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Long Form:   conjugate gradient
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2020 Integral MR-EPT With the Calculation of Coil Current Distributions. IE, MR-EPT, RF
2020 Kernel Correntropy Conjugate Gradient Algorithms Based on Half-Quadratic Optimization. C-Loss, HQ, KAF, KCCG, KRMC, LS, RFFKCCG, RFFS, SGD
2019 Dynamic MRI using model-based deep learning and SToRM priors: MoDL-SToRM. CNN, SToRM
2019 Efficient Dynamic Parallel MRI Reconstruction for the Low-Rank Plus Sparse Model. AL, FISTA, ISTA, MRI, POGM
2019 HASAN: Highly accurate sensitivity for auto-contrast-corrected pMRI reconstruction. c-iMCLMS, SANR, SOS
2019 Stochastic Conjugate Gradient Algorithm With Variance Reduction. ---
2017 A modified three-term PRP conjugate gradient algorithm for optimization models. PRP
2017 A quasi-Newton algorithm for large-scale nonlinear equations. ---
2017 Acceleration of Linear Finite-Difference Poisson-Boltzmann Methods on Graphics Processing Units. GPU, PBE
10  2017 Dynamic encapsulation of corannulene molecules into a single-walled carbon nanotube. CC, CV, DS, MD, SWCNT
11  2017 Nested Conjugate Gradient Algorithm With Nested Preconditioning for Non-Linear Image Restoration. ---
12  2017 Truncated Conjugate Gradient: An Optimal Strategy for the Analytical Evaluation of the Many-Body Polarization Energy and Forces in Molecular Simulations. JOR, MD, TCG, TPCG
13  2016 Geometrical constraint on stacking of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon molecules encapsulated in a single-walled carbon nanotube. DS, MD, PAH, SWCNT
14  2016 The Modified HZ Conjugate Gradient Algorithm for Large-Scale Nonsmooth Optimization. HZ, MHZ
15  2015 A Conjugate Gradient Algorithm with Function Value Information and N-Step Quadratic Convergence for Unconstrained Optimization. ---
16  2015 Introduction: a brief overview of iterative algorithms in X-ray computed tomography. CT
17  2014 An augmented Lagrangian based compressed sensing reconstruction for non-Cartesian magnetic resonance imaging without gridding and regridding at every iteration. CS
18  2014 Fast quantitative susceptibility mapping with L1-regularization and automatic parameter selection. ---
19  2013 A fast pulse design for parallel excitation with gridding conjugate gradient. pTx
20  2013 An efficient de-convolution reconstruction method for spatiotemporal-encoding single-scan 2D MRI. ---
21  2013 Exploring chemical reaction mechanisms through harmonic Fourier beads path optimization. HFB, QM
22  2013 Reducing computational costs in large scale 3D EIT by using a sparse Jacobian matrix with block-wise CGLS reconstruction. EIT
23  2013 Two-step reconstruction method using global optimization and conjugate gradient for ultrasound-guided diffuse optical tomography. DOT
24  2012 Blockwise conjugate gradient methods for image reconstruction in volumetric CT. CBCT, IGRT
25  2012 Maximum margin Bayesian network classifiers. SVMs
26  2012 Missing value imputation in DNA microarrays based on conjugate gradient method. ILLSimpute, LLSimpute, NRMSE
27  2012 Prior image constrained compressed sensing: implementation and performance evaluation. BT, CT, FBP, NR, PICCS, SD
28  2012 Reconstruction of electrical impedance tomography (EIT) images based on the expectation maximum (EM) method. EIT, EM, EM, GPRN
29  2012 SU-E-T-204: A Prototype of Dose-Guided Radiation Therapy. ARTS, DGRT, DVH, EPID, MCFSPB
30  2012 SU-E-T-504: Incident Fluence Reconstruction Based on Monte Carlo Finite-Size Pencil Beam Model for Dose Guided Radiation Therapy. a-Si flat panel, DGRT, MCFSPB, PRDD
31  2012 WE-C-217BCD-12: Irreversible Two-Tissue Compartment Model Fitting for Dynamic 18F- FDG PET: A Practical Comparison of Methods Using Simulated Time- Activity Data. BL, GD, GN, L-BFGS, LMQ, REs, SA
32  2011 A modified conjugate gradient method based on the Tikhonov system for computerized tomography (CT). CT, NDE, NDT
33  2011 A new Lanczos-based algorithm for simulating high-frequency two-dimensional electron spin resonance spectra. ESR, LA, QMR
34  2011 Classifying epilepsy diseases using artificial neural networks and genetic algorithm. ANN, DBD, LM, MLP, QP
35  2011 Pixel-based OPC optimization based on conjugate gradients. MRC, OPC, PBOPC, RET, SD, SRAFs
36  2010 Detecting copy number variations from array CGH data based on a conditional random field model. aCGH, CNVs, CRFs
37  2010 Free-breathing myocardial perfusion MRI using SW-CG-HYPR and motion correction. HYPR, SW
38  2010 Image reconstruction of fluorescent molecular tomography based on the tree structured Schur complement decomposition. FMT
39  2009 Accuracy and run-time comparison for different potential approaches and iterative solvers in finite element method based EEG source analysis. AMG, CDT, EEG, FE, IC
40  2009 An approaching genetic algorithm for automatic beam angle selection in IMRT planning. AGA, BAO, GA, IMRT
41  2009 An integrated scheme for feature selection and parameter setting in the support vector machine modeling and its application to the prediction of pharmacokinetic properties of drugs. ADMET, GA, SVM
42  2009 K-space and image-space combination for motion-induced phase-error correction in self-navigated multicoil multishot DWI. DPS, DWI, FA, KICT, SENSE, SNR
43  2009 Using the GRAPPA operator and the generalized sampling theorem to reconstruct undersampled non-Cartesian data. BPE, GROG
44  2008 An adaptive method for industrial hydrocarbon flame detection. ANN, IR, JTFA
45  2008 Finite difference iterative solvers for electroencephalography: serial and parallel performance analysis. EEG
46  2008 Inelastic scattering with Chebyshev polynomials and preconditioned conjugate gradient minimization. KVP, MEM
47  2008 Prediction models of human plasma protein binding rate and oral bioavailability derived by using GA-CG-SVM method. BIO, GA, PPBR, SVM
48  2008 QSAR study of heparanase inhibitors activity using artificial neural networks and Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm. ANNs, BBP, LM, LMO, LOO, MLR, QSAR
49  2008 Split atmospheric tomography using laser and natural guide stars. BGS-CG, FDPCG, LGS, MCAO, NGS, TA, TMT, TT, WFSs
50  2008 Wavelet domain Bayesian method for high noise level PET image reconstruction. MAP, MRF
51  2007 A pyramidal neural network for visual pattern recognition. CE, FERET, GD, k-NN, LM, MSE, NN, PyraNet, RPROP, SVM
52  2007 Accelerating dynamic spiral MRI by algebraic reconstruction from undersampled k--t space. MRI
53  2006 Accelerating large cardiac bidomain simulations by arnoldi preconditioning. ILU, SOR
54  2006 Decomposed direct matrix inversion for fast non-cartesian SENSE reconstructions. DMI
55  2006 Deconvolution-interpolation gridding (DING): accurate reconstruction for arbitrary k-space trajectories. DING, RMS
56  2006 k-t BLAST reconstruction from non-Cartesian k-t space sampling. BLAST, SW
57  2005 A particle swarm optimization algorithm for beam angle selection in intensity-modulated radiotherapy planning. IMRT, PSO
58  2005 A Simple Method for Improving Torsion Optimization of Ligand Molecules in Receptor Binding Sites. ---
59  2005 Convergence behavior of iterative SENSE reconstruction with non-Cartesian trajectories. GEM
60  2005 Iterative RF pulse design for multidimensional, small-tip-angle selective excitation. CP, DCF, ROIs
61  2005 Simultaneous phase correction and SENSE reconstruction for navigated multi-shot DWI with non-cartesian k-space sampling. DWI, EPI, SENSE
62  2004 A limited-memory, quasi-Newton preconditioner for nonnegatively constrained image reconstruction. ---
63  2004 Automatic beam angle selection in IMRT planning using genetic algorithm. ABAS, FSC, GA, IMRT
64  2004 Speed and convergence properties of gradient algorithms for optimization of IMRT. SCG, SD
65  2003 Genetic algorithm based deliverable segments optimization for static intensity-modulated radiotherapy. GADSO, IMRT
66  2003 Modified conjugate gradient method for diagonalizing large matrices. ---
67  2003 Order-N sparse minimum-variance open-loop reconstructor for extreme adaptive optics. ExAO, MG, SR
68  2002 Conjugate gradient filtering of instantaneous normal modes, saddles on the energy landscape, and diffusion in liquids. INM's
69  2001 Fast spectral-domain method for acoustic scattering problems. CG-NUFFT, FFT, MoM
70  2000 Hippocampal perfusion in mild Alzheimer's disease. AD, FBP, MMSE, SPECT, SRT
71  1999 Conjugate-gradient preconditioning methods for shift-variant PET image reconstruction. PET
72  1999 Cosine transform based preconditioners for total variation deblurring. ---
73  1997 Computationally attractive reconstruction of bandlimited images from irregular samples. ---
74  1997 Non-uniform attenuation correction in SPET using a modified conjugate gradient reconstruction method. SPET
75  1996 A fast and accurate Fourier algorithm for iterative parallel-beam tomography. FFT
76  1996 A new iterative reconstruction technique for attenuation correction in high-resolution positron emission tomography. FBP, NIRT, PET
77  1992 Nonperturbative diffraction tomography via Gauss-Newton iteration applied to the scattering integral equation. ART, AV, BCG, GN, MM, SIE
78  1990 Bifurcation analysis of nonlinear retinal horizontal cell models. II. Network properties. ---