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2019 "Receptor free" inner filter effect based universal sensors for nitroexplosive picric acid using two polyfluorene derivatives in the solution and solid states. IFE, LOD, PA, TRPL
2019 3D Scaffolds Based on Conductive Polymers for Biomedical Applications. ---
2019 Conjugated Polymer Actuators and Devices: Progress and Opportunities. ---
2019 Conjugated Polymers for Assessing and Controlling Biological Functions. ---
2019 Design principles for the energy level tuning in donor/acceptor conjugated polymers. DFT
2019 Effect of Flank Rotation on the Photovoltaic Properties of Dithieno[2,3-d:2',3'-d']benzo[1,2-b:4,5-b']dithiophene-Based Narrow Band Gap Copolymers. DFT, DTBDT, DTNT, HOMO, PL, PVCs
2019 Effects of Structural Variation in Conjugated Side Chains on the Photophysics of Conjugated Polymers in Nanoparticles. CPNs
2019 Hybrid Nanomaterials of Conjugated Polymers and Albumin for Precise Photothermal Therapy. HSA, NPs, PTT
2019 One-Step Construction of Fluorenone-Based Donor-Acceptor-Type Conjugated Polymers via Direct Arylation Polymerization for Cell-Imaging Applications. D-A, DARP, FOs
10  2019 Plasmon-mediated nonradiative energy transfer from a conjugated polymer to a plane of graphene-nanodot-supported silver nanoparticles: an insight into characteristic distance. MEH-PPV, PFO, PL
11  2019 Preparation and evaluation of fluorescent poly(p-phenyleneethylene) covalently coated microspheres with reactive sites for bioconjugation. APGMA, BSA, FITC
12  2019 Rational Design of BODIPY-Diketopyrrolopyrrole Conjugated Polymers for Photothermal Tumor Ablation. ---
13  2018 Aromatic-Diimide-Based n-Type Conjugated Polymers for All-Polymer Solar Cell Applications. ADI, all-PSCs, NDI, PCE, PDI
14  2018 Chemiluminescence of Conjugated-Polymer Nanoparticles by Direct Oxidation with Hypochlorite. CL, CPNs, FTIR, PFV, PPV, QY
15  2018 Dual-Modal Probe Based on Polythiophene Derivative for Pre- and Intraoperative Mapping of Lymph Nodes by SPECT/Optical Imaging. LNs
16  2018 Effects of molecular architecture on morphology and photophysics in conjugated polymers: from single molecules to bulk. SMS
17  2018 Emission Tuning with Size-Controllable Polymer Dots from a Single Conjugated Polymer. BSD
18  2018 Light-Enhanced Hypoxia-Response of Conjugated Polymer Nanocarrier for Successive Synergistic Photodynamic and Chemo-Therapy. Azo, PDT
19  2018 Photoacoustic and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Bimodal Contrast Agent Displaying Amplified Photoacoustic Signal. IO, MRI, PA
20  2018 Photoactive Oligo( p-phenylenevinylene) Functionalized with Phospholipid Units for Control and Visualization of Delivery into Living Cells. COs, OPV
21  2018 Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production with Conjugated Polymers as Photosensitizers. ---
22  2018 Photocatalytic Oxygen Evolution from Functional Triazine-Based Polymers with Tunable Band Structures. CTPs
23  2018 Real-time observation of conformational switching in single conjugated polymer chains. ---
24  2018 Simple Solvent Engineering for High-Mobility and Thermally Robust Conjugated Polymer Nanowire Field-Effect Transistors. ---
25  2017 Boron "Doped" Polyacetylenes. BPAs
26  2017 Controlling photophysical properties of ultrasmall conjugated polymer nanoparticles through polymer chain packing. ---
27  2017 Enhancing the photostability of poly(phenylene ethynylene) for single particle studies. AA, BME, NPs, ROS, SMF, TIRFM, TX, TX/TQ
28  2017 Manipulation of Chain Conformation for Optimum Charge-Transport Pathways in Conjugated Polymers. ---
29  2017 Redox-active triazatruxene-based conjugated microporous polymers for high-performance supercapacitors. ---
30  2017 Towards the Development of a Low-Cost Device for the Detection of Explosives Vapors by Fluorescence Quenching of Conjugated Polymers in Solid Matrices. DNB, NB, SEM
31  2017 Tunable Fluorescence of a Semiconducting Polythiophene Positioned on DNA Origami. BCPs, ODNs
32  2016 Conjugated Polymers/DNA Hybrid Materials for Protein Inactivation. CALI, ROS
33  2016 Gamma-Irradiation Effects on the Spectral and Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE) Properties of Conjugated Polymers in Solution. ASE, ASE, BMP, THF
34  2016 Multiresponsive Behavior of Functional Poly(p-phenylene vinylene)s in Water. PPVs, UCST
35  2016 Ratiometric Array of Conjugated Polymers-Fluorescent Protein Provides a Robust Mammalian Cell Sensor. FRET, GFP
36  2015 Biocompatible conjugated polymer nanoparticles for efficient photothermal tumor therapy. DSPE-PEG2000, NIR, NPs, PFTTQ, PTT
37  2015 Conjugated Oligomers and Polymers Sheathed with Designer Side Chains. IMWs
38  2015 Designing interchain and intrachain properties of conjugated polymers for latent optical information encoding. ---
39  2015 Fluorescence polarization measures energy funneling in single light-harvesting antennas--LH2 vs conjugated polymers. EET
40  2015 Localizing exciton recombination sites in conformationally distinct single conjugated polymers by super-resolution fluorescence imaging. FIONA, MEH-PPV, SHRImP
41  2015 Molecular photoacoustic imaging of breast cancer using an actively targeted conjugated polymer. PA
42  2014 Conjugated-polymer-based energy-transfer systems for antimicrobial and anticancer applications. BRET, FRET, ROS
43  2014 Study of exciton transfer in dense quantum dot nanocomposites. QDs
44  2014 The effect of chain bending on the photophysical properties of conjugated polymers. OLEDs, PL
45  2013 Cyclodextrin insulation prevents static quenching of conjugated polymer fluorescence at the single molecule level. PFBV
46  2013 Diazobenzene-containing conjugated polymers as dark quenchers. ---
47  2013 Inhomogeneous Quenching as a Limit of the Correlation Between Fluorescence Polarization and Conformation of Single Molecules. ---
48  2013 Mimicking conjugated polymer thin-film photophysics with a well-defined triblock copolymer in solution. OPV
49  2013 Synthesis of a new conjugated polymer for DNA alkylation and gene regulation. GFP, PFP-Cbl
50  2013 Synthesis of graphene-conjugated polymer nanocomposites for electronic device applications. ---
51  2013 Temporal switching of homo-FRET pathways in single-chromophore dimer models of pi-conjugated polymers. ---
52  2013 Toward High-Performance Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Solar Cells: Bringing Conjugated Polymers and Inorganic Nanocrystals in Close Contact. NC
53  2012 Crafting semiconductor organic-inorganic nanocomposites via placing conjugated polymers in intimate contact with nanocrystals for hybrid solar cells. NCs
54  2012 Multifunctional non-viral delivery systems based on conjugated polymers. ---
55  2012 Novel conjugated polymers based on dithieno[3,2-b:6,7-b]carbazole for solution processed thin-film transistors. OTFTs
56  2011 Conjugated polymer microspheres for "turn-off"/"turn-on" fluorescence optosensing of inorganic ions in aqueous media. ---
57  2011 Conjugated polymers for enhanced bioimaging. AD, FRET
58  2011 Controlled aggregation in conjugated polymer nanoparticles via organic acid treatments. AA, CPNs, NMR, TA
59  2011 DNA biosensors based on water-soluble conjugated polymers. FRET, SNP
60  2011 Kumada Catalyst-Transfer Polycondensation: Mechanism, Opportunities, and Challenges. KCTP
61  2010 Aqueous dispersion of conjugated polymers by colloidal clays and their film photoluminescence. LDH, MEH-PPV, MMT, SPA, TPOPA
62  2010 Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-tethered silicate platelets for colloidal dispersion of conjugated polymers with thermoresponsive and photoluminescence properties. MEH-PPV
63  2010 Self-assembly of conjugated polymer-Ag@SiO2 hybrid fluorescent nanoparticles for application to cellular imaging. MEF, PFV
64  2010 Water-soluble conjugated polymers for fluorescent-enzyme assays. FRET
65  2010 Water-soluble fluorescent conjugated polymers and their interactions with biomacromolecules for sensitive biosensors. ---
66  2009 Effect of stacking interactions on the spectra of the monomer of PFBT: a theoretical study. BT, DFT, TDDFT
67  2009 Optimizing the cationic conjugated polymer-sensitized fluorescent signal of dye labeled oligonucleotide for biosensor applications. FRET
68  2008 Monolayers and multilayers of conjugated polymers as nanosized electronic components. AFM, SAM
69  2007 Direct laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry of conjugated polymers. LDI-ToF MS, MALDI, PF, PT
70  2006 Conjugated metallopolymers for fluorescent turn-on detection of nitric oxide. ---
71  2006 Luminescent properties of water-soluble conjugated metallopolymers and their application to fluorescent nitric oxide detection. ---
72  2006 Olefin metathesis of the aligned assemblies of conjugated polymers constructed through supramolecular bundling. RCM
73  2004 Perturbation of fluorescence by nonspecific interactions between anionic poly(phenylenevinylene)s and proteins: implications for biosensors. ---