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Abbreviation:   COWP  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   Cryptosporidium oocyst wall protein
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Detection and Molecular Identification of Cryptosporidium Species Among Children with Malignancies. ALL, C. parvum, MZN, PCR, RFLP
2018 Intestinal cryptosporidiosis in renal transplant recipients: Prevalence, species detection and comparative evaluation of SSU rRNA and Cryptosporidium oocyst wall protein genes. PCR, RFLP, RT, SSU rRNA
2018 Revisiting the infectivity and pathogenicity of Cryptosporidium avium provides new information on parasitic sites within the host. BF, dpi, PCR, RFLP
2017 The Impact of Different Copro-preservation Conditions on Molecular Detection of Cryptosporidium Species. RT
2016 Cryptosporidium testudinis sp. n., Cryptosporidium ducismarci Traversa, 2010 and Cryptosporidium tortoise genotype III (Apicomplexa: Cryptosporidiidae) in tortoises. dpi, SSU
2016 Detection and Molecular Characterization of Cryptosporidium spp. from Wild Rodents and Insectivores in South Korea. ---
2016 Epidemiology and public health significance of Cryptosporidium isolated from cattle, buffaloes, and humans in Egypt. RFLP
2016 Molecular appraisal of intestinal parasitic infection in transplant recipients. BMT, DHFR, PRT, TPI
2015 Copromicroscopic and molecular investigations on intestinal parasites in kenneled dogs. ---
10  2015 Internal Amplification Control for a Cryptosporidium Diagnostic PCR: Construction and Clinical Evaluation. IAC
11  2015 Validation of cell-free culture using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and gene expression studies. gp900, rRNA, RT-qPCR, SEM
12  2014 First genetic analysis of Cryptosporidium from humans from Tasmania, and identification of a new genotype from a traveller to Bali. OTU, SSCP, SSU
13  2013 A new genotype of Cryptosporidium from giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) in China. CCRCGP
14  2013 Coevolution of Cryptosporidium tyzzeri and the house mouse (Mus musculus). Mmd, Mmm, TRAP-C1
15  2013 Genotyping Cryptosporidium andersoni in cattle in Shaanxi Province, Northwestern China. SSU rRNA
16  2012 Field-deployable and near-real-time optical microfluidic biosensors for single-oocyst-level detection of Cryptosporidium parvum from field water samples. EPA
17  2012 Molecular epidemiology and clinical manifestations of human cryptosporidiosis in Sweden. PCR-RFLP
18  2011 Immunomagnetic separation significantly improves the sensitivity of polymerase chain reaction in detecting Giardia duodenalis and Cryptosporidium spp. in dairy cattle. GDH, HSP, IMS, PCR, rRNA
19  2010 Cryptosporidium genotypes and subtypes in dairy calves in Egypt. ---
20  2010 Health risk from the use of roof-harvested rainwater in Southeast Queensland, Australia, as potable or nonpotable water, determined using quantitative microbial risk assessment. QMRA, qPCR, SEQ
21  2010 Multiple unique Cryptosporidium isolates from three species of ground squirrels (Spermophilus beecheyi, S. beldingi, and S. lateralis) in California. SSU
22  2010 Re-description of Cryptosporidium cuniculus Inman and Takeuchi, 1979 (Apicomplexa: Cryptosporidiidae): morphology, biology and phylogeny. ---
23  2009 Comparative sensitivity of PCR primer sets for detection of Cryptosporidium parvum. SSU rRNA
24  2009 Cryptosporidium infection in non-human hosts in Malawi. ---
25  2009 [Real-time PCR in analyzing DNA extraction from Cryptosporidium oocysts]. ---
26  2008 Cryptosporidium from tortoises: Genetic characterisation, phylogeny and zoonotic implications. ---
27  2008 Detection of Cryptosporidium spp. from human faeces by PCR-RFLP, cloning and sequencing. PCR-RFLP
28  2008 Genetical survey of novel type of Cryptosporidium andersoni in cattle in Japan. ---
29  2008 Genotypic identification of Cryptosporidium spp. isolated from HIV-infected patients and immunocompetent children of Sao Paulo, Brazil. RFLP
30  2008 Giardia and Cryptosporidium in inflowing water and harvested shellfish in a lagoon in Southern Italy. IF, TPI
31  2008 Molecular characterization of a new genotype of Cryptosporidium from American minks (Mustela vison) in China. ---
32  2008 Molecular characterization of the Cryptosporidium cervine genotype from a sika deer (Cervus nippon Temminck) in Zhengzhou, China and literature review. rRNA
33  2008 Multilocus phylogenetic analysis of Cryptosporidium andersoni (Apicomplexa) isolated from a bactrian camel (Camelus bactrianus) in China. ---
34  2007 Cryptosporidiosis in two alpaca (Lama pacos) holdings in the South-West of England. ---
35  2007 Detection of a mixed infection of a novel Cryptosporidium andersoni and its subgenotype in Japanese cattle. ---
36  2007 Genetic characterization of Cryptosporidium species from humans in Spain. SSU rRNA
37  2007 Multilocus genetic analysis of Cryptosporidium in naturally contaminated bivalve molluscs. dsRNA
38  2007 [Isolation and identification of an isolate of cow-origin Cryptosporidium sp]. SSU rRNA
39  2006 First report of Cryptosporidium parvum 'ferret' genotype in American mink (Mustela vison Shreber 1777). ---
40  2006 Genotype and subtype analyses of Cryptosporidium isolates from dairy calves and humans in Ontario. ---
41  2006 Molecular fingerprinting of Cryptosporidium oocysts isolated during water monitoring. DHFR
42  2006 Multilocus genotyping of Cryptosporidium hominis associated with diarrhea outbreak in a day care unit in Sao Paulo. ML1, PCR
43  2005 A rapid method for extracting oocyst DNA from Cryptosporidium-positive human faeces for outbreak investigations. IMS
44  2005 Characterisation of a Cryptosporidium isolate from water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) by sequencing of a fragment of the Cryptosporidium oocyst wall protein gene (COWP). ---
45  2005 Cryptosporidiumparvum oocysts in seawater clams (Chameleagallina) in Italy. ---
46  2005 Detection of Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts in experimentally contaminated lettuce using filtration, immunomagnetic separation, light microscopy, and PCR. IMS, MZN
47  2005 Multiattribute evaluation of two simple tests for the detection of Cryptosporidium parvum in calf faeces. OVC, PCR-RFLP
48  2004 Genetic characterisation of Cryptosporidium from a wild population of eastern grey kangaroos Macropus giganteus inhabiting a water catchment. ITS1
49  2003 Molecular and morphologic characterization of a Cryptosporidium genotype identified in lemurs. ssrRNA
50  2003 Utility of the Cryptosporidium oocyst wall protein (COWP) gene in a nested PCR approach for detection infection in cattle. PCR
51  2002 Blinded evaluation of DNA extraction and genotyping of stained Cryptosporidium on glass slides. PCR
52  2002 Comparison of fluorescence, antigen and PCR assays to detect Cryptosporidium parvum in fecal specimens. DFA, EIA
53  2002 Cryptosporidium in farmed animals: the detection of a novel isolate in sheep. RFLP
54  2002 Molecular characterization of Danish Cryptosporidium parvum isolates. ---
55  2002 [Comparative study of PCR-based Cryptosporidium discriminating techniques with a review of the literature]. 18S rRNA, HSP70, Poly-T, TRAP-C1
56  2001 Cryptosporidium meleagridis from humans: molecular analysis and description of affected patients. ---
57  2001 Nested polymerase chain reaction for amplification of the Cryptosporidium oocyst wall protein gene. ---
58  2001 Unusual cryptosporidium species recovered from human faeces: first description of Cryptosporidium felis and Cryptosporidium 'dog type' from patients in England. TRAP-C1, TRAP-C2
59  2000 Sequence differences in the diagnostic target region of the oocyst wall protein gene of Cryptosporidium parasites. ---
60  2000 The identification and characterisation of an unusual genotype of Cryptosporidium from human faeces as Cryptosporidium meleagridis. TRAP-C1
61  1999 Genetic characterization of Cryptosporidium strains from 218 patients with diarrhea diagnosed as having sporadic cryptosporidiosis. TRAP-C1
62  1999 The identification of Cryptosporidium species and Cryptosporidium parvum directly from whole faeces by analysis of a multiplex PCR of the 18S rRNA gene and by PCR/RFLP of the Cryptosporidium outer wall protein (COWP) gene. PCR, RFLP
63  1998 Molecular characterisation of Cryptosporidium parvum from two large suspected waterborne outbreaks. Outbreak Control Team South and West Devon 1995, Incident Management Team and Further Epidemiological and Microbiological Studies Subgroup North Thames 1997. PCR/RFLP
64  1997 Cloning of the entire COWP gene of Cryptosporidium parvum and ultrastructural localization of the protein during sexual parasite development. ---
65  1997 PCR-RFLP analysis of the Cryptosporidium oocyst wall protein (COWP) gene discriminates between C. wrairi and C. parvum, and between C. parvum isolates of human and animal origin. ---