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Long Form:   cap-binding complex
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2020 Affinity proteomic dissection of the human nuclear cap-binding complex interactome. ---
2020 ARS2 Regulates Nuclear Paraspeckle Formation through 3'-End Processing and Stability of NEAT1 Long Noncoding RNA. ARS2, NEAT1
2020 Loss of Human TGS1 Hypermethylase Promotes Increased Telomerase RNA and Telomere Elongation. hTR, TERT, TGS1, TMG
2020 NCBP3 positively impacts mRNA biogenesis. EJC, NCBP1, TREX
2020 NCBP3: A Multifaceted Adaptive Regulator of Gene Expression. CBP, EJC, NCBP3
2020 The nuclear cap-binding complex as choreographer of gene transcription and pre-mRNA processing. RNAPII
2019 ARS2 Plays Diverse Roles in DNA Damage Response, Fungal Development, and Pathogenesis in the Plant Pathogenic Fungus Fusarium graminearum. Ars2, GFP
2019 Both anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties of novel drug candidate ABX464 are mediated by modulation of RNA splicing. IBD
2019 Depletion of Ars2 inhibits cell proliferation and leukemogenesis in acute myeloid leukemia by modulating the miR-6734-3p/p27 axis. AML
10  2019 Distinct Functions of the Cap-Binding Complex in Stimulation of Nuclear mRNA Export. RNP, TREX, TREX-2
11  2019 NRDE2 negatively regulates exosome functions by inhibiting MTR4 recruitment and exosome interaction. MID
12  2019 Staufen1 and UPF1 exert opposite actions on the replacement of the nuclear cap-binding complex by eIF4E at the 5' end of mRNAs. STAU1
13  2019 The alternative cap-binding complex is required for antiviral defense in vivo. ---
14  2018 A Rev-CBP80-eIF4AI complex drives Gag synthesis from the HIV-1 unspliced mRNA. EJC, HIV-1
15  2018 A Role of U12 Intron in Proper Pre-mRNA Splicing of Plant Cap Binding Protein 20 Genes. NLS, RBD
16  2018 Ars2 promotes cell proliferation and tumorigenicity in glioblastoma through regulating miR-6798-3p. Ars2, C-Caspase 3, qRT-PCR
17  2018 Characterizing ZC3H18, a Multi-domain Protein at the Interface of RNA Production and Destruction Decisions. NEXT
18  2018 DDX3 Activates CBC-eIF3-Mediated Translation of uORF-Containing Oncogenic mRNAs to Promote Metastasis in HNSCC. eIF3, HNSCC, OSCC, uORF
19  2018 Structural analysis of human ARS2 asa platform for co-transcriptional RNA sorting. ---
20  2017 Exosome cofactor hMTR4 competes with export adaptor ALYREF to ensure balanced nuclear RNA pools for degradation and export. ---
21  2017 Modulation of nonsense mediated decay by rapamycin. PTC
22  2017 Mutation in HvCBP20 (Cap Binding Protein 20) Adapts Barley to Drought Stress at Phenotypic and Transcriptomic Levels. cbp20, RWC
23  2017 Mutually Exclusive CBC-Containing Complexes Contribute to RNA Fate. ---
24  2017 Structural basis for mutually exclusive co-transcriptional nuclear cap-binding complexes with either NELF-E or ARS2. ---
25  2017 The conserved AU dinucleotide at the 5' end of nascent U1 snRNA is optimized for the interaction with nuclear cap-binding-complex. ---
26  2017 The Nuclear Cap-Binding Complex Mediates Meiotic Silencing by Unpaired DNA. MSC, MSUD, RNAi
27  2017 Translation initiation mediated by nuclear cap-binding protein complex. NMD
28  2016 Construction of Artificial miRNAs to Prevent Drought Stress in Solanum tuberosum. amiRNAs
29  2016 Coupling of histone methylation and RNA processing by the nuclear mRNA cap-binding complex. ---
30  2015 Control of mRNA Stability in Fungi by NMD, EJC and CBC Factors Through 3'UTR Introns. EJC, NMD
31  2015 Human Telomerase RNA Processing and Quality Control. hTR, NEXT, PARN
32  2015 Long lasting control of viral rebound with a new drug ABX464 targeting Rev - mediated viral RNA biogenesis. ---
33  2015 mRNA export through an additional cap-binding complex consisting of NCBP1 and NCBP3. NCBP
34  2015 Mutagenesis of ARS2 Domains To Assess Possible Roles in Cell Cycle Progression and MicroRNA and Replication-Dependent Histone mRNA Biogenesis. RRM, ZnF
35  2015 Transcription termination and the control of the transcriptome: why, where and how to stop. NNS
36  2015 Two Routes to Genetic Suppression of RNA Trimethylguanosine Cap Deficiency via C-Terminal Truncation of U1 snRNP Subunit Snp1 or Overexpression of RNA Polymerase Subunit Rpo26. sn, TMG
37  2014 A novel role for Cet1p mRNA 5'-triphosphatase in promoter proximal accumulation of RNA polymerase II in Saccharomyces cerevisiase. ---
38  2014 Cap-binding complex (CBC). ---
39  2014 eIF4AIII enhances translation of nuclear cap-binding complex-bound mRNAs by promoting disruption of secondary structures in 5'UTR. CBP80, CTIF, eIF4AIII, EJC
40  2014 p54nrb/NonO and PSF promote U snRNA nuclear export by accelerating its export complex assembly. PHAX
41  2014 The nuclear exosome is active and important during budding yeast meiosis. CUTs, DSBs, MUTs
42  2014 The SERRATE protein is involved in alternative splicing in Arabidopsis thaliana. AS
43  2013 Cap completion and C-terminal repeat domain kinase recruitment underlie the initiation-elongation transition of RNA polymerase II. ChIP, pol, TSS
44  2013 CBC-ARS2 stimulates 3'-end maturation of multiple RNA families and favors cap-proximal processing. ---
45  2013 eIF4E-bound mRNPs are substrates for nonsense-mediated mRNA decay in mammalian cells. eIF4E, NMD, PTCs
46  2013 Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay occurs during eIF4F-dependent translation in human cells. NMD
47  2013 The human cap-binding complex is functionally connected to the nuclear RNA exosome. CBCN, NEXT, RNP
48  2013 The nuclear cap-binding complex interacts with the U4/U6U5 tri-snRNP and promotes spliceosome assembly in mammalian cells. ---
49  2013 The yeast cap binding complex modulates transcription factor recruitment and establishes proper histone H3K36 trimethylation during active transcription. CTD
50  2012 The upstream open reading frame of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1A mRNA negatively regulates translation of the downstream main open reading frame. CDKN1A, NMD, uORF
51  2012 Thriving under stress: selective translation of HIV-1 structural protein mRNA during Vpr-mediated impairment of eIF4E translation activity. CBP80
52  2011 Cellular cap-binding proteins associate with influenza virus mRNAs. mRNP, NS1, PABP1
53  2011 The mRNA cap-binding complex stimulates the formation of pre-initiation complex at the promoter via its interaction with Mot1p in vivo. PIC
54  2010 Binding properties and dynamic localization of an alternative isoform of the cap-binding complex subunit CBP20. m7G, mRNAs, RRM, snRNAs
55  2010 RPL30 regulation of splicing reveals distinct roles for Cbp80 in U1 and U2 snRNP cotranscriptional recruitment. ---
56  2010 Unloading RNAs in the cytoplasm: an "importin" task. CBP20
57  2009 Ars2 links the nuclear cap-binding complex to RNA interference and cell proliferation. ---
58  2009 Diverse role of three tyrosines in binding of the RNA 5' cap to the human nuclear cap binding complex. ---
59  2009 Fast ribozyme cleavage releases transcripts from RNA polymerase II and aborts co-transcriptional pre-mRNA processing. Pol II
60  2009 FRIGIDA delays flowering in Arabidopsis via a cotranscriptional mechanism involving direct interaction with the nuclear cap-binding complex. FLC, FRI
61  2009 Remodeling of the pioneer translation initiation complex involves translation and the karyopherin importin beta. CBP80, eIF4E, EJCs, Imp beta, mRNA, mRNPs, PABPN1
62  2009 The cap binding complex influences H2B ubiquitination by facilitating splicing of the SUS1 pre-mRNA. ---
63  2009 The molecular basis for the regulation of the cap-binding complex by the importins. ---
64  2008 An essential role of Tap42-associated PP2A and 2A-like phosphatases in Ty1 transcriptional silencing of S. cerevisiae. ---
65  2008 DcpS scavenger decapping enzyme can modulate pre-mRNA splicing. ---
66  2008 Overproduction of non-translatable mRNA silences. The transcription of Ty1 retrotransposons in S. cerevisiae via functional inactivation of the nuclear cap-binding complex and subsequent hyperstimulation of the TORC1 pathway. ---
67  2007 Distance-dependent processing of adeno-associated virus type 5 RNA is controlled by 5' exon definition. AAV5
68  2007 NELF interacts with CBC and participates in 3' end processing of replication-dependent histone mRNAs. NELF, SLBP
69  2007 Yeast cap binding complex impedes recruitment of cleavage factor IA to weak termination sites. CFIA, Pol II
70  2006 Inhibition of mRNA deadenylation by the nuclear cap binding complex (CBC). PARN
71  2006 Internal ribosome entry sequence-mediated translation initiation triggers nonsense-mediated decay. NMD, PTCs
72  2005 Cap-binding protein 1-mediated and eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E-mediated pioneer rounds of translation in yeast. CHX, eIF, NMD
73  2005 Cotranscriptional spliceosome assembly occurs in a stepwise fashion and requires the cap binding complex. NTC, snRNPs
74  2005 Novel and essential subunits in the 300-kilodalton nuclear cap binding complex of Trypanosoma brucei. ---
75  2005 Novel way of capping mRNA trimer and studies of its interaction with human nuclear cap-binding complex. ---
76  2005 Specificity of recognition of mRNA 5' cap by human nuclear cap-binding complex. eIF4E
77  2004 Nonsense-mediated decay does not occur within the yeast nucleus. NMD, PTCs
78  2003 The interaction of the cap-binding complex (CBC) with eIF4G is dispensable for translation in yeast. eIF4F
79  2002 Co-crystallization of the human nuclear cap-binding complex with a m7GpppG cap analogue using protein engineering. ---
80  2002 Large-scale induced fit recognition of an m(7)GpppG cap analogue by the human nuclear cap-binding complex. ---
81  2001 Crystal structure of the human nuclear cap binding complex. ---
82  2001 Interaction of eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4G with the nuclear cap-binding complex provides a link between nuclear and cytoplasmic functions of the m(7) guanosine cap. eIF4G
83  2001 The evolutionarily conserved region of the U snRNA export mediator PHAX is a novel RNA-binding domain that is essential for U snRNA export. NLSs
84  2000 Cdc42 stimulates RNA splicing via the S6 kinase and a novel S6 kinase target, the nuclear cap-binding complex. ---
85  2000 PHAX, a mediator of U snRNA nuclear export whose activity is regulated by phosphorylation. PHAX
86  1999 Luc7p, a novel yeast U1 snRNP protein with a role in 5' splice site recognition. ---
87  1999 The nuclear cap-binding complex is a novel target of growth factor receptor-coupled signal transduction. ---
88  1997 Interaction between the human nuclear cap-binding protein complex and hnRNP F. ---
89  1997 Participation of the nuclear cap binding complex in pre-mRNA 3' processing. ---
90  1996 A nuclear cap-binding complex binds Balbiani ring pre-mRNA cotranscriptionally and accompanies the ribonucleoprotein particle during nuclear export. NPC
91  1996 A nuclear cap-binding complex facilitates association of U1 snRNP with the cap-proximal 5' splice site. ---
92  1996 The yeast splicing factor Mud13p is a commitment complex component and corresponds to CBP20, the small subunit of the nuclear cap-binding complex. ---