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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A combination of chicken embryo extract and a nutritional supplement protect a rat model of aging against d-galactose-induced dysfunction of mitochondria and autophagy. d-gal, NM, ROS
2019 Combination of chick embryo and nutrient mixture prevent D-galactose-induced cognitive deficits, immune impairment and oxidative stress in aging rat model. LF, NM
2018 The positive effect of chick embryo and nutrient mixture on bone marrow- derived mesenchymal stem cells from aging rats. BMSCs, NM
2014 The host-range tdCE phenotype of Chandipura virus is determined by mutations in the polymerase gene. CV
2013 Transcriptional response of chicken embryo cells to Newcastle disease virus (D58 strain) infection. ND, NDV
2011 [Pandemic influenza 2009 in Russia. Characteristics of the isolation and biological properties of viruses]. ---
2008 [Epidemic strains influenza viruses A and B in the 2005-2006 season in Russia]. ---
2007 Transcriptional profiles of chicken embryo cell cultures following infection with infectious bursal disease virus. IBDV
2006 [Genetic stability of cold-adapted influenza viruses]. ---
10  2006 [Reproduction of cowpox virus strain EP-2 isolated from an elephant in primary fibroblast cultures and chorion-allantoic chick embryos]. CAM, PFC
11  2005 Evaluation of the suitability of six host genes as internal control in real-time RT-PCR assays in chicken embryo cell cultures infected with infectious bursal disease virus. GAPDH, IBDV, MOI, TBP
12  2001 Apoptosis is induced by infectious bursal disease virus replication in productively infected cells as well as in antigen-negative cells in their vicinity. IBDV, IFN, p.i
13  2000 Agnoprotein 1a and agnoprotein 1b of avian polyomavirus are apoptotic inducers. APV
14  1995 Interaction of Rickettsia prowazekii strains of different virulence with white rat macrophages. p.i, WR
15  1994 Host restriction in the productive cycle of avian polyomavirus budgerigar fledgling disease virus type 3 depends on a single amino acid change in the common region of structural proteins VP2/VP3. BFDV-1 to -3
16  1993 [ts-Mutations in the genomes of cold-adapted variants of influenza A/Hong Kong/1/68(H3N2) and A/Victoria/35/72(H3N2) viruses]. ca, CEF
17  1992 [The reproduction of reassortant influenza A and B viruses with a known genome composition in different cell systems]. ---
18  1991 Plaque formation of Newcastle disease virus in primary chicken kidney cells. NDV, PCK
19  1990 Properties in culture and persistence in cotton rats of the Rickettsia prowazekii vaccine strain E and its mutants. CR, E errI, E errSM
20  1989 The resistance of absorbable sutures in fetal tissue and fluids. ---
21  1988 [Infectivity and sensitivity to antibiotics of Rickettsia prowazekii mutants of the low-pathogenic strain E cultured in chick embryos]. EErrI
22  1987 Clinical and morphologic studies on the guinea pig eye infected with human influenza virus strains of different virulence. ---
23  1987 Fusion of erythrocytes by Newcastle disease virus. ---
24  1987 Induction of the stress response: alterations in membrane-associated transport systems and protein modification in heat shocked or Sindbis virus-infected cells. BHK
25  1987 Study of avian adenovirus DNA infectivity in chick embryos. AF
26  1986 In vitro transcriptase deficiency of temperature-dependent host range mutants of Chandipura virus. ---
27  1986 Intracellular K+ and the expression of transformation parameters by chick cells transformed with the Bryan strain of Rous sarcoma virus. RSV, SR
28  1986 Purification and characterization of chick interferon induced by viruses. IFN
29  1986 Studies on the adaptation of mumps virus to chick embryo. DI
30  1985 Characterization of lymphocyte interferons with different species specificities from normal and genetically dystrophic chickens. IFNs
31  1984 Actin organization in chick embryo fibroblasts after influenza virus infection. I. Isolation and characterization of actin from chick embryo cells. ---
32  1984 Camel contagious ecthyma (pustular dermatitis). CAM, CCE
33  1984 Development of resistance to 2-(1-amino-ethyl)-bicyclo (2.2.1) heptane chlorohydrate in influenza A virus. ---
34  1984 Effect of different passage histories of infectious bronchitis virus on the sensitivity to inhibitors in chick serum and their removal by trypsin. IBV
35  1984 Isolation of influenza A virus and paramyxoviruses from sentinel domestic ducks. NDV, PMV
36  1984 Peculiarities of obtaining and characterization of a cold-adapted A/PR/8/34 influenza virus variant. ---
37  1984 The role of cell type in transport and metabolic conversion of antiviral substances. ---
38  1984 The use of DNase for preparation of host tissue DNA-free rickettsial suspensions. ---
39  1983 Comparative studies on influenza B virus. II. The effect of host cells on biological properties and polypeptide composition. CF, HA, MW
40  1983 Induction of stress proteins in Sindbis virus- and vesicular stomatitis virus-infected cells. VSV
41  1983 Interferon production associated with the ageing of primary chick embryo cells is not caused by priming. IFN
42  1983 Role of antibodies and host cells in plaque enhancement of Murray Valley encephalitis virus. IgG, MVE
43  1983 Temperature-sensitive mutants of newcastle disease virus affecting interferon induction. IFN, NDV, ts
44  1983 Transport of antiviral agent 9-(S)-(2,3-dihydroxypropyl) adenine to animal cells. DHPA
45  1982 Efficacy of a bacterin prepared from Chlamydia psittaci grown in cell culture for experimental immunization of ewes. ---
46  1981 Sodium and rubidium uptake in cells transformed by Rous sarcoma virus. ---
47  1980 Cultured animal cells exposed to amino acid analogues or puromycin rapidly synthesize several polypeptides. ---
48  1979 Cells transformed by temperature-sensitive mutants of avian sarcoma virus cause tumors in vivo at permissive and nonpermissive temperatures. CAM, NRK, ts
49  1979 Newcastle disease virus in Taiwan: II, Relationship between polykaryocytosis and virus virulence. CEK, FFWI, FFWO
50  1979 Replication cycle of Newcastle disease virus in three host cells of different permissiveness. vmRNAs
51  1979 Studies on avian infectious bronchitis virus (IBV). II. Propagation of IBV in several cultured cells. CK, CPE, IBV
52  1979 Studies on avian infectious bronchitis virus (IBV). III. Interferon induction by and sensitivity to interferon of IBV. CK, IBV
53  1978 Cell surface action of thrombin is sufficient to initiate division of chick cells. ---
54  1978 Transmembrane action of thrombin initiates chick cell division. ---
55  1977 Intracellular distribution of virus-specific RNA in chick embryo cells infected with Japanese encephalitis virus. JEV
56  1976 Alteration of the in vitro host range of rabies virus after serial chick embryo cell passage using alkaline maintenance medium. AM line, CPE
57  1976 Comparison of vesicular stomatitis virus defective interfering particle synthesis in chick embryo and L cells. DI, VSV
58  1976 Enhanced growth and plaquing of rabies virus in static chick embryo cell culture. ---
59  1976 In vitro studies on Rickettsia-host cell interactions: lag phase in intracellular growth cycle as a function of stage of growth of infecting Rickettsia prowazeki, with preliminary observations on inhibition of rickettsial uptake by host cell fragments. ---
60  1976 Viral factors required for interferon induction by Newcastle disease virus in mouse macrophages and chicken embryo cells. NDV
61  1975 An attenuated variant of Eastern encephalitis virus: biological properties and protection induced in mice. a.f, HI, ME
62  1975 Evidence for a host cell surface antigen on the envelope of avian tumour viruses. HSCA, VISA
63  1975 Presence of chicken cell surface antigen on Rous virus activated in heterokaryons of transformed non-permissive hamster cells and chicken cells. RSV
64  1975 Properties and kinetics of development of Rous sarcoma virus-infected cells evidenced by methylene blue staining. MB, RSV, SNP areas, ts, USNP areas
65  1974 Protein kinase and phosphoproteins of vesicular stomatitis virus. VS
66  1973 RNA synthesis by vesicular stomatitis virus and a small plaque mutant: effects of cycloheximide. ---
67  1972 Viral ribonuclei acid synthesis by Newcastle disease virus mutants isolated from persistently infected L cells: effect of interferon. RNA
68  1970 Cells persistently infected with Newcastle disease virus. II. Ribonucleic acid and protein synthesis in cells infected with mutants isolated from persistently infected L cells. PFU, pi, RNA
69  1970 Interferon production and inhibition of host synthesis in cells infected with vesicular stomatitis virus. ---