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Abbreviation:   COP  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   center of foot pressure
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Balance in Blind Subjects: Cane and Fingertip Touch Induce Similar Extent and Promptness of Stance Stabilization. ---
2018 Electro-tactile stimulation of the posterior neck induces body anteropulsion during upright stance. ---
2018 Haptic-based perception-empathy biofeedback system for balance rehabilitation in patients with chronic stroke: Concepts and initial feasibility study. BF, MDC
2018 How Eye Movements Stabilize Posture in Patients With Bilateral Vestibular Hypofunction. BVH
2018 Parkinson's disease versus ageing: different postural responses to soleus muscle vibration. PD
2018 Postural changes during quiet stance and gait initiation in slightly obese adults. ---
2018 Predicting vection and visually induced motion sickness based on spontaneous postural activity. RQA, VIMS
2018 The degree of postural automaticity influences the prime movement and the anticipatory postural adjustments during standing in healthy young individuals. ---
2017 Body Sway Increases After Functional Inactivation of the Cerebellar Vermis by cTBS. cTBS, EC, EO
10  2017 Haptic Cues for Balance: Use of a Cane Provides Immediate Body Stabilization. CC, EC, EO
11  2017 Influence of the presence of Temporomandibular Disorders on postural balance in the elderly. MV, OLST, TMD, TMJ
12  2017 Lower trunk muscle activity-induced alignment and cop position during single-leg standing. AB, AC, AE
13  2017 Postural stability in subjects with temporomandibular disorders and healthy controls: A comparative assessment. ---
14  2017 Regularity of Center of Pressure Trajectories in Expert Gymnasts during Bipedal Closed-Eyes Quiet Standing. NG, SEnCoP, VCoP
15  2017 Static postural stability in women with stress urinary incontinence: Effects of vision and bladder filling. ---
16  2017 Step-Initiation Deficits in Children with Faulty Posture Diagnosed with Neurodevelopmental Disorders during Infancy. ---
17  2017 The influence of adipose tissue location on postural control. ---
18  2016 Directional measures of postural sway as predictors of balance instability and accidental falls. DI, EC, EO, SV
19  2016 Effects of emotional videos on postural control in children. ---
20  2016 Ground surface nature can influence visual information contribution in postural control. ---
21  2016 Influence of the Plantar Cutaneous Information in Postural Regulation Depending on the Age and the Physical Activity Status. ---
22  2016 Reproducibility of Dynamic Body Balance Measurement by Center of Foot Pressure Analysis Immediately after Single-Leg Hop Landing. ---
23  2016 Sensory Integration during Vibration of Postural Muscle Tendons When Pointing to a Memorized Target. VIF
24  2016 The Neuro-Mechanical Processes That Underlie Goal-Directed Medio-Lateral APA during Gait Initiation. APA, COM, EMG, FC, GI, ML, TA, TFL
25  2016 The use of force-plate posturography in the assessment of postural instability. DI, EC, EO, SR, SV
26  2015 Ankylosing spondylitis and posture control: the role of visual input. AS, EC, EO, MD, MP, SDC, SP
27  2015 Can osteopathic manipulative treatment modify the posture in elderly people? - a single-case study. OMS, SCR
28  2015 Difference in Postural Control during Quiet Standing between Young Children and Adults: Assessment with Center of Mass Acceleration. COMacc
29  2015 Effects of haptic supplementation on postural stability in unilateral vestibular loss patients. AP, ML, RMS, UVL
30  2015 Integrated testing of standing balance and cognition: test-retest reliability and construct validity. TGP
31  2014 Assessment of standing balance in patients after ankle fractures. ---
32  2014 Biofeedback rehabilitation of posture and weightbearing distribution in stroke: a center of foot pressure analysis. ---
33  2014 Chaos in balance: non-linear measures of postural control predict individual variations in visual illusions of motion. ---
34  2014 Time to task failure influences the postural alteration more than the extent of muscles fatigued. ---
35  2013 Achilles tendon vibration shifts the center of pressure backward in standing and forward in sitting in young subjects. AT
36  2013 Characteristics of Postural Sway during Quiet Standing Before and After the Occurrence of Neurogenic Intermittent Claudication in Female Patients with Degenerative Lumbar Spinal Canal Stenosis. BMI, LC, LSS, NC
37  2013 Leg muscle activity during tandem stance and the control of body balance in the frontal plane. AP, ML, PER, SOL, TA
38  2013 Posturography in differential diagnosis of normal pressure hydrocephalus and brain atrophy. DA, EO, KNN, NPH
39  2013 Sensory Re-Weighting in Human Bipedal Postural Control: The Effects of Experimentally-Induced Plantar Pain. ---
40  2013 The effect of myofascial neck pain on postural control: visual deprivation. AP, ML
41  2013 The effect of short- and long-term vibration training on postural stability in men. ---
42  2013 Unilateral and bilateral fatiguing contractions similarly alter postural stability but differently modify postural position on bipedal stance. CAR, MVC
43  2012 Balance rehabilitation therapy by tongue electrotactile biofeedback in patients with degenerative cerebellar disease. ---
44  2012 Control of bipedal posture following localised muscle fatigue of the plantar-flexors and finger-flexors. ---
45  2012 Effects of unilateral knee extensor muscle fatigue induced by stimulated and voluntary contractions on postural control during bipedal stance. ES, MVC, VOL
46  2012 Sensorimotor integration during stance: processing time of active or passive addition or withdrawal of visual or haptic information. EMG
47  2012 Sex differences in young gymnasts' postural steadiness. ---
48  2012 Stimulated and voluntary fatiguing contractions of quadriceps femoris similarly disturb postural control in the bipedal stance. ES, MVC, VOL
49  2012 The body balance training effect on improvement of motor functions in paretic extremities in patients after stroke. A randomized, single blinded trial. EO, EC
50  2011 Comparison of the body-sway characteristics of young adults compared to healthy elderly and elderly with equilibrium disorder. ---
51  2011 Contribution of each leg to the control of unperturbed bipedal stance in lower limb amputees: new insights using entropy. NA, TFA
52  2011 Effects of vertical center of mass redistribution on body sway parameters during quiet standing. COM, PS
53  2011 Fractal properties of postural sway during quiet stance with changed visual and proprioceptive inputs. ---
54  2011 The effect of various jaw motor tasks on body sway. ---
55  2011 The influence of visual control on postural stability in Parkinson disease. PD
56  2010 Attenuation of the evoked responses with repeated exposure to proprioceptive disturbances is muscle specific. GL, TA
57  2010 Changes in the relative contribution of each leg to the control of quiet two-legged stance following unilateral plantar-flexor muscles fatigue. post-test, pre-test
58  2010 Influence of high ambient temperatures on the physiological responses and body sway in healthy young adults after quickly standing. Hb
59  2009 Effects of fatigue induced by neuromuscular electrical stimulation on postural control. ---
60  2009 Effects of hypertension on balance assessed by computerized posturography in the elderly. MMSE, SIPQ
61  2009 Effects of knee and ankle muscle fatigue on postural control in the unipedal stance. ---
62  2009 Experimental neck muscle pain impairs standing balance in humans. COM
63  2009 How experienced alpine-skiers cope with restrictions of ankle degrees-of-freedom when wearing ski-boots in postural exercises. EMG, STa
64  2009 Post-effect of forward and backward locomotion on body orientation in space during quiet stance. WF
65  2009 Postural adaptation to unilateral hip muscle fatigue during human bipedal standing. ---
66  2009 Relationship between muscular strength and deflection characteristics of the center of foot pressure during landing after crossover stepping in the elderly. ---
67  2009 Stabilometry is a predictor of gait performance in chronic hemiparetic stroke patients. ---
68  2009 Test-retest reliability of centre of foot pressure measures to assess postural control during unperturbed stance. ICC
69  2009 The age-related changes of trunk responses to Achilles tendon vibration. ---
70  2008 Age-related changes of human balance during quiet stance. RMS
71  2008 Alternate trains of postural muscle vibration promote cyclic body displacement in standing parkinsonian patients. PD
72  2008 Ambulatory center of mass prediction using body accelerations and center of foot pressure. COM
73  2008 Can a plantar pressure-based tongue-placed electrotactile biofeedback improve postural control under altered vestibular and neck proprioceptive conditions? ---
74  2008 Changes in balance and strength parameters induced by training on a motorised rotating platform: a study on healthy subjects. MVIC, RMS
75  2008 Effect of a visual-based sensory motor task on muscle tuning during a dynamic balance task. EMG, PD, RMS
76  2008 Effect of manipulation of the feet and ankles on postural control in elderly adults. AP, ML
77  2008 Effects of room temperature and body position change on cerebral blood volume and center-of-foot pressure in healthy young adults. Hb, NIRS
78  2008 Evaluation of the immediate and midterm effects of mobilization in hot spa water on static and dynamic balance in elderly subjects. ANOVA, TUG, VAS
79  2008 Head position-based electrotactile tongue biofeedback affects postural responses to Achilles tendon vibration in humans. ---
80  2008 Postural destabilization induced by trunk extensor muscles fatigue is suppressed by use of a plantar pressure-based electro-tactile biofeedback. ---
81  2008 Sensory supplementation system based on electrotactile tongue biofeedback of head position for balance control. ---
82  2008 Sway ratio - a new measure for quantifying postural stability. COM, SR
83  2007 Controlling posture using a plantar pressure-based, tongue-placed tactile biofeedback system. ---
84  2007 How a plantar pressure-based, tongue-placed tactile biofeedback modifies postural control mechanisms during quiet standing. MPF, RMS
85  2007 Inter-individual variability in sensory weighting of a plantar pressure-based, tongue-placed tactile biofeedback for controlling posture. ---
86  2007 Modification of human postural responses to soleus muscle vibration by rotation of visual scene. AP
87  2007 The effect of aging on the backward stepping reaction as estimated from the velocity of center of foot pressure and muscular strength. ---
88  2007 Velocity of body lean evoked by leg muscle vibration potentiate the effects of vestibular stimulation on posture. ---
89  2007 Visual-based sensory motor learning during dynamic balance tasks viewed in a virtual environment. ---
90  2006 Attentional demands associated with the use of a light fingertip touch for postural control during quiet standing. RTs
91  2006 Differential integration of kinaesthetic signals to postural control. ---
92  2006 Dual-tasking postural control: aging and the effects of cognitive demand in conjunction with focus of attention. ---
93  2006 Effect of expertise and visual contribution on postural control in soccer. AM, PRO
94  2006 How performing a mental arithmetic task modify the regulation of centre of foot pressure displacements during bipedal quiet standing. ---
95  2006 Postural fluctuations during pointing from a unilateral or bilateral stance. ---
96  2006 Posturographic analysis of balance control in patients with essential tremor. EO, ET, NC
97  2005 Application of nonlinear dynamics to human postural control system. ---
98  2005 Development of an interactive motivating tool for rehabilitation movements. ---
99  2005 Development of an interactive motivating tool for rehabilitation movements. ---
100  2005 Developmental changes of static standing balance in children. ---