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Long Form:   cryoprotective agent
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2019 Isochoric conditions enable high subfreezing temperature pancreatic islet preservation without osmotic cryoprotective agents. ---
2019 Recent advances in bovine sperm cryopreservation techniques with a focus on sperm post-thaw quality optimization. AI, ROS
2019 Surface-Acoustic-Wave-Based Lab-on-Chip for Rapid Transport of Cryoprotectants across Cell Membrane for Cryopreservation with Significantly Improved Cell Viability. LOC
2018 A Low-cost Easy-to-Fabricate Sandwich-Structured Microdevice for Controllable Removal of Extracellular Cryoprotective Agents with High Efficiency. DMSO, PTFE
2018 Effect of trehalose- and sucrose-based extenders on equine sperm quality after vitrification: Preliminary results. ---
2018 Establishment of an improved vitrification protocol by combinations of vitrification medium for isolated mouse ovarian follicles. IVFG
2018 Investigations on a cryopreservation protocol for long-term storage of psittacine spermatozoa using cockatiel semen as an example. DMA
2018 Natural deep eutectic systems as alternative nontoxic cryoprotective agents. DMSO, GLY, NADES, Treh
2018 Pentaisomaltose, an Alternative to DMSO. Engraftment of Cryopreserved Human CD34+ Cells in Immunodeficient NSG Mice. DMSO, HPCs, HSPCs
10  2017 Cryopreservation of cynomolgus macaque (Macaca fascicularis) sperm with glycerol and ethylene glycol, and its effect on sperm-specific ion channels - CatSper and Hv1. EG, GLY
11  2017 Cryopreservation-Altered Expression of RNA and Protein Markers in Biological Specimens. ---
12  2017 Determination of the temperature-dependent cell membrane permeabilities using microfluidics with integrated flow and temperature control. DMSO
13  2017 Perfusion bioreactor-based cryopreservation of 3D human mesenchymal stromal cell tissue grafts. ---
14  2017 Successful vitrification of pronuclear-stage pig embryos with a novel cryoprotective agent, carboxylated epsilon-poly-L-lysine. Cas, CRISPR, EG, PN, TALENs
15  2016 A study of the osmotic characteristics, water permeability, and cryoprotectant permeability of human vaginal immune cells. DMSO, EG, PG
16  2016 Addition of Cryoprotectant Significantly Alters the Epididymal Sperm Proteome. ---
17  2016 Cryopreservation of dermal fibroblasts and keratinocytes in hydroxyethyl starch-based cryoprotectants. DMSO, HES
18  2016 Cryopreservation of Endothelial Cells in Various Cryoprotective Agents and Media - Vitrification versus Slow Freezing Methods. DMEM, DMSO, EG, GLY, PG
19  2016 Cryorecovery of Mouse Sperm by Different IVF Methods Using MBCD and GSH. MBCD, MTG
20  2016 Direct Microscale Measurement of Mouse Oocyte Membrane Permeability to Water and Ethylene Glycol at Subzero Temperatures Using Cryomicroscopy. EG, LpEG
21  2016 Effect of Trolox on sperm quality in normozospermia and oligozospermia during cryopreservation. MMP, PS
22  2016 Functional Tissue Analysis Reveals Successful Cryopreservation of Human Osteoarthritic Synovium. OA
23  2016 Low-molecular-weight carbohydrate Pentaisomaltose may replace dimethyl sulfoxide as a safer cryoprotectant for cryopreservation of peripheral blood stem cells. CFCs, DMSO, PIM
24  2016 Nanotechnology-based Cryopreservation of Cell-Scaffold Constructs: A New Breakthrough to Clinical Application. ---
25  2016 Polarized light scanning cryomacroscopy, part II: Thermal modeling and analysis of experimental observations. FEA, Part I
26  2016 Thermal conductivity of the cryoprotective cocktail DP6 in cryogenic temperatures, in the presence and absence of synthetic ice modulators. DMSO, SIMs
27  2016 Thixotropic injectable hydrogel using a polyampholyte and nanosilicate prepared directly after cryopreservation. ---
28  2016 Trehalose, an easy, safe and efficient cryoprotectant for the parasitic protozoan Trypanosoma brucei. ---
30  2015 Effects of vitrification cryopreservation on follicular morphology and stress relaxation behaviors of human ovarian tissues: sucrose versus trehalose as the non-permeable protective agent. SRD
31  2015 High throughput cryopreservation of cells by rapid freezing of sub-mul drops using inkjet printing--cryoprinting. DMSO, hESCs, NPCs, PEG
32  2015 Large Thermal Conductivity Differences between the Crystalline and Vitrified States of DMSO with Applications to Cryopreservation. DMSO
33  2015 Sensitivity of human embryonic stem cells to different conditions during cryopreservation. hESCs, ROS, TPOCR
34  2015 Slow and steady cell shrinkage reduces osmotic stress in bovine and murine oocyte and zygote vitrification. DMSO, EG
35  2015 Thermal Pretreatment Improves Viability of Cryopreserved Human Endothelial Cells. ---
36  2015 Toxicity Minimized Cryoprotectant Addition and Removal Procedures for Adherent Endothelial Cells. ---
37  2014 Biotransport and intracellular ice formation phenomena in freezing human embryonic kidney cells (HEK293T). IIF, opt, PBS
38  2014 Cryopreservation of hepatocyte (HepG2) cell monolayers: impact of trehalose. ---
39  2014 Cryopreservation of sperm in farmed Australian greenlip abalone Haliotis laevigata. LN
40  2014 Hematopoietic SCT with cryopreserved grafts: adverse reactions after transplantation and cryoprotectant removal before infusion. DMSO, HSCs
41  2014 Influence of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles on the viscosity of dimethyl sulfoxide-H2O-NaCl and glycerol-H2O-NaCl ternary systems at subzero temperatures. HA, WLF
42  2014 Investigating sperm cryopreservation in a model tunicate, Ciona intestinalis sp. A. ---
43  2014 Membrane permeability of the human pluripotent stem cells to Me₂SO, glycerol and 1,2-propanediol. hESCs, hiPSCs
44  2014 Optimal vitrification protocol for mouse ovarian tissue cryopreservation: effect of cryoprotective agents and in vitro culture on vitrified-warmed ovarian tissue survival. DMSO, EG, FSH, IVC, OT
45  2014 Optimized cryopreservation of mixed microbial communities for conserved functionality and diversity. AerAOB, DMSO, OLAND
46  2014 Preserving human cells for regenerative, reproductive, and transfusion medicine. ---
47  2014 The effect of a novel cryoprotective agent, carboxylated epsilon-poly-L-lysine, on the developmental ability of re-vitrified mouse embryos at the pronuclear stage. DMSO, EG, PN
48  2014 Thermal expansion of vitrified blood vessels permeated with DP6 and synthetic ice modulators. SIMs
49  2014 Vitrification is not superior to rapid freezing of normozoospermic spermatozoa: effects on sperm parameters, DNA fragmentation and hyaluronan binding. ---
50  2013 A method of isolating viable chondrocytes with proliferative capacity from cryopreserved human articular cartilage. AC
51  2013 A model to predict the permeation kinetics of dimethyl sulfoxide in articular cartilage. AC, DMSO, MRE
52  2013 Confocal raman microscopy as a non-invasive tool to investigate the phase composition of frozen complex cryopreservation media. DMSO, PBS
53  2013 Effect of different cryoprotectant agents on spermatogenesis efficiency in cryopreserved and grafted neonatal mouse testicular tissue. DMSO, EG, HBSS
54  2013 Efficient production of live offspring from mouse oocytes vitrified with a novel cryoprotective agent, carboxylated epsilon-poly-L-lysine. COCs, EG, IVF
55  2013 Long-term cryopreservation of human mesenchymal stem cells using carboxylated poly-l-lysine without the addition of proteins or dimethyl sulfoxide. DMSO, hBMSCs
56  2013 Thermomechanical analysis of freezing-induced cell-fluid-matrix interactions in engineered tissues. ECM, ETs
57  2012 Diffusion-based extraction of DMSO from a cell suspension in a three stream, vertical microchannel. DMSO
58  2012 Preliminary report of novel technique for cryopreservation--vacuum-assisted cryoprotectant infiltration. ---
59  2012 Theoretic considerations regarding slow cooling and vitrification during cryopreservation. ---
60  2012 Thermal expansion of the cryoprotectant cocktail DP6 combined with synthetic ice modulators in presence and absence of biological tissues. SIBs, SIMs
61  2012 Toxicity of cryoprotectants to honey bee semen and queens. DMSO
62  2012 Transport phenomena in articular cartilage cryopreservation as predicted by the modified triphasic model and the effect of natural inhomogeneities. ---
63  2012 [Effects of some extenders and monoamines on sperm cryopreservation in tree shrews (Tupaia belangeri)]. DA, DF
64  2011 Cryopreservation of preimplantation embryos of cattle, sheep, and goats. EG, GLYC
65  2011 Mouse sperm cryopreservation and recovery using the ICryo kit. GM
66  2011 Predicting the survival rate of mouse embryonic stem cells cryopreserved in alginate beads. CSR, DMSO, mESCs
67  2011 Systematic parameter optimization of a Me(2)SO- and serum-free cryopreservation protocol for human mesenchymal stem cells. hMSCs, IIF
68  2011 The effect of EIF dynamics on the cryopreservation process of a size distributed cell population. EIF, IIF
69  2010 Cryopreservation of stromal vascular fraction of adipose tissue in a serum-free freezing medium. DMEM, DMSO, FCS, HS, MC, PVP, SVF
70  2010 Direct concentration measurements of the unfrozen portion of solutions under freezing. ---
71  2010 Evaluation of polyvinylpyrrolidone as a cryoprotectant for adipose tissue-derived adult stem cells. ASCs, DMEM, DMSO, FCS, HS, PVP
72  2010 Needle immersed vitrification can lower the concentration of cryoprotectant in human ovarian tissue cryopreservation. DMSO, EG, LDH, NIV
73  2010 Slow-freezing cryopreservation of neural stem cell spheres with different diameters. NSCs
74  2010 Statistical prediction of the vitrifiability and glass stability of multi-component cryoprotective agent solutions. ---
75  2010 Statistical thermodynamics of biomembranes. MD, pore, RDFs
76  2010 The search for a useful method for the optimal cryopreservation of adipose aspirates: part II. In vivo study. ---
77  2009 Determination of oocyte membrane permeability coefficients and their application to cryopreservation in a rabbit model. AOD, EG, GLY
78  2009 Effect of chilling on the motility and acrosomal integrity of rat sperm in the presence of various extenders. LEY
79  2009 Measurement of the apparent diffusivity of ethylene glycol in mouse ovaries through rapid MRI and theoretical investigation of cryoprotectant perfusion procedures. EG, MRI
80  2009 Optimized cryopreservation method for human dental pulp-derived stem cells and their tissues of origin for banking and clinical use. DPSC
81  2009 Polyampholytes as low toxic efficient cryoprotective agents with antifreeze protein properties. DMSO, PLL
82  2009 Successful cryopreservation of buffalo ovaries using in situ oocyte cryopreservation. ISO
83  2009 The search for a useful method for the optimal cryopreservation of adipose aspirates: part I. In vitro study. G3PDH
84  2009 [Study on cryopreservation of tissue engineered tendon by vitrification]. CLM, SEM, TET
85  2008 Cryo-responses of two types of large unilamellar vesicles in the presence of non-permeable or permeable cryoprotecting agents. DPPC, EPC, LUV
86  2008 Cryopreservation of composite tissue transplants. DMSO
87  2008 Diffusion controlled ice growth with soft impingement inside biological cells during freezing. IIF
88  2008 Investigations on the heat transport capability of a cryogenic oscillating heat pipe and its application in achieving ultra-fast cooling rates for cell vitrification cryopreservation. COHP
89  2008 Suitability of cryoprotectants and impregnation protocols for embryos of Japanese whiting Sillago japonica. ASW, DFA, EG, GLY, MeOH, PG
90  2008 Use of the non-toxic cryoprotectant trehalose enhances recovery and function of fish embryonic stem cells following cryogenic storage. ALP, DMSO, ES, LIF, SSEA-1
91  2007 A novel method to measure cryoprotectant permeation into intact articular cartilage. AC, DMSO, PG
92  2007 Chondrocyte viability in fresh and frozen large human osteochondral allografts: effect of cryoprotective agents. DMSO
93  2007 Comparison of actual vs. synthesized ternary phase diagrams for solutes of cryobiological interest. DMSO, EG
94  2007 Cryopreservation of composite tissues and transplantation: preliminary studies. ---
95  2007 Development of a microfluidic device for determination of cell osmotic behavior and membrane transport properties. ---
96  2007 Effects of freezing rates and dimethyl sulfoxide concentrations on thermal expansion of rabbit aorta during freezing phase change as measured by thermo mechanical analysis. DMSO, TMA
97  2007 Use of X-ray tomography to map crystalline and amorphous phases in frozen biomaterials. CT, DMEM, HU
98  2006 Detection of Brucella canis and Leptospira interrogans in canine semen by multiplex nested PCR. ---
99  2006 Effects of rapid cooling on articular cartilage. GAG
100  2006 Numerical investigations of transient heat transfer characteristics and vitrification tendencies in ultra-fast cell cooling processes. OHP