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Abbreviation:   CAII  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   carbonic anhydrase II
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 An Interleukin-4 and Interleukin-13 Induced Atopic Dermatitis Human Skin Equivalent Model by a Skin-On-A-Chip. AD, HSE, IL
2022 Commikuanoids A-C: New cycloartane triterpenoids with exploration of carbonic anhydrase-II inhibition from the resins of Commiphora kua by in vitro and in silico molecular docking. HRMS
2022 Design, Synthesis and Molecular Docking Study of Novel 3-Phenyl-β-Alanine-Based Oxadiazole Analogues as Potent Carbonic Anhydrase II Inhibitors. 4a-l
2022 Enzymes Inhibition and Antioxidant Potential of Medicinal Plants Growing in Oman. EtOAc, MeOH
2022 Plasma anti-retinal autoantibody profiling and diagnostic efficacy in patients with autoimmune retinopathy. AIR, ARA, HSP, RP
2022 Screening of Carbonic Anhydrase, Acetylcholinesterase, Butyrylcholinesterase, and α-Glycosidase Enzyme Inhibition Effects and Antioxidant Activity of Coumestrol. AChE, AD, BChE, BHA, BHT
2022 Sulfated Glucuronorhamnoxylan from Capsosiphon fulvescens Ameliorates Osteoporotic Bone Resorption via Inhibition of Osteoclastic Cell Differentiation and Function In Vitro and In Vivo. BMD, MMP-9, OP, OPG, RANKL, TRAP
2022 Toward in Silico Modeling of Dynamic Combinatorial Libraries. DCLs
2021 Clear cell injury associated with reduced expression of carbonic anhydrase II in eccrine glands consistently occurs in patients with acquired idiopathic generalized anhidrosis. AIGA
10  2021 Discovery of Natural Compounds as Potential Inhibitors of Human Carbonic Anhydrase II: An Integrated Virtual Screening, Docking, and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study. ADMET, PAINS
11  2021 Human osteoclast formation and resorptive function on biomineralized collagen. CTSK, TRAP
12  2021 Microsecond simulation analysis of carbonic anhydrase - II in complex with (+)-cathechin revealed molecular interactions responsible for its amelioration effect on fluoride toxicity. ---
13  2021 Molecular Characterization of Carbonic Anhydrase II (CA II) and Its Potential Involvement in Regulating Shell Formation in the Pacific Abalone, Haliotis discus hannai. CAs
14  2021 New Carbonic Anhydrase-II Inhibitors from Marine Macro Brown Alga Dictyopteris hoytii Supported by In Silico Studies. ---
15  2021 Non-polar lipid from greenshell mussel (Perna canaliculus) inhibits osteoclast differentiation. GSM, LCn-3PUFAs, MMP-9, NFATc1, TRAP
16  2021 Osteogenic Mechanisms of Basal Ganglia Calcification and its ex vivo Model in the Hypoparathyroid Milieu. BGC, PTH
17  2021 The Effect of Alendronate on Osteoclastogenesis in Different Combinations of M-CSF and RANKL Growth Factors. ALN, BPs
18  2020 Antiproliferative and Carbonic Anhydrase II Inhibitory Potential of Chemical Constituents from Lycium shawii and Aloe vera: Evidence from In Silico Target Fishing and In Vitro Testing. ESI-MS, NMR
19  2020 Aspirin: A Suicide Inhibitor of Carbonic Anhydrase II. SA
20  2020 Class switching of carbonic anhydrase isoforms mediates remyelination in CA3 hippocampal neurons during chronic hypoxia. CA IV, OLs, OPCs, PPARalpha
21  2020 Development of type I/II oligodendrocytes regulated by teneurin-4 in the murine spinal cord. ---
22  2020 Elucidating the role of metal ions in carbonic anhydrase catalysis. ---
23  2020 Identification and Validation of Carbonic Anhydrase II as the First Target of the Anti-Inflammatory Drug Actarit. RA
24  2020 K31 as a novel marker for clear secretory cells in human eccrine sweat glands. GCDFP15, PAS
25  2020 Membrane-Based Affinity Purification to Identify Target Proteins of a Small-Molecule Drug. AEBSA, LFQ
26  2020 Quinazolinones as Competitive Inhibitors of Carbonic Anhydrase-II (Human and Bovine): Synthesis, in-vitro, in-silico, Selectivity, and Kinetics Studies. BCA II, hCA-II
27  2020 Single-cell resolution analysis of the human pancreatic ductal progenitor cell niche. ALK3, BMP, MPDs, scRNA-seq
28  2020 Structural insights into the effect of active-site mutation on the catalytic mechanism of carbonic anhydrase. ---
29  2020 Structure and mechanism of copper-carbonic anhydrase II: a nitrite reductase. Cu-CAII, NO, Zn-CAII
30  2020 The Role of miR-21 in Osteoblasts-Osteoclasts Coupling In Vitro. CTSK, ECM, OCL, OPN, Rank, RANKL, TRAP
31  2020 Vitamin D Inhibition of TRPV5 Expression During Osteoclast Differentiation. CTSK, OC, TRAP, TRPV5, V-ATPase, VDR
32  2019 A New Strategy for Reporting Specific Protein Binding Events at Aqueous-Liquid Crystal Interfaces in the Presence of Non-Specific Proteins. LC
33  2019 Carbonic anhydrase II/sodium-proton exchanger 1 metabolon complex in cardiomyopathy of ob-/- type 2 diabetic mice. LV, NHE1
34  2019 Chemometrical-electrochemical investigation for comparing inhibitory effects of quercetin and its sulfonamide derivative on human carbonic anhydrase II: Theoretical and experimental evidence. CV, DPV, EIS, GCE, LSV
35  2019 Detection of serum anti-retinal antibodies in the Chinese patients with presumed autoimmune retinopathy. AIR, ARAs, AZOOR, CRMP
36  2019 Mechanism of Action of Non-Synonymous Single Nucleotide Variations Associated with alpha-Carbonic Anhydrase II Deficiency. BC, BCT, DRN, MD, PCA
37  2019 Native ion mobility mass spectrometry reveals that small organic acid fragments impart gas-phase stability to carbonic anhydrase II. CIU, FBDD, IM-MS
38  2018 BCL3 expression promotes resistance to alkylating chemotherapy in gliomas. BCL-3, MGMT, NF-kappaB, TMZ
39  2018 Carbonic anhydrase II does not exhibit Nitrite reductase or Nitrous Anhydrase Activity. bCAII, CAIs, NO
40  2018 Deficiency of Carbonic Anhydrase II Results in a Urinary Concentrating Defect. AQP1, TDL
41  2018 Development of a Fingerprint-Based Scoring Function for the Prediction of the Binding Mode of Carbonic Anhydrase II Inhibitors. ---
42  2018 Development of drug discovery screening system by molecular interaction kinetics-mass spectrometry. MIK-MS, nPOI, SPR
43  2018 Exploring the Potential Roles of Band 3 and Aquaporin-1 in Blood CO2 Transport-Inspired by Comparative Studies of Glycophorin B-A-B Hybrid Protein GP.Mur. AQP1, RBCs
44  2018 Implication of sulfonylurea derivatives as prospective inhibitors of human carbonic anhydrase II. CA
45  2018 Repeatability, precision, and accuracy of the enthalpies and Gibbs energies of a protein-ligand binding reaction measured by isothermal titration calorimetry. AZM, CI, ITC
46  2018 Synthesis and Molecular Docking Studies of (E)-4-(Substituted-benzylideneamino)-2H-Chromen-2-one Derivatives: Entry to New Carbonic Anhydrase Class Of Inhibitors. ---
47  2018 The Human Carbonic Anhydrase II in Platelets: An Underestimated Field of Its Activity. ---
48  2017 Antihypertensive effect of Ganjang (traditional Korean soy sauce) on Sprague-Dawley Rats. CT, GJ, NC, NHE3, NKAalpha1, SBP
49  2017 Carbonic Anhydrase and Urease Inhibitory Potential of Various Plant Phenolics Using invitro and in silico Methods. ---
50  2017 Carbonic anhydrase II deficiency: report of a novel mutation. ---
51  2017 Expression of typical osteoclast markers by PBMCs after PEG-induced fusion as a model for studying osteoclast differentiation. Cat K, CR, M-CSF, PEG, RANKL, TRAP, V-ATPase
52  2017 Identification of a New Zinc Binding Chemotype by Fragment Screening. ---
53  2017 Immunohistochemical analysis of the distribution of molecules involved in ionic and pH regulation in the lancelet Branchiostoma floridae (Hubbs, 1922). CFTR, NHE
54  2017 Osteoclastic differentiation and resorption is modulated by bioactive metal ions Co2+, Cu2+ and Cr3+ incorporated into calcium phosphate bone cements. CPC, CTSK, PBMC, TRAP
55  2017 Platelet Carbonic Anhydrase II, a Forgotten Enzyme, May Be Responsible for Aspirin Resistance. AR, AS, LC/MS
56  2017 Relevance of osteoclast-specific enzyme activities in cell-based in vitro resorption assays. CPC, CTSK, ECM, TRAP
57  2016 A mathematical model of osteoclast acidification during bone resorption. ECC, ODE, V-ATPase
58  2016 Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Osteoclastogenic and Antioxidant Effects of Malva sylvestris Extract and Fractions: In Vitro and In Vivo Studies. AF, CTSK, MMP-9, TRAP
59  2016 Bradykinin receptors and EphB2/EphrinB2 pathway in response to high glucose-induced osteoblast dysfunction and hyperglycemia-induced bone deterioration in mice. ALP, MMP
60  2016 Comparative proteome analysis of abdominal adipose tissues between fat and lean broilers. apoA-I, HSPbeta1, LMNA, MALDI-TOF MS, PPIase FKBP4
61  2016 Different Oxygen Stresses on the Responses of Branchial Morphology and Protein Expression in the Gills and Labyrinth Organ in the Aquatic Air-breathing Fish, Trichogaster microlepis. ABR, NKA
62  2016 Discovery of arjunolic acid as a novel non-zinc binding carbonic anhydrase II inhibitor. AA
63  2016 Estradiol prodrugs (EP) for efficient oral estrogen treatment and abolished effects on estrogen modulated liver functions. EE, EP
64  2016 Infliximab Modulates Cisplatin-Induced Hepatotoxicity in Rats. ALT, AST, CA, CIS, CPS-1, TNF-alpha
65  2016 Integration of a 'proton antenna' facilitates transport activity of the monocarboxylate transporter MCT4. MCT4, MCTs
66  2016 Native State Mass Spectrometry, Surface Plasmon Resonance, and X-ray Crystallography Correlate Strongly as a Fragment Screening Combination. FBDD
67  2016 The effects of icariine concentration on osteoclasts bone resorption induced by titanium particles invitro. CTSK, M-CSF, MMP-9, mRNA, RANK, RANKL, TRAP
68  2015 Analysis of the binding moiety mediating the interaction between monocarboxylate transporters and carbonic anhydrase II. MCTs
69  2015 Carbonic anhydrase II binds to and increases the activity of the epithelial sodium-proton exchanger, NHE3. ---
70  2015 Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors with dual-tail moieties to match the hydrophobic and hydrophilic halves of the carbonic anhydrase active site. ---
71  2015 Detection of protein-small molecule binding using a self-referencing external cavity laser biosensor. ECL
72  2015 Development of gas exchange and ion regulation in two species of air-breathing fish, Betta splendens and Macropodus opercularis. MRCs, NECs, NKA
73  2015 Ex vivo apoptotic and autophagic influence of an estradiol analogue on platelets. ESE-16
74  2015 High effective cytosolic H+ buffering in mouse cortical astrocytes attributable to fast bicarbonate transport. ---
75  2015 Improvement of solid material for affinity resins by application of long PEG spacers to capture the whole target complex of FK506. ---
76  2015 Increased water flux induced by an aquaporin-1/carbonic anhydrase II interaction. AQP1
77  2015 Invitro effects of estrogen and progesterone containing drugs on human erythrocyte carbonic anhydrase I and II isozymes in women smokers and nonsmokers. CAI, CAs
78  2015 Mitochondrial-dependent Autoimmunity in Membranous Nephropathy of IgG4-related Disease. MN, SOD2
79  2015 Programming A Molecular Relay for Ultrasensitive Biodetection through (129)Xe NMR. TFG
80  2015 Protective Effect of Infliximab Against Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Hepatotoxicity. ADA, AST, CPS-I, Ib, IL-1beta, TGF-beta1
81  2015 Sinonasal renal cell-like adenocarcinomas: robust carbonic anhydrase expression. CAIX, SNRCLA
82  2015 The effect of erythrocyte membranes from diabetic and hypercholesterolemic individuals on human carbonic anhydrase II activity. hCA II
83  2015 Two novel CAII mutations causing carbonic anhydrase II deficiency syndrome in two unrelated Chinese families. RT-PCR, RTA
84  2015 Zoledronic acid aggravates kidney damage during ischemia reperfusion injury in rat. IL-6, NO, ROS, TNF-alpha, ZA
85  2014 Acid evoked thermal hyperalgesia involves peripheral P2Y1 receptor mediated TRPV1 phosphorylation in a rodent model of thrombus induced ischemic pain. HIF-1alpha, pTRPV1, TH, TIIP
86  2014 Double knockout of carbonic anhydrase II (CAII) and Na(+)-Cl(-) cotransporter (NCC) causes salt wasting and volume depletion. DKO, ENaC, NCC, NDCBE
87  2014 Effect of infliximab against cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity. ADA, CIS, Ib, IL1B, NO, TNF-alpha
88  2014 Enantiopure Cryptophane-129Xe Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Biosensors Targeting Carbonic Anhydrase. C7B, ECD, HP
89  2014 Evidence from mathematical modeling that carbonic anhydrase II and IV enhance CO2 fluxes across Xenopus oocyte plasma membranes. ---
90  2014 Expression of osteogenic molecules in the caudate nucleus and gray matter and their potential relevance for Basal Ganglia calcification in hypoparathyroidism. BGC, BMPs, NMDAR2B, PTH1R
91  2014 First responders: dynamics of pre-gliotic Muller cell responses in the isolated adult rat retina. bFGF, CRALBP, GFAP, GS
92  2014 Formation of osteoclasts on calcium phosphate bone cements and polystyrene depends on monocyte isolation conditions. CPC, M-CSF, PBMC, RANKL, SEM, TRAP
93  2014 Human carbonic anhydrase II-cyanate inhibitor complex: putting the debate to rest. ---
94  2014 Label-free characterization of carbonic anhydrase-novel inhibitor interactions using surface plasmon resonance, isothermal titration calorimetry and fluorescence-based thermal shift assays. ITC, SPR, TSA
95  2014 New aromatic/heteroaromatic propanesulfonylhydrazone compounds: synthesis, physical properties and inhibition studies against carbonic anhydrase II (CAII) enzyme. d,p, SAR
96  2014 Synthesis, characterization, antimicrobial activity and carbonic anhydrase enzyme inhibitor effects of salicilaldehyde-N-methyl p-toluenesulfonylhydrazone and its Palladium(II), Cobalt(II) complexes. CAI, d,p
97  2013 Activity and distribution of intracellular carbonic anhydrase II and their effects on the transport activity of anion exchanger AE1/SLC4A1. AE1
98  2013 CA II, a potential biomarker by proteomic analysis, exerts significant inhibitory effect on the growth of colorectal cancer cells. CRC
99  2013 Cell lineage identification and stem cell culture in a porcine model for the study of intestinal epithelial regeneration. BrdU, CgA, IESC, MCM2, MUC2, PCNA, SIM
100  2013 Comparison and analysis of zinc and cobalt-based systems as catalytic entities for the hydration of carbon dioxide. ---