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Long Form:   center of gravity
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Modeling and control of unmanned finless airship with robotic arms. ---
2019 Direct and indirect effects of joint torque inputs during an induced speed analysis of a swinging motion. MDT
2019 Effect of arm motion on standing lateral jumps. ---
2019 Effects of aerobic workout on the changes in the characteristics of dynamics of the center of gravity in different age categories. ---
2019 HS-SA-Based Precise Modeling of the Aircraft Fuel Center of Gravity Using Sensors Data. HS-SA
2018 Influence of ATD versus PMHS reference sensor inputs on computational brain response in frontal impacts to advanced combat helmet (ACH). ACH, ATDs, NOCSAE, PMHSs, SIMon
2018 Laboratory Validation of a Wearable Sensor for the Measurement of Head Acceleration in Men's and Women's Lacrosse. GFT, HIII
2018 Passenger head kinematics in abrupt braking and lane change events. ---
2018 ROPS designs to protect operators during agricultural tractor rollovers. CRDP, ROPS
10  2018 Thigh and Psoas Major Muscularity and Its Relation to Running Mechanics in Sprinters. ---
11  2018 Validation of a Custom Instrumented Retainer Form Factor for Measuring Linear and Angular Head Impact Kinematics. ATD
12  2017 Correlation and convolution filtering and image processing for pitch evaluation of 2D micro- and nano-scale gratings and lattices. FT, HOPG, PD
13  2017 Debridement and Reconstruction Improve Postoperative Sagittal Alignment in Kyphotic Cervical Spinal Tuberculosis. JOA, NDI
14  2017 Evaluation of a coplanar 6a3omega configuration in the Hybrid III 50th percentile male head. ATD, BrIC, c6a3omega, DOF, HIII 50, NRMSD, TBI
15  2017 Modular use of human body models of varying levels of complexity: Validation of head kinematics. NBDL
16  2017 Normalization of the psychometric hepatic encephalopathy score for diagnosis of minimal hepatic encephalopathy in Turkey. CTP, DST, DST, LDT, MHE, PHES
17  2016 Analysis of occupant kinematics and dynamics in nearside oblique impacts. PMHS, PT
18  2016 Evaluation of kinematics and injuries to restrained occupants in far-side crashes using full-scale vehicle and human body models. AIS, CORA, FE-HBM, GHBMC, MDB, PDOF, PMHS
19  2016 General aviation accidents related to exceedance of airplane weight/center of gravity limits. ---
20  2016 Neck forces and moments of human volunteers and post mortem human surrogates in low-speed frontal sled tests. OC, PMHSs
21  2016 Repeatability of a dynamic rollover test system. DRoTS, MOI, MPV
22  2016 Walking stability of Rhyzopertha dominica (Fabricius, 1792) (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae). BOL
23  2015 Target localization errors from fiducial markers implanted around a lung tumor for dynamic tumor tracking. MRA, TLEs
24  2015 What limits the morphological disparity of clades? ---
25  2015 [Using a modified remote sensing imagery for interpreting changes in cultivated saline-alkali land]. ---
26  2014 Hilus pulmonis as the center of gravity for AS thoracolumbar kyphosis. AS, HDHT5, HDHT9, ICC, SVA
27  2014 How perceiving additional targets modifies teams' tactical behavior during football small-sided games. ---
28  2014 Kinematics of transition during human accelerated sprinting. ---
29  2014 Postural disturbances resulting from unilateral and bilateral diaphragm contractions: a phrenic nerve stimulation study. ---
30  2013 Clades reach highest morphological disparity early in their evolution. ---
31  2013 Patient safety during assistant propelled wheelchair transfers: the effect of the seat cushion on risk of falling. ---
32  2012 Effect of the upper limbs muscles activity on the mechanical energy gain in pole vaulting. EMG, PS
33  2012 Methods for comparison of abdominal organ location and shape in the supine and upright positions. COV, MRI
34  2012 Three-dimensional kinematic analysis of the snatch technique for lifting different barbell weights. ---
35  2011 Age-related effects of a memorizing spatial task in the adults and elderly postural control. COP
36  2011 Methods for validation of the mass distribution of a full body finite element model - biomed 2011. FEM, GHBMC
37  2011 Short-term effects on postural control can be evidenced using a seesaw. CP, fBm
38  2011 The K153R polymorphism in the myostatin gene and muscle power phenotypes in young, non-athletic men. CMJ, MSTN
39  2010 How gate setup and turn radii influence energy dissipation in slalom ski racing. DG, OG
40  2010 Pediatric head contours and inertial properties for ATD design. ATDs, CT, PMHSs
41  2010 Short-term effects of backpack load placement on spine deformation and repositioning error in schoolchildren. ---
42  2010 Unilateral lower limb muscle fatigue induces bilateral effects on undisturbed stance and muscle EMG activities. Ex, ML
43  2009 A comparison of two landing styles in a two-foot vertical jump. ---
44  2009 Gait and balance disorders in Parkinson's disease: impaired active braking of the fall of centre of gravity. PD
45  2009 Is early weight bearing resumption beneficial after total hip replacement? IMP
46  2009 Physical properties of the human head: mass, center of gravity and moment of inertia. MOI, OC
47  2008 A new dimensionless number highlighted from mechanical energy exchange during running. Mo-Dela
48  2008 Kinematics and kinetics of 2 styles of partial forward lunge. ---
49  2008 Quiet postural control of patients with total hip arthroplasty following joint arthritis. AP, CP, ML, THA
50  2007 Control of vertical components of gait during initiation of walking in normal adults and patients with progressive supranuclear palsy. ---
51  2007 [What compensatory motor strategies do patients with multiple sclerosis develop for balance control?]. CP, MS
52  2006 A tris(pyrazolyl) eta6-arene ligand that selects Cu(I) over Cu(II). ---
53  2006 Adaptation of gait initiation in children with unilateral idiopathic clubfoot following conservative treatment. CF, GA, TA
54  2006 Dynamic movement of center of gravity with hand grip. LNG
55  2006 Evidence for a common process in gait initiation and stepping on to a new level to reach gait velocity. APA, LW
56  2006 Head and helmet biodynamics and tracking performance in vibration environments. ---
57  2006 Long-term normal-appearing brain tissue monitoring after irradiation using proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy in vivo: statistical analysis of a large group of patients. Cho, Cr, NAA, NMR
58  2006 [Immediate effects of physiotherapy session of lower limb by balneotherapy on postural control]. CP, CP-CG
59  2005 Characterizing occipital condyle loads under high-speed head rotation. ATD, MOI, PMHS
60  2005 Is the effect of a countermovement on jump height due to active state development? CMJ, SJ
61  2005 Undisturbed upright stance control in the elderly: Part 2. Postural-control impairments of elderly fallers. CP
62  2004 Determinants of sit-to-stand capability in the motor impaired elderly. MIE, STS
63  2004 The role of anticipatory postural adjustments in a rocking on heels movement. APAs
64  2004 Variation in free jumping technique within and among horses with little experience in show jumping. ---
65  2003 A quantitative three-dimensional assessment of soft tissue facial asymmetry of cleft lip and palate adult patients. CLP, DFS
66  2003 Head and body center of gravity control strategies: adaptations following vestibular rehabilitation. ---
67  2003 How does the heel-off posture modify gait initiation parameter programming? CP
68  2003 Kinematic and electromyographic analysis of the push movement in tai chi. ---
69  2003 Small female head and neck interaction with a deploying side airbag. NHTSA's
70  2003 Various flying modes of wind-dispersal seeds. ---
71  2002 Initiation of a vertical jump: the human body's upward propulsion depends on control of forward equilibrium. APA, CP
72  2002 Relationship between antagonistic leg muscles co-contractions and body centre of gravity mechanics in different level gait disorders. ---
73  2002 Role of arm motion in the standing long jump. TO, vGRF
74  2001 Lifting strategy and stability in strength-impaired elders. BDS, LDB, LDS
75  2001 The EMG activity and mechanics of the running jump as a function of takeoff angle. EMG
76  2000 A comparative analysis of the center of gravity and center of pressure trajectory path lengths in standing posture: an estimation of active stiffness. CP
77  2000 Deflection in center of gravity at the simulated operations of cabinet in the aged. ---
78  2000 Forward versus backward oriented stepping movements in Parkinsonian patients. CP
79  2000 Frontal plane dynamic stability and coordination in subjects with cerebellar degeneration. CB, CP
80  2000 Motion of the body centre of gravity as a summary indicator of the mechanics of human pathological gait. ---
81  2000 Vestibular rehabilitation outcomes: velocity trajectory analysis of repeated bench stepping. HCA, VR, VSP
82  1999 Development of a set of equations describing joint trajectories during para-sagittal lifting. MUR
83  1999 Dynamics of the long jump. ---
84  1999 Functional reach: does it really measure dynamic balance? CP, FR, VH
85  1998 Are human anticipatory postural adjustments affected by a modification of the initial position of the center of gravity? EMG
86  1998 Axial synergies during human upper trunk bending. PC
87  1998 Axial synergies in parkinsonian patients during voluntary trunk bending. CS, PC
88  1998 Center of gravity dynamic stability in normal and vestibulopathic gait. ---
89  1998 Organization of lateral balance control in toddlers during the first year of independent walking. ---
90  1998 Postural reorganization of weight-shifting in below-knee amputees during leg raising. CP, GM, TFL
91  1998 Standing sway: iterative estimation of the kinematics and dynamics of the lower extremities from force-plate measurements. ---
92  1998 The 3-D motion of the centre of gravity of the human body during level walking. I. Normal subjects at low and intermediate walking speeds. tot
93  1998 The 3-D motion of the centre of gravity of the human body during level walking. II. Lower limb amputees. ---
94  1997 Effects of weight and center of gravity location of head-supported devices on neck loading. ATB, HSDs
95  1996 Balance control during lateral arm raising in humans. ---
96  1996 Effects of differently induced stretch loads on neuromuscular control in drop jump exercise. ---
97  1996 Impairment of posturo-kinetic co-ordination during initiation of forward oriented stepping movements in parkinsonian patients. CP, FOMs, GM, TA, VL
98  1996 Influence of the initial projection of the centre of gravity on posturo-kinetic coordination in humans. Application from a horizontal quadrupedal stance during voluntary limb raising. ---
99  1996 Is the center of gravity controlled during upper trunk movements? ---
100  1996 Molecular dynamics simulation of conformational flexibility of alamethicin fragments in aqueous and membranous environment. Aib, DMPC, MD, NVT, ps