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Abbreviation:   Bt  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   Bacillus thuringiensis
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Detection of a ryanodine receptor target-site mutation in diamide insecticide resistant fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda. FAW, PCR, RyR
2020 Field-evolved resistance by western corn rootworm to Cry34/35Ab1 and other Bacillus thuringiensis traits in transgenic maize. ---
2020 Governing evolution: A socioecological comparison of resistance management for insecticidal transgenic Bt crops among four countries. ---
2020 Reduced cadherin expression associated with resistance to Bt toxin Cry1Ac in pink bollworm. ---
2019 A high-quality chromosome-level genome assembly of a generalist herbivore, Trichoplusia ni. ---
2019 A long non-coding RNA regulates cadherin transcription and susceptibility to Bt toxin Cry1Ac in pink bollworm, Pectinophora gossypiella. lncRNA, siRNAs
2019 Alteration of insulin signaling to control insect pest by using transformed bacteria expressing dsRNA. dsRNAs, IIS, RNAi
2019 Assessing the Efficacy of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) Pyramided Proteins Cry1F, Cry1A.105, Cry2Ab2, and Vip3Aa20 Expressed in Bt Maize Against Lepidopteran Pests in Brazil. ---
2019 Association of Insect-Derived Ear Injury With Yield and Aflatoxin of Maize Hybrids Varying in Bt Transgenes. ---
10  2019 Bacillus thuringiensis as a Biofertilizer and Biostimulator: a Mini-Review of the Little-Known Plant Growth-Promoting Properties of Bt. ---
11  2019 Bacillus thuringiensis cry1C expression from the plastid genome of poplar leads to high mortality of leaf-eating caterpillars. ---
12  2019 Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1Da_7 and Cry1B.868 Protein Interactions with Novel Receptors Allow Control of Resistant Fall Armyworms, Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith). DIP, FAW, PIPs
13  2019 Bacillus thuringiensis strains from Western Ghats of India possess nematocidal property against Haemonchus contortus larvae of goats. SCM
14  2019 Bacillus thuringiensis targets the host intestinal epithelial junctions for successful infection of Caenorhabditis elegans. ---
15  2019 Bt resistance alleles in field populations of pink bollworm from China: Similarities with the United States and decreased frequency from 2012 to 2015. ---
16  2019 Cadherin CsCad plays differential functional roles in Cry1Ab and Cry1C intoxication in Chilo suppressalis. ---
17  2019 Characterization of a Novel Insecticidal Protein Cry9Cb1 from Bacillus thuringiensis. ---
18  2019 Comparative Proteomics of Peritrophic Matrix Provides an Insight into its Role in Cry1Ac Resistance of Cotton Bollworm Helicoverpa armigera. Cry, PM
19  2019 Complete genome sequence of the virus isolate vB_BthM-Goe5 infecting Bacillus thuringiensis. Goe5
20  2019 CRISPR/Cas9-mediated knockout of both the PxABCC2 and PxABCC3 genes confers high-level resistance to Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1Ac toxin in the diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella (L.). BBMVs
21  2019 Crystal structure of Bacillus thuringiensis Cry7Ca1 toxin active against Locusta migratoria manilensis. Cry
22  2019 CTLGA9 Interacts with ALP1 and APN Receptors To Modulate Cry11Aa Toxicity in Aedes aegypti. ALP, APN, BBMVs, CHIKV, DENVs, YFV, ZIKV
23  2019 Decreased Cry1Ac activation by midgut proteases associated with Cry1Ac resistance in Helicoverpa zea. ---
24  2019 Development of a Bacillus thuringiensis based dsRNA production platform to control sacbrood virus in Apis cerana. dsRNA, RNAi, SBV
25  2019 Development of an immunochromatographic assay for the specific detection of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) Cry1Ab toxin. GM, vLOD
26  2019 Development, survival, and feeding behavior of Helicoverpa zea (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) relative to Bt protein concentrations in corn ear tissues. ---
27  2019 Differential heliothine susceptibility to Cry1Ac associated with gut proteolytic activity. Hv, HZ
28  2019 Differential proteolytic activation of the Bacillus thuringiensis Cry41Aa parasporin modulates its anticancer effect. ---
29  2019 Differentiation of European Corn Borer (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) and American Lotus Borer (Lepidoptera: Crambidae), Ostrinia penitalis, from North American Field Collections. COXI
30  2019 Effect of addition of adjuvants on physical and chemical characteristics of Bt bioinsecticide mixture. EC, SC, VMD, WP
31  2019 Effects of Bacillus thuringiensis Genetic Engineering on Induced Volatile Organic Compounds Emission in Maize and the Attractiveness to a Parasitic Wasp. DMNT, JA
32  2019 Effects of Cry1Ab-expressing Bt rice straw return on juvenile and adult Eisenia fetida. ELISA, GSH-Px, RGR
33  2019 Effects of Cry1Ab-expressing Bt rice straw return on juvenile and adult Eisenia fetida. ELISA, GSH-Px, RGR
34  2019 Effects of disruption of the peritrophic membrane on larval susceptibility to Bt toxin Cry1Ac in cabbage loopers. ---
35  2019 Effects of larval density on dispersal and fecundity of western corn rootworm, Diabrotica virgifera virgifera LeConte (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae). ---
36  2019 Evolution of Asian Corn Borer Resistance to Bt Toxins Used Singly or in Pairs. ---
37  2019 Expression of Bacillus thuringiensis toxin Cyt2Ba in the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana increases its virulence towards Aedes mosquitoes. Bb-Cyt2Ba, WT
38  2019 Fitness costs of Vip3A resistance in Spodoptera frugiperda on different hosts. ---
39  2019 Genetically Engineered Crops: Importance of Diversified Integrated Pest Management for Agricultural Sustainability. GE, IPM
40  2019 Global Patterns of Resistance to Bt Crops Highlighting Pink Bollworm in the United States, China, and India. ---
41  2019 Helicoverpa zea (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Preference for Plant Structures, and Their Location, Within Bt Cotton Under Different Nitrogen and Irrigation Regimes. ---
42  2019 Heterologous expression and purification of BtCspB, a novel cold-shock protein-like bacteriocin from Bacillus thuringiensis BRC-ZYR2. ---
43  2019 Identification and Evaluations of Novel Insecticidal Proteins from Plants of the Class Polypodiopsida for Crop Protection against Key Lepidopteran Pests. ---
44  2019 Identification of a native Bacillus thuringiensis strain from Sri Lanka active against Dipel-resistant Plutella xylostella. DIC
45  2019 Immune response and susceptibility to Cotesia flavipes parasitizing Diatraea saccharalis larvae exposed to and surviving an LC25 dosage of Bacillus thuringiensis. ---
46  2019 Immuno-analytical method development for detection of transgenic Cry1Ac protein and its validation. ---
47  2019 In Silico Structure-Based Identification and Validation of Key Residues of Vip3Aa Involving in Lepidopteran Brush Border Receptor Binding. VIPs
48  2019 Inheritance and fitness costs of resistance to Bacillus thuringiensis toxin Cry2Ad in laboratory strains of the diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella (L.). ---
49  2019 Insect ATP-Binding Cassette (ABC) Transporters: Roles in Xenobiotic Detoxification and Bt Insecticidal Activity. ABC, NBDs, TMDs
50  2019 Interactions of Bacillus thuringiensis strains for Plutella xylostella (L.) (Lepidoptera: Plutellidae) susceptibility. ---
51  2019 Knockout of the HaREase Gene Improves the Stability of dsRNA and Increases the Sensitivity of Helicoverpa armigera to Bacillus thuringiensis Toxin. dsRNA, KO, RNAi, WT
52  2019 Knockout of three aminopeptidase N genes does not affect susceptibility of Helicoverpa armigera larvae to Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1A and Cry2A toxins. APN1, CRISPR
53  2019 Lack of relevant cross-resistance to Bt insecticide XenTari in strains of Spodoptera frugiperda (J. E. Smith) resistant to Bt maize. SUS
54  2019 Management of Euxesta spp. in Sweet Corn with McPhail Traps. ---
55  2019 Microbial biopesticides for insect pest management in India: Current status and future prospects. CIBRC
56  2019 MicroRNA-998-3p contributes to Cry1Ac-resistance by targeting ABCC2 in lepidopteran insects. ABC transporter, CDS
57  2019 Midgut de novo transcriptome analysis and gene expression profiling of Achaea janata larvae exposed with Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt)-based biopesticide formulation. ---
58  2019 Midgut metabolomic profiling of fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) with field-evolved resistance to Cry1F corn. ---
59  2019 Modification of Vip3Ab1 C-Terminus Confers Broadened Plant Protection from Lepidopteran Pests. Cry, Vips
60  2019 Molecular and structural characterization of a novel Cry1D toxin from Bacillus thuringiensis with high toxicity to Spodoptera littoralis (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). ---
61  2019 Molecular characterization of Cry1F resistance in fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda from Brazil. ABCC2, EC4
62  2019 Monitoring the Evolution of Resistance in Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) to the Cry1F Protein in Argentina. FAW
63  2019 Movement Ecology of Pest Helicoverpa: Implications for Ongoing Spread. ---
64  2019 Multidimensional approach to formulating a specialized diet for northern corn rootworm larvae. NCR
65  2019 Mutation of ABC transporter ABCA2 confers resistance to Bt toxin Cry2Ab in Trichoplusia ni. AmpSeq, BSA
66  2019 Natural variation in the contribution of microbial density to inducible immune dynamics. AMP, P.lum
67  2019 Negative cross-resistance between structurally different Bacillus thuringiensis toxins may favor resistance management of soybean looper in transgenic Bt cultivars. ---
68  2019 Next-Generation Transgenic Cotton: Pyramiding RNAi with Bt Counters Insect Resistance. RNAi
69  2019 Nitrogen deficit decreases seed Cry1Ac endotoxin expression in Bt transgenic cotton. GOT, GPT
70  2019 No impact of transgenic cry1Ie maize on the diversity, abundance and composition of soil fauna in a 2-year field trial. NMDS, RDA
71  2019 Novel mechanism of thrips suppression by Cry51Aa2.834_16 Bt toxin expressed in cotton. GE
72  2019 Occurrence and Ear Damage of Helicoverpa zea on Transgenic Bacillus thuringiensis Maize in the Field in Texas, U.S. and Its Susceptibility to Vip3A Protein. ---
73  2019 Persistence of insecticidal Cry toxins in Bt rice residues under field conditions estimated by biological and immunological assays. Cry, ELISAs, SSB
74  2019 Pink Bollworm Resistance to Bt Toxin Cry1Ac Associated with an Insertion in Cadherin Exon 20. BBMVs
75  2019 Plastid-expressed Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) cry3Bb confers high mortality to a leaf eating beetle in poplar. ---
76  2019 Prevalence and Diversity Analysis of Candidate Prophages to Provide An Understanding on Their Roles in Bacillus Thuringiensis. ---
77  2019 Production and characterization of PHB-HV copolymer by Bacillus thuringiensis isolated from Eisenia foetida. PHAs
78  2019 Proteomic insights into the immune response of the Colorado potato beetle larvae challenged with Bacillus thuringiensis. AMPs, CPB
79  2019 Quantitative Differences in Feeding Behavior of Lygus lineolaris (Hemiptera: Miridae) on Transgenic and Nontransgenic Cotton. ---
80  2019 Recent progress on the interaction between insects and Bacillus thuringiensis crops. ---
81  2019 Reduced expression of the P-glycoprotein gene PxABCB1 is linked to resistance to Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1Ac toxin in Plutella xylostella (L.). ---
82  2019 Repertoire of the Bacillus thuringiensis Virulence Factors Unrelated to Major Classes of Protein Toxins and Its Role in Specificity of Host-Pathogen Interactions. ---
83  2019 Responses of soil enzymatic activities to transgenic Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) crops - A global meta-analysis. ---
84  2019 RNA-Seq analysis and de novo transcriptome assembly of Cry toxin susceptible and tolerant Achaea janata larvae. Cry
85  2019 Role of hsp20 in the Production of Spores and Insecticidal Crystal Proteins in Bacillus thuringiensis. DEPs, ICPs
86  2019 Roles of Midgut Cadherin from Two Moths in Different Bacillus thuringiensis Action Mechanisms: Correlation among Toxin Binding, Cellular Toxicity, and Synergism. H. armigera, P. xylostella
87  2019 Seasonal Declines in Cry1Ac and Cry2Ab Concentration in Maturing Cotton Favor Faster Evolution of Resistance to Pyramided Bt Cotton in Helicoverpa zea (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). ---
88  2019 Selection of reliable reference genes for gene expression studies in Caenorhabditis elegans exposed to crystals (Cry1Ia36) protein of Bacillus thuringiensis. qRT-PCR
89  2019 Soybean plants expressing the Bacillus thuringiensis cry8-like gene show resistance to Holotrichia parallela. Cry
90  2019 Specific Cytotoxic Effects of Parasporal Crystal Proteins Isolated from Native Saudi Arabian Bacillus thuringiensis Strains against Cervical Cancer Cells. Bt7, PS
91  2019 Structural characterization and heterologous expression of a new cyt gene cloned from Bacillus thuringiensis. PFTs
92  2019 Susceptibility of Corn Earworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) to Cry1A.105 and Cry2Ab2 in North and South Carolina. RRs
93  2019 Susceptibility of Field Populations of Eggplant Fruit and Shoot Borer (Leucinodes orbonalis Guenee) to Cry1Ac, the Protein Expressed in Bt Eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) in Bangladesh. ---
94  2019 Synergism of the Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1, Cry2, and Vip3 Proteins in Spodoptera frugiperda Control. BBMV
95  2019 The emerging importance of noncoding RNAs in the insecticide tolerance, with special emphasis on Plutella xylostella (Lepidoptera: Plutellidae). ncRNA
96  2019 The midgut V-ATPase subunit A gene is associated with toxicity to crystal 2Aa and crystal 1Ca-expressing transgenic rice in Chilo suppressalis. Cry, dsRNA
97  2019 Toxicity and cytopathology mediated by Bacillus thuringiensis in the midgut of Anticarsia gemmatalis (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). ---
98  2019 Toxicity of Bacillus thuringiensis-Derived Pesticidal Proteins Cry1Ab and Cry1Ba against Asian Citrus Psyllid, Diaphorina citri (Hemiptera). ACP, HLB
99  2019 Transcriptome and Proteome Alternation With Resistance to Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1Ah Toxin in Ostrinia furnacalis. ACB, DEGs, DEPs, KEGG
100  2019 Transcriptome profiling analysis of the intoxication response in midgut tissue of Agrotis ipsilon larvae to Bacillus thuringiensis Vip3Aa protoxin. BBMV