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Abbreviation:   CAP  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   cyclic alternating pattern
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A hemodynamic network involving the insula, the cingulate, and the basal forebrain correlates with EEG synchronization phases of sleep instability. NREM
2019 Visual and automatic classification of the cyclic alternating pattern in electroencephalography during sleep. EEG, PWISA
2018 A knowledge discovery methodology from EEG data for cyclic alternating pattern detection. Ac, k-NN, KDD, mRMR, SVM, WAC
2018 Cyclic Alternating Pattern in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients with versus without Excessive Sleepiness. ESS, OSA
2018 Identifying Phase-Amplitude Coupling in Cyclic Alternating Pattern using Masking Signals. MPAC, PAC
2018 Increased cortical involvement and synchronization during CAP A1 slow waves. ---
2018 Polysomnographic determinants of requirement for advanced positive pressure therapeutic options for obstructive sleep apnea. ASV, OSA, PSG
2018 Sleep on a high heat capacity mattress increases conductive body heat loss and slow wave sleep. CBT, HHCM, LHCM, PROBA, SWS
2017 Cyclic Alternating Pattern Associated with Catathrenia and Bruxism in a 10-Year-Old Patient. ---
10  2017 Electrophysiological and microstructural features of sleep inchildrenat high risk for depression: a preliminary study. EEG, MDD
11  2017 Influence of autonomic nervous system dysfunction in the genesis of sleep disorders in fibromyalgia patients. ANS, FM, HR, LFRR, MSNA, PLMs
12  2017 Non-REM Sleep Instability in Children With Primary Monosymptomatic Sleep Enuresis. ---
13  2017 Sleep disturbance in mild cognitive impairment: a systematic review of objective measures. AI, aMCI, HE, MCI, naMCI, PLMS, PSG, REML, SE, SL, SWS, TST, WASO
14  2016 Analysis of A-phase transitions during the cyclic alternating pattern under normal sleep. EEG
15  2016 Disturbed EEG sleep, paranoid cognition and somatic symptoms identify veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. CHAID, PTSD, REM
16  2016 Effect of carbamazepine on the sleep microstructure of temporal lobe epilepsy patients: a cyclic alternating pattern-based study. CBZ, REM, TLE
17  2016 Effect of valproate on the sleep microstructure of juvenile myoclonic epilepsy patients - a cross-sectional CAP based study. JME, REM, VPA
18  2016 Sleep architecture in children with spinal muscular atrophy type 2. SMA
19  2016 Study of sleep microstructure in patients of migraine without aura. MoA, NREM, REM
20  2015 Automatic identification of Cyclic Alternating Pattern (CAP) sequences based on the Teager Energy Operator. MMSD, NREM, TEO
21  2015 Can sleep microstructure improve diagnosis of OSAS? Integrative information from CAP parameters. AASM, FL, NREM, RERA
22  2015 Non-rapid eye movement sleep instability in mild cognitive impairment: a pilot study. AD, MCI, PSG, SWS
23  2015 NREM sleep transient events in fronto-temporal dementia: beyond sleep stage architecture. FTD
24  2014 Association between heart rate variability, blood pressure and autonomic activity in cyclic alternating pattern during sleep. BP, HR, HRV
25  2014 Characterization of the autonomic system during the cyclic alternating pattern of sleep. EEG, NFLE
26  2014 Cyclic alternating pattern in polysomnography: what is it and what does it mean? ---
27  2014 Impact of acute administration of sodium oxybate on nocturnal sleep polysomnography and on multiple sleep latency test in narcolepsy with cataplexy. MSLT, NC, PSG, SO
28  2014 On separability of A-phases during the cyclic alternating pattern. ---
29  2014 Polysomnographic findings in a cohort of chronic insomnia patients with benzodiazepine abuse. BDZ
30  2014 Sleep architecture in infants with spinal muscular atrophy type 1. SMA1
31  2013 CAP characteristics differ in patients with arousal parasomnias and frontal and temporal epilepsies. AP
32  2013 Cyclic alternating pattern analysis in REM sleep behavior disorder. REM
33  2013 Defending sleepwalkers with science and an illustrative case. SW, SWA
34  2013 Disturbed dreaming and the instability of sleep: altered nonrapid eye movement sleep microstructure in individuals with frequent nightmares as revealed by the cyclic alternating pattern. NREM, REM
35  2013 EEG segmentation for improving automatic CAP detection. ---
36  2013 Effects of antiepileptic treatment on sleep and seizures in nocturnal frontal lobe epilepsy. NFLE, NREM, PSG, vPSG
37  2013 Heart rate variability in sleep-related migraine without aura. ---
38  2013 Insomnia types and sleep microstructure dynamics. ---
39  2013 Migraine, arousal and sleep deprivation: comment on: "sleep quality, arousal and pain thresholds in migraineurs: a blinded controlled polysomnographic study". ---
40  2013 Sleep cyclic alternating pattern and cognition in children: a review. ---
41  2013 Sleep modifications in acute transient global amnesia. HC, SoT, TGA, TIA
42  2013 The microstructure of sleep in primary insomnia: an overview and extension. ERPs
43  2012 A new quantitative automatic method for the measurement of non-rapid eye movement sleep electroencephalographic amplitude variability. EEG, NREM
44  2012 A novel method to assist the detection of the Cyclic Alternating Pattern (CAP). ---
45  2012 Cyclic alternating pattern (CAP): the marker of sleep instability. ---
46  2012 Cyclic alternating pattern is associated with cerebral hemodynamic variation: a near-infrared spectroscopy study of sleep in healthy humans. ---
47  2012 Cyclic alternating patterns in normal sleep and insomnia: structure and content differences. EEG
48  2012 Dissociation of periodic leg movements from arousals in restless legs syndrome. EEG, PLMS, RLS
49  2012 Distinctive polysomnographic traits in nocturnal frontal lobe epilepsy. NFLE, NREM, SWS
50  2012 Effects of replacement therapy on sleep architecture in children with growth hormone deficiency. EEG, GHD
51  2012 Nonlinear analysis of the change points between A and B phases during the Cyclic Alternating Pattern under normal sleep. ---
52  2012 Periodic leg movement, nasal CPAP, and expiratory muscles. AASM, EMG, OSA, PLMs
53  2012 The impact of epilepsy on sleep architecture during childhood. AASM, BERS, REM
54  2012 The role of NREM sleep instability in child cognitive performance. NEPSY
55  2011 Automatic detection of CAP on central and fronto-central EEG leads via Support Vector Machines. ---
56  2011 CAP sleep in insomnia: new methodological aspects for sleep microstructure analysis. ---
57  2011 Characterization of A phases during the cyclic alternating pattern of sleep. ---
58  2011 Cyclic alternating pattern in narcolepsy patients and healthy controls after partial and total sleep deprivation. NC, SD
59  2011 Effects of bedtime very low dose cyclobenzaprine on symptoms and sleep physiology in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome: a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled study. CBP, EEG, FM, HAD, VLD
60  2011 Predicting EEG complexity from sleep macro and microstructure. EEG, FD, SVM
61  2011 Sleep bruxism and sleep arousal: an experimental challenge to assess the role of cyclic alternating pattern. EEG, RMMA, SB
62  2011 Sleep characteristics in children with growth hormone deficiency. GH, GHD
63  2011 Sleep cyclic alternating pattern analysis in healthy children during the first year of life: a daytime polysomnographic study. ---
64  2011 Sleep in children with autism with and without autistic regression. NREM, TD
65  2010 Acute dopamine-agonist treatment in restless legs syndrome: effects on sleep architecture and NREM sleep instability. PLMS, RLS
66  2010 Alterations in cyclic alternating pattern associated with phase advanced sleep are differentially modulated by gaboxadol and zolpidem. PBO, PSG, SWS
67  2010 Clonidine has a paradoxical effect on cyclic arousal and sleep bruxism during NREM sleep. RMMA, SB
68  2010 Cyclic alternating pattern (CAP)-related cough and sleep-related laryngospasm. ---
69  2010 Cyclic alternating pattern and sleep quality in healthy subjects--is there a first-night effect on different approaches of sleep quality? ---
70  2010 Cyclic alternating pattern in normal children aged 12 to 24 months. ---
71  2010 Cyclic alternating pattern: A window into pediatric sleep. ---
72  2010 Effects of NREM sleep instability on cognitive processing. ---
73  2010 Long-term correlations and complexity analysis of the heart rate variability signal during sleep. Comparing normal and pathologic subjects. HRV
74  2010 Polysomnographic assessment of sleep disturbances in children with developmental disabilities and seizures. MR, PLMS
75  2010 Reduced NREM sleep instability in benign childhood epilepsy with centro-temporal spikes. BERS
76  2010 The effects of experimental sleep fragmentation on cognitive processing. ---
77  2010 [Influence between sleep and epilepsy: synopsis and prospectus]. EEG, EMG, EOG, non-REM
78  2009 All-night EEG power spectral analysis of the cyclic alternating pattern at different ages. SWS
79  2009 Analysis of NREM sleep in children with Prader-Willi syndrome and the effect of growth hormone treatment. PWS
80  2009 Development of NREM sleep instability-continuity (cyclic alternating pattern) in healthy term infants aged 1 to 4 months. EEG, NREM
81  2009 Epileptic discharges and phasic sleep phenomena in patients with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy. EDs, EEG, JME
82  2009 NREM sleep instability changes following rapid maxillary expansion in children with obstructive apnea sleep syndrome. OSAS, RME
83  2009 Sleep polygraphic study of children and adolescents with narcolepsy/cataplexy. LM, NREM, REM
84  2009 Slow EEG amplitude oscillations during NREM sleep and reading disabilities in children with dyslexia. NREM
85  2008 Delta sleep instability in children with chronic arthritis. JIA, SWS
86  2008 Effects of zolpidem on cyclic alternating pattern, an objective marker of sleep instability, in Japanese patients with psychophysiological insomnia: a randomized crossover comparative study with placebo. ICSD, REM
87  2008 NREM sleep instability in children with sleep terrors: the role of slow wave activity interruptions. ST
88  2008 Sleep phenotypes of intellectual disability: a polysomnographic evaluation in subjects with Down syndrome and Fragile-X syndrome. DS, FRAX
89  2008 The functional connectivity of different EEG bands moves towards small-world network organization during sleep. Lp
90  2008 The slow-wave components of the cyclic alternating pattern (CAP) have a role in sleep-related learning processes. SWA
91  2007 Impaired cortical and autonomic arousal during sleep in multiple system atrophy. HR, MSA, PLMS, RLS
92  2007 Non-REM sleep instability in patients with major depressive disorder: subjective improvement and improvement of non-REM sleep instability with treatment (Agomelatine). MDD, NREM, SWS
93  2007 Reduced NREM sleep instability in children with sleep disordered breathing. OSA, SDB
94  2007 Sleep architecture and NREM alterations in children and adolescents with Asperger syndrome. AS
95  2007 Sleep in children with autistic spectrum disorder: a questionnaire and polysomnographic study. ASD, REM, SWS
96  2007 Small-world network organization of functional connectivity of EEG slow-wave activity during sleep. Lp
97  2007 The cyclic alternating pattern demonstrates increased sleep instability and correlates with fatigue and sleepiness in adults with upper airway resistance syndrome. UARS
98  2006 CAP, epilepsy and motor events during sleep: the unifying role of arousal. ---
99  2006 Chronic fatigue, unrefreshing sleep and nocturnal polysomnography. ANOVA, EEG, FFT, NREM, SWS
100  2006 Cyclic alternating pattern (CAP) alterations in narcolepsy. EEG, MSLT, NREM, PSG, SOREMPs