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Abbreviation:   CAM  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   camptothecin
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2017 Enhanced production of camptothecin and biological preparation of N 1-acetylkynuramine in Camptotheca acuminata cell suspension cultures. NAK
2015 Molecular Cloning, Heterologous Expression, and Functional Characterization of an NADPH-Cytochrome P450 Reductase Gene from Camptotheca acuminata, a Camptothecin-Producing Plant. ---
2012 Eriocalyxin B induces apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells through caspase- and p53-dependent pathways. EriB
2010 Cyclodextrin-based nanosponges encapsulating camptothecin: physicochemical characterization, stability and cytotoxicity. NS
2009 Dexamethasone inhibits camptothecin-induced apoptosis in C6-glioma via activation of Stat5/Bcl-xL pathway. Ad-Stat5ca, DX, GR, STAT5
2009 Microfabricated electrospun collagen membranes for 3-D cancer models and drug screening applications. DOC, TCP
2009 The human antimicrobial peptide LL-37 suppresses apoptosis in keratinocytes. COX-2, IAP-2, PGE2
2008 Arylamine N-acetyltransferases: a new inhibitor of apoptosis in HepG2 cells. HPLC, NATs
2007 An automated method for in vitro anticancer drug efficacy monitoring based on cell viability measurement using a portable photodiode array chip. IC, LEDs, NAR, PDA
10  2007 [Effects of mitofusin-2 gene on proliferation and chemosensitivity of human breast carcinoma cell line MCF-7]. FCM, GFP, Mfn2
11  2006 In vitro anti-proliferative and antioxidant studies on Devil's Club Oplopanax horridus. PTX
12  2006 Risk assessment of human myelotoxicity of anticancer drugs: a predictive model and the in vitro colony forming unit granulocyte/macrophage (CFU-GM) assay. 9-AC, AUC, CFU-GM, MTD, TPT
13  2005 [Comparison between two methods for staining DNA of apoptotic spermatozoa]. GEN
14  2003 A simple, informative, and quantitative flow cytometric method for assessing apoptosis in cultured cells. CISP, SS
15  2003 Dual fluorescence analysis of DNA apoptosis in sperm. GEN, Ho342, PI
16  2003 Effects of retinoic acid on proliferation, apoptosis, cytotoxicity, migration, and invasion of neuroblastoma cells. RA
17  2003 Role of granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor on apoptosis induced by ischemia-reperfusion in the intestinal epithelium. GM-CSF, MDA, SMA
18  2002 A novel apoptosis research method with imaging-combined flow cytometer and HITC or IR-125 staining. IFC
19  2002 Antimycin A-induced apoptosis of HL-60 cells. AMA, FITC, PI, PS
20  2002 Chromosomal instability in B-lymphoblasotoid cell lines from Werner and Bloom syndrome patients. 4NQO, BS, ETO, LCLs, MMC, MN, SCE, WS
21  2002 Effects of caspase inhibition on camptothecin-induced apoptosis of HL-60 cells. FITC, PI, PS
22  2002 Induction of drug resistance and protein kinase C genes in A2780 ovarian cancer cells after incubation with antineoplastic agents at sublethal concentrations. ADR, ETO, PKC, VCR
23  2002 Monoclonal antibody to human chronic myeloid leukemia cell line MOLM-7 specifically reacts with an antigen of apoptotic cells. ---
24  2002 The fate of monocytes during 24 h of culture as revealed by flow cytometry and electron microscopy. EM, FCM, PI, SEM, TEM
25  2000 A rapid measurement of apoptosis-associated light scatter changes using a hematology analyzer. ---
26  2000 Flow cytometry detection of caspase 3 activation in preapoptotic leukemic cells. DNR, FCM, FITC, IDA, PE
27  2000 Preferential externalization of newly synthesized phosphatidylserine in apoptotic U937 cells is dependent on caspase-mediated pathways. CFMV, PtdCho, PtdEtn, PtdSer, SM
28  2000 There is substantial nuclear and cellular disintegration before detectable phosphatidylserine exposure during the camptothecin-induced apoptosis of HL-60 cells. 7-AAD, PS
29  1999 Bcl-2 expression correlates with apoptosis induction but not tumor growth delay in transplantable murine lymphomas treated with different chemotherapy drugs. ADR, CP, CY
30  1999 Degradation of apoptotic cells and fragments in HL-60 suspension cultures after induction of apoptosis by camptothecin and ethanol. AO, PI, PSE, TUNEL
31  1998 Attenuation of apoptotic DNA fragmentation by amiloride. CHX
32  1998 Pentoxifylline stimulates drug-induced apoptosis in leukemic cells. PTX
33  1998 Role of calcium in apoptosis of HL-60 cells induced by harringtonine. HT, VEC
34  1997 Cyclosporine inhibited calcium-mediated apoptosis of HL-60 cells. Cal, CYC, Har, THA
35  1997 Enhancement of UV-A-induced cytotoxicity to cancer cell lines by camptothecin. ---
36  1997 Inhibition of harringtonine-induced apoptosis by tetradecanoylphorbol acetate in human leukemia HL-60 cells. Har, TA
37  1997 [Effects of differentiation status on apoptosis of human leukemia HL60 cells]. Har
38  1996 Activation of protein kinase Cdelta in human myeloid leukemia cells treated with 1-beta-D-arabinofuranosylcytosine. ara-C, MBP, MMC, PKC
39  1996 Enhancement of the antitumor effect of gamma-ray irradiation in combination with camptothecin against human colorectal adenocarcinoma. ---
40  1994 Altered susceptibility of differentiating HL-60 cells to apoptosis induced by antitumor drugs. AZC, DMSO
41  1993 Apoptosis of S-phase HL-60 cells induced by DNA topoisomerase inhibitors: detection of DNA strand breaks by flow cytometry using the in situ nick translation assay. TN
42  1993 Caffeine prevents apoptosis and cell cycle effects induced by camptothecin or topotecan in HL-60 cells. TPT
43  1993 Different patterns of apoptosis of HL-60 cells induced by cycloheximide and camptothecin. CHX, TLCK
44  1992 Apoptosis of rat thymocytes triggered by prednisolone, camptothecin, or teniposide is selective to G0 cells and is prevented by inhibitors of proteases. TN
45  1992 Apoptotic cell death triggered by camptothecin or teniposide. The cell cycle specificity and effects of ionizing radiation. TEN
46  1992 Effect of camptothecin on mitogenic stimulation of human lymphocytes: involvement of DNA topoisomerase I in cell transition from G0 to G1 phase of the cell cycle and in DNA replication. PHA
47  1992 Inhibitors of proteases prevent endonucleolysis accompanying apoptotic death of HL-60 leukemic cells and normal thymocytes. TAME, TLCK, TPCK
48  1991 The concentration-dependent diversity of effects of DNA topoisomerase I and II inhibitors on the cell cycle of HL-60 cells. m-AMSA, TN
49  1991 The S-phase cytotoxicity of camptothecin. ---
50  1990 Diverse effects of camptothecin, an inhibitor of topoisomerase I, on the cell cycle of lymphocytic (L1210, MOLT-4) and myelogenous (HL-60, KG1) leukemic cells. ---