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Long Form:   chorionic gonadotropin
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Effects of Natural Progesterone and Synthetic Progestin on Germ Layer Gene Expression in a Human Embryoid Body Model. AFP, cACT, GATA4, hESCs, HNF, IVF, mBLs, MPA, qRT-PCR
2020 Establishment of a model of Neospora caninum infection in pregnant mice. CRH, HE, PRL
2019 Fxralpha gene is a target gene of hCG signaling pathway and represses hCG induced steroidogenesis. FXRalpha
2019 Molecular Signaling Regulating Endometrium-Blastocyst Crosstalk. IL-1 beta, LIF, WOI
2019 The Role of Growth Hormone on Ovarian Functioning and Ovarian Angiogenesis. GH, GHD, GHR, LH
2018 beta-arrestins and biased signaling in gonadotropin receptors. FSH, FSHR, GPCR, LH, LHCGR
2018 Comparative effects of sub-stimulating concentrations of non-human versus human Luteinizing Hormones (LH) or chorionic gonadotropins (CG) on adenylate cyclase activation by forskolin in MLTC cells. FSK, LH
2018 Glycan mapping of recombinant human follicle stimulating hormone by mass spectrometry. FSH, LH, TSH
2018 Two Hormones for One Receptor: Evolution, Biochemistry, Actions, and Pathophysiology of LH and hCG. hCG, PKA
10  2017 Extraovarian gonadotropin negative feedback revealed by aromatase inhibition in female marmoset monkeys. AI
11  2017 Fluorescence resonance energy transfer usage to track the sequence promoter changes in CGB5 gene in ovarian cancer patients. ---
12  2016 Changes in gene expression of histone modification enzymes in rat granulosa cells undergoing luteinization during ovulation. ERK, GCs, StAR
13  2016 Epigenetic Changes of the Cyp11a1 Promoter Region in Granulosa Cells Undergoing Luteinization During Ovulation in Female Rats. GCs
14  2016 Functional role of the heterodimeric glycoprotein hormone, GPA2/GPB5, and its receptor, LGR1: An invertebrate perspective. FSH, LGR1, LH, TSH
15  2016 Minireview: Insights Into the Structural and Molecular Consequences of the TSH-beta Mutation C105Vfs114X. GPHRs, GPHs
16  2016 Steroidogenesis and early response gene expression in MA-10 Leydig tumor cells following heterologous receptor down-regulation and cellular desensitization. EGF
17  2016 The Influence of Chorionic Gonadotropin and Estriol on NK Cells Phenotype and Functional Activity. ---
18  2015 Affinity assisted selection of antibodies for Point of Care TSH immunoassay with limited wash. FRET, FSH, LH, TSH
19  2015 Cumulus cell-expressed type I interferons induce cumulus expansion in mice. COCs, IFNs, TLR
20  2015 Differences in Signal Activation by LH and hCG are Mediated by the LH/CG Receptor's Extracellular Hinge Region. LRRD
21  2015 High levels of chorionic gonadotrophin attenuate insulin sensitivity and promote inflammation in adipocytes. GDM, GLUT4, MCP-1, NF-kappaB
22  2015 Identification of the link between the hypothalamo-pituitary axis and the testicular orphan nuclear receptor NR0B2 in adult male mice. ---
23  2014 Effects of steroid ablation and progestin replacement on the transcriptome of the primate corpus luteum during simulated early pregnancy. CL, SEP, TRL
24  2014 Human lutropin (hLH) and choriogonadotropin (CG) are assembled by different pathways: a model of hLH assembly. ---
25  2014 RNA-seq analysis of equine conceptus transcripts during embryo fixation and capsule disappearance. Cols, ECM, ITGs
26  2014 SMAD1/5 signaling in the early equine placenta regulates trophoblast differentiation and chorionic gonadotropin secretion. BMP, SMAD
27  2014 Triple test screening for Down syndrome: an Egyptian-tailored study. AFP, DS, GA, MoM
28  2013 Changes in histone modification and DNA methylation of the StAR and Cyp19a1 promoter regions in granulosa cells undergoing luteinization during ovulation in rats. GCs, StAR
29  2012 Involvement of Src family of kinases and cAMP phosphodiesterase in the luteinizing hormone/chorionic gonadotropin receptor-mediated signaling in the corpus luteum of monkey. cAMP-PDE, CL, SFKs
30  2012 Microarray analysis of the primate luteal transcriptome during chorionic gonadotrophin administration simulating early pregnancy. CL, FDR, SEP, StAR
31  2012 Molecular characterization and gene expression of Japanese eel (Anguilla japonica) gonadotropin receptors. eCG, FSHR, hCG, LHR
32  2012 Notch1 is regulated by chorionic gonadotropin and progesterone in endometrial stromal cells and modulates decidualization in primates. ---
33  2012 [Human chorionic gonadotropin--a well-known hormone with unknown functions]. ---
34  2011 A novel two-promoter-one-gene system of the chorionic gonadotropin beta gene enables tissue-specific expression. NWM
35  2011 Chorionic gonadotrophin regulates CXCR4 expression in human endometrium via E-series prostanoid receptor 2 signalling to PI3K-ERK1/2: implications for fetal-maternal crosstalk for embryo implantation. EGFR, PG, PTGS
36  2011 Contraceptive vaccines targeting factors involved in establishment of pregnancy. LIF, PIF
37  2011 MAPK phosphatase-1 (MKP-1) expression is up-regulated by hCG/cAMP and modulates steroidogenesis in MA-10 Leydig cells. hCG, MAPKs, MKP-1
38  2011 Tissue-specific expression of squirrel monkey chorionic gonadotropin. ---
39  2011 Transcription factor AP-2alpha promotes EGF-dependent invasion of human trophoblast. AP, EGF, EVTs, MMP, shRNAmir
40  2011 [Phenogenetic analysis of testicular responsiveness to chorionic gonadotropin in inbred mouse strains]. ---
41  2010 Endometrial responses to embryonic signals in the primate. alpha-SMA
42  2010 Inhibition of vascular endothelial growth factor during the postovulatory period prevents pregnancy in the marmoset. VEGF
43  2009 Activation of the lutropin/choriogonadotropin receptor inhibits apoptosis of immature Leydig cells in primary culture. EGF, hCG
44  2009 Adrenal hyperplasia and tumours in mice in connection with aberrant pituitary-gonadal function. FSHR, LH, QTL
45  2009 Chorionic gonadotropin regulates prostaglandin E synthase via a phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-extracellular regulatory kinase pathway in a human endometrial epithelial cell line: implications for endometrial responses for embryo implantation. EGFR, PI3K
46  2009 Comparative structure analyses of cystine knot-containing molecules with eight aminoacyl ring including glycoprotein hormones (GPH) alpha and beta subunits and GPH-related A2 (GPA2) and B5 (GPB5) molecules. 8aa, cys-knot, FSH, GPA2, GPH, LH, TSH
47  2009 Delayed puberty in spontaneously hypertensive rats involves a primary ovarian failure independent of the hypothalamic KiSS-1/GPR54/GnRH system. SH
48  2009 hCG and hyperglycosylated hCG in the establishment and evolution of hemochorial placentation. ---
49  2008 Evolution of the human brain, chorionic gonadotropin and hemochorial implantation of the placenta: insights into origins of pregnancy failures, preeclampsia and choriocarcinoma. C.G.H
50  2008 Human chorionic gonadotropin stimulates trophoblast invasion through extracellularly regulated kinase and AKT signaling. MMP
51  2008 Molecular cloning of pituitary glycoprotein alpha-subunit and follicle stimulating hormone and chorionic gonadotropin beta-subunits from New World squirrel monkey and owl monkey. ---
52  2008 New insights into the evolution of chorionic gonadotrophin. LH
53  2008 The cloned equine thyrotropin receptor is hypersensitive to human chorionic gonadotropin; identification of three residues in the extracellular domain involved in ligand specificity. TSHR
54  2008 [Chorionic gonadotropin as the key factor for embryo implantation]. ---
55  2008 [Molecular mechanisms selected by evolution m primates for self-protection against human chorionic gonadotropin]. ---
56  2008 [Various mechanisms of the direct and indirect effects of chorionic gonadotropin on the phagocytic activity of leukocytes]. ---
57  2007 Chorionic gonadotropin beta-subunit gene expression in the marmoset pituitary is controlled by steroidogenic factor 1, early growth response protein 1, and pituitary homeobox factor 1. Egr-1, Pitx1, SF-1
58  2007 Effects of fgf2 and oxygen in the bmp4-driven differentiation of trophoblast from human embryonic stem cells. hESC
59  2007 Gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH) release in marmosets II: pulsatile release of GnRH and pituitary gonadotrophin in adult females. GnRH, LH
60  2007 Identification of novel genes regulated by chorionic gonadotropin in baboon endometrium during the window of implantation. hCG, LIF
61  2007 Strategies for construction of luteinizing hormone beta subunit analogs with carboxyl terminal extensions in non-primate, non-equid mammalian species. CTP, LH
62  2007 Synaptosomal-associated protein 25 gene expression is hormonally regulated during ovulation and is involved in cytokine/chemokine exocytosis from granulosa cells. SNAP, Sp
63  2007 [Chorionic gonadotropin regulation of leukocytic phagocytic activity in the formation of a primary humoral immune response]. AFC, PR
64  2006 An intravital microscopy method permitting continuous long-term observations of ovulation in vivo in the rabbit. ---
65  2006 Decidualization regulates the expression of the endometrial chorionic gonadotropin receptor in the primate. SAs
66  2006 Expression of luteinizing hormone/chorionic gonadotropin receptor in the rat pineal gland. LH
67  2006 Gene expression profiles of cumulus cell oocyte complexes during ovulation reveal cumulus cells express neuronal and immune-related genes: does this expand their role in the ovulation process? COC
68  2006 Homologous and heterologous carboxyl terminal peptide (CTP) linker sequences enhance the secretion of bioactive single-chain bovine LH analogs. CTP
69  2006 In vitro induction of trophoblast from human embryonic stem cells. BMP, ES, TGF
70  2006 Single-chain, triple-domain gonadotropin analogs with disulfide bond mutations in the alpha-subunit elicit dual follitropin and lutropin activities in vivo. ---
71  2006 Social suppression of cortisol in female marmosets: role of luteinizing hormone/chorionic gonadotropin. GnRH
72  2006 Structural differences in the hinge region of the glycoprotein hormone receptors: evidence from the sulfated tyrosine residues. ---
73  2006 The steroidogenic effect of single-chain bovine LH analogs in cultured bovine follicular cells. CTP, LH
74  2006 [Partial androgen deficiency in aging male (Padam syndrome): terminology and current approaches to choice of replacement hormonal therapy]. ---
75  2005 A single-chain tetradomain glycoprotein hormone analog elicits multiple hormone activities in vivo. eCG, FSH, TSH
76  2005 Association of human follitropin (FSH) receptor with splicing variant of human lutropin/choriogonadotropin receptor negatively controls the expression of human FSH receptor. ER, FSH, LH
77  2005 Conservation of the heterodimeric glycoprotein hormone subunit family proteins and the LGR signaling system from nematodes to humans. FSHR, FSHs, GPA2, GPB5, GPCRs, LGRs, LHR, LHs, TSHR, TSHs
78  2005 Endocrine changes in full-term pregnancies and pregnancy loss due to energy restriction in the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus). ---
79  2005 Primate spermatogenesis: new insights into comparative testicular organisation, spermatogenic efficiency and endocrine control. FSH, LH
80  2005 Regulation of expression of the chorionic gonadotropin/luteinizing hormone receptor gene in the human myometrium: involvement of specificity protein-1 (Sp1), Sp3, Sp4, Sp-like proteins, and histone deacetylases. Sp1, Sp1-4
81  2005 Review on testicular development, structure, function, and regulation in common marmoset. FSH, LH
82  2005 Structural biology of glycoprotein hormones and their receptors. FSH
83  2005 Structure-function relationships of the luteinizing hormone receptor. ECD, FSH, GPCRs, LH
84  2005 The LHbeta gene of several mammals embeds a carboxyl-terminal peptide-like sequence revealing a critical role for mucin oligosaccharides in the evolution of lutropin to chorionic gonadotropin in the animal phyla. ---
85  2005 [Reproductive hormones in the control of Th1/Th2 cytokine balance]. ---
86  2004 A single-chain bifunctional gonadotropin analog is secreted from Chinese hamster ovary cells as two distinct bioactive species. FSH, LH
87  2004 Absence of the genetic variant Val79Met in human chorionic gonadotropin-beta gene 5 in five European populations. WT
88  2004 Bromodichloromethane inhibits human placental trophoblast differentiation. BDCM
89  2004 Chorionic gonadotrophin beta subunit mRNA but not luteinising hormone beta subunit mRNA is expressed in the pituitary of the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus). LHR
90  2004 Chorionic gonadotropin and uterine dialogue in the primate. ERK
91  2004 Cografting of hamster (Phodopus sungorus) and marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) testicular tissues into nude mice does not overcome blockade of early spermatogenic differentiation in primate grafts. hCG, LHR
92  2004 Differential effects of alpha subunit Asparagine56 oligosaccharide structure on equine lutropin and follitropin hybrid conformation and receptor-binding activity. CD, FSH, LH
93  2004 Gonadotrophin-induced gene regulation in human granulosa cells obtained from IVF patients. Modulation of steroidogenic genes, cytoskeletal genes and genes coding for apoptotic signalling and protein kinases. ARC, FK
94  2004 Identification of amino-acids in the alpha-subunit first and third loops that are crucial for the heterospecific follicle-stimulating hormone activity of equid luteinizing hormone/choriogonadotropin. dk
95  2004 Luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone exhibit different secretion patterns from cultured Madin-Darby canine kidney cells. MDCK
96  2004 The carboxyterminal peptide of chorionic gonadotropin facilitates activation of the marmoset LH receptor. CTP, LH, LHR
97  2003 Effect of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) on chorionic gonadotropin secretion by human trophoblasts. B/I, TCDD
98  2003 Effect of bromodichloromethane on chorionic gonadotrophin secretion by human placental trophoblast cultures. BDCM
99  2003 Human prostate cancer cells and xenografts are targeted and destroyed through luteinizing hormone releasing hormone receptors. ---
100  2003 Progesterone as a mediator of gonadotrophin action in the corpus luteum: beyond steroidogenesis. ---