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■ 略語/展開語 : BiLSTM/bidirectional long short-term memory

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略語:   BiLSTM  (>> 共起略語)
展開形:   bidirectional long short-term memory
No. 発表年 題目 共起略語
2023 A hybrid deep learning model for regional O3 and NO2 concentrations prediction based on spatiotemporal dependencies in air quality monitoring network. AQMN, GCN, ResNet
2023 A Method of Noise Reduction for Radio Communication Signal Based on RaGAN. DL, RaGAN, SNR
2023 Dual-Modal Information Bottleneck Network for Seizure Detection. CNN, Dual-modal IB, EEG, FDR
2023 Heart Rate Estimation from Incomplete Electrocardiography Signals. HR, TCN
2023 Hybrid attention-based temporal convolutional bidirectional LSTM approach for wind speed interval prediction. ATCN, ICEEMDAN, WSIP
2023 Indoor Spatiotemporal Contact Analytics Using Landmark-Aided Pedestrian Dead Reckoning on Smartphones. CNNs, iSTCA, PDR
2023 Integrating audio and visual modalities for multimodal personality trait recognition via hybrid deep learning. CNN
2023 LangMoDHS: A deep learning language model for predicting DNase I hypersensitive sites in mouse genome. CNN, DHSs
2023 Negation-based transfer learning for improving biomedical Named Entity Recognition and Relation Extraction. CRFs, NER, NLP, RE
10  2023 Prediction of anticancer peptides based on an ensemble model of deep learning and machine learning using ordinal positional encoding. ACPs, CNN, LightGBM
11  2023 Prediction of dissolved oxygen concentration in aquaculture based on attention mechanism and combined neural network. AM, CNN, DO
12  2023 Res-Dom: predicting protein domain boundary from sequence using deep residual network and Bi-LSTM. ---
13  2022 24-Hour prediction of PM2.5 concentrations by combining empirical mode decomposition and bidirectional long short-term memory neural network. EMD, SE
14  2022 A BERT based dual-channel explainable text emotion recognition system. BERT, CNN
15  2022 A Clinical Decision Support System for Diabetes Patients with Deep Learning: Experience of a Taiwan Medical Center. DM, RF, RMSE, SVMs
16  2022 A conditional random field based feature learning framework for battery capacity prediction. BiGRU, CRF, GRU, LSTM, MAPE, RMSE, RNN
17  2022 A Decision Support System for Diagnosing Diabetes Using Deep Neural Network. DSS, ML
18  2022 A Deep Transfer Learning Framework for Sleep Stage Classification with Single-Channel EEG Signals. CNN, PSG, TF
19  2022 A Graph Fourier Transform Based Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Neural Network for Electrophysiological Source Imaging. EEG, ESI, GFT, MEG, SNRs
20  2022 A hybrid Chinese word segmentation model for quality management-related texts based on transfer learning. CRF, MA, QM, TL
21  2022 A Lightweight Hybrid Deep Learning Privacy Preserving Model for FC-Based Industrial Internet of Medical Things. IIoT, VAE
22  2022 A miRNA Target Prediction Model Based on Distributed Representation Learning and Deep Learning. miRNAs, mRNAs
23  2022 A multimodal parallel method for left ventricular dysfunction identification based on phonocardiogram and electrocardiogram signals synchronous analysis. BiGRU, HF, LVD, LVEF, ResNet-18, RNN
24  2022 A Music Emotion Classification Model Based on the Improved Convolutional Neural Network. CRNN, MFCC, RP
25  2022 A pseudo-Siamese framework for circRNA-RBP binding sites prediction integrating BiLSTM and soft attention mechanism. circRNAs, RBPs
26  2022 A Robust Framework for Data Generative and Heart Disease Prediction Based on Efficient Deep Learning Models. AUC, DL, ECG, GAN, HD, PCA
27  2022 A robust multiple heartbeats classification with weight-based loss based on convolutional neural network and bidirectional long short-term memory. CNN, ECG
28  2022 A Two-Stage Selective Fusion Framework for Joint Intent Detection and Slot Filling. SLU
29  2022 Abstractive Arabic Text Summarization Based on Deep Learning. CBOW, GRU, LSTM, NLP, TS
30  2022 Advanced deep learning approaches to predict supply chain risks under COVID-19 restrictions. ANN, DL, GRU, KNN, LSTM, RF, RNN, RT, SCs, SVM, TCN
31  2022 Aeroengine Working Condition Recognition Based on MsCNN-BiLSTM. MsCNNs
32  2022 An hybrid deep learning approach for depression prediction from user tweets using feature-rich CNN and bi-directional LSTM. CNN, RNN
33  2022 An Improved Deep Learning Model: S-TextBLCNN for Traditional Chinese Medicine Formula Classification. CNN, NLP, TCM
34  2022 Artificial intelligence enabled intrusion detection systems for cognitive cyber-physical systems in industry 4.0 environment. AI, AIMMF-IDS, CCPS, DBN, IFSO-FS, LF, ML, RNN
35  2022 Assessment of urban air quality from Twitter communication using self-attention network and a multilayer classification model. CAAQMS
36  2022 Attention-Based Models for Classifying Small Data Sets Using Community-Engaged Research Protocols: Classification System Development and Validation Pilot Study. BERT, CEnR, IRB
37  2022 Automatic symptoms identification from a massive volume of unstructured medical consultations using deep neural and BERT models. BERT
38  2022 Bi-LSTM-Augmented Deep Neural Network for Multi-Gbps VCSEL-Based Visible Light Communication Link. ML, VCSELs, VLC
39  2022 Blockchain-based Privacy Preservation Scheme for Misbehavior Detection in Lightweight IoMT Devices. APS, FL, IoMT
40  2022 Blockchain-based rumor detection approach for COVID-19. ---
41  2022 CAttSleepNet: Automatic End-to-End Sleep Staging Using Attention-Based Deep Neural Networks on Single-Channel EEG. CNN
42  2022 Character gated recurrent neural networks for Arabic sentiment analysis. BiGRU, BRAD, CNNs, GRU, LSTM, NLP, RNNs
43  2022 Classifying Minority Stress Disclosure on Social Media with Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory. SGM
44  2022 Context-Aware Attentive Multilevel Feature Fusion for Named Entity Recognition. AMFF, CAMFF, CG, CL, NER, WG, WL
45  2022 Continuous Speech for Improved Learning Pathological Voice Disorders. ---
46  2022 Cross-Subject Emotion Recognition Using Fused Entropy Features of EEG. AE, DE, EEG, FE, HCI, MSE, RE
47  2022 Data-driven method for damage localization on soft robotic grippers based on motion dynamics. ---
48  2022 Decision Support System for Predicting Survivability of Hepatitis Patients. DSS, ML
49  2022 Deep Feature Mining via the Attention-Based Bidirectional Long Short Term Memory Graph Convolutional Neural Network for Human Motor Imagery Recognition. BCI, EEG, GCN, MI
50  2022 Deep learning based optimal energy management for photovoltaic and battery energy storage integrated home micro-grid system. AI, AMI, BESS, DL, ESS, RES, TOU
51  2022 Deep Learning-Based Approach for Emotion Recognition Using Electroencephalography (EEG) Signals Using Bi-Directional Long Short-Term Memory (Bi-LSTM). BCI, DEAP, EEG
52  2022 Deep Learning-Based Pain Classifier Based on the Facial Expression in Critically Ill Patients. CNN
53  2022 Deep Lossless Compression Algorithm Based on Arithmetic Coding for Power Data. CR
54  2022 Deep Neural Network Model Construction for Digital Human Resource Management with Human-Job Matching. JE-CNN
55  2022 Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Trading Strategy for Load Aggregators on Price-Responsive Demand. DDPG
56  2022 Deep6mAPred: A CNN and Bi-LSTM-based deep learning method for predicting DNA N6-methyladenosine sites across plant species. 6mA, CNN
57  2022 DeeProPre: A promoter predictor based on deep learning. CNN, TSS
58  2022 DeIDNER Model: A Neural Network Named Entity Recognition Model for Use in the De-identification of Clinical Notes. CNN, CRF, DL, NER, NLP
59  2022 Delirium prediction in the ICU: designing a screening tool for preventive interventions. CAM-ICU, CI, eICU-CRD, ICU, MIMIC-III
60  2022 Design of Knowledge Graph Retrieval System for Legal and Regulatory Framework of Multilevel Latent Semantic Indexing. CRF, LSA
61  2022 DLm6Am: A Deep-Learning-Based Tool for Identifying N6,2'-O-Dimethyladenosine Sites in RNA Sequences. ACC, AUPR, AUROC, CNN, MCC, NCP, ND
62  2022 ECG_SegNet: An ECG delineation model based on the encoder-decoder structure. ECG, SDCM
63  2022 Electricity Generation Forecast of Shanghai Municipal Solid Waste Based on Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Model. MAE, MAPE, MSW, RMSE
64  2022 Emotion Analysis Based on Deep Learning With Application to Research on Development of Western Culture. BERT
65  2022 Emotion Analysis Method of Teaching Evaluation Texts Based on Deep Learning in Big Data Environment. ---
66  2022 Emotion Analysis Model of Microblog Comment Text Based on CNN-BiLSTM. CNN
67  2022 Emotion Recognition Based on Dynamic Energy Features Using a Bi-LSTM Network. CV, EEG, LOSO
68  2022 Enhancer-LSTMAtt: A Bi-LSTM and Attention-Based Deep Learning Method for Enhancer Recognition. ---
69  2022 Exploring deep learning methods for recognizing rare diseases and their clinical manifestations from texts. BERT, NLP
70  2022 Extraction of entity relations from Chinese medical literature based on multi-scale CRNN. CNNs, GRU, RNN, TEXTCNN
71  2022 FL-PMI: Federated Learning-Based Person Movement Identification through Wearable Devices in Smart Healthcare Systems. DRL, FL, FL-PMI, IoT, SHC
72  2022 Forecasting the Status of Municipal Waste in Smart Bins Using Deep Learning. GRU, LSTM, MAE, MAPE, RMSE
73  2022 Groundwater Quality: The Application of Artificial Intelligence. ANFIS, ANN, SES, WQ, WQI
74  2022 HDIContact: a novel predictor of residue-residue contacts on hetero-dimer interfaces via sequential information and transfer learning strategy. AUPR, AUROC, E. coli, MSA
75  2022 HVIOnet: A deep learning based hybrid visual-inertial odometry approach for unmanned aerial system position estimation. CNN, DL, IMU, ROS, UAS, VIO
76  2022 Hybrid of deep learning and exponential smoothing for enhancing crime forecasting accuracy. ES, MAE, MAPE, RMSE, SARIMA
77  2022 Identification of cancer types from gene expressions using learning techniques. CNN, DL, PCA, PSO, RF
78  2022 Identify Bitter Peptides by Using Deep Representation Learning Features. LGBM, SSA, UniRep
79  2022 Identifying the Perceived Severity of Patient-Generated Telemedical Queries Regarding COVID: Developing and Evaluating a Transfer Learning-Based Solution. BERT, GloVe, HANs, NLP, SBERT, SVMs, TF-IDF
80  2022 iDHS-FFLG: Identifying DNase I Hypersensitive Sites by Feature Fusion and Local-Global Feature Extraction Network. CNN, DHSs
81  2022 iHearken: Chewing sound signal analysis based food intake recognition system using Bi-LSTM softmax network. FIR, MAPE, RMSE
82  2022 Improved Harris Hawks Optimization with Hybrid Deep Learning Based Heating and Cooling Load Prediction on residential buildings. CL, CNN, HL, LSTM
83  2022 IMSE: interaction information attention and molecular structure based drug drug interaction extraction. DDI
84  2022 Inference of pan-cancer related genes by orthologs matching based on enhanced LSTM model. ---
85  2022 Innovative Mechanism of Rural Finance: Risk Assessment Methods and Impact Factors of Agricultural Loans Based on Personal Emotion and Artificial Intelligence. CNNs
86  2022 K-Means Clustering and Bidirectional Long- and Short-Term Neural Networks for Predicting Performance Degradation Trends of Built-In Relays in Meters. ---
87  2022 Knowledge Graph-Enabled Text-Based Automatic Personality Prediction. APP, CNN, LSTM, RNN
88  2022 Machine Learning Strategies for Low-Cost Insole-Based Prediction of Center of Gravity during Gait in Healthy Males. CG, COP
89  2022 MCFHNet: Multi-Channel Fusion Hybrid Network for Efficient EEG-fNIRS Multi-modal Motor Imagery Decoding. EEG, fNIRS, MCF, MCFHNet, MI, MI-BCI
90  2022 MetaboListem and TABoLiSTM: Two Deep Learning Algorithms for Metabolite Named Entity Recognition. NER
91  2022 MPMABP: A CNN and Bi-LSTM-Based Method for Predicting Multi-Activities of Bioactive Peptides. CNN
92  2022 MTDeepM6A-2S: A two-stage multi-task deep learning method for predicting RNA N6-methyladenosine sites of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. CNN, m6A
93  2022 Multi-Task Joint Learning Model for Chinese Word Segmentation and Syndrome Differentiation in Traditional Chinese Medicine. MTL, TCM, TextCNN
94  2022 Multi-User Joint Detection Using Bi-Directional Deep Neural Network Framework in NOMA-OFDM System. CE, NOMA, SIC
95  2022 Near infrared spectroscopy quantification based on Bi-LSTM and transfer learning for new scenarios. ELM, NIR, PLS
96  2022 Network Intrusion Detection Method Based on FCWGAN and BiLSTM. CWGAN, CWGAN-DNN, FCWGAN
97  2022 New double decomposition deep learning methods for river water level forecasting. ACO, CEEMDAN, CNN, SWL, VMD
98  2022 Non-Contact Heartbeat Detection Based on Ballistocardiogram Using UNet and Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory. BCG, CVD
99  2022 Opinion analysis and aspect understanding during covid-19 pandemic using BERT-Bi-LSTM ensemble method. BERT
100  2022 Order Management and Completion Date Prediction of Manufacturing Job-Shop Based on Deep Learning. ---