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Abbreviation:   CPD  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   citrate-phosphate-dextrose
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Vitamin E Analogue Protects Red Blood Cells against Storage-Induced Oxidative Damage. LDH, RBCs, SAGM, TAC, TBARS
2016 Efficient propagation of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease prion protein using the cell-protein misfolding cyclic amplification technique with samples containing plasma and heparin. PMCA, vCJD
2016 Isolation, Culture, and Characterization of Human Umbilical Cord Blood-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells. CB, CB-MSC, MNC, MSC
2014 Effects of four additive solutions on canine leukoreduced red cell concentrate quality during storage. 2,3-DPG, AS, LR, PAGGGM, pRBC, SAGM
2013 Immunologic profiles of red blood cells using invitro models of transfusion. PRBCs, RBCs
2013 Improved Recovery of Hepatocytes Isolated From Warm Ischemic Rat Liver by Citrate Phosphate Dextrose (CPD)-Supplemented Euro-Collins Solution. EC, ETK
2013 Improvement of hepatocyte recovery from rat liver subjected to 1-hour warm ischemic injury by using citrate phosphate dextrose added to euro-collins perfusion solution. EC, EGTA, WI
2012 Collection and storage of red blood cells with anticoagulant and additive solution with a physiologic pH. AS, PAGGGM, RBC
2012 Fresh frozen plasma quality: relation to age and gender of blood donors. APTT, AT, FV, FVIII, INR
10  2011 Comparison of platelet activation in platelet concentrates measured by flow cytometry or ADVIA 2120. ACD-A, MPC, MPM, PCDW
11  2011 Effect of citrate phosphate dextrose solution on reperfusion injury in coronary artery bypass surgical patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass. CABG
12  2011 The implementation of rapid cooling and overnight hold of whole blood at ambient temperature before processing into components in Israel. WB
13  2010 Evaluation of the plasma quality after filtration. ---
14  2010 In vitro and in vivo evaluation of a whole blood platelet-sparing leukoreduction filtration system. FDA, LR, PCs, PLTs, RBCs, WB, WBCs, WBPSF
15  2010 Manufacture of red cells in additive solution from whole blood refrigerated for 5 days or remanufactured from red cells stored in plasma. 2,3-DPG, ATP, RCC, SAGM
16  2010 Red blood cell aging markers during storage in citrate-phosphate-dextrose-saline-adenine-glucose-mannitol. CPDA, RBC
17  2009 Blood transfusion in the critically ill: does storage age matter? ACD, CPDA
18  2009 Effect of vitamin C, deferoxamine, quercetin and rutin against tert-butyl hydroperoxide oxidative damage in human erythrocytes. DFO, HB, Vit C
19  2009 Use of supernatant refractive index and supernatant hemoglobin concentration to assess residual glycerol concentration in cryopreserved red blood cells. RBCs, RI, SAGM
20  2008 The effects of cryopreservation on red blood cell microvesiculation, phosphatidylserine externalization, and CD47 expression. PS, RBCs
21  2007 Evaluation of nonleukoreduced red blood cell transfusion units collected at delivery from the placenta. CB, LPS, PAGGS-M, RBCs, SAGM, TGF, TNF, WBCs
22  2006 An evaluation of automated blood collection mixers. OD, WB
23  2005 Automation of the glycerolization of red blood cells with the high-separation bowl in the Haemonetics ACP 215 instrument. PIPA, RBC
24  2005 Re-colorization of museum specimens: a modification of Romhanyi's technique based on pyridine/nicotine hemochromogen reactions. ---
25  2004 Comparison of 4 blood storage methods in a protocol for equine pre-operative autologous donation. 2,3-DPG, ACD, ATP, LDH, RBC
26  2004 Hemagglutination of preoperative blood donation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. CRP, OA, RA
27  2003 Separation of antihemophilic factor VII from human plasma by column chromatography. FVIII, NYBC
28  2003 Viability of gynecological malignant cultured cells after 4 degrees C storage in citrate-phosphate-dextrose solution. MTT
29  2001 Autologous platelet-rich plasma isolated using the Haemonetics Cell Saver 5 and Haemonetics MCS+ for the preparation of platelet gel. ACD, PRP
30  2001 Automated blood-mixing devices still fail to mix at low bleeding rates. ---
31  1998 Evaluation of CAPTURE CMV solid phase testing over the allowable shelf-life of red blood cells (adenine-saline added). ASA, CMV, RBC, WB
32  1998 Impact of storage at 22 degrees C and citrate anticoagulation on the cytokine secretion of mononuclear leukocytes. IFN-gamma, IL-1beta, PBMC, PC
33  1996 Stability of blood coagulation factors and inhibitors in blood drawn into half-strength citrate anticoagulant. 0.5CPD, FVIII
34  1996 The effect of desferrioxamine on stored erythrocytes: lipid peroxidation, deformability, and morphology. ACD, MDA
35  1995 Study of the vesicles released during conservation of red cells. IgG
36  1993 Hematopoietic progenitor content of fetal cord blood collected using citrate-phosphate-dextrose: influence of holding temperature and delays. CI, EPO
37  1993 Increased susceptibility of stored erythrocytes to anti-band 3 IgG autoantibody binding. ---
38  1993 Pediatric cardioplegic techniques. ---
39  1992 Antimony electrode for the determination of the intramyocardial pH during open-heart surgery. ---
40  1992 Red cell and platelet concentrates from blood collected into half-strength citrate anticoagulant: improved maintenance of red cell 2,3-diphosphoglycerate in half-citrate red cells. 2,3-DPG
41  1992 Relationship between cardiovascular functions and ionic hypocalcemia induced by citrate infusion in anhepatic swines: CaCl2 therapy in severe ionic hypocalcemia. CO, MAP, SVR
42  1991 Compatibility of packed erythrocytes and Ringer's lactate solution. ---
43  1991 Effect of blood transfusion on acid base, glucose and electrolyte status in very low birth weight infants. ---
44  1991 The preservative-exchange method using a sextuple-bag system for a 10-week storage period of red blood cells. SAGP-maltose
45  1990 Decrease in hepatic mitochondrial redox state by massive infusion of citrate-phosphate-dextrose solution in jaundiced rabbits. ---
46  1990 Zinc ions inhibit factor I-mediated release of CR1-bound immune complexes and degradation of cell-bound complement factors C3b and C4b. IC
47  1989 Compatibility of ADSOL-stored red cells with intravenous solutions. ADSOL, RL
48  1988 Serial determinations of PF4 and beta TG: comparisons between multiple venipunctures vs a catheter infusion system. PF4
49  1987 Effect of oxalate and malonate on red cell metabolism. 2,3-DPG, PEP, PK
50  1987 Preparation of leukocyte-poor platelet concentrates from buffy coats. II. Lack of effect on storage of different plastics. PC, PVC
51  1987 Storage-induced changes in human newborn red cells. ATP
52  1987 Survival of red cells stored for 21 and 35 days in a non-di-(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate plastic container. DEHP
53  1986 Preservation of red blood cells: content of microaggregates and di-2-ethylhexylphthalate (DEHP) in red blood cells stored in saline-adenine-glucose-mannitol (SAGM) medium. DEHP, RBC, SAGM
54  1985 Platelet concentrates stored in plasma for 72 hours at 22 degrees C prepared from buffycoats of citrate-phosphate-dextrose blood collected in a quadruple-bag saline-adenine-glucose-mannitol system. SAGM
55  1985 Problems related to CPD preserved blood used for NEQAS trials in haematology. NEQAS
56  1985 The role of platelet-derived growth factor on human pluripotent progenitor (CFU-GEMM) growth in vitro. FFP, PDGF, PDS
57  1984 Calcium supplementation during cardiopulmonary bypass in paediatric surgery. CPB
58  1983 Characterization of biochemical changes occurring during storage of red cells. Comparative studies with CPD and CPDA-1 anticoagulant-preservative solutions. ATP
59  1983 Human factor VIII: a calcium-linked protein complex. VIIIR
60  1983 Is the stability of the oxyhaemoglobin dissociation curve in stored blood a function of the way the cells 'pack'? 2,3-DPG, EDTA, ODC
61  1983 Rapid preparation of fresh platelet concentrates from CPD-blood by (mild) acidification. PC
62  1983 Shelf-life of bank blood and stored plasma with special reference to coagulation factors. ---
63  1983 Stability of red cell antigens and plasma coagulation factors stored in new formulation plastic blood containers. non-DEHP
64  1983 Stability of red cell antigens during prolonged storage in citrate-phosphate-dextrose and a new preservative solution. ADSOL
65  1983 Storage requirements for erythrocytes used to culture Plasmodium falciparum. ---
66  1982 An in vivo comparison of CPD and CPDA-2 preserved platelet concentrates after an 8-hour preprocess hold of whole blood. ---
67  1982 Platelet counts in stored donor blood. ---
68  1982 Red blood cell-bound C3d in normal subjects and in random hospital patients. RBC
69  1982 The constituents of fresh frozen plasma stored with citrate phosphate dextrose and their clinical implications. ---
70  1982 The stability of coagulation factors in stored blood. ---
71  1981 Liquid preservation of baboon red blood cells in acid-citrate-dextrose or citrate-phosphate-dextrose anticoagulant: effects of washing liquid-stored red blood cells. ACD
72  1981 Studies on the ultrastructure of blood cells and the microaggregate fraction in stored human blood. ---
73  1980 Compatibility of blood with solutions containing calcium. ---
74  1980 Decreased ionized calcium during therapeutic plasma exchange pheresis and platelet pheresis. ACD
75  1980 Lipid composition of freshly prepared and stored platelet concentrates. ACD, PI
76  1980 Preservation of human erythrocytes in the liquid state: biological results with a new medium. 2,3-DPG, ATP, RBC
77  1980 The pH and titratable acidity of stored CPD blood. ---
78  1979 An evaluation of Re/coagulan for blood center tests. ACD, EDTA
79  1979 Erythrocyte agglomeration and survival studies in citrate-phosphate-dextrose (CPD) units. ---
80  1979 Factors that influence the process of 51chromium labeling of human granulocytes isolated from blood by counterflow centrifugation. ACD
81  1979 Haemodynamic consequences of citrate infusion in the anaesthetized dog: comparison between two citrate solutions and the influence of beta blockade. ACD
82  1979 Improved yields of factor VIII from heparinized plasma. PEG
83  1979 Some aspects of serum requirements for continuous cultivation of Plasmodium falciparum. ---
84  1979 The storage of hard-packed red blood cells in citrate-phosphate-dextrose (CPD) and CPD-adenine (CPDA-1). ---
85  1978 Effects of calcium administration during post-ischemic reperfusion on myocardial contractility, stiffness, edema, and ultrastructure. ---
86  1978 Glutathione reductase in the red blood cells. G6PD, NADPH
87  1978 Platelet storage at 22 degrees C: effect of type of agitation on morphology, viability, and function in vitro. PC, PE, PVC
88  1978 Whole blood storage in citrate and phosphate solutions containing half-strength trisodium citrate: cellular and biochemical studies. ACD-A
89  1977 Maintenance of low screen filtration pressure in blood stored in a new liquid medium: BAGPM. 2,3-DPG, SFP
90  1977 The in vivo survival of red blood cells stored in modified CPD with adenine: report of a multi-institutional cooperative effort. ACD
91  1976 Contribution to the optimal use of human blood. VII. Increase of the yield of factor VIII in four-donor cryoprecipitate by an improved processing of blood and plasma. ACD, TSC
92  1976 Exchange transfusion in Reye's syndrome with saline-washed red blood cells. ET, FFP, RBC's, RS
93  1976 Preferential decrease in thymus dependent lymphocytes during storage at 4 C in anticoagulant. FH, LCs
94  1976 The contribution of anticoagulants to platelet dysfunction with extracorporeal circulation. ACD, EDTA
95  1975 A clinical evaluation of citrate-phosphate-dextrose-adenine blood. ACD, DPG
96  1975 Blood components in the treatment of acute blood loss: use of freeze-preserved red cells, platelets, and plasma proteins. ATP
97  1975 Chemical and hematological changes in stored CPD blood. ---
98  1975 Effect of storage on oxygen dissociation of canine blood. ACD, ATP, DPG, RBC
99  1975 Oxygen dissociation after transfusion of blood stored in ACD or CPD solution. 2,3-DPG, ACD
100  1975 Studies on citrate-phosphate-dextrose (CPD) blood supplemented with adenine. ACD, ATP, DPG