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Abbreviation:   CG  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   cortical granule
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2020 A rapid and efficient method for the collection of highly developmental murine immature oocytes using cilostazol, a phosphodiesterase 3A inhibitor. GV
2019 Compensatory endocytosis occurs after cortical granule exocytosis in mouse eggs. CE
2019 Contributions of suboolemmal acidic vesicles and microvilli to the intracellular Ca2+ increase in the sea urchin eggs at fertilization. GPN, YG
2019 Resveratrol delays postovulatory aging of mouse oocytes through activating mitophagy. CsA
2018 alpha-Solanine impairs oocyte maturation and quality by inducing autophagy and apoptosis and changing histone modifications in a pig model. ---
2017 Coenzyme Q10 supplementation during in vitro maturation of bovine oocytes (Bos taurus) helps to preserve oocyte integrity after vitrification. COCs, CoQ10
2017 Melatonin improves the fertilization ability of post-ovulatory aged mouse oocytes by stabilizing ovastacin and Juno to promote sperm binding and fusion. ROS
2017 Peroxiredoxins are required for spindle assembly, chromosome organization, and polarization in mouse oocytes. MTOC, Prxs, ROS
2017 Selection of porcine oocytes in vitro through brilliant cresyl blue staining in distinct incubation media. BCB, UN
10  2016 aura (mid1ip1l) regulates the cytoskeleton at the zebrafish egg-to-embryo transition. Mid1ip1l
11  2016 Rab3A, Rab27A, and Rab35 regulate different events during mouse oocyte meiotic maturation and activation. ---
12  2016 WNT4-like protein is a cortical granule component in mouse oocytes and functions in regulating preimplantation embryogenesis. LCA, WNT4
13  2015 Protein deubiquitination during oocyte maturation influences sperm function during fertilisation, antipolyspermy defense and embryo development. DUBs, MVP, UCH
14  2015 Subcellular Characterization of Porcine Oocytes with Different Glucose-6-phosphate Dehydrogenase Activities. G6PDH, IVM
15  2014 Calreticulin from suboolemmal vesicles affects membrane regulation of polyspermy. CRT, IVM, ZP
16  2014 Fine morphological assessment of quality of human mature oocytes after slow freezing or vitrification with a closed device: a comparative analysis. M-SER, MV
17  2013 Folic acid facilitates in vitro maturation of mouse and Xenopus laevis oocytes. GVBD, HX
18  2013 Retinol improves in vitro oocyte nuclear maturation under heat stress in heifers. HS, MII, ROS
19  2013 Selection of bovine oocytes by brilliant cresyl blue staining: effect on meiosis progression, organelle distribution and embryo development. BCB test, G6PDH, IVM
20  2013 The effect of protein kinase C activator and nitric oxide donor on oocyte activation and cortical granule exocytosis in porcine eggs. NO, PKC
21  2012 Effects of cryopreservation on the meiotic spindle, cortical granule distribution and development of rabbit oocytes. ---
22  2011 Insulin-transferrin-selenium (ITS) improves maturation of porcine oocytes in vitro. EGF, FSH, hCG, ITS, IVM, PMSG
23  2010 Body reserves and ovarian performance in primiparous lactating rabbit does submitted to early weaning as a strategy to decrease energy deficit. dpp
24  2010 Does heat stress provoke the loss of a continuous layer of cortical granules beneath the plasma membrane during oocyte maturation? CO, MII
25  2010 Effect of the addition of insulin-transferrin-selenium and/or L-ascorbic acid to the in vitro maturation of prepubertal bovine oocytes on cytoplasmic maturation and embryo development. Asc, COCs, ITS
26  2010 Time course of in vitro maturation of compact cumulus horse oocytes after roscovitine-induced meiotic inhibition: effects on the coordination between nuclear and cytoplasmic maturation. EGF, IGF, IVM, MII, ROSC
27  2010 [Ultrastructure of unfertilized human oocytes and undivided human zygoytes]. AL, ICSI, IVF, SER, SER-T, TEM, ZP
28  2008 Effects of pre-treating in vitro-matured bovine oocytes with the cytoskeleton stabilizing agent taxol prior to vitrification. OPS
29  2008 Interactive effects of low temperature and roscovitine (ROS) on meiotic resumption and developmental potential of goat oocytes. GVBD, M/B, ROS
30  2008 Prematuration of bovine oocytes with butyrolactone I: effects on meiosis progression, cytoskeleton, organelle distribution and embryo development. BL-I, GV, IVM, MII, PM
31  2008 Reactive oxygen species and oocyte aging: role of superoxide, hydrogen peroxide, and hypochlorous acid. HOCl, OMD, ZPDT
32  2007 Role of roscovitine and IBMX on kinetics of nuclear and cytoplasmic maturation of bovine oocytes in vitro. cAMP, FITC-LCA, GV, IBMX, ROSC
33  2007 The MEK inhibitor, U0126, alters fertilization-induced [Ca2+]i oscillation parameters and secretion: differential effects associated with in vivo and in vitro meiotic maturation. MAPK
34  2006 Activation of the cGMP signaling pathway is essential in delaying oocyte aging in diabetes mellitus. DM, GC, NO, NOSs, OMD, ZP
35  2006 Antagonists of myosin light chain kinase and of myosin II inhibit specific events of egg activation in fertilized mouse eggs. PB
36  2006 Influence of ovarian hyperstimulation and ovulation induction on the cytoskeletal dynamics and developmental competence of oocytes. PMSG
37  2006 Translocation of classical PKC and cortical granule exocytosis of human oocyte in germinal vesicle and metaphase II stage. cPKC, GV, LCSM, MII, PKC, PMA
38  2005 Cortical granules behave differently in mouse oocytes matured under different conditions. CGFD, CHX, GVBD, IVO
39  2005 Cryopreserved oocytes of infertile couples undergoing assisted reproductive technology could be an important source of oocyte donation: a clinical report of successful pregnancies. ---
40  2005 Cumulus cells accelerate aging of mouse oocytes. CCs, MPF
41  2005 Dynamic changes to the inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate and ryanodine receptors during maturation of bovine oocytes. ER, GV-intact, hpi, MI, MII, RyR
42  2005 Effect of oviductal and cumulus cells on zona pellucida and cortical granules of porcine oocytes fertilized in vitro with epididymal spermatozoa. FITC-PNA, IVF, POEC, ZP
43  2005 Nitric oxide delays oocyte aging. NO, OMD, SNAP, ZP
44  2004 Distribution of prepubertal and adult goat oocyte cortical granules during meiotic maturation and fertilisation: ultrastructural and cytochemical study. hpi, IVM, MII, TEM
45  2004 [Effect of luteinized granulosa cell conditioned medium on cortical granule of mouse oocytes matured in vitro]. GV, IVM
46  2003 Cellular and molecular mechanisms leading to cortical reaction and polyspermy block in mammalian eggs. CaMKII, DAG, G protein, PKC
47  2003 Chromatin-mediated cortical granule redistribution is responsible for the formation of the cortical granule-free domain in mouse eggs. CGFD
48  2003 Multiparameter analysis of human oocytes at metaphase II stage after IVF failure in non-male infertility. ---
49  2003 Oscillatory CaMKII activity in mouse egg activation. CaMKII
50  2003 Ultrastructural observation of spermatozoa and fertilization in Schistosoma japonicum. ---
51  2002 Fate of the acrosome in ooplasm in pigs after IVF and ICSI. FITC-PNA
52  2002 Possible role for Ca(2+) calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II as an effector of the fertilization Ca(2+) signal in mouse oocyte activation. CaM kinase II
53  2002 Quantification and distribution of equine oocyte cortical granules during meiotic maturation and after activation. FITC, GV, LCA
54  2002 Translocation of the classic protein kinase C isoforms in porcine oocytes: implications of protein kinase C involvement in the regulation of nuclear activity and cortical granule exocytosis. GV, MII, PKC, PMA
55  2001 Dynamic events are differently mediated by microfilaments, microtubules, and mitogen-activated protein kinase during porcine oocyte maturation and fertilization in vitro. MAP, PN
56  2001 Exocytosis of a 60 kDa protein (calreticulin) from activated hamster oocytes. AR, CR, CRT, IIF, WB, ZP
57  2001 Identification of a translocation deficiency in cortical granule secretion in preovulatory mouse oocytes. CaMKII, GV, MII
58  2001 Zona pellucida solubility and cortical granule complements in human oocytes following assisted reproductive techniques. ZP
59  2000 Evidence for direct membrane retrieval following cortical granule exocytosis in Xenopus oocytes and eggs. ---
60  1999 Activation of porcine oocytes with calcium ionophore: effects of extracellular calcium. ---
61  1999 Analysis of zona pellucida modifications due to cortical granule exocytosis in single porcine oocytes, using enhanced chemiluminescence. ECL, EGTA, FITC, ZP
62  1999 Incompetence of preovulatory mouse oocytes to undergo cortical granule exocytosis following induced calcium oscillations. GV, MII
63  1999 Time course of cortical and zona reactions of pig oocytes upon intracellular calcium increase induced by thimerosal. ---
64  1998 Expression of Rab3A in the cortical region in mouse metaphase II eggs. ---
65  1998 Functional analysis of activation of porcine oocytes by spermatozoa, calcium ionophore, and electrical pulse. ---
66  1998 Mechanisms leading to cortical reaction in the mammalian egg. CR
67  1998 Morphologic comparison of ovulated and in vitro-matured porcine oocytes, with particular reference to polyspermy after in vitro fertilization. IVF, PVS, ZP
68  1998 Parthenogenetic activation of pig oocytes with calcium ionophore and the block to sperm penetration after activation. ZP
69  1998 SNAP-25 is essential for cortical granule exocytosis in mouse eggs. MII, SNAP-25
70  1997 Activation of protein kinase C induces cortical granule exocytosis in a Ca(2+)-independent manner, but not the resumption of cell cycle in porcine eggs. BAPTA-AM, FITC-PNA, OAG, PKC, PMA
71  1997 Calcium- and meiotic-spindle-independent activation of pig oocytes by the inhibition of staurosporine-sensitive protein kinases. PN
72  1997 Development of the competence of bovine oocytes to release cortical granules and block polyspermy after meiotic maturation. ---
73  1997 Quantified analysis of cortical granule distribution and exocytosis of porcine oocytes during meiotic maturation and activation. GV, IVF, IVM
74  1997 Study of protein kinase C antagonists on cortical granule exocytosis and cell-cycle resumption in fertilized mouse eggs. PKC
75  1996 Involvement of Rabphilin-3A in cortical granule exocytosis in mouse eggs. ---
76  1996 The cortical reaction and development of activation competence in mammalian oocytes. ---
77  1995 In vitro viability and ultrastructural changes in bovine oocytes treated with a vitrification solution. GV, IVF, TEM
78  1994 Competence to undergo normal, fertilization-induced cortical activation develops after metaphase I of meiosis in mouse oocytes. GVBD, MI, proMI
79  1994 Mammalian cortical granules: contents, fate, and function. PVS, ZP
80  1994 Quantification and localization of cortical granules during oogenesis in the mouse. ---
81  1993 Regulation of the polyspermy block in the mouse egg: maturation-dependent differences in cortical granule exocytosis and zona pellucida modifications induced by inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate and an activator of protein kinase C. GV, MII, TPA
82  1992 Mature domestic cat oocyte does not express a cortical granule-free domain. CGFD
83  1991 Abnormal Sea Urchin Fertilization Envelope Assembly in Low Sodium Seawater. ChCl, FE
84  1991 Modifications of the mouse zona pellucida during oocyte maturation and egg activation: effects of newborn calf serum and fetuin. NCS, ZP
85  1990 Changes in the distribution of mouse oocyte cortical granules and ability to undergo the cortical reaction during gonadotropin-stimulated meiotic maturation and aging in vivo. ---
86  1990 Phalloidin inhibits cortical granule exocytosis and ooplasmic segregation in loach eggs. MC, PM
87  1988 In vitro maturation of sheep ovarian oocytes. MTOC
88  1988 The cortical reaction in the egg of Discoglossus pictus: a study of the changes in the endoplasmic reticulum at activation. SER
89  1984 Calcium ultrastructural localization in Xenopus laevis eggs following activation by pricking or by calcium ionophore A 23187. SER
90  1984 Exocytosis of cortical granules from activated oocytes of the toad, Bufo arenarum. ACG, ICG
91  1984 The modifications of cortical endoplasmic reticulum during in vitro maturation of Xenopus laevis oocytes and its involvement in cortical granule exocytosis. AL, ER
92  1983 Calcium-mediated release of glucanase activity from cortical granules of sea urchin eggs. CGL
93  1982 Isolation and characterization of sea urchin egg cortical granules. CGL, PM-VL
94  1974 Agglutination of jelly coat and cortical granule components and the block to polyspermy in the amphibian Xenopus laevis. ---