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Abbreviation:   CDA  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   contralateral delay activity
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Contralateral delay activity during temporal order memory. EEG, VWM
2019 Contralateral delay activity tracks the storage of visually presented letters and words. VWM
2019 The capacity and resolution of spatial working memory and its role in the storage of non-spatial features. WM
2019 The neural correlations of spatial attention and working memory deficits in adults with ADHD. ADHD
2018 "Keep That in Mind!" The Role of Positive Affect in Working Memory for Maintaining Goal-Relevant Information. WM
2018 Can working memory capacity be expanded by boosting working memory updating efficiency in older adults? WMC
2018 Contralateral delay activity does not reflect behavioral feature load in visual working memory. ERP
2018 Contralateral Delay Activity Indexes Working Memory Storage, Not the Current Focus of Spatial Attention. WM
2018 Contralateral Delay Activity Tracks Fluctuations in Working Memory Performance. ---
10  2018 Delineating resetting and updating in visual working memory based on the object-to-representation correspondence. VWM
11  2018 EEG correlates of visual short-term memory in older age vary with adult lifespan cognitive development. CP, EEG, VSTM
12  2018 Familiarity Speeds Up Visual Short-term Memory Consolidation: Electrophysiological Evidence from Contralateral Delay Activities. ---
13  2018 Independent Attention Mechanisms Control the Activation of Tactile and Visual Working Memory Representations. tCDA, WM
14  2018 Motivation and short-term memory in visual search: Attention's accelerator revisited. CNV, ERP
15  2018 Negative Affect Influences Electrophysiological Markers of Visual Working Memory in Mildly Stressed Older Adults. EEG, NA, VWM
16  2018 Neural processing of working memory in adults with ADHD in a visuospatial change detection task with distractors. ADHD, ERP, WM
17  2018 Object maintenance beyond their visible parts in working memory. VWM
18  2018 Retroactive Attentional Shifts Predict Performance in a Working Memory Task: Evidence by Lateralized EEG Patterns. ADAN, PCN
19  2018 Social exclusion weakens storage capacity and attentional filtering ability in visual working memory. WM
20  2018 The bandwidth of VWM consolidation varies with the stimulus feature: Evidence from event-related potentials. VSTM
21  2018 The impact of visual working memory capacity on the filtering efficiency of emotional face distractors. VWM
22  2017 Adding details to the attentional template offsets search difficulty: Evidence from contralateral delay activity. VWM
23  2017 An unpleasant emotional state reduces working memory capacity: electrophysiological evidence. WM
24  2017 Intermodal Attention Shifts in Multimodal Working Memory. WM
25  2017 Interplay between supramodal attentional control and capacity limits in the low-level visual processors modulate the tendency to inattention. N2pc
26  2017 Lie construction affects information storage under high memory load condition. WM
27  2017 Neural activity reveals perceptual grouping in working memory. ---
28  2017 Neural Dynamics of Multiple Object Processing in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease: Future Early Diagnostic Biomarkers? AD, MCI, MOP
29  2017 The Nature of Task Set Representations in Working Memory. S-R, WM
30  2017 Visual Working Memory Capacity Can Be Increased by Training on Distractor Filtering Efficiency. CDT, FE, RSPM, VWM, WM
31  2016 Does Contralateral Delay Activity Reflect Working Memory Storage or the Current Focus of Spatial Attention within Visual Working Memory? ---
32  2016 EEG correlates of visual short-term memory as neuro-cognitive endophenotypes of ADHD. ADHD, VSTM
33  2016 Electrophysiological Advances on Multiple Object Processing in Aging. WM
34  2016 From Capture to Inhibition: How does Irrelevant Information Influence Visual Search? Evidence from a Spatial Cuing Paradigm. ERPs, N2pc, SOA
35  2016 Object representations in visual working memory change according to the task context. VWM
36  2016 The contralateral delay activity as a neural measure of visual working memory. VWM
37  2016 The Control of Single-color and Multiple-color Visual Search by Attentional Templates in Working Memory and in Long-term Memory. ---
38  2016 The effects of direction similarity in visual working memory: Behavioural and event-related potential studies. ERP, VWM
39  2016 Time-resolved neuroimaging of visual short term memory consolidation by post-perceptual attention shifts. ERPs
40  2015 Contralateral delay activity tracks the influence of Gestalt grouping principles on active visual working memory representations. VWM
41  2015 Does visual working memory represent the predicted locations of future target objects? An event-related brain potential study. ---
42  2015 Neural sources of visual working memory maintenance in human parietal and ventral extrastriate visual cortex. ERP, mCDA
43  2015 Precision requirements do not affect the allocation of visual working memory capacity. LPC, VWM
44  2015 Searching for targets in visual working memory: investigating a dimensional feature bundle (DFB) model. DFB, WM
45  2015 The number of objects determines visual working memory capacity allocation for complex items. WM
46  2014 A soft handoff of attention between cerebral hemispheres. ERP
47  2014 Come together, right now: dynamic overwriting of an object's history through common fate. ---
48  2014 Effects of search difficulty on the selection, maintenance, and learning of attentional templates. ---
49  2014 Field dependence-independence modulates the efficiency of filtering out irrelevant information in a visual working memory task. ERP, FD, FDI, FI
50  2014 Is a search template an ordinary working memory? Comparing electrophysiological markers of working memory maintenance for visual search and recognition. LPC
51  2014 More target features in visual working memory leads to poorer search guidance: evidence from contralateral delay activity. VWM
52  2014 Neural correlates of inefficient filtering of emotionally neutral distractors from working memory in trait anxiety. HTA, WM
53  2014 Reduced representations capacity in visual working memory in trait anxiety. HTA, LTA, WM
54  2014 The neurophysiological index of visual working memory maintenance is not due to load dependent eye movements. ---
55  2014 Understanding age-related reductions in visual working memory capacity: examining the stages of change detection. ERPs, VWM
56  2014 Visual working memory capacity for color is independent of representation resolution. VWM
57  2014 Visual working memory gives up attentional control early in learning: ruling out interhemispheric cancellation. ---
58  2013 Building blocks of visual working memory: objects or Boolean maps? VWM
59  2013 Coarse-to-fine construction for high-resolution representation in visual working memory. VWM
60  2013 Neural correlates of cognitive decline in older adults at-risk for developing MCI: evidence from the CDA and P300. AD, MCI
61  2013 No behavioral or ERP evidence for a developmental lag in visual working memory capacity or filtering in adolescents and adults with ADHD. ADHD, VSWM, WM
62  2013 Processing statistics: an examination of focused and distributed attention using event related potentials. WM
63  2013 Retrospective attention enhances visual working memory in the young but not the old: an ERP study. ERP, retro-cues, VWM
64  2013 Selective manipulation of target identification demands in visual search: the role of stimulus contrast in CDA activations. VSTM
65  2013 Toward the neural mechanisms of reduced working memory capacity in schizophrenia. PSZ, WM
66  2013 Visual Working Memory in Human Cortex. EEG, fMRI, IPS, LOC, VFMs, VWM
67  2013 Working memory in ALS patients: preserved performance but marked changes in underlying neuronal networks. ALS, WM
68  2012 Attention modulates maintenance of representations in visual short-term memory. VSTM
69  2012 Electrophysiological evidence for immature processing capacity and filtering in visuospatial working memory in adolescents. VSWM
70  2012 Impaired filtering of irrelevant information in dysphoria: an ERP study. ERP, WM
71  2012 In and out of consciousness: sustained electrophysiological activity reflects individual differences in perceptual awareness. EEG, SFM, VSTM
72  2012 Neural measures of dynamic changes in attentive tracking load. MOT
73  2012 Successful training of filtering mechanisms in multiple object tracking does not transfer to filtering mechanisms in a visual working memory task: behavioral and electrophysiological evidence. MOT, WM
74  2012 To bind or not to bind: addressing the question of object representation in visual short-term memory. VSTM
75  2012 Unleashing potential: transcranial direct current stimulation over the right posterior parietal cortex improves change detection in low-performing individuals. SPCN, tDCS, VSTM
76  2011 An electrophysiological measure of visual short-term memory capacity within and across hemifields. VSTM
77  2011 Attentional templates in visual working memory. ---
78  2011 Contralateral delay activity reveals life-span age differences in top-down modulation of working memory contents. WM
79  2011 Contralateral delay activity tracks object identity information in visual short term memory. LPC, VSTM
80  2011 Markers of preparatory attention predict visual short-term memory performance. ADAN, EDAN, LDAP, VSTM
81  2011 Precision in visual working memory reaches a stable plateau when individual item limits are exceeded. WM
82  2011 Tracking object number or information load in visual working memory: revisiting the cognitive implication of contralateral delay activity. VWM
83  2011 Visual search demands dictate reliance on working memory storage. WM
84  2010 Contralateral delay activity provides a neural measure of the number of representations in visual working memory. VWM
85  2010 Modulations in oscillatory activity with amplitude asymmetry can produce cognitively relevant event-related responses. ERFs
86  2009 Storing fine detailed information in visual working memory--evidence from event-related potentials. VWM
87  2009 Visual search elicits the electrophysiological marker of visual working memory. VWM
88  2006 Event-related potential measures of visual working memory. ERPs, NSW