coefficients and thermoelectric behaviors of Bi and PbTe measured using a Paris-Edinburgh cell. ---
87  2016 Higher thermoelectric performance of Zintl phases (Eu0.5Yb0.5)1-xCaxMg2Bi2 by band engineering and strain fluctuation. DFT
88  2016 Ultrabroad Photoluminescence and Electroluminescence at New Wavelengths from Doped Organometal Halide Perovskites. PL
89  2015 Dustfall Heavy Metal Pollution During Winter in North China. Cd, Zn
90  2015 Material Decomposition in Dual-Energy Computed Tomography Separates High-Z Elements From Iodine, Identifying Potential Contrast Media Tailored for Dual Contrast Medium Examinations. CMs, DE, Gd, Ta
91  2015 Mechanism of visible light photocatalytic NO(x) oxidation with plasmonic Bi cocatalyst-enhanced (BiO)2CO3 hierarchical microspheres. BiO, BiO, SPR
92  2015 Recovery of Bi and Sb from Copper Spent Electrolytes by Electrowinning Method. CEM
93  2015 Simplified sample preparation in the simultaneous measurement of whole blood antimony, bismuth, manganese, and zinc by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Mn, Zn
94  2015 Tailoring low-dimensional structures of bismuth on monolayer epitaxial graphene. MEG, NCs
95  2015 Terahertz-induced acceleration of massive Dirac electrons in semimetal bismuth. ---
96  2015 Ultra-broadband and high-responsive photodetectors based on bismuth film at room temperature. ---
97  2015 Ultrasensitive electrochemical biosensing for DNA using quantum dots combined with restriction endonuclease. CdSe QDs, dsDNA, Mtb
98  2014 Prediction of large-gap two-dimensional topological insulators consisting of bilayers of group III elements with Bi. TIs
99  2014 Trace elements in cocoa solids and chocolate: an ICPMS study. Cd, Co, Cr, Mn, Mo
100  2013 In situ synthesis and properties of reduced graphene oxide/Bi nanocomposites: as an electroactive material for analysis of heavy metals. DSC, FTIR, rGO, TEM, TG, XRD