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Long Form:   compound action potential
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Bone conduction hearing in the Guinea pig and the effect of artificially induced middle ear lesions. AC, BC
2019 Coding-in-Noise Deficits are Not Seen in Responses to Amplitude Modulation in Subjects with cochlear Synaptopathy Induced by a Single Noise Exposure. AM, ANFs, CIND, EFR, NIHHL, PTSs, SSR
2019 Dependence of c-fos Expression on Amplitude of High-Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation in a Rodent Model. DC, hfSCS
2019 Functional Effects of Cuprizone-Induced Demyelination in the Presence of the mTOR-Inhibitor Rapamycin. OL
2019 Hidden hearing loss-damage to hearing processing even with low-threshold noise exposure? ECochG
2019 Hypothermic neuroprotection during reperfusion following exposure to aglycemia in central white matter is mediated by acidification. aCSF, MONs
2018 Complementary metrics of human auditory nerve function derived from compound action potentials. AN
2018 Determination of Nerve Fiber Diameter Distribution From Compound Action Potential: A Continuous Approach. FDD, SFAP
2018 Establishment of a cochlear injury model using bone-conducted ultrasound irradiation in guinea pigs and investigation on peripheral coding and recognition of ultrasonic signals. ABR, AP, BCU, IHC, OHC
10  2018 Fibre sub-type specific conduction reveals metabolic function in mouse sciatic nerve. ---
11  2018 Imaging fast neural traffic at fascicular level with electrical impedance tomography: proof of principle in rat sciatic nerve. EIT, ISA
12  2018 In vitro single-unit recordings reveal increased peripheral nerve conduction velocity by focused pulsed ultrasound. CV, FPUS, PNS
13  2018 Maximal number of pre-synaptic ribbons are formed in cochlear region corresponding to middle frequency in mice. ABR, IHC
14  2018 Persistent hair cell malfunction contributes to hidden hearing loss. IHC, RW, SP
15  2018 Plasmid-based gene therapy with hepatocyte growth factor stimulates peripheral nerve regeneration after traumatic injury. HGF
16  2018 Reliability of Measures of N1 Peak Amplitude of the Compound Action Potential in Younger and Older Adults. AN
17  2017 Alterations in Auditory Electrophysiological Responses Associated With Temporary Suppression of Tinnitus Induced by Low-Level Laser Therapy: A Before-After Case Series. COL, DPOAEs, ECochG, LLL, LLLT, LMT, P-THI, P-TQ, PMT, VAS
18  2017 Analysis of compound action potentials elicited with specific current stimulating pulses in an isolated rat sciatic nerve. APs, CV, ic, SNR
19  2017 Assessment of Ipsilateral Efferent Effects in Human via ECochG. MOC, MOCR
20  2017 Clinical role of electrocochleography in children with auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder. ANN, ANSD, ECochG, TR
21  2017 Contralateral Inhibition of Click- and Chirp-Evoked Human Compound Action Potentials. MOC, OAE, OHC
22  2017 Effects of Lippia sidoides essential oil, thymol, p-cymene, myrcene and caryophyllene on rat sciatic nerve excitability. EOLs
23  2017 Electrophysiological Measurements of Peripheral Vestibular Function-A Review of Electrovestibulography. CM, ECochG, EVestG, HC, SP
24  2017 Geraniol Induces Antinociceptive Effect in Mice Evaluated in Behavioural and Electrophysiological Models. Ger, PPA
25  2017 HPN-07, a free radical spin trapping agent, protects against functional, cellular and electrophysiological changes in the cochlea induced by acute acoustic trauma. ABR, CM, DPOAE, EP
26  2017 Hyperexcitability of inferior colliculus and acoustic startle reflex with age-related hearing loss. CAS, CF, IC, SFRs
27  2017 In vivo recording of nerve conduction velocity of spinal CNS fibers in the mouse. NCV
28  2017 Intraoperative Electrocochleographic Characteristics of Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder in Cochlear Implant Subjects. ABR, ANN, ANSD, CI, CM, ECochG
29  2017 Intraoperative force and electrocochleography measurements in an animal model of cochlear implantation. ---
30  2017 Outer Hair Cell and Auditory Nerve Function in Speech Recognition in Quiet and in Background Noise. AN, ECochG, OHCs
31  2017 Prolonged low-level noise-induced plasticity in the peripheral and central auditory system of rats. IC, LFP, SDR, SP
32  2017 Reflex wind-up in early chronic spinal injury: plasticity of motor outputs. LG, SA, SCI, Srt, ST, TA
33  2017 Systemic LPS resulted in a transient hippocampus malfunction but a prolonged corpus callosum injury. betaAPP, CC, LPS, LTP, PTP
34  2017 Using Neural Response Telemetry to Monitor Physiological Responses to Acoustic Stimulation in Hybrid Cochlear Implant Users. CI, NRT, SUM
35  2016 Acrolein-mediated conduction loss is partially restored by K⁺ channel blockers. 4-AP, 4-AP-3-MeOH, MS, SCI
36  2016 Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Inhibits Voltage-Sensitive Potassium Currents in Isolated Hensen's Cells and Nifedipine Protects Against Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in Guinea Pigs. ATP, NIHL
37  2016 Cochlear perfusion with a viscous fluid. AP, RM
38  2016 Differential effects of lacosamide, phenytoin and topiramate on peripheral nerve excitability: An ex vivo electrophysiological study. AEDs, LCM, PHT, PNS, TPM, VGSCs
39  2016 Effect of DSPE-PEG on compound action potential, injury potential and ion concentration following compression in ex vivo spinal cord. PEG
40  2016 Essential Oil of Ocimum basilicum L. and (-)-Linalool Blocks the Excitability of Rat Sciatic Nerve. ---
41  2016 Functional monitoring of peripheral nerves from electrical impedance measurements. EI, MCC, SNR
42  2016 Image-Guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound System for Large Animal Nerve Ablation Studies. HIFU
43  2016 Inner Hair Cell Loss Disrupts Hearing and Cochlear Function Leading to Sensory Deprivation and Enhanced Central Auditory Gain. IHC, OHC
44  2016 Peripheral neuropathy in patients with CPEO associated with single and multiple mtDNA deletions. CPEO, MICARS, mtDNA, mTNS
45  2016 Purification and Characterization of Nk-3FTx: A Three Finger Toxin from the Venom of North East Indian Monocled Cobra. ---
46  2016 Targeting Kv1.3 channels to reduce white matter pathology after traumatic brain injury. CFZ, TBI
47  2016 The Compound Action Potential in Subjects Receiving a Cochlear Implant. CI, CNC, ECochG, TR
48  2016 The Effect of Contralateral Pure Tones on the Compound Action Potential in Humans: Efferent Tuning Curves. TPs
49  2016 The Influence of Glutamate on Axonal Compound Action Potential In Vitro. ---
50  2016 Trimethyltin-induced cochlear degeneration in rat. TMT
51  2015 Acute and subacute effects of the ultrasonic blade and electrosurgery on nerve physiology. betaAPP, CV, ES, HB, VFH
52  2015 Audibility, speech perception and processing of temporal cues in ribbon synaptic disorders due to OTOF mutations. CM, CMs, ECochG, SP
53  2015 Dexmedetomidine augments the effect of lidocaine: power spectrum and nerve conduction velocity distribution study. Con, CVD, DEX, LIDO
54  2015 High frequency bone conduction auditory evoked potentials in the guinea pig: Assessing cochlear injury after ossicular chain manipulation. ABR, AC, BC, SP
55  2015 Injury potentials of spinal cord in ex vivo compression injury model. SCI
56  2015 Methadone is a local anaesthetic-like inhibitor of neuronal Na+ channels and blocks excitability of mouse peripheral nerves. HCN2, LAs
57  2015 Microengineered peripheral nerve-on-a-chip for preclinical physiological testing. NFD
58  2015 Noise-induced damage to ribbon synapses without permanent threshold shifts in neonatal mice. ABR, dB, HCs, P10d, P14d, P4w, P8w, SGNs, SPL
59  2015 Oxaliplatin-induced neurotoxicity is mediated through gap junction channels and hemichannels and can be prevented by octanol. Cx32, GJ, KO, OIN
60  2015 Ozone partially prevents diabetic neuropathy in rats. DI, i.p, NCV, OSI, TAS, TOS
61  2015 Pulsed magnetic stimulation modifies amplitude of action potentials in vitro via ionic channels-dependent mechanism. PMFs
62  2015 Recording potentials from scala media, saccule and utricle in mice. CM
63  2015 Stronger efferent suppression of cochlear neural potentials by contralateral acoustic stimulation in awake than in anesthetized chinchilla. CM, MOC
64  2015 The effect of hemostatic agents and tissue adhesive on injured peripheral nerve healing in rats - Part I. Electrophysiological study. ABS, BC, GS, NCV, ORC
65  2015 The neuromuscular activity of Bothriopsis bilineata smaragdina (forest viper) venom and its toxin Bbil-TX (Asp49 phospholipase A2) on isolated mouse nerve-muscle preparations. TSn-m
66  2014 A novel perfusion-based method for cochlear implant electrode insertion. CI, HA, RW, SV
67  2014 Bupivacaine-induced cellular entry of QX-314 and its contribution to differential nerve block. DRG, TRPV1
68  2014 Contribution of auditory nerve fibers to compound action potential of the auditory nerve. ANFs, SR
69  2014 Dynorphin release by the lateral olivocochlear efferents may inhibit auditory nerve activity: a cochlear drug delivery study. AN, DYN, LOC
70  2014 Early social isolation provokes electrophysiological and structural changes in cutaneous sensory nerves of adult male rats. AR, AR-Social, MR, SU
71  2014 Effects of early and delayed laser application on nerve regeneration. LLLT, SFI
72  2014 Oleo gum resin of Ferula assa-foetida L. ameliorates peripheral neuropathy in mice. NCV
73  2014 Short-wavelength near infrared stimulation of the inner ear hair cells. ABR
74  2013 Alterations in early auditory evoked potentials and brainstem transmission time associated with tinnitus residual inhibition induced by auditory electrical stimulation. ABR, AEPs, AES, BTT, ECochG, NRI, RI, SIT
75  2013 Changes in cochlear function during acute endolymphatic hydrops development in guinea pigs. CM, DPOAEs, EP, SP
76  2013 Electrophysiological responses from vagus nerve stimulation in rats. LMEP, VNS
77  2013 Fibre-selective recording from the peripheral nerves of frogs using a multi-electrode cuff. VSR
78  2013 Glycogen function in adult central and peripheral nerves. CNS, MON, MSN, PNS
79  2013 Limb immobilization alters functional electrophysiological parameters of sciatic nerve. ---
80  2013 n5-STZ Diabetic Model Develops Alterations in Sciatic Nerve and Dorsal Root Ganglia Neurons of Wistar Rats. DM, STZ
81  2013 Optic nerve inflammation and demyelination in a rodent model of nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy. GM-CSF, NAION, ON, RGC, RhoA, TEM
82  2013 Resveratrol protects spinal cord dorsal column from hypoxic injury by activating Nrf-2. GFAP, LPO, Nrf2, PC, SOD
83  2013 Ribbon synapse plasticity in the cochleae of Guinea pigs after noise-induced silent damage. PSDs
84  2013 Salicylate-induced cochlear impairments, cortical hyperactivity and re-tuning, and tinnitus. SS
85  2013 The neuroprotective ability of polyethylene glycol is affected by temperature in ex vivo spinal cord injury model. LDH, PEG, SCI
86  2012 Auditory cortex basal activity modulates cochlear responses in chinchillas. ACEP, CM
87  2012 Bilirubin induces auditory neuropathy in neonatal guinea pigs via auditory nerve fiber damage. ABR, ANFs, IHCs, SGNs
88  2012 Bisphenol A depresses compound action potential of frog sciatic nerve in vitro involving Ca(2+)-dependent mechanisms. BPA
89  2012 Changes in the cupula after disruption of the membranous labyrinth. ---
90  2012 Contribution of complex stapes motion to cochlea activation. ---
91  2012 Differential effects of FK506 on structural and functional axonal deficits after diffuse brain injury in the immature rat. dpi
92  2012 Effects of low-frequency biasing on otoacoustic and neural measures suggest that stimulus-frequency otoacoustic emissions originate near the peak region of the traveling wave. SFOAEs
93  2012 Electrophysiological properties of cochlear implantation in the gerbil using a flexible array. CI, CM
94  2012 Influence of breaching the connective sheaths of the donor nerve on its myelinated sensory axons and on their sprouting into the end-to-side coapted nerve in the rat. ---
95  2012 Interaction of a calcium channel blocker with noise in cochlear function in guinea pig. ---
96  2012 Intraoperative round window recordings to acoustic stimuli from cochlear implant patients. ANN, CM, RW, SP
97  2012 Relationship between glial potassium regulation and axon excitability: a role for glial Kir4.1 channels. ---
98  2012 Schwann cell glycogen selectively supports myelinated axon function. ---
99  2012 Subchronic JP-8 jet fuel exposure enhances vulnerability to noise-induced hearing loss in rats. DPOAE, NIHL
100  2012 Synchronous and asynchronous electrically evoked motor activities during wind-up stimulation are differentially modulated following an acute spinal transection. SA