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■ 略語/展開語 : BiLSTM/bidirectional LSTM

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略語:   BiLSTM  (>> 共起略語)
展開形:   bidirectional LSTM
No. 発表年 題目 共起略語
2022 CNNs, EVs, LSTM, SOE, SOH
2022 Analyzing Classification Performance of fNIRS-BCI for Gait Rehabilitation Using Deep Neural Networks. BCI, CNNs, DL, fNIRS, k-NN, LDA, LSTM, ML, SVM
2022 Clinical applicability of deep learning-based respiratory signal prediction models for four-dimensional radiation therapy. CC, LSTM, RMSE
2022 Deep learning for predicting respiratory rate from biosignals. ECG, LSTM, MAE, PPG, sEMG
2022 EMDLP: Ensemble multiscale deep learning model for RNA methylation site prediction. AUROC, CNN, DCB, DCNN, DL, EMDLP, LSTM, NLP
2022 Evaluation of deep learning techniques for identification of sarcoma-causing carcinogenic mutations. AUC, LSTM, RNN
2022 Human Activity Recognition Based on Residual Network and BiLSTM. HAR
2022 Modeling Bitcoin Prices using Signal Processing Methods, Bayesian Optimization, and Deep Neural Networks. CNN
2022 Multi-Hierarchical Fusion to Capture the Latent Invariance for Calibration-Free Brain-Computer Interfaces. BCI, CNN, MHRF, MI, MI-EEG, SSAE
10  2022 SAM: Self-augmentation mechanism for COVID-19 detection using chest X-ray images. CNN, CNNs, RICA, RT-PCR
11  2021 A Combined Method for MEMS Gyroscope Error Compensation Using a Long Short-Term Memory Network and Kalman Filter in Random Vibration Environments. ARMA-KF, EM, KF, LSTM, MEMS, STD
12  2021 A novel recurrent neural network approach in forecasting short term solar irradiance. BiGRU, GRU, LSTM, RNN
13  2021 BECT Spike Detection Based on Novel EEG Sequence Features and LSTM Algorithms. BECT, CHZU, EEG, LSTM, SMOTE
14  2021 Benchmarking of eight recurrent neural network variants for breath phase and adventitious sound detection on a self-developed open-access lung sound database-HF_Lung_V1. BiGRU, CAS, CNN, GRU, LSTM
15  2021 Closed-loop wearable ultrasound deep brain stimulation system based on EEG in mice. LSTM, UDBS
16  2021 Current-Visit and Next-Visit Prediction for Fatty Liver Disease With a Large-Scale Dataset: Model Development and Performance Comparison. CART, CVP, FLD, GNB, KNNC, LR, LSTM, NVP, RF, SFS, SVM
17  2021 Deep Learning-Based Sentiment Analysis of COVID-19 Vaccination Responses from Twitter Data. LSTM, NLP, VADER
18  2021 DeepD2V: A Novel Deep Learning-Based Framework for Predicting Transcription Factor Binding Sites from Combined DNA Sequence. CNN, TF
19  2021 Improved Prediction Model of Protein Lysine Crotonylation Sites Using Bidirectional Recurrent Neural Networks. BiGRU, LSTM, RNN
20  2021 Medical code prediction via capsule networks and ICD knowledge. ICD
21  2021 Open-Circuit Fault Detection and Classification of Modular Multilevel Converters in High Voltage Direct Current Systems (MMC-HVDC) with Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Method. AE-based DNN, CNN, LSTM, MMC-HVDC, PSCAD/EMTDC
22  2021 Vehicle Destination Prediction Using Bidirectional LSTM with Attention Mechanism. DNNs, LSTM
23  2020 Deep learning methods for forecasting COVID-19 time-Series data: A Comparative study. GRUs, LSTM, RNN, VAE
24  2020 Forecasting emergency department overcrowding: A deep learning framework. CNN, ConvLSTM, EDs, GRUs, LSTM, RBM, RNN, VAE
25  2020 Hybrid Attention Network for Language-Based Person Search. ---
26  2020 Interactive Dual Attention Network for Text Sentiment Classification. BERT, IDAN
27  2020 Machine Learning Classifiers for Twitter Surveillance of Vaping: Comparative Machine Learning Study. AUC, CNN, LSTM
28  2019 Detection of Bleeding Events in Electronic Health Record Notes Using Convolutional Neural Network Models Enhanced With Recurrent Neural Network Autoencoders: Deep Learning Approach. CNN, EHR, LSTM, NLP
29  2018 Drug-drug interaction extraction from biomedical texts using long short-term memory network. DDIs, LSTM
30  2018 Video Person Re-identification by Temporal Residual Learning. re-ID, TRL