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Long Form:   conditioned stimulus
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A memory-based judgment account of expectancy-liking dissociations in evaluative conditioning. EC
2019 A novel role for acid-sensing ion channels in Pavlovian reward conditioning. ASIC1A, US
2019 Acute Disruption of the Dorsal Hippocampus Impairs the Encoding and Retrieval of Trace Fear Memories. dCA1, US
2019 Antipruritic placebo effects by conditioning H1-antihistamine. ---
2019 Assessing Reality Testing in Mice Through Dopamine-Dependent Associatively Evoked Processing of Absent Gustatory Stimuli. DN-DISC1-PrP
2019 Aversive conditioning in the tardigrade, Dactylobiotus dispar. US
2019 Aversive Training of Honey Bees in an Automated Y-Maze. ---
2019 Basolateral amygdala is required for reconsolidation updating of heroin-associated memory after prolonged withdrawal. BLA, UCS
2019 Behavioral conditioning of anti-proliferative and immunosuppressive properties of the mTOR inhibitor rapamycin. CTA, US
10  2019 Behavioral Diversity Across Classic Rodent Models Is Sex-Dependent. PTSD, SD, SFS
11  2019 Behaviorally conditioned immunosuppression with cyclosporine A forms long lasting memory trace. CsA, CTA, CTA, IFN, US
12  2019 Classical conditioning in earthworms employing an odorous conditioned stimulus. US
13  2019 Classical conditioning in oddball paradigm: A comparison between aversive and name conditioning. ERPs, LPP, US
14  2019 Common and Distinct Functional Brain Networks for Intuitive and Deliberate Decision Making. DLPFC, fMRI, PPI
15  2019 Conditioned hedonic responses elicited by contextual cues paired with nausea or with internal pain. LiCl
16  2019 Conditioned stimulus presentations alter anxiety level in fear-conditioned mice. vCA1
17  2019 Context and topography determine the role of basolateral amygdala metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 in appetitive Pavlovian responding. Acb, BLA
18  2019 Contingency awareness as a prerequisite for differential contextual fear conditioning. CTX, fMRI, SCR, US
19  2019 Cortisol administration after extinction in a fear-conditioning paradigm with traumatic film clips prevents return of fear. PTSD, US
20  2019 Delay of reinforcement versus rate of reinforcement in Pavlovian conditioning. ---
21  2019 Differential involvement of dopamine receptor subtypes in the acquisition of Pavlovian sign-tracking and goal-tracking responses. ---
22  2019 Differential regulation of phasic dopamine release in the forebrain by the VTA noradrenergic receptor signaling. AR, DA, mPFC, NAc, VTA
23  2019 Disrupting reconsolidation: memory erasure or blunting of emotional/motivational value? CRs, US
24  2019 Distinguishing between predictive and incentive value of uncertain gambling-like cues in a Pavlovian autoshaping task. ---
25  2019 Disturbance of approach-avoidance behaviors in non-human primates by stimulation of the limbic territories of basal ganglia and anterior insula. aINS, BG
26  2019 Effects of brief inhibition of the ventral tegmental area dopamine neurons on the cocaine seeking during abstinence. DA, TH, VTA
27  2019 Encoding prediction signals during appetitive and aversive Pavlovian conditioning in the primate lateral hypothalamus. LH, US
28  2019 Event boundaries do not cause the immediate extinction deficit after Pavlovian fear conditioning in rats. IED
29  2019 Excitatory second-order conditioning using a backward first-order conditioned stimulus: A challenge for prediction error reduction. CR, SOP
30  2019 Fos activation patterns related to acute ethanol and conditioned taste aversion in adolescent and adult rats. BNST, CTA, EW, INS, IR, PrL
31  2019 Genotypic trade-off between appetitive and aversive capacities in honeybees. PER, SER, US
32  2019 Impacts of inter-trial interval duration on a computational model of sign-tracking vs. goal-tracking behaviour. GT, ITI, ST, US
33  2019 Inactivation of the interpositus nucleus during unpaired extinction does not prevent extinction of conditioned eyeblink responses or conditioning-specific reflex modification. CR, CRM, IP, US
34  2019 Kinase and Phosphatase Engagement Is Dissociated Between Memory Formation and Extinction. LTMs
35  2019 Knowledge about the predictive value of reward conditioned stimuli modulates their interference with cognitive processes. HR, LR
36  2019 Lack of evidence for interhemispheric inhibition in the lower face primary motor cortex. DAO, FDI, IHI, ISIs, MEPs, RMT, UT
37  2019 Licking microstructure and hedonic changes after flavour preference learning in rats. US
38  2019 Low Perceived Self-Efficacy Impedes Discriminative Fear Learning. ---
39  2019 Managing borderline personality disorder from a life course perspective: Clinical staging and health management. BPD, HM
40  2019 Memory formation in the absence of experience. US
41  2019 Modulation of eyeblink conditioning through sensory processing of conditioned stimulus by cortical and subcortical regions. dEBC, EBC, mPFC, PN, tEBC, US
42  2019 Nicotine enhances responding for conditioned reinforcement via alpha4beta2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the ventral tegmental area, but not the nucleus accumbens or the prefrontal cortex. CRf, IL, NAcc, nAChRs, PrL, VTA
43  2019 Occasion setters attain incentive motivational value: implications for contextual influences on reward-seeking. OS
44  2019 Occasion setting. US
45  2019 Oxytocin Effects on Pain Perception and Pain Anticipation. IS, OT
46  2019 Oxytocin for learning calm and safety. OXT, US
47  2019 Paraventricular Thalamus Controls Behavior during Motivational Conflict. AAV, PVT
48  2019 Post-retrieval Extinction Prevents Reconsolidation of Methamphetamine Memory Traces and Subsequent Reinstatement of Methamphetamine Seeking. BLA
49  2019 Protein synthesis inhibitors induce both memory impairment and its recovery. ---
50  2019 Reduced safety processing during aversive social conditioning in psychosis and clinical risk. ---
51  2019 Reevaluating the ability of cerebellum in associative motor learning. MCP, PN, US
52  2019 Role of human prefrontal cortex in the modulation of conditioned eyeblink responses. CR, cTBS, DLPFC, iTBS, PFC, rTMS, TBS, US
53  2019 Secondary extinction reduces reinstatement of threat expectancy and conditioned skin conductance responses in human fear conditioning. US
54  2019 Selective suppression and recall of long-term memories in Drosophila. CRE, CREB2, KCs, LTM, MB
55  2019 Short-interval intracortical inhibition to the biceps brachii is present during arm cycling but is not different than a position- and intensity-matched tonic contraction. AMT, ISI, SICI, TS
56  2019 Silent Synapse Unsilencing in Hippocampal CA1 Neurons for Associative Fear Memory Storage. PCs
57  2019 Somatosensory-motor cortex interactions measured using dual-site transcranial magnetic stimulation. ds-TMS, ISIs, SICI
58  2019 Specific inter-stimulus interval effect of NMDA receptor activation in the insular cortex during conditioned taste aversion. CTA, IC, ISI, NMDAR, US
59  2019 The Basolateral Nucleus of the Amygdala Executes the Parallel Processes of Avoidance and Palatability in the Retrieval of Conditioned Taste Aversion in Male Rats. BLA, CTA
60  2019 The cerebellum is involved in processing of predictions and prediction errors in a fear conditioning paradigm. US
61  2019 The development and present status of the SOP model of associative learning. SOP, US
62  2019 The effect of co-occurrence and relational information on speeded evaluation. US
63  2019 The effects of stimulus distribution form during trace conditioning. US
64  2019 The importance of trials. US
65  2019 The lateral intercalated cell mass of the amygdala is activated during social buffering of conditioned fear responses in male rats. LA, lITC, PVN
66  2019 The need for standards in the design of differential fear conditioning and extinction experiments in youth: A systematic review and recommendations for research on anxiety. FPS, SCR, SR, US
67  2019 The partial reinforcement extinction effect depends on learning about nonreinforced trials rather than reinforcement rate. PREE
68  2019 The partial reinforcement extinction effect: The proportion of trials reinforced during conditioning predicts the number of trials to extinction. CRF, PRF
69  2019 The partial-reinforcement extinction effect does not result from reduced sensitivity to nonreinforcement. CRF, PRF
70  2019 The role of the basolateral amygdala and infralimbic cortex in (re)learning extinction. BLA
71  2019 Timing and the transition between modes in the defensive behavior system. CR, US
72  2019 Transient inactivation of the visual-associative nidopallium frontolaterale (NFL) impairs extinction learning and context encoding in pigeons. NFL, TTX
73  2019 Vagus nerve stimulation promotes generalization of conditioned fear extinction and reduces anxiety in rats. VNS
74  2018 A Longer Interstimulus Interval Yields Better Learning in Adults and Young Adolescents. ISI, US
75  2018 A Novel Retrieval-Dependent Memory Process Revealed by the Arrest of ERK1/2 Activation in the Basolateral Amygdala. BLA
76  2018 A peripheral immune response to remembering trauma contributes to the maintenance of fear memory in mice. IL-6, PTSD
77  2018 A review on the effects of verbal instructions in human fear conditioning: Empirical findings, theoretical considerations, and future directions. US
78  2018 Amygdala central nucleus modulation of cerebellar learning with a visual conditioned stimulus. BPN, CeA, EBC
79  2018 An optimal protocol for measurement of corticospinal excitability, short intracortical inhibition and intracortical facilitation in the rectus femoris. CSE, TMS
80  2018 Assessing the blocking of occasion setting. OS
81  2018 Assessment of CPM reliability: quantification of the within-subject reliability of 10 different protocols. CPM, ICC, SEM
82  2018 Associative mechanisms involved in specific Pavlovian-to-instrumental transfer in human learning tasks. PIT, S-O-R
83  2018 Augmentation of Fear Extinction by Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS). PTSD, SCR, tDCS, UCS, vmPFC
84  2018 beta1-Adrenoceptor in the Central Amygdala Is Required for Unconditioned Stimulus-Induced Drug Memory Reconsolidation. beta-AR, US
85  2018 Beyond Extinction: Prolonged Conditioning and Repeated Threat Exposure Abolish Contextual Renewal of Fear-Potentiated Startle Discrimination but Leave Expectancy Ratings Intact. US
86  2018 Cue and context conditioning to respiratory threat: Effects of suffocation fear and implications for the etiology of panic disorder. PD, SF, US
87  2018 Delayed unpaired extinction as a treatment for hyperarousal of the rabbit nictitating membrane response and its implications for treating PTSD. PTSD, US
88  2018 Disruption of medial septum and diagonal bands of Broca cholinergic projections to the ventral hippocampus disrupt auditory fear memory. dHipp, mPFC, US, vHipp
89  2018 Does US expectancy mediate the additive effects of CS-US pairings on contingency instructions? Results from subjective, psychophysiological and neural measures. US
90  2018 Dorsal hippocampal neural immune signaling regulates heroin-conditioned immunomodulation but not heroin-conditioned place preference. CPP, DH, IL-1beta, IL-1R1
91  2018 Effects of bright light exposure on human fear conditioning, extinction, and associated prefrontal activation. BL, CRs, PFC, US
92  2018 Enhancing extinction learning: Occasional presentations of the unconditioned stimulus during extinction eliminate spontaneous recovery, but not necessarily reacquisition of fear. SCRs, US
93  2018 Ethanol Exposure History and Alcoholic Reward Differentially Alter Dopamine Release in the Nucleus Accumbens to a Reward-Predictive Cue. CIE, EtOH, NAc, NTX
94  2018 Examination of validity of a conditioned odor aversion (COA) procedure using low-dose of organic solvent as an applied procedure of the conditioned taste aversion. COA, LiCl
95  2018 Examining the influence of CS duration and US density on cue-potentiated feeding through analyses of licking microstructure. US
96  2018 Generalization of Conscious Fear Is Positively Correlated with Anxiety, but Not with Depression. ---
97  2018 Hippocampal theta phase-contingent memory retrieval in delay and trace eyeblink conditioning. ---
98  2018 Incubation of Accumbal Neuronal Reactivity to Cocaine Cues During Abstinence Predicts Individual Vulnerability to Relapse. NAc
99  2018 Infusions of scopolamine in dorsal hippocampus reduce anticipatory responding in an appetitive trace conditioning procedure. ISI, LMA, US
100  2018 Insights from social transmission of information in rodents. US