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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Proteomic Markers in Cervical Mucus. ---
2016 Assessment of the quality of cervical mucus among users of the levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system at different times of use. LNG-IUS
2016 Cervical mucus characteristics and hormonal status at insemination of Holstein cows. IE, SE
2015 Proteomic characterization of the qualitative and quantitative differences in cervical mucus composition during the menstrual cycle. ---
2013 Human cervicovaginal mucus contains an activity that hinders HIV-1 movement. CVM
2013 Relationships among the cervical mucus urea and acetone, accuracy of insemination timing, and sperm survival in Holstein cows. CT, SS
2013 Temporal changes in cervical mucus after insertion of the levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system. LNG, LNG-IUS
2011 Association between physical properties of cervical mucus and ovulation rate in superovulated cows. ---
2011 Frozen-thawed rhesus sperm retain normal morphology and highly progressive motility but exhibit sharply reduced efficiency in penetrating cervical mucus and hyaluronic acid gel. AI, HA
10  2008 Macaque sperm coating protein DEFB126 facilitates sperm penetration of cervical mucus. CMP, dbcAMP, DEFB126, NMase, SPPs
11  2002 High resolution proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy of human cervical mucus. ---
12  2000 Antimicrobial activity of human cervical mucus. HEW
13  2000 Evaluation of human spermatozoa in cervical mucus: comparison of different microscopic and extraction techniques. DTT, PCTs
14  1997 Immunological characteristics of cervical mucus in infertile women. ASA, IBT
15  1997 Potential effects of midcycle cervical mucus on mediators of immune reactivity. Ig, IL
16  1996 Effects of a single contraceptive Silastic implant containing nomegestrol acetate on ovarian function and cervical mucus production during 2 years. ---
17  1996 Local intravaginal vaccination of the female genital tract. CTB
18  1995 Anaerobes in ejaculates of subfertile men. CFU, SCMPT
19  1995 Antisperm antibodies in infertile women: subclass distribution of immunoglobulin (Ig) A antibodies and removal of IgA sperm-bound antibodies with a specific IgA1 protease. Ig
20  1995 Clinical relevance of sperm morphology assessment using strict criteria and relationship with sperm-mucus interaction in vivo and in vitro. ---
21  1994 CA-125 levels in cervical mucus during the menstrual cycle. ---
22  1994 Evaluation of different sperm function tests as screening methods for male fertilization potential--the value of the sperm migration test. CI, OR
23  1994 The role of antisperm antibodies in infertility. Ab
24  1994 The sequential effects of human cervical mucus, oviductal fluid, and follicular fluid on sperm function. FF
25  1994 [Study of sperm-cervical mucus interaction in controlled cycles: feasibility of a new approach]. ---
26  1993 Clomiphene citrate affects cervical mucus and endometrial morphology independently of the changes in plasma hormonal levels induced by multiple follicular recruitment. CC, POF, PR
27  1993 Evaluation of polyacrylamide gel as substitute for human cervical mucus in the sperm penetration test. ---
28  1993 Immunoglobulin (Ig) G, IgA, and IgA subclass antibodies against fertilization antigen-1 in cervical secretions and sera of women of infertile couples. FA-1, IB, Ig
29  1993 Induction of the acrosome reaction in human spermatozoa by human zona pellucida and effect of cervical mucus on zona-induced acrosome reaction. ZP
30  1993 Purified FSH as a treatment for a cervical hostility. PCT
31  1993 Tests of sperm function for evaluation of the male: Penetrak and Tru-Trax. ---
32  1993 The effect of clomiphene citrate and menopausal gonadotropins on cervical mucus in ovulatory cycles. CC
33  1993 The effect of clomiphene citrate treatment on cervical mucus and plasma estradiol and progesterone levels. CC, PCT
34  1993 The effects of clomiphene citrate and cyclofenil on cervical mucus volume and receptivity over the periovulatory period. CC, LH
35  1993 The pH as an important determinant of sperm-mucus interaction. PCT, SCMPT
36  1992 A study of the detection of sperm antibody in cervical mucus with a modified immunobead method. IBT
37  1992 Cyclic changes in the concentration of glucose and fructose in human cervical mucus. ---
38  1992 [Antiproteolytic activity of blood and cervical mucus in sheep after hormonal ovarian stimulation and gamma ray irradiation (2.45 Gy) during anestrus]. BP, FSH, ns, SG, TAPA, TIA
39  1992 [Use-effectiveness of natural family planning by ovulation method]. NFP
40  1991 Detection of premature luteinization with serum progesterone levels at the time of the postcoital test. CC, PCTs
41  1991 Relationship between local anti-sperm antibodies and sperm-mucus interaction in vitro and in vivo. ASA, MAR, PCT, SCMPT
42  1991 The effect of bromocriptine on the motility of human spermatozoa and its capacity to penetrate the cervical mucus. ---
43  1990 Exogenous estrogen therapy for treatment of clomiphene citrate-induced cervical mucus abnormalities: is it effective? CC
44  1990 The use of hens' egg white as a substitute for human cervical mucus in assessing human infertility. HCM, HEW, PCT, SCPMT
45  1989 A radiolabeled antiglobulin assay to identify human cervical mucus immunoglobulin (Ig) A and IgG antisperm antibodies. 2-ME, HPLC, Ig
46  1989 Clinical significance of crossed in vitro sperm-cervical mucus penetration test in infertility investigation. PCT
47  1989 Prognostic value of in vitro sperm penetration into hormonally standardized human cervical mucus. BCM, SCMPT
48  1989 [Role of sperm passage through cervical mucus: fertilizing capacity tested by in vitro fertilization with zona-free hamster eggs]. ---
49  1988 [Bovine cervical mucus as a substitute of human cervical mucus]. SPT
50  1987 Evidence for a possible cytosol estrogen receptor deficiency in endocervical glands of infertile women with poor cervical mucus. ER, LH, SEM
51  1987 Identification and management of clomiphene citrate responses. CC
52  1984 Are sperm immobilizing antibodies in cervical mucus an explanation for a poor postcoital test? ---
53  1984 Detection of antispermatozoal antibodies of IgG, IgA, and IgM immunoglobulin classes in cervical mucus. IBT
54  1984 Effect of antisperm antibodies in serum and cervical mucus on the capacity of human sperm to penetrate zona-free hamster ova. ---
55  1984 [Prediction of Ovulation and timing of AIH]. BBT, LH
56  1982 Hormonal patterns in infertile women with a deficient postcoital test. FSH, LH, PCT, PRL, SPM
57  1982 In vitro sperm cervical mucus penetration: studies in human and bovine cervical mucus. BCM, HCM, MCM, SD
58  1982 Penetration of human ejaculated spermatozoa into human and bovine cervical mucus. II. Pattern and velocity of penetration. BCM, HCM, PV
59  1982 The incidence and influence of antisperm antibodies in infertile human couples on sperm-cervical mucus interactions and subsequent fertility. ---
60  1981 Electrolyte interactions in cervical mucus and their relationship to circulating hormone levels. EDX, SEM
61  1981 Filtering capacity of bovine cervical mucus towards abnormal forms of human-ejaculated spermatozoa. BCM, FBCM, HCM
62  1981 The effect of cervical mucus on measurable Feulgen DNA content of human spermatozoa. Sp
63  1975 Antibodies to spermatozoa. V. Antibody activity in human cervical mucus. ---