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Abbreviation:   CMZ  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   ciliary marginal zone
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 dnmt1 function is required to maintain retinal stem cells within the ciliary marginal zone of the zebrafish eye. REs, RSC
2020 Rebuilding the Retina: Prospects for Muller Glial-mediated Self-repair. MG, RPE
2019 Distinct timing of neurogenesis of ipsilateral and contralateral retinal ganglion cells. RGCs, VT
2019 In Vivo Assessment of Neural Precursor Cell Cycle Kinetics in the Amphibian Retina. Tc
2019 SCF/SCFR signaling plays an important role in the early morphogenesis and neurogenesis of human embryonic neural retina. hESC, NR, RPCs, SCFR
2019 Variations in the proliferative activity of the peripheral retina correlate with postnatal ocular growth in squamate reptiles. ---
2018 Expression patterns of dscam and sdk gene paralogs in developing zebrafish retina. CAMs, DIG, DSCAM, GCL, INL, ONL, RaxML, SDK
2018 Notch signalling patterns retinal composition by regulating atoh7 during post-embryonic growth. ---
2018 Proliferative Cells Isolated from the Adult Human Peripheral Retina only Transiently Upregulate Key Retinal Markers upon Induced Differentiation. NSCs, PR, RPE
10  2018 Retinal Wnt signaling defect in a zebrafish fetal alcohol spectrum disorder model. MGCs
11  2017 A Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Mimetic Is Sufficient to Restore Cone Photoreceptor Visual Function in an Inherited Blindness Model. HDACi, OS, VMR
12  2017 Msx1-Positive Progenitors in the Retinal Ciliary Margin Give Rise to Both Neural and Non-neural Progenies in Mammals. RPCs
13  2017 Rhythmic expressed clock regulates the transcription of proliferating cellular nuclear antigen in teleost retina. ONL
14  2016 Antagonism between Gdf6a and retinoic acid pathways controls timing of retinal neurogenesis and growth of the eye in zebrafish. RA, RPCs
15  2016 Autoregulation of retinal homeobox (rax) gene promoter activity through a highly conserved genomic element. rax, UCEs
16  2016 Identification of Radial Glia Progenitors in the Developing and Adult Retina of Sharks. CNS, GFAP, GS, NECs, RG, RGCs
17  2016 Nutrient-Deprived Retinal Progenitors Proliferate in Response to Hypoxia: Interaction of the HIF-1 and mTOR Pathway. HIF-1, mTOR
18  2016 The Ciliary Margin Zone of the Mammalian Retina Generates Retinal Ganglion Cells. RGCs
19  2016 The ciliary marginal zone of the zebrafish retina: clonal and time-lapse analysis of a continuously growing tissue. RPCs, RSCs
20  2016 Tracking the fate of her4 expressing cells in the regenerating retina using her4:Kaede zebrafish. bHLH-O, her4, INL
21  2015 A role for the outer retina in development of the intrinsic pupillary light reflex in mice. iPLR, ipRGCs
22  2014 A nutrient-sensitive restriction point is active during retinal progenitor cell differentiation. ND
23  2014 A role for the ciliary marginal zone in the melanopsin-dependent intrinsic pupillary light reflex. iPLR, ipRGCs, MKO
24  2014 Distribution of melanopsin positive neurons in pigmented and albino mice: evidence for melanopsin interneurons in the mouse retina. INL, ipRGCs, ON
25  2014 Expression of the de novo DNA methyltransferases (dnmt3 - dnmt8) during zebrafish lens development. hpf, LE, LF
26  2014 Gene expression is dynamically regulated in retinal progenitor cells prior to and during overt cellular differentiation. RPCs
27  2014 Reprint of: the ciliary marginal zone (CMZ) in development and regeneration of the vertebrate eye. ---
28  2014 Retinal stem/progenitor cells in the ciliary marginal zone complete retinal regeneration: a study of retinal regeneration in a novel animal model. RPE
29  2013 The ciliary marginal zone (CMZ) in development and regeneration of the vertebrate eye. ---
30  2012 A large scale screen for neural stem cell markers in Xenopus retina. ---
31  2012 Activation of neural progenitor cells in human eyes with proliferative vitreoretinopathy. CE, NSCs, PR, PVR
32  2012 Antagonistic cross-regulation between Wnt and Hedgehog signalling pathways controls post-embryonic retinal proliferation. ---
33  2012 beta-catenin/Wnt signaling controls progenitor fate in the developing and regenerating zebrafish retina. ---
34  2012 Hes4 controls proliferative properties of neural stem cells during retinal ontogenesis. NR
35  2012 Using myc genes to search for stem cells in the ciliary margin of the Xenopus retina. ---
36  2011 Ectopic proliferation contributes to retinal dysplasia in the juvenile zebrafish patched2 mutant eye. BCNS, Hh, INL, ptc2
37  2011 Purinergic signals regulate daily S-phase cell activity in the ciliary marginal zone of the zebrafish retina. NTPDases
38  2010 Loss of adenomatous polyposis coli (apc) results in an expanded ciliary marginal zone in the zebrafish eye. APC
39  2010 RNA helicase Ddx39 is expressed in the developing central nervous system, limb, otic vesicle, branchial arches and facial mesenchyme of Xenopus laevis. FGF-2
40  2010 The zebrafish flotte lotte mutant reveals that the local retinal environment promotes the differentiation of proliferating precursors emerging from their stem cell niche. flo
41  2009 Activation of retinal stem cells in the proliferating marginal region of RCS rats during development of retinitis pigmentosa. PND, RCS, RP, RSCs
42  2009 Cellular expression of midkine-a and midkine-b during retinal development and photoreceptor regeneration in zebrafish. mdkb
43  2009 Distribution of Muller stem cells within the neural retina: evidence for the existence of a ciliary margin-like zone in the adult human eye. EGF, INL
44  2009 Expanded progenitor populations, vitreo-retinal abnormalities, and Muller glial reactivity in the zebrafish leprechaun/patched2 retina. BCNS, Hh
45  2009 Hairy1 acts as a node downstream of Wnt signaling to maintain retinal stem cell-like progenitor cells in the chick ciliary marginal zone. ---
46  2009 Musashi-1, an RNA-binding protein, is indispensable for survival of photoreceptors. Msi1, Msi1-KO, RBP, RPE
47  2009 Non-SMC condensin I complex proteins control chromosome segregation and survival of proliferating cells in the zebrafish neural retina. SMC
48  2009 The vacuolar-ATPase complex regulates retinoblast proliferation and survival, photoreceptor morphogenesis, and pigmentation in the zebrafish eye. RPE
49  2008 Canonical Wnt signaling controls proliferation of retinal stem/progenitor cells in postembryonic Xenopus eyes. ---
50  2008 Induction of retinal pigment epithelium properties in ciliary margin progenitor cells. BrdU, FITC, RPE, VIP
51  2008 Wnt signaling in retinal stem cells and regeneration. ---
52  2007 Expression patterns of chick Musashi-1 in the developing nervous system. Msi1
53  2007 Neural retinal regeneration in the anuran amphibian Xenopus laevis post-metamorphosis: transdifferentiation of retinal pigmented epithelium regenerates the neural retina. NR, RPE
54  2006 Molecular characterization of retinal stem cells and their niches in adult zebrafish. ---
55  2006 Visual cycle protein RPE65 persists in new retinal cells during retinal regeneration of adult newt. PO, RPE
56  2005 Genetic analysis of metamorphic and premetamorphic Xenopus ciliary marginal zone. ---
57  2005 Genetic dissection of the zebrafish retinal stem-cell compartment. RPE
58  2005 Sonic hedgehog regulates proliferation of the retinal ciliary marginal zone in posthatch chicks. Shh
59  2004 The hedgehog pathway is a modulator of retina regeneration. CB, FGF, Fgfr, GCL, Hh, RPE, Shh
60  2002 Retinal homeobox genes and the role of cell proliferation in cavefish eye degeneration. ONL
61  2002 Spatial and temporal patterns of distribution of the gap junctional protein connexin43 during retinal regeneration of adult newt. Cx43
62  2000 Retinal stem cells in vertebrates. ---
63  1999 Asymmetric growth and development of the Xenopus laevis retina during metamorphosis is controlled by type III deiodinase. TH
64  1998 Molecular recapitulation: the growth of the vertebrate retina. ---
65  1998 The genetic sequence of retinal development in the ciliary margin of the Xenopus eye. ---